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T H E   D I R E C T O R I E S

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Well, here begins the Directory section of CRINGE. All these directories relate to local bands booking shows and getting their music heard and noticed. Unless otherwise noted, the city is COLUMBUS, the state is OHIO, the zip is probably 43201 and the area code is (614). For corrections, updates and additions to the directories, contact CRINGE at:

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201 USA
[email protected]
or (614) 421-7589


Below is a directory of bands that play in the OSU/Short North area at least occasionally. The short descriptions in parentheses are my own. Some include short descriptions or comments by the artist or me after the contact info. This is by no means a compl ete list, but I did hit the streets a bit to get a few bands that I normally don't see. - Joel

After Hours (jazz)
[email protected]

Big Back 40 (swamptryrock)
Steve jokingly put "SEND TO CRINGE" for BB40's e-mail address. - Joel

Bigfoot (rooty)
828 Dennison Ave. / Col. OH 43215

291-5334 / 1972 N. 4th St.
Power punk/pop/cheese - Eric of Brown
Eric (of the defunct Dogrocket) seemed a bit out of it when I got this from him. I thought I was gonna get Dogrocket info from him. I'm not sure what Brown is, or if it is... - Joel

Creeper (onemanpsychocoustic)
294-7461 - Jeff R. / 2071 N. 4th St.

Dead Flower Bloom
488-4283 / [email protected]
341-7423 - Steven Weatherby

Jerry DeCicca (solectric)
297-7136 / 366 E. 15th Ave. Apt. A
Electric, country, love songs. - Jerry

Deviate (soulfunk)
262-4680 - Jesse
2686 Indianola Ave. / Col. OH 43202

The Drowners
246 E. Hudson Street / Col. OH 43202

Pat Dull (solocoustic)
268-3608 - Pat

Earwig (alt)
594-2563 / 231-9720
P.O. Box 09851 / Col. OH 43209
Scrap Rock (TM) - Earwig

Econothugs (beercore)
299-6159 / 2132 Indiana Ave.
[email protected]
Econorock - 'thug Earl Hacker

Ekoostik Hookah (psychalt)
231-4889 / [email protected]

Evolution Control Committee (experitronic)
P.O. Box 10391 / [email protected] http://www.infinet.com/~markg/ecc.html

Flipping Hades (altrock)
299-5017 - Jake
Blue Oyster Cult meets Game Theory in
the space between Frank Black's belly
& the hoolahoop he's twirlin' - Jake

Th' Flying' Saucers (punkabilly)

Frog a mungus
[email protected]

P.O. Box 10391 / [email protected] http://www.infinet.com/~markg/ecc.html
Improvised electronic ambience - Mark G. of Gaga

Gasohol (sludgecore)
261-0109 / 24 E. Blake Ave.
Real Heavy hardcore. - Gasohol

Gaunt (popunk)
ATTN: Gaunt / 1992-B N. High Street

Girly Machine (anthominous)
261-8189 / [email protected]
Not dead yet - Andy of GM

Gunshy Ministers (replacent)
Cock rock - Don of Gunshy
This is Don's way of sarcastically saying he loves the bad press Gunshy has gotten in CRINGE. - Joel

Gut Piston (punk rock)
140 E. Tompkins / Col. OH 43202
Rock an' fuckin' roll!!!!! - GP

The Hairy Patt Band (NC-17 folk)
299-8103 / 267 E. Lane Ave.

Happy Family
267-4753 - Paul Brown
2674 Dayton Ave. / Col. Ohio 43202

Hard Black Thing (drunkamental)
268-7251 - Stu / 2112 N. High St.#23

The Haynes Boys (rooty)
P.O. Box 82341 / Col. Ohio 43202

Ishkabibble (funksion)
421-7211 - Booji Boy (Boo-G-Boy)
Ishka-dribble. Music that makes your grammy proud. - Booji

Jenny Mae (poparage)
195 E. Crestview / Col. OH 43202
Pop - Mark of Jenny Mae

Joel/Joel & Kaela (neo-folk/Celtic)
421-7589 - Joel / 133 W. 6th Ave.
[email protected]

Kevyn & the Kasualties (punkrock)
(216) 866-1049 Kevyn / 262-6263 Cozmo
2454 Indiana Ave / Col. OH 43202
Old school punk rock. - K & the K

Knumskull (beercore)
297-SKIN / 1183 N. High St.
[email protected]

