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  • BSRV 5639 Pet UFO: "Washington Ave" b/w "Page 354" 7"
  • BSRV 5643 Burnt Blasts of Sienna : Bugman/Pretty Mighty Mighty/pet UFO/Clay split 7" EP
  • BSRV 5641 Pretty Might Mighty: "Nevertheless" b/w "Flower Song" 7"
  • BSRV 5645 Pet UFO: "Flush" 7" EP
  • BSRV 5647 Bugman: "Grass" 7"
  • BSRV 5649 Corporate Groupings : Girly Machine/Vibralux/Bloody Discharge/Chanel No. 5 split 7" EP
  • BSRV 5651 Clay: "Til We Have Faces" 7"
  • BSRV 5655 Girly Machine: Girly Machine CD
  • BSRV 5657 Pet UFO: Pigasus CD
  • BSRV 5659 Fric System : Econothugs/Granny's Hole/Moody Jackson/My White Bread Mom split 7" EP
  • BSRV 5661 Tigerlilies/Gun Shy Ministers split 7"
  • BSRV 5663 Morning Glories: "Tower" 7"
  • BSRV 5665 Pretty Mighty Mighty: Ugly CD
  • BSRV 5669 Pet UFO: "Pigeon Heaven" 7" (Double Deuce 1.5)
  • BSRV 5675 My White Bread Mom/Moody Jackson split 7"
  • BSRV 5673 Flyin' Saucers: "What is wrong with Modern Youth?" 7" EP
  • BSRV 5677 Econothugs/My White Bread Mom split 7"
  • BSRV 5681 Moody Jackson: Dreams of a Punk Rock Princess 7"
  • BSRV 5679 Burnt and Bent : A Burnt Sienna Compilation CD
  • BSRV 5683 Mudflap Girls from Venus 7" EP
  • BSRV 5685 The Hairy Patt Band/The White-Outs 7" EP
  • BSRV 5687 The Hairy Patt Band: Hairy Patt Band Music CD
  • BSRV 5689 Ishkabibble CD

Wash. image Pet UFO
"Washington Ave"
b/w "Page 354"
7" $3.00 (BSRV 5639)
Their first single. Raw, energetic punk rock with female vocals. "As important a record as the Germs forming." - Flipside

BBoS image Burnt Blasts of Sienna
Bugman / Pretty Mighty Mighty / Pet UFO / Clay
7" EP $10.00 (BSRV 5643)
Burnt Sienna's first compilation. Includes Bugman, Pretty Mighty Mighty, Pet UFO and Clay. "Yanking out fistfuls of guitar." - CMJ Out of Print. Only a few collector copies remain.

PMM image Pretty Mighty Mighty
b/w "Flower Song"
7" $3.00 (BSRV 5641)
Violin infested noise pop with male-female vocals. Great single. If you like the Damnbuilders, you'll love these guys.

Flush image Pet UFO

7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5645)

Hole, the Bags, Black Flag are a few of the comparisons. "Very impressive and individual sounding." - Swill. "Get it." - MRR. "Rowdy punk rock that gives way to their strange pop idiom." - Your Flesh

Grass image Bugman

7" $3.00 (BSRV 5647)
This is punk rock. "Real carelessness and imagination. They fit right in with that whole Columbus situation..." - Your Flesh. This is the shit.

Corp. image Corporate Groupings
Girly Machine / Vibralux / Bloody Discharge / Chanel No. 5

7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5649)
Second comp. featuring four stylistiacally different bands. Girly Machine, Vibralux, Bloody Discharge and Chanel No, 5. "Side A leans toward the melodic side. Side B gets mucho primitive ... Definately worth the three bucks." - Under the Volcano.

 Faces image Clay
"Til We Have Faces"

7" $3.00 (BSRV 5651)
"Moments of string blur giddy." - Sweet Portable You. Good sample of more to come from this lo-fi quirky Pere Ubu meets Devo Group ... Good stuff!

CD image Girly Machine
Girly Machine
CD $10.00 (BSRV 5655)
"Mixes the Dark Gothic rock of Bauhaus and the Leather Nun, the melodic song craft and vocal stylings of the Psychedelic Furs, the ominous chord-riffage of Black Sabbath and Killing Joke , along with the drive and economy of punk." - Staten Island Sunday Advance. What else can we say.

