11 Years of TIARA.

We'd like to thank all of our friends, family, fans and supporters who have made this all worth doing. We've decided to pack it in and retire TIARA. This was an amicable decision agreed upon by all current members of the band and we are obviously all remaining good pals, we've just come to an end. We're all continuing to make music in our other projects, Brian Moore in Brainbow & Jon Chinn & 1803 with Brian Freshour, Jess Faller in The Celebrity Pilots & Chris McCoy & The Gospel, Erik Kang in The Cabdrivers & with me, Eric Rottmayer in my solo project, eric Metronome.

We wish to invite you all to our final 3 shows:

Sunday, June 25th at COMFEST: 5pm at The Off-Ramp Stage


Saturday, July 1st at The Surly Girl (outside) for a Columbus Music Co-Op Benefit (in the afternoon, more details to come)

Saturday, July 1st at Little Brothers with The Sun, The Kyle Sowashes, & Wussy. Doors at 9pm, $5. We are playing first.


Thanks again to everyone who helped us along the way, let us sleep on their floor, gave us hugs and listened to our music. We will always remember this.