Alternative Media Alternative Music  (AMAM)
 *E-mail regional music promotion list
  This is another list I run.  Most commonly we help bands set up out of town 
  shows and places to stay.  Send email to [email protected]
  with the Subject: "subscribe"  to subscribe to the list. - Joel

The Blitz:
 *Biggest disappointment for a "local band" radio show:
  Geez, they skip over so much cool local stuff that'd fit in with their 
  format, but they play trite shit like Head Dizzy. And Steve Hammond seems to 
  think that Nurse Rachet is the greatest thing since  Terrible Ted Nugent. 
  So he's buddies with 'em, so what?  Their songs still suck. He ("The 
  Gate Keeper") is so damn egotistical anyway. - JD Kimple 
CD 101
 *Mainstream Alternative radio
  When 101 came on the air, it introduced semi-alternative music to Columbus.
  A few years later it still plays alternative stuff, but to a much lesser 
  extent; and it's a much less alternative fare.  Pretty safe stuff mixed with 
  something best described as adult alternative pop/folk.  Nothing too 
  experimental or outrageous.  Then again, even the original play list was 
  rather tame.  DJ Andy Man does his bit to promote local music at 10pm, and I 
  appreciate it, but I'd like to see it mixed with the regular programing 
  too.  And I'm a big Mary Adam 12 fan, but there's enough other decent stuff 
  around that MA12 doesn't have to be featured every week! - Joel

Columbus Alive 
 *Worst excuse for an Alternative weekly
  CA started losing it during the bankruptcy thing.  Then the Guardian came to 
  town and lured many CA staffers away.  Ever since, the paper seems to be 
  struggling to stay alive.  The calendar is horrible, full of mistakes and 
  listings from previous weeks or even months.  The music coverage can be O.K. 
  but it's very sporadic and either talks down to or over the head of the 
  reader.  Other times the paper just seems to be very unprofessional.  The 
  colored centerfold adult section was one of the worst/cheesiest ideas I've 
  ever seen -- but that's probably a big chunk of CA's income. - Joel

The Columbus Guardian  
 *Above average Alternative weekly
  Since it's first issue, the Guardian has had some dark foreboding cloud 
  hanging over it -- at least for me.  Maybe it was the KKK leader on cover.  
  Maybe it's the high level of gray and black space.  Maybe it's the sometimes 
  dark humor in the staff descriptions ... The music descriptions can be a bit 
  plain and non-offensive.  Though the music stories seem very investigative in
  nature, the reviewers just don't seem to get to the realities -- paraphrasing
  press releases comes off that way too.  The best thing about the calendar is 
  that they cover a week plus a day in each issue, so you don't have to wait 
  until Thursday to know what's up Thursday.  The day-by-day format is nice, 
  but the entries can be a bit hard to read. - Joel

Columbus Tour Website
 *Have you seen our Columbus Tour website yet?  If you haven't, check
  it out:  The stuff from (Mark 
  G. and Mary-Margaret Faith) is (largely) from the site. - Mark G. 

The Greater Columbus Freenet
 *Free public link to the Information Superhighway
  You've heard about it, the internet, e-mail, newsgroups, gopher servers and 
  more.  Get access to it a good portion of the highway for free.  Go to your 
  local Columbus area public Library and pick up an application. - Joel

In Your Ear, Ear Candy and other ACTV Music shows
 *Local music video programs on public access cable station ACTV 2
  In Your Ear is a locally produced half-hour music video and talk show airing 
  on the Columbus public access cable station ACTV 21.  Each show features 
  musicians, bands, and others in the industry talking about their music, 
  upcoming records, cd's and cassettes, and performances.  In Your Ear also has
  music videos done in a studio or on location, live studio performances and 
  from time to time the In Your Ear crew can be seen at local events for 
  documentary shows such as band competitions, Comfest, Stache's Christmas 
  TrashFest and a documentary taped at the 1994 Columbus Music Awards.

