Al-surferosa Villa
 *Most consistent place in bringing cool national acts (just kidding) 
  But this place will always remain a mystery to me.  If it's not some 
  pasteurized tribute band, it's some ghastly '80's metal band that no one 
  even knew was still around. - Bill Carnes 

 *My favorite place for shows. - Bill Carnes

BW3 on a Wednesday night (open stage)
 *Most surreal place I've ever been
  People just sit around, eat wings, have a couple drinks and watch sports on 
  the big screen.  Meanwhile there's someone over in the corner trying to 
  share his/her soul.  The only people who seem to give a damn are the people 
  who are on next - who have been known to all sit at their table and make
  masturbation jokes.  By the way, I forgot to mention that there is this guy 
  in a funny little hat who keeps the beat with some spoons.  I was frightened.
  - Bill Carnes

 *An old bar to drink, sit, talk, shoot pool, be "scene" and drink more.
  Larry's has long been rumored to be a gay bar.  This rumor is said to have 
  been started to keep young Greeks and such from coming in and puking in the 
  bathrooms.  This is not to say Larry's doesn't have it's fair share of 
  alternative lifestylers.  Larry's is also known to be a pretentious older 
  drinkers' bar.  The Monday night poetry readings and the number of older 
  people drinking a lot help support this.  Then again, there's no band, dance 
  floor, or deejay to disguise it as something else.  I use to go there semi-
  regularly to hang out with my roommate, friends and to see a beautiful woman 
  or two.  Now they've moved on and I got tired of the pretension.  Friday and 
  Saturday nights are unbearably crowded and deep for me.  However, it still 
  might be the place to find me on summer Sundays (when Bernie's is closed).  
  And, hey, I still dislike alcohol more than the average regular. - Joel

Magnetic Planet
 *Studio & show warehouse space until the landlord shut the shows down
  There's this little converted warehouse near the corner of 5th Ave. and High 
  (actually on Pearl just south of 5th), formerly known as Art Force One.  Just
  over a year ago it was converted to a recording studio/practice space/show 
  space.  Craig Dunson runs the studio, Bim did most of the shows and some 
  Hippies provide a lot of miscellaneous/financial support.  Only a few special
  shows were done in the beginning - with some minor problems putting 'em on 
  hold.  The shows returned but the landlord recently said no more.  The New 
  Years crowds were huge.  Other shows I saw there were comfortably attended.  
  The sound was pretty good as long as the police or the neighbors didn't come 
  a-knockin'.  (We'll be done in 15 minutes anyway, sir; or I'm a guest of the 
  renter of the building I was peeing on, sir.) - Joel

Neil House, 1473 Neil
 *This is the only regular DIY show space that I know of in Columbus right 
  now.  They occasionally pull in touring indie punk & hardcore stuff, lots
  of emo stuff.  It seems like the choices in what local bands they'll book 
  are a little cliquish, but you'd get that at any club.  The PA is lo-fi 
  but workable.  The space itself is a living room.  I like the atmosphere. 
  You don't get the drawbacks of a bar - like drunken idiots trying to pick 
  up meat. - Carl Hirsch

The Neilhouse, 1473 Neil Ave between 8th and King, next to the Mershon Center
 *This is just a house where a bunch of kids live.  They put on shows in their
  living room+dining room (it's pretty big), and have recently put a stage in. 
  The shows tend to be of the emo/straightedge/hardcore variety.  Bands that 
  play often include Falling Forward, Grain, Preston Furman.  Other notables  
  have played there like Shades Apart.  Sometimes they go out of that format 
  and have booked bands like Craw.  Once in a while they will do a kind of 
  "satellite" show at another space, like when Bikini Kill was here last year. 
  That was too big to have at the house.  The crowd is young, and sometimes 
  very inclusive, which can be a turn off to any older, non-scenester or not 
  "in" people.  The door price is kept low (less than $5 usually), most of it 
  going to the bands.  This summer the kids are planning a "fest" with a lot of
  bands and some workshops which will probably be worth looking into - even if 
  you don't like the bands.  It's all in the planning stages, but it will take 
  place June 23+24, fri/sat, I believe.  For any information contact the house 
  at (614) 299-1160 and for booking ask for Steve or Scott. - Jen Angel

