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Trivia 3
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These questions were posed in the Live Shows calendars (the associated date in parenthesis). I don't try to ask extremely obscure questions, rather I stick to more significant connection and/or "historical" type questions - trivia doesn't have to be trivial. At this point no prizes are offered - other than the sense of pride in knowing the correct answers :-)

If ya can donate prizes (recordings, discounts, tickets, free/reduced admission, food, equipment, whatever) out of the goodness of yer heart or in support of any support Cringe, Live Shows and their readers give you (Politican - off Businessman - off), let me know. If ya have some local music related trivia, I could use that too. - Joel

  1. What band was Tori Amos in before she went solo? (July 29, 1996)

  2. What was Haynes Boy Tim Easton's Podulka label solo tape called and what is on its cover. (Aug 2, 1996)

  3. What is the topic of the Sonic Outlaws film? (Aug 5, 1996)

  4. What is Hogscraper's instrumentation and where are they from? (Aug 9, 1996)

  5. What is the Talking Heads-Ohio connection? (Aug 12, 1996)

  6. Who did the drummer for Scrawl used to play for? (Aug 16, 1996)

  7. What sea creature did Paul Brown play guitar with? (Aug 19, 1996)

  8. The New Bomb Turks just released a new album. What movie did they get their name from; and where are the individual members from? (Aug 23, 1996)

  9. What are some of Paul Nini's (of Log) previous groups and his cassette-based label? (Aug 26, 1996)

  10. Where did the Sovines get their name? (Sept. 27, 1996)

  11. What's the family connection between the Mudflap Girls from Venus and Mary Adam 12? (Oct 4 ,1996)

  12. Which guy from Watershed is in League Bowlers? (Oct 11,1996)

  13. From where does the name Ice Nine come? (Oct 18,1996)

  14. What fairly mainstay classic rock group/"heavy metal" Grammy winner have member(s) of Fairport Convention played in? (Oct 25,1996)

  15. What the heck does the Issue numbering system for Cringe indicate? (Nov 1 ,1996)