Jason Drenik

Guitars and Vocals


Joe Patt

Percussion and Vocals


"Hoboken Joe"

1 minute AIFF (648k)


The Hairy Patt Band appears to be history ... (see below).


November 5, 1997
I was hopin' it was just a rumor, but it looks like the Hairy Patt Band has officially broken-up.

If you still wanna support Jason and Joe (and their label), pick up their recently released Hairy Patt Band Music CDs at all the usual locations or go see their other bands: The Ranch (Joe's) and Family Van (Jason's).

October 14, 1997
The Hairy Patt Band's second full-length CD has just been released. The Burnt Sienna Records release should be available at select stores any time now.

March 10, 1997
Burnt Sienna Records has just released a 7" split single featuring the Hairy Patt Band and the White-Outs.

December 5, 1996
Jason is "compiling a small, yet sinister mail order catalog that includes different Hairy Patt bootleg tapes and the Granny's Hole demo, plus some Smelt Daddy stuff, Family Van lunchboxes, the new Hairy Patt band barfighter game, and some HPB posters for sale. A SASE to the Blue Piano (address below) is all one needs to send to to get the catalog (more like a pamphlet, I suppose - strictly low budget stuff)."

December 1, 1996
Hairy Patt is working on a new full length CD to be released on Burnt Sienna Records sometime in early 1997.

The Blue Piano
4011 Allston St.
Cincinnati, OH 45029

(614) 784-0820
(513) 531-2583 (BLUE)


Last Updated: November 5, 1997


[Hairy Patt Music] The Hairy Patt Band
Hairy Patt Band Music
CD (Burnt Sienna Records)

"Moustache Ride"
  (Shockwave Audio)

[HairyPatt/WhiteOuts 7]

The Hairy Patt Band
"Slight Chuckle" "Whole Wheat West Coast Blues"
The White-Outs
"Bob" "Slumlord"

Split 7"(Burnt Sienna Records)

[Burnt & Bent]

Burnt and Bent
A Burnt Sienna Compilation

Compilation CD (Burnt Sienna Records)

[Pork City]

Pork City U.S.A.
The Hairy Patt Band, The Beel Jak, The Lee Harvey Keitel Band and Slur
4-song 7" compilation (Blank Generation Records)


"My mouth is a shiteater's paradise.
It is a shrine for the flys to fuck on."

[mark narc]

The Hairy Patt Band
"Marc the Narc" b/w "Bull Headed Clap Stomp"

7" (In The Red Records)


[no image]

The Brown Sounds of Hairy Patt
"Brown" b/w "Howard's Motel"

7" (Chrome Frog Records)


"Whatcha gonna wear when ya go downtown?
Ya can't go wrong with brown."

[Buford CD] Buford's Last Pusser
CD (Choke Records)


[no image]

The Hairy Patt Band
"I'm So Angry You're Going to Die" "Richard Ramirez"
"Buford's Last Pusser" "The Legend of Soggy Creek" "Cruising"

7" (Belly FU oh Happy Whale/Chrome Frog Records)


"I'm so angry you're gonna die. I'm so angry I'm gonna kill you."

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