The Newport 
 *Weirdest smell before a show. - Bill Carnes

Talamasca Gallery, 1190 North High Street, 291-9300
 *A voodoo coffee shop?  Believe it or not, that's probably the best way to 
  describe the Talamasca - the little coffee shop that could.  Nestled in a 
  near-invisible location across from the old Garden strip club, the Talamasca 
  has been around for almost half a year but is just starting to stake their 
  claim.  To what?  Many things: April alone sports surrealism game nights, 
  Twin Peaks nights, various performances and DJ nights.  I'm responsible for 
  the latter two.  Every other Saturday we have a performance of some kind,
  followed by Gothic/industrial DJing for the rest of the night.  The 
  performances can be anything from performance art to weird rock, but the key 
  is that it's something unusual, and I don't just mean "alternative."  It's a 
  great little space, a secret (and perhaps too secret) space where some great 
  things are happening. - Mark G.


Asylum for Shut Ins by Mike Kole  (See TDD)
 *Full size zine: 56pgs - $2.00 ppd  
  This zine is really similar to the book HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL.  It's kind
  of hard to follow, but once you get used to the scattered kind of format
  there's a lot of really interesting (and weird stuff) inside. (ohio) - Jen 

Ball Buster by Amanda Runyon Lynch  (See TDD)
 *Full size zines: #1:40pgs, #2:28pgs, #3:28pgs - all $1.25 ppd                          
  Amanda is one of my favorite female friends in Columbus.  She is just so
  cool.  Lots of gender politics stuff, queerness, letters, poetry, reviews.
  #1 has lots more poetry/writing, good drawings.  #2 has an interview with a
  local band The Curse and lots of good photos.  #3 has an interview with her
  mom!  What a good idea! (ohio) - Jen Angel

A Beginner's Guide to Putting on Shows by Jen Angel  (See TDD)
 *Half size zine: 36pgs - free + 2 to 3 stamps  
  Everything you always wanted to know about spaces, bands, money, sound
  systems, advertising, legal issues and more.  Zine format, great
  illustrations!  Factsheet Five says: "From the editor of Fucktooth comes
  the incredibly valuable guide to putting on shows.  In many ways it's like
  the missing piece from "Book Your Own Fucking Live" in that it provides
  real practical advice on getting bands, setting up sound systems, and
  promoting shows.  Jen should get an award for this... She starts at the
  beginning: finding a place and dealing with the rental fees.  Then she
  covers the nuts and bolts of setting up a sound system, explaining mikes,
  monitors, amps, and the other confusing electrical stuff.  There's even the
  fine points of legal stuff, canceled bands, and paying people.  An immensely
  valuable guide that could get anyone started in the glamorous world of
  concert promotions."  - Jen Angel

The Columbus Dispatch
 *Columbus' only major daily newspaper
  Well, I don't get the Dispatch - not even on Sundays.  No real reason other 
  than when I did get it, I just didn't read it much.  Whether that's a poor 
  reflection on me or the paper, I ain't sayin'.  Thursday's Weekender is the 
  main music/arts/entertainment section.  Other stuff appears through the week.
  Bill Eichenberger is the main music critic guy.  Most of his stuff seems to 
  focus on more major, yet semi-alternative shows.  He's not one to totally 
  trash bands but, at the same time, he can be nicely critical ...  - Joel

Fucktooth Fanzine ## by Jen Angel  (See TDD)
 *Half size zines - $1 + 1 stamp  
  My zine, Fucktooth, is available for $1 and one stamp postpaid.  It is half
  size and copied, not printed.

