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Cat # Release Format Each Qty Price
(Each X Qty)
DIA001 A Planet for Texas [buy online]
The Convent
orange, red & black vinyl
4-song 7" $3    
DIA002 Superstar Rookie
blue & clear vinyl -- SOLD OUT!
3-song 7" --    
DIA003 Dogrocket
The More You Get, The More You Want
12-song CD $5    
DIA004 Black Love / The Creeps [buy online]
red, green & black vinyl
2x2 split 7" $3    
DIA005 A Planet for Texas [buy online]
You Can Still Rock In America
13-song CD $8    
DIA006 Superstar Rookie [buy online]
The Problem With Words
12-song CD $9    
DIA007 Bob City / A Planet for Texas [buy online]
Purple, clear, black vinyl
2x2 split 7" $3    
DIA008 Fat Ass [buy online]
Another Great Day in Shithole
Black, beer vinyl
4-song 7" $3    
DIA009 Behemoth Ohio [buy online]
6-song CD EP $7    
Grafton [buy online]
red & gold vinyl
2-song 7" $3    
DIA011 The Vincents / The Igniters [buy online]
limited red & clear vinyl
2x2 split 7" $4    
DIA012 A Planet For Texas [buy online]
Sprechen Sie Rock?
10-song CD $8 . .
DIA013 The Beautys [buy online]
The First Seven Inches Are Always The Hardest.
26-song CD $10 . .
DIA014 Fat Ass [buy online]
We Have Come For Your Mothers
13-song CD $10 . .
DIA015 Classical Ass
After Lunch We Kill Tony
17-song CD $9 a a
DIA016 Greenlawn Abbey 12-song CD $9 a a
DIA017 Estee Louder
Ohio's Best
10-song CD $9 a a
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