Local Color (psych)
171 E. Maynard / Col. OH 43202

Lollipop Factory (queend)
262-9089 - David Tweed
208 E. Patterson / Col. OH 43202

Lordburger (rock)
ATTN: A. H. Pooke / 1974 N. 4th Street

Love Ugly (heavy)
P.O. Box 30751 / Col. OH 43230

Magnificent Souls (rock)
784-9341 / 2600 Medary / Col. OH 43202
[email protected]
Rock music. We do theme music, too! - Bill of Mag Souls

Martyr Colony (industrial)
294-2022 / [email protected]
Central Ohio's premier industrial noise unit is available for live performances once again. Peace out... Jeff of MC

Mary Adam 12 (slofunk)
288 1/2 Walhalla Rd. / Col. OH 43202

Men of Leisure (R&B)

Bassist Joe Hahn: [email protected] [email protected]
Country rock band - Mesa

Miss May 66 (heavy)
162 W. Hubbard Ave. / Col. OH 43215

Mohio (midwestrock)
467 E. Sycamore / Col. OH 43206
Pop-Rock - Mohio

Monster Truck 5 (errr)
195 E. Crestview / Col. OH 43202
Rock & Roll - Mark of MT5

Monster Zero (alt)
235-3208 - Brad / Whitehall, OH 43213
Sugar/Dinosaur/Some pop rock - MZ

Moody Jackson (punk)
784-9848 / 262-5465 / 444-4853
[email protected]
None. - Sweaty Pat of MJ

Moviola (poparage)
267-3414 / [email protected]
P.O. Box 02364 / Col. Oh 43202

My White Bread Mom (punkore)
291-6408 / 1897 N. 4th Apt. B
Rawk! - MWBM

New Bomb Turks (drivin' punk)
91 E. Patterson / Col. OH 43202
Crap, but y'know, fun crap. - Eric

Nude (guitarty)

One Riot One Ranger (folktry)
445 7288 - Mark Wyatt
[email protected]

Ouchcube (metallic)
871-8163 - Aaron Pauley
1727 Hollow Run Drive
Grove City, OH 43223
[email protected]

Pet UFO (drivin')
Phone/fax: 279-2016
207 Powhatan Avenue / Col. OH 43204
E-mail: [email protected]

Poets of Heresy (hiphop)
[email protected]

Pounce Int'l (ambient)
P.O. Box 164171 / Col. OH 43216-4171
[email protected]

Preston Furman (scrap rock)
5371 Blue Ash Rd. / Col. OH 43229
"Mean" rock - PF

Pretty Mighty Mighty (althereal)
784-9159 / 421-2310 - Jon

quiet Matters
[email protected]

Rymocerous (hiprock)
268-8585 / 291-8550 / 885-2252

Science Gravy Orchestra (avantjazz)
267-4753 - Paul Brown
2674 Dayton Ave. / Col. Ohio 43202

Scrawl (poparage)
261-8189 / [email protected]
On Elektra - Andy of Girly Machine

Screaming Urge (rock)
291-1513 - Myke Rock / 972 E 19th

Sloe Comfortable Screw
[email protected]
[email protected]
Semi-disbanded till spring. - Tad

Soulfinger (discsoul)
447-9178 - Jeff McCargish
49 1/2 W. Tompkins / Col. Ohio 43202

Swivelarm Battlegrip (artpunk)
291-7912 / 299-6930 / 1888 N. 4th Ave.
We're like the fuzz in Black Francis'
belly button.- Val & Joel

Tammer Laine
436-1422 / [email protected]
P.O. Box 292541 / Col. OH 43229
Rock-n-roll! Not Alternative, Not metal. All originals. - Tammer Laine

Ted Kane's Split Personality
294-6173 / [email protected]
HAH! - Ted Kane

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
1992-B N. High St.
[email protected]
[email protected]

Truman Carter
291-4401 / [email protected]
Surealadelic rock - Kyle of TC

Vinyl (quirkpop)
261-7158 - Jeff Ciampa
532 Milford Ave. / Col. OH 43202
World Beat/Funk/Pop/Rock (Sample Loops/Grooves/Melodies) - Jeff Ciampa

Watershed (midwestpopalt)
P.O. Box 02092 / Col. OH 43202


The White-outs (beerrock)
221-7903 / 298-8875
228-0181 / 261-YES1
Fuckin' fun world domination. - The White-outs

Cornell Wiley (jazzbass)
[email protected]