  17: 72pgs : Corporations, capitalism, women's health issues, legalization 
  of drugs; tattooing, piercing, interview with local tattoo artist Lars 
  Johansson; history of ska; distribution (how it's done and what you need 
  to know); tribute to Bob Stinson; philosophy; news and reviews; Ohio scene 
  stuff; and lots more.

  16: 56 pgs : Voting, government, capitalism, guns/gun control; feminism/ 
  women in the scene; Ohio scene report; reviews, letters and news bits; 
  Ashley & Sasha on Bloomington Women's Health Collective; John Daniel Dider & 
  Michael Mclellan on punk; Food Not Bombs History; Larry Bob on Mainstream Gay
  Magazines, and Lance on drug dealing and getting busted.  MRR says: "Jen 
  always manages to fill her huge zine with even more information than thought 
  possible.  This zine is better with every issue and though I wasn't so nice 
  about it last time, this issue won me over.  Good pieces on food not bombs 
  and a super rad piece on the state of prisons today." - Jen Angel

In Your Ear 
 *A half-hour music video, performance and talk show airing on Columbus's 
  Public Access Station ACTV 21.  Each show features either a combination of 
  videos and musicians, bands, and others in the industry talking about their 
  music, live studio performances, or documentaries of musical events.

  For the music lovers in Columbus that do not have cable access, some episodes
  are available to borrow from the Grandview Public Library and hopefully will 
  be available at other Columbus Public Libraries in the future. 

  My goal in producing In Your Ear is to inform, entertain and showcase the 
  original music scene in central Ohio.  The styles covered have included
  alternative rock, individual folk/singer song writers, country and heavy 
  metal.  Judging by the response we've had, the show has had a tremendous 
  impact on the community.

 Upcoming shows include (Every Tuesday at 11:00 pm):
    * APRIL  Performances and interviews by Pretty Mighty Mighty and Radioland 
	     with Host Joel Mathers.
    * MAY    Edited live performance by the upcoming youngsters Honeychild 
	     taped at the battle of the bands in November at Alrosa.
    * JUNE   Highlights from 1994 Comfest including performances by Willie 
	     Phoenix, Mary Adam 12 and Miss May 66.
    * JULY   Live studio performance by the Jenny Morgan Band.

  If you would like more information on how you or your band can appear on In 
  Your Ear write to:   In Your Ear/P.O. Box 3518/Columbus, Ohio 43210  or
  e-mail [email protected]
  - Jerri Shafer

The Midwest Show Listing
 *A punk/independent-oriented shows calendar covering the Midwest
  The list isn't always complete but, at least locally, it covers a lot of 
  venues and shows that don't make it into the local rags often (Magnetic 
  Planet, The Neilhouse, etc.)  It's a very ambitious, heavily subscribed to 
  list from what I've seen.  E-mail [email protected] for more info. - Joel

The Midwest Show Listing 
 *This is a list run from my e-mail account.  It is NOT a listserv, and it is 
  NOT a discussion group.  It typically comes out on Thursday or Friday and 
  covers OH, western/central PA, MI, WI, MN, IL, IN, KY, TN, and sometimes even
  WV.  The list is generated completely by input from people like you!  If you 
  can add any information to this list or wish to be removed from or added to 
  it, please write me at [email protected] (or [email protected]). - Jen Angel

NAMUTO (The National Musicians Touring Network)
 *Music promotion/touring network                 
  WHAT WE CAN DO: We can act as a collection and distribution point for all 
  information compiled by those of you who become involved enough to collect 
  and compile information within your realm of activities to be shared with 
  all. We can itemize and categorize, build databases and open communications 
  between all divisions of the business through any and all avenues available.

  WHAT YOU CAN DO: Compile lists of AND INFORM those in your realm of this 
  activity, encourage interaction, submit information for databases, build on 
  the idea and promote it!

