Texas Tumbles 5:02
Snowglobe 4:14
Loophole 3:10
Watch The Cars 3:46
Venus Neck 4:49
Pretzel 3:47
We're The Same 3:56
Promise 5:14
Untitled 0:46
Calling The Whales 11:04
Bedroom Flys 3:37

Swingset 2:52
Pressing The Keys 3:09

selected Tiara demos

back to the one
bedroom flys
day to day
drama queen
everyone's a player
expert eyes
green and grey
holes in the brain of a man #1
holes in the brain of a man #2
someone is listening
sugar and caffiene
the film
the latest sunn
the night air
the north star
the reason why
think of her
wait so long
we learned from the best
when there's nothing


selected unreleased, rare, comp tracks, singles, album outakes, alt. verions, remixes, etc.

10 pm
circle of friends
diner (10 lb. dream)
drive me down
everyday (alt. version)
everyone's a player(alt. version)
find the time
forget everything
from the top
get some sleep (realistic remix)
Holes (alt. version)
left alone
no better for it (alt. version)
the caves
the latest sunn
the next face
the north star
the same things
wait so long
what's done is done
wish you away (realistic remix)