Wilfoster (soloeclecoustic)
58 W. Patterson / Col. OH 43202
Next to nothing hammock luv. - Wilfoster

Wilfoster + Q (avantgarage)
58 W. Patterson / Col. OH 43202
Surf - Wilfoster
Back in CRINGE 5.2, someone described Wilfoster+Q as surf. Many suspect the reviewer mistook Codename: Stingray fer W+Q. So this is kinda a slam on CRINGE & that reviewer. - Joel

Mark Williams (jazztar)
[email protected]

The Yips (garageduo)
267-8916 / P.O. Box 8072
2 piece AOR influenced lady-rock
- The Yips


So ya wanna book a show ... A few hints to get you started: Sometimes the easiest way to get shows is to get a band already established in the area or at the club to let you open for them. Another way is to hangout at the club you want the show at. Of cour se, the old cassette demo idea can work too. You could also try to get the "booker" to one of your practices or shows elsewhere. Getting the booker drunk or brown-nosing in general can work too! I realize these suggestions don't always stress the music muc h. The music and crowd response becomes more important in getting follow up shows. So basically, in the beginning, "bookers" may appreciate bands that are easy to deal with more than the music - after all, they aren't critics (I know, everyone's a critic).

The information below is from a form I had local clubs complete. The contacts and phone numbers may be strictly for booking shows - not necessarily for more pedestrian calls. - Joel

Barley's Underground
467 N. High St. / Col. OH 43215
Contacts: Stephanie Cassini/Chris
Eckert / 228-2537 / Mon-Sun Evenings
Genres: Miscellaneous (alt, jazz, pop)
Getting Shows: Promo & Press Kits,
Open for other bands
Adding bands: W/ contacts' consent
Capacity: 150 Door/Cover: $3
Audience Age: 21+
Band Age: If under 21 inform contacts
Show Times: Th 9:30-1 / F-Sat 10-2
Tab: 1/2 off liquor, import & domestic
beer and $2 Barley's Pints.
Pay: Door money (minus $25 on F-Sat)
Sound: Band supplies sound person,
mics, stands and cords
Ads: Guardian, CD 101, 96.3
Listed in all alt papers & Dispatch.

Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery
291-3448 / 1896 N. High St.
Contacts: Heather Lazor/Tony Painter
291-3448/[email protected]
Genres: Punk alt rock
Getting Shows: Contact Heather
Capacity: 100-200 Expected: 50-75+
Door/Cover: Varies, never over $3
Audience/Band Age: All ages
Show Times: 10pm-2am
Tab: $30 Guarantee: $40
Sound Equipment: Provided
Sound Person: Provided at cost
Advertising: Weeklies, Moo

297-1682 / 980 N. High Street
Col, Oh 432??
Contact: Brad Capuano
Phone/Fax: 299-5552 / 1pm-6pm M-F
Genres: Reggae/rock/Progressive/Blues
Getting Shows: Demo/Opening act
Adding Bands: Yes
Capacity: 400 Door/Cover: $3-$5
Ages: 18 & over
Show times: 10:30pm-2am
Set times: 2 long of 3 short sets
Tab: 1/2 price
Sound Equipment: Provided - most use
the Club's - $100-$200
Sound Person: Blitzer Sound Co.
Ads: Other Paper/Guardian/Weekender

Notals Rockers/Notals Pub
Contact: see South Heidelberg

Prince Ubu Gallery / N.A.I.V.E.
(New Artistic Incidents, Visions &
755 N. High St. / P.O. Box 10547
Contacts: Leni D. Anderson/Eric Myers
Genres: Support & present artists of
all genres
Getting Shows: Contact 470-0ART
Adding Acts: No problem
Capacity: 50+
Expected Crowd: What you bring in
Door/Cover: varies Ages: 18+
Shows Time: 10pm-2:30am
Pay: Will get percentage of door
Ads: Local and National publications
Sound: Bring your own
Comments: Give us a call & we'll do
coffee. - Leni Anderson

South Heidelberg 299-9523
1532 N. High St.
Contact: Tony Warner
299-9523 after 8pm
Genres: (rock/psych)
Getting Shows: Tapes
Adding bands: Negotiable
Capacity: 150 Door/Cover: Negotiable
Show times: Negotiable
Sound: Negotiable