  We encourage you to pass this information, intact,in total, and without
  injection, along to any and all peoples you believe could or would help,
  interact, and support these ideals.
      Jeffrey A. Yost			   
      Howard A. Yost Ventures	        [email protected]
      1910 Riverbend Pkwy. 	        Voice: 419.332.5667
      Fremont, Ohio  43420 USA		Fax: 419.332.9959
  - Jeff Yost

Taped interviews from/by Jen Angel  (See TDD)
  I do some interviews though I don't usually print them in my zine.  All of
  the recordings just sit here next to my stereo collecting dust.  If you want
  a copy of any one of them, send me a cassette and a couple of stamps (3),
  tell me which ones you want, and I'll send them off to you.  They're all
  unedited and done by me and my friends.  Oh, and it usually takes me a
  while to get around to copying them, so it may delay your order:  
    OFFSPRING	  (09/93 @ 16 min)	  OFFSPRING	      (08/94 @ 41 min)
    WHATEVER...	  (12/93 @ 30 min)	  PITBOY	      (04/94 @ 20 min)
    PENNYWISE	  (06/94 @ 45 min)	  Fat Mike from NOFX  (11/94 @ 15 min)
    BAD RELIGION  (11/94 @ 35 min)	  DOUGLAS COUPLAND    (02/95 @ ~75min)
  - Jen Angel

TDD (Tone*Deaf Distribution)
 *Zine distribution service
  Jen "Angel" Engel runs Tone Deaf Distribution (TDD) & the Midwest Concert
  e-list.  Through TDD she distributes zines from around the country and also 
  some taped band interviews.  Interviews and zines reviewed by her in Cringe 
  are available through TDD.  Keep in mind only a partial list of the zines 
  that TDD handles is included here.  Many more are available from around the 
  country.  Her contact and ordering info are included below. - Joel

TDD (Tone Deaf Distribution)
 *Because there's more to (punk) life than music
  Read something inspiring lately?  Try a zine.  I distribute zines because I 
  think there is more to punk than music and fashion.  If you want me to carry 
  your zine, send a sample!  I'll warn you that I only carry zines that I 
  really love and want to support, otherwise I feel guilty about taking 
  someone's money for zines I think are only mediocre - so I personally 
  recommend every zine on this list.  It takes about a week from the time I get
  your order to the time it arrives in your mailbox.  Make sure to write or 
  call if you have any questions:  

  tone deaf distro c/o jen angel        For faster response until June 1, 1995
    pob 43604 cleveland oh 44143          191 W 12th #354 columbus oh 43210
    216.449.0140 * [email protected]      614.688.6678 * [email protected]
  Make all checks payable to JEN ENGEL (not to TONE DEAF or JEN ANGEL)
  Prices are agreed upon by myself and the editors.  If you don't list any
  alternates and something sells out, you get a zine of my choice.  All prices
  are POST PAID, fourth class usually.  So if you'd like me to send it some
  other way, send some extra money. - Jen Angel

 *A variety of adult alternative music and talk programming
  It's a sad statement on local radio when possibly the favorite station of 
  local music scenesters and fans is a non-college public station. 'CBE has a 
  great, though fairly easy to listen to, variety.  Ya won't hear much, if any,
  punk, hardcore, noise, industrial or anything else too harsh.  After all, CBE
  stands for Columbus Board of Education.  They don't like dirty words, 
  thoughts or habits.  Still, you'll hear a lot of potential college acts, 
  local bands and new artists in the mix.  They also carry a lot of NPR/APR 
  type shows during the day, and the BBC overnight. - Joel


The CCCC/Macronympha Show at Freak'n'Pizza
 *Noise & nudity in tow
  Mark Gunderson and I helped bring these two noise bands to Columbus.  While 
  Macronympha was just from Pittsburgh, CCCC came all the way from Japan.  Mark
  dubbed 'em Japanoise.  It was like a Monday show at Freak'n, so not many    
  people were expected (though we hoped) - welcome to guitar cringe city.  
  Macronympha went on first and played the noisiest thing I have ever seen or 
  been apart of.  Neighbors were phoning head Freak Kirby from across the 
  street to quiet it down.  The band went on feeding back, with a woman in S&M 
  garb chain whipping one of those big industrial steel drums.  I think there 
  were vocals, err, screams at some points too.  