  If  you would like more information on how you or your band can appear on In 
  Your Ear or have cd's, cassettes, and/or music videos that you would like to 
  appear on ACTV write or send promotional materials to:
        Jerri Shafer, Producer  614-292-4063 day
        In Your Ear / EarCandy  614-262-4328 eve
        P.O. Box 3518   614-292-9021 fax
        Columbus, Ohio  43210 
  - Jerri Shafer

The Independent
 *Only College Student run biweekly I wrote for
  The paper started out strong.  Exit many of the founders strongly against the
  Lantern's prior review policy.  That and being so late so often that people 
  aren't even sure when or if it's coming out -- or even still in existence -- 
  and it goes downhill.  It claims to be Central Ohio's College newspaper -- 
  95% of the focus is on and by OSU types.   I enjoyed writing the largely non-
  sensical band descriptions for the calendar -- plus I found out what was 
  going on sooner that most. Now it's a standard calendar that misses a lot.  
  The new Making the Scene is pretty cool, when they run it.  Can ya tell Chris
  is just hanging out to get the scoop?  And Brian Varney is a great CD 
  reviewer.  Better copy editing could always help. - Joel

The Live Shows List
 *Electronic music & dance calendar for the OSU area 
  Yep, CRINGE is an offshoot of this e-mail list.  It's in a neat, fairly easy 
  to read grid format with descriptions if space, time and I allow.  Send me e-
  mail if yer interested.  There's more info in the front of CRINGE too. - Joel

 *Best local rag for music stuff:
  Much better than (The Edge) it's predecessor (did I spell that right?) (does
  anyone care?). - JD Kimple

 *Cowtown-based OHIO alternative music monthly
  From the remains of the majorly locally focused THE EDGE, rose MOO.  It's not
  so locally focused, including only one or two Ohio bands per issue on 
  average.  Lots of "cool" band members write for it.  The layout and 
  graphics could be worked on.  Most of the stories are good, but some have a 
  factor of rebel pretension and smugness that bothers me. - Joel

The Other Paper
 *Best Alternative Paper
  Two years ago I would have probably said worst, but things change.  The music
  coverage is the most extensive, in depth, varied, and real.  The only real 
  problem is that it still seems John Petric may have reviewed a few things he 
  didn't actually see.  But the calendar makes the most sense, is the most 
  accurate and is the easiest to read. - Joel

 *Classic rock and it's siblings radio
  When I was younger, this was the coolest station in town.  QFM was more album
  oriented back in those days.  That means they played non-single album tracks 
  to some extent.  It even played a few local groups (Rosie, the Muffs, Money, 
  Willie Phoenix, McGuffey Lane and Spittin' Image).  In fact, QFM used to have
  all night album replays -- 6 or so albums were played in their entirety over 
  night.  Then there was Dr. Demento and the King Biscuit Flower Hour.  All 
  that special programming has changed.  It's basically just a classic rock/ 
  rock station now -- which means they still have largely the same play list as
  10 or 15 years, plus newer popular harder rock. - Joel


  Josh Hochman 		([email protected])
  James R Ebright 	([email protected])
  Mark G. 		([email protected])
  sweaty pat		([email protected])
  JD Kimple 		([email protected])
  Aaron "Wonko" Albert 	([email protected])
  John P. Romeo 	([email protected])
  Dawn Yount 		([email protected])
  Mary-Margaret Faith  	(via Mark G.)
  Jerri Shafer		([email protected])
  Joel			([email protected])

  Terence Concannon for the name CRINGE
  Stephanie Stein for editing and proofing
  John Lennon (really!) for editing, proofing and officiating the drawing

DRAWING (from a hat) WINNER:
  Drum roll please ...  Mark G. will get some neat free music stuff.

  Though the response was not what I had hoped for, I think we're going to do 
  this again.  Right now I'll set a deadline for the next CRINGE survey for 
  MARCH 31.  I hope to put it out in April.  Those of you who didn't get in 
  this time (and there were a few of you), ya get another chance!  Also, Jerri 
  Shafer e-mailed me about creating a band directory/contact sheet.  This may 
  be part of the next CRINGE ... Jerri and I willing.   Have fun, Joel

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