Stache's 263-5318
2404 N. High St.
Dan Dougan / 263-5318 / M-F 2pm-8pm
Genres: All original - no metal
Getting Shows: Send press & tape,
check back later.
Capacity: 200+, no built in draw
Door/Cover: National - varies; Local
- $2-$3 weekdays/$3-$4 weekends
Ages: 18+
Show times: 9pm-2am weekdays
10pm-2am weekends
Pay: National - varies
Local - No tabs or guarantees
Sound: National - varies;
local - Band provides Mics, stands,
cables and sound person
Ads: none for locals


There are two general policies stores go by when selling local music. They either consign it or buy it straight out. Consigning means they don't pay you until it's sold. Buying it straight out means they pay you some set amount for a (usually limited) numb er of copies. In both cases, the store will likely mark it up a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the various costs and preferences involved. (Yep, if they like you or the music, yer likely ta get a better deal.) Stores may mark down or sell items b ack to the artist if they sit dormant for too long. - Joel

CD Warehouse 291-9158
1872 N. High St.
M-Th 11-9 / 11-10 F-Sat / 12-6 Sun
Local music sales policies: They buy CDs only at $4 a piece. - CD Warehouse

This sounds like a used CD buy back policy, not a local CD policy. - Joel

Groove Shack Records 291-FUNK
1122 N. High St.
M-F 11:30-8 / Sat 11-7 / Sun 12-5
Local music sales policies: We mark up and average % rate. Upon sale of music, group or musician is paid. - Groove Shack

Used Kids 297-0281 / 294-3833
1992-B N. High St.
M-Sat 10-8 / Sun 12-6
Local music sales policies: We don't do consignment - we buy outright and don't refuse local product but the cheaper the better. Get the music to the people.
- Bela of Used Kids

World Record 297-7900
1980 N. High St. 2nd Floor
M-F 10-10 / 12-7 Sun
Local music sales policies: They take CDs, tapes and LPs. Mark up to accommodate $2 off Tuesdays. Payout on Fridays. Will do listening booths on most titles. - World Record/Joel


(no comments - see CRINGE 5.3: The Labels)

Anyway Records
118 E. Patterson Ave. / Col. OH 43202
Anyway Artists:
Gaunt, Appalachian Death Ride, Greenhorn, Monster Truck 005, Belreve, V3, Stupid Fuckin' Hippie, Bassholes, Log, Vibralux, New Bomb Turks, Clay, Bugman, Ass Ponies, Guided by Voices, Robert Griffin, Jenny Mae Leffel, Econothugs, Moviola, Nothing Painted Bl ue, Steve Lindstrum, Paul Nini, Geraldine, Bargoyle, Gun Shy Ministers, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments ,Detour, Bob Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Ron House, Jerry Wick, Paul K.
- Ted Hattemer/Moo/Anyway/Joel

Belly Fu Oh Happy Whale 268-7251
2112 N. High St. #23
Happy Whale Artists:
Drunken Eagles, Patt Broadcaster, Smelt Daddy, The Wild Gunmen, The Hairy Patt Band, Hard Black Thing. - Joel

Burnt Sienna Records
Phone/fax: 279-2016
207 Powhatan Avenue / Col. OH 43204
E-mail: [email protected]
Burnt Sienna Artists:
pet UFO, Bugman, Pretty Mighty Mighty, Clay, Girly Machine, Vibralux, Bloody Discharge, Chanel No., S.O.R., Econothugs, Granny's Hole, Moody Jackson, My White Bread Mom , Tigerlilies, Gun Shy Ministers, Morning Glories, Flyin' Saucers
- Joel

Chrome Frog Records
P.O. Box 82372 / Col. OH 43202
Chrome Frog Artists:
The Hairy Patt Band, Eric's Mother, Monster Truck 005, Sicniks
- Joel/Chrome Frog

Datapanik Records
P.O. Box 10243
Datapanik Records Artists:
Two Hour Trip, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Monster Truck 005, Girly Machine, Pica Huss, The New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, Greenhorn, Girly Machine
- Joel/Shave the Baby

Eardrop Productions
Eardrop Artists:
Pica Huss, Stupid Fuckin' Hippie, Gut Piston, Flyin Saucers, Moviola
- Joel/Eardrop

Epiphany & Tetrachord Records
759-0635 / 5571 suite B Hibernia Dr.
Col. OH 43232 [email protected]
Epiphany/Tetrachord Artists:
After Hours, Mark Williams, Cornell Wiley - The Columbus JazzNet

Lizard Family Music
231-9720 / 594-2563
P.O. Box 09851 / Col. OH 43209
LFM Artists:
Earwig, Parsnip, Ugly Stick, Preston Furman, Monster Zero, Bigfoot
- Joel/LFM/Moo