  The real excitement started when CCCC went on.  They barely understood or 
  spoke English, so the vocals might have been words, or just random screams.  
  The noise was a little less intense and closer to containing patterns and 
  sounds that could be confused for melodies, rhythms and notes.  They even had
  some DIY electronic gadgetry creating sounds.  Then the frontwoman/vocalist 
  crawled up on a loud speaker and slowly stripped.  The music mellowed a bit 
  here too - she was responsible for many of the harsher/louder sounds, but 
  was now focusing on this "dance."  She then lit a red candle and let the 
  melting wax slowly run down her naked kneeling body.  (Why do I feel like I'm
  writing a sleazy romance novel?).  It's kinda hard to believe this was 
  happening in a lousy pizza joint in Columbus.  All the time people were 
  peeking in the window to see what all the racket was - and even longer 
  during the "nude scene."  I specifically remember Eric Davidson (New Bomb 
  Turks/Columbus Alive) hanging outside and peeking in his fair share.  It's 
  not so surprising they played mainly "sex shops" in California and Japan.

  Then, while loading out, it came to my (and Macronympha's) attention that a 
  towing company charged one member of CCCC $50 to unhitch the car he was 
  napping in.  One nymph actually ran down the tow truck on foot and got him 
  and the police back to the scene of the unhitching.  Of course, nothing was 
  refunded - even though the CCCC guy was actually in the back of the car.  The
  police were accused of being in business with the towing company however.  

  But it ain't over.  All the band members and their guests (aside from the 
  intimate couple that stayed in their van) slept at my place.  At one point 
  the CCCC vocalist said something in broken English that I didn't quite 
  understand - but I picked up enough words to assume it was sexual.  One 
  nymph replied with something like, "No, Joel's a nice guy."   A few months 
  later I got a catalog from CCCC's music and video label.  It ends up CCCC's 
  vocalist is a porn star in Japan ... and she slept on my floor! - Joel

  Paul Campbell		[email protected]
  bellomy.2 		[email protected]
  Bill Carnes		[email protected]
  virg			[email protected]
  Jeff Yost		[email protected]
  Nathan Weaver		[email protected]
  Nathan McKnight	[email protected]
  Carl Hirsch		[email protected]
  Chris Jedrick		[email protected]
  Joel			[email protected]
  Jen "Angel" Engel	[email protected]
  Mark G.		[email protected]
  Jerri Shafer		[email protected]

  Terence Concannon for the name CRINGE.
  John Lennon (really) for the camera, editing, copying, driving & paying rent.
  Amanda Runyon Lynch, Chris Myers, Stephanie Stein & Dawn Yount for editing.
  Jerri Shafer for helping with copying and being In Your Ear.
  Quigmans for independently (I assume) doing a cringe-toon in Hoot.
  Lollipop Factory, Cage, Our Flesh Party, the Econothugs, Jason Drenik (of 
    Hairy Patt), Starscream, Preston Furman, Jettison Charlie, Friendly, 
    Greenhorn, Crazy Jane, and all at Bernie's & Magnetic Planet for helping 
    out with shows - even in times of distress.

  Again, let me stress that originally the audience for CRINGE was intended to 
  be local music fans on the Internet, or what have you.  The main distribution
  is through LS* and related local Newsgroups, not hardcopies.  Copying gets 
  expensive while e-mail/newsgroup outlets are free to me.  Can ya guess which 
  route I'd rather use?  However, donations are accepted!  And there may be a 
  "Cringe Benefit" show soon.  We'll see ...   Have fun, Joel

		(Back cover picture is here on the hardcopy.)

				  THE END

			     "Get outta here."

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