Pigasus image Pet UFO

CD $10.00 (BSRV 5657)
"Pet UFO rocks. They rock hard ... Forceful, unadorned punk rock power." - CMJ. "I could have played it over and over." - MRR. "Easily the best 'fuck you' record I've heard all year." - Scrape. Nothing else to say, just get it. Punk with female vox.

Fric image Fric System
Econothugs / Granny's Hole / Moody Jackson / My White Bread Mom

7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5659)
Third compilation. Four more bands and total punk rock. "All four songs are great ... Best 7" of the issue." - Swill.

Both sides Tigerlilies / Gun Shy Ministers
7" $3.00 (BSRV 5661)
Great underground pop. "The Tigerlilies don't drag." - AP. Gun Shy Ministers sound Replacementish. "Excellent guitar work." - AP. Only a handful left. Almost out of print.

MG image Morning Glories

7" $3.00 (BSRV 5663)
"Rolling and soaring guitar melodies." - U-Turn. Drivingly dark and hooky." - Suburban Voice. Great power chord rock trio.

PMM CD image Pretty Mighty Mighty

CD $10.00 (BSRV 5665)
Excellent project from this edgy violin/guitar driven noise. Melodically interesting riffs and odd timing.

Heaven image Pet UFO
"Pigeon Heaven"

7" $3.00 (BSRV 5669/Double Deuce 1.5)
Joint venture release with Double Duece NYC. Driving and interesting punk rock with angry female vocals.

MWBM side My White Bread Mom / Moody Jackson
7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5675)
Wow! Totally intense and chaotic punk rock! My White Bread Mom delivers two tunes that are fabulous. Moody Jackson gives you four tunes, all in line with that Columbus punk rock thing. The Turks love 'em, so will you.

Saucer image Flyin' Saucers
"What is wrong with Modern Youth?"

7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5673)
What is wrong with modern Youth? You don't want to ask these guys. This mo fo rocks big time! This three piece psychobilly punk rockin' group of lads stir up four concoctions of voodoo that will rock you and your cheap beer all night, so saddle up and get ready for the ride of your life ...

both side Econothugs / My White Bread Mom
7" $3.00 (BSRV 5677)
Another split. Econothugs rock hard with a Black Sabbath dark punk sound. My White Bread Mom returns with more chaotic punk rock noise. These guys are great. Play this loud and often. Don't miss it, it will be gone quick.

MJ image Moody Jackson
Dreams of a Punk Rock Princess

7" $3.00 (BSRV 5681)
MJ's first solo effort release and what a dandy! Four tracks of pop punk and roll including a Cheap Trick cover! We have plenty of these, but not for long. Great record.

Burnt & Bent CD Burnt and Bent
A Burnt Sienna Compilation

CD $10.00 (BSRV 5679)

Burnt Sienna Records' first compilation CD of both local Columbus bands and some out of towners: Mudflap Girls from Venus, Pretty Mighty Mighty, FF, Morning Shakes, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, My White Bread Mom, The Hairy Patt Band, Gut Piston, Industry Girl, The Frans, Drill Kitty, The Steelminers, Pet UFO, Flipping Hades, Moody Jackson, Econothugs, Tub, Laughing Stock, Knumskull, Los Clementes, Swivel Arm Battle Grip, Corm, The Haynes Boys, Alkaloid and Joel Treadway.

Mudflap 7 Mudflap Girls from Venus
7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5683)

Contains: "Fuckerhead", "Behave" b/w "Lilac Butterfly", "Talkline".

[HairyPatt/WhiteOuts 7] The Hairy Patt Band / The White-Outs
7" EP $3.00 (BSRV 5685)

Contains Hairy Patt's "Slight Chuckle" & "Whole Wheat West Coast Blues" and the White-Outs' "Bob" & "Slumlord".

[HairyPattMusic CD] The Hairy Patt Band
Hairy Patt Band Music
CD $10.00 (BSRV 5687)

Contains: "Last Chance Out", "Mary Lies", "Moustache Ride", "Dicky's Roving Eye", "Diggin' Up Graves", "Let's Make A Movie", "Shakes Dance", "She's Gone", "Cherry Patch", "Pete Rose", "Needle and the Spoon", "Valium", "Movin' To The Hospital", "Let's Go Dancin'".


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