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Sock Hops!

Monthly in 1999
The Northberg Tavern
2084 N. High St. / (614) 294-5371
3 band "popfest" the last Saturday of every month hosted by or featuring the Media Whores and local/regional pop/rock acts. Check local listings and here for updates.


The Scoop ...

May 15, 1998
Hey you rockers out there!

Break-Up! Records is pleased to announce the release of its seventh single - PAT DULL & HIS MEDIA WHORES debut 4 song 7-inch e.p. "ALL TORN UP"!!!

To celebrate the release, a Record Release party will be held at Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery on SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1998. In addition to PD&HMW, that night's bill will also feature the triumphant return of Chicago's mighty BIG HELLO. Big Hello's debut CD ("Apple Album") has just been released on Parasol Records and, if their Break-Up! single is any indication, it will SELL OUT QUICKLY!!! This band is HOT, as anyone who saw their last Columbus Show (back on April 4, 1998) can tell you!! Also on the bill will be Columbus' own Brit-poppers POP QUIZ!! Pop Quiz are nearing the final stages of releasing their own debut CD, and possibly a Break-Up! Records vinyl 7-incher!

Of course, there will be the usual assortment of prizes, confetti, and candy! As always, BE THERE OR BEWARE!!! - Pat Dull

January 5, 1998
Mark your calendars, this one's gonna be big!!

On Friday, April 3, and Saturday, April 4, 1998, Break-Up! Records will be hosting a Label Showcase at The Distillery (in Columbus, Ohio), featuring many of the bands that have recorded singles for Break-Up! Records, past, present, and future! This is your chance to get in on the action! "Who's playing?" you ask? Well, the line-up so far is:

Friday, April 3
  Saturday, April 4
Host Pat Dull &
  his Media Whores
Pop Quiz
The Revelers
The Heartdrops
Host Pat Dull &
  his Media Whores
Big Hello
Dylan Hicks


November 24, 1997
The Break-Up! Cat-o-log has been updated with new, upcoming and possible releases. Think Big Hello (an Elvis Brother), Watershed, The Heartdrops, Dogrocket, Dylan Hicks, Pat Dull and his Media Whores, Greenhorn, Lordburger and Swivelarm Battlegrip. - Joel
September 26, 1997
The nifty comic pamphlet mentioned in the Cat-o-log is now being put on this site two frames at a time. Check http://www.cringe.com/break-up/comic each Friday for new frames. - Joel
August 23, 1997
Hey cats 'n' honeys:

Throughout the ages there have existed roving factions of movers and shakers united together in their common struggle against nefarious ne'er-do-wells. Dogrocket is one such band of rogues, forcing scamps and knaves alike to face the withering gaze of The One True Law - law which has been handed down since the final, cruel days of the Wailing Yardbirds of Dunwich. Their word is an unyielding edict, and the message is clear; all nonbelievers are heretics.

Dogrocket presides in judgement over all things Rock. One historian, documenting a secret gathering in which the fate of several blasphemers hung in the balance, had the following to say:

"This five and twentieth day of May, were in St. Paul examined nineteen men and sixe women, whose profane opinions were thus: first, that Iggy and Thee Stooges were demonstrably Lacking in Talente; second, that B-minor is the most Offensive of all Chordes; third, denial of the Truthe of Transubstantiation; and fourth, that Rock is Dead, resulting in no things being permitted. The Magistrates at Dogencourt condemned fourteene of the Infidels as "the most Despicable of Blasphemers" and "Heretiks most Foule," nine of which were burned in Squaresville, the other five were sent to other towns there to be bernt."

Weighty verdicts, these, but surely in accordance with The One True Law.

Dogrocket has chronicled several of their pronouncements in recorded form, many of which have been gathered together within the gilded grooves of their "The More You Get, The More You Want" C.D. Most recently, however, the band has shifted their focus from the sinful to the merely secular, and bound their thinking in the form of the "Pickin' Up Chicks" 7" tome, available on Break-Up! Records. The message? Get with it before it gets with you!

On Saturday, September 13, 1997, Dogrocket will again be holding court at Bernie's/The Distillery for a record release party, the debauchery of which will reach mythic proportions. Also on the bill that evening will be The Revelers (from Cleveland), Pop Quiz (from Lima), and M.C. Pat Dull.

Be there or beware!!
- Pat Dull

August 23, 1997
The Dogrocket 7 inch is out ... and with it a new Break-Up! Cat-o-log page. Look for releases featuring The Heartdrops, Lordburger and Swivelarm Battlegrip in the coming months. There may even be some tunes from Watershed and Pat Dull and his Fabulous Media Whores down the road. - Joel
July 4, 1997
Pat tells me the upcoming Dogrocket release is moving along nicely. - Joel
July 4, 1997
The Beatles are playing!

Well, sorta... Actually, there's a Beatles-a-thon this Saturday at Chelsie's, and you all should come!

The mighty Pat Dull and his Media Whores are kicking off the show at the VERY prompt time of 9:30, so eat dinner early, chow-hounds! If you come at 9:45, YOU WILL MISS US!! So come on out and let us rock yer lame butt! Yeah!

After much political wrangling, the band arrived at three mutually agreeable Whore-worthy songs:

  1. "I'll Be On My Way" - this is a very early one that ISN'T ON ANY REGULAR BEATLES' ALBUM!! It's ONLY on the *Beatles at the BBC* album that just came out a year or two ago.
  2. "All My Loving" - You know, "Close your eyes and I'll kiss you / Tomorrow I'll miss you" --> It took much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth to get all four band members to agree on this one.
  3. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" - Of course!
Please come, and tell thousands!! It's for a good cause, or something. - Pat Dull

Plus it all benefits Big Brothers/Big Sisters. - Joel

April 25, 1997
Not only is the Revelers' new single (see below) available at select stores now, but the beginnings of the Revelers' web page (http://www.cringe.com/break-up/revelers.htm) are up! - Joel
April 19, 1997
We're having a Break-Up! Records Night @ Bernie's on Saturday, June 7, 1997, to celebrate the release of the Revelers' single (Break-Up! Records 002 - "Silver Ship" b/w "Meet Me at the Station" & "Little Kings of Rock 'n' Roll"). Playing at the big festival will be Break-Up! artists The Revelers, Dogrocket, Pat Dull and his Media Whores, Jerry DeCicca, and (hopefully) The Heartdrops (from NYC)!! - Pat Dull
March 29, 1997
Break-Up! Records is run by Pat Dull. Yep, the same guy who does the Dull Questions and Cheaper by the Dozen columns for Moo. Many of the pages referenced here are by Pat's roommate, Chad VanWagner. Others are probably by me or from Cringe.

So far Break-Up! has released a split single featuring Jerry DeCicca and Pop Rocks! (One of Pat's bands - yep, he likes exclamation points.) A Revelers single should be out any day now. - Joel

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