Creeper: 7" Single

a. New Hit Single
b. Think For Yourself

Here we have our third record and also our third debut. It comes from a young man named Jeff Robertson, also known as the Creeper.

Creeper is truly a gifted brother usually found playing as a one man "band." Get this, he plays the bass drum w/his right foot, hi hat w/the left, and acoustic guitar. From time to time he'll strap a harmonica on just when you think there's enough going on. Playing mostly original material with a few tasty covers, he always proves to be one of the most original musicians of our strip.

Opening for bands like New Bomb Turks, Bush League All Stars, The Yips, Bassholes, and Moviola, Creeper is a pleaser. His eclectic folk rock caught the ear of Mike "Rep" Hummel who produced this single. So this kid gets to record his debut release with a guy who has tweaked knobs for The Fells, Monoshock, Screamin' Mees Mees, Strapping Field Hands, and Guided By Voices to name a few. It proves to be an effective vibe and it must have been fun hanging with Mike and Tommy Jay in Harrisburg.