Major Label
E-mail: [email protected]
Major Label Artists:
The Pale Horse Riders, Grifters, Felt Pilots, Moviola, Detour - Ted Hattemer

P.O. Box 02364 / Col. OH 43202
MindWalk Artists:
Thomas Jefferson Slaves, Stupid Fuckin' Hippie, Moviola - Joel/Ted Hattemer

OKra 421-9455
1992-B North High St.
OKra Artists:
Kevyn and the Kasualties, Hank McCoy & The Dead Ringers, The Schramms, The Hootowls, Ass Ponys, The Fellow Travelers, Cordelia's Dad, The Wolverton Bros., Ricky Barnes & The Hootowls, OKra All-Stars
- Joel/OKra

Whatever Records 299-6629
P.O. Box 82341 / Col. OH 43202
Whatever Records Artists:
The Haynes Boys - Joel


So you've booked a show. Or maybe you're trying to get someone to write about your band, recording or favorite hair gel. For the purposes of shows, most, if not all, of the clubs above get shows listed for free in the 3 major alternative papers (Guardian, Alive, Other) and the Dispatch. Some even take out additional adds. If ya wanna make sure yer show gets listed, are having a special event, or wanna be reviewed, you can mail, fax, e-mail and maybe even phone in a little Press Release. (Be forewarned, most papers ask you to submit a week to ten days before the publication date). Press Releases can be a strange animal, but usually contain a very short (one or two lines) synopsis and the words Press, Immediate and/or Release at the top. The body can have long er explanations and descriptions. The closing usually contains another short synopsis/reminder with contact information ... at least this the model I commonly see and use. As for content, it's yer PR. - Joel

Columbus Alive (alt paper)
P.O. Box 15309 / 17 Brickel Street
Col. OH 43215
Phone: 221-2449 Fax: 221-2456
Arts/Calendar Editor: Kim Leddy

Cringe (this local music zine)
421-7589 / 133 W. 6th Ave.
[email protected]

The Dispatch (Columbus daily paper)
34 S. 3rd St. / 461-5000
Music: 461-5029 Fax: 461-7571
Music: Bill Eichenberger

The Guardian (alt paper)
400 Dublin Avenue, Suite 100
Col. OH 43215 Phone: 469-1510
Artsline: 470-2555 Fax: 469-1508
E-mail: [email protected]
Arts Editor: Tracy Zollinger Turner
Calendar Editor: Kathy Shield

The Independent (college paper)
P.O. Box 2111 / Col. OH 43216
Arts/Calendar: 299-ARTS Fax: 791-2855
E-mail: [email protected]
Arts Editor: Ben Kofron

The Lantern (OSU student weekdaily)
Journalism Building, Room 271
242 W. 18th Ave. / Col. OH 43210
Newsroom: 292-5721 Fax: 292-3722
E-mail: [email protected]
Arts Editor: Suzanne Walke (fall)

Live Shows list (e-calendar)
421-7589 / 133 W. 6th Ave.
[email protected]

Moo (monthly Ohio alt music mag)
1688 Northwest Blvd. / Col. OH 43212
Editorial: 486-6666 Ads: 486-6669
Fax: 481-8038 (to Tony/MOO)
E-mail: [email protected]

The Other Paper (alt paper)
P.O. Box 29913 / Col. OH 43229
5255 Sinclair Rd. / 847-3800 Fax: 848-3838
E-mail: [email protected]
Arts Editor: Karen Simonian
Calendar Editor: John Ruch


It was tempting to leave this area blank, but there actually is some local music getting played on the Columbus airwaves; it just tends to be restricted and minimal. You can follow most of the same guidelines as found in the PRINT MEDIA DIRECTORY prologue, with an ear toward, well, radio/TV.

In Your Ear (community access TV)
292-4063 day / Producer: Jerri Shafer
P.O. Box 3518 / Col. OH 43210
[email protected]

WBZX / The Blitz (hard rock/metal)
1458 Dublin Rd. / 481-7800

WCBE / 90.5 FM (adult alternative)
540 Jack Gibbs Blvd. / 365-5555

WLVQ / 96.3 FM / Q-FM-96
(rock/classic rock)
1301 Dublin Rd. / Request: 821-9696
Business: 488-9696

WWCD / 101.1 FM / CD 101 (popalt)
1721 S. High St. / Request: 445-1011
Business: 444-9923

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