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ISSUE 6.1            The Maybe Next Time Issue           WINTER 1996


Read On ... and On and On ...
I have had a couple (issues of CRINGE) forwarded to me and I enjoy the information. It looks like a lot of work to keep up the (Live Shows) list. I appreciate your work.
- Andrew Crewe ( [email protected])

Joel... I think Cringe rules.
- [email protected]

You don't know me, but my ex-boyfriend Craig is friends with your friend Gulshan. I am clear over in Japan and have been wondering what the Cols music scene has been like lately. I'm in the country, so I get no action. A subscription to Cringe would be awesome!
- Tommie ( [email protected])

Joel's Comments: I guess it's time to make a CRINGE e-mailing subscription list. Send e-mail to [email protected] with the Subject:SUBSCRIBE to be added to the CRINGE subscription list.  

Hot & Cold
As you've realized (or maybe not) ... Hotsink has been taking a long and unplanned vacation for the purpose of regrouping (literally) ... after releasing our tape, posting our own web page ( http://www.iuma.com/IUMA-2.0/ftp/volume4/hotsink) and playing CBGB ... We might be going through some personnel changes, but as soon as we wake up from our hibernation we will be out and about again.

P.S. Say hi to all at Bernie's and tell them that we miss them.
- Oren ( [email protected])

Ouch! Stop that!
How's it going? Thought I'd send you an email to let you know that my brother and I are currently looking for new people to play with. That sounds kinky doesn't it? It seems that Ouchcube is finally running out of steam. I play bass and he is a drummer - a damn fine one at that. We have plenty of experience playing whatever kind of music you can think of so if you have any suggestions and know of anybody or a band that is in need of a rhythm section, let me know. Any info would be greatly appreciated. My number is 433-7065.
- [email protected]


The Lollipop Guild
Lollipop Factory
& Bigfoot (Bigfoot has a great Stones romp called "Lollipop" on the Lizard Family Music compilation CD, The Beautiful People.  ). both released CDs in January 1996. Look for reviews of them next time.

Lights, Camera, Maggie
At about 3:00am Harold "Happy" Chichester of Howlin' Maggie mentioned he was doing some keyboard work with Friends   swoonabilly guest, Chris Isaac. On top of that, Howlin Maggie has a major label record on the way and a cut on a fairly major release motion picture that is already gettin' some decent air play on CD 101.

Better Seats in the House
Mershon Auditorium
(at the Wexner Center) closed in December 1995 for remodeling. Some of you may remember that a few years ago a U.S. Vice Presidential (Gore and Quayle) debate almost took place at Mershon. Part of the benefits/requirements for this debate was that Mershon would need to be overhauled. Well, the funds and interest seemed to fade away. Still with stories of one of the main doors still being broken from a Dead show in the '70s, it is about time for the remodeling. The plans call for new seats everywhere, new stage riggings and several cosmetic and convenience changes. The main floor capacity will be reduced by about half (about 700 instead of 1500) providing for wider aisles, easier access for the disabled and more seating leg room. The balcony will remain roughly the same (about 1500 seats), but with new seats. If things go smoothly, it should reopen in November 1996.

Starts & Stops
Back in December it looked like Barley's stopped doing shows. I ain't sure what happened, but they started back up again in January.

Eardrop Productions big daddy, Craig Dunson, suggested I take Eardrop out of the label directories section of CRINGE. Could it be? Eardrop gone?

There's a new "jazz" station in town. I've only listened for a sec, but it seems to be that polished, smooth, new age-y jazz/fusion/funk that I really don't wanna hear outside of the doctor's office (Note:I've been to the doctor once in the last 8 years...)

Last time I had a long rant about the OSU student radio station and the USG President. Well, KBUX started its cable/phone broadcast the day after that issue of CRINGE went to press (Kinko's). Then, you could only get KBUX through OSU's UNITS phone/cable system. At the beginning of January, KBUX did go low power FM. The Lantern   reported the kick-off party for the FM debut was a bit of a downer. It started late, was not well attended, and there was some bickering over selling beer. To top it off, the reception range is only about a quarter of a mile, with the antennae at the Ohio Union. I live at Lane and High and hear no sign of KBUX (91.10 FM). Keep in mind, the USG-snubbed Active Radio had suggested trying low power radio months earlier; and I was the one who suggested that the UNITS system could work if used as a stepping stone to on-air presence within a quarter or two - otherwise it would probably lose momentum and fail. Thanks fer taking my advice guys. Do I get a consulting fee?

The Bestest Band in the Land
NAMUTO (The National Musicians Touring Network) in association with ZERONE AUDIO LABS (A State of the art multi track Recording Studio) announce the search for the best band in The United States. This is a "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" type contest. Winners will be chosen on MUSICAL ABILITY, ORIGINALITY, COMPOSITION, STAGE PRESENCE and POPULAR VOTE.

The contest is open to all bands in all 50 states that perform original material that fits into the all encompassing genre of pop/rock and its fringes:modern, indie, alternative, punk, country, folk, urban, rap, experimental, jazz ...

Contests begin at the local level where six bands will compete for the chance to go to regional or state. The winner of the local contest will advance. The winner of regional will advance to state. The winners of state will be judged, via a video tape of their state performance, here at the national office. Six bands will be invited to the live National contest, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, to battle for the Bestest Band In The Land 1996!!!

We hope these will grow but for now the guaranteed minimum prizes are:

For more information write, email, or call below. To enter, mail a request for an entry form and include a self addressed stamped envelope to the address below. You will receive an entry form along with complete rules and regulations and a list of FAQs. Fill out and return the entry form along with the $50 Entry fee (per band) by the March 18th deadline and your band will be vying for the "Bestest Band In The Land!"

Thank You, Jeffrey A. Yost / 1-419-332-5667
Bestest Band Contest / 1910 Riverbend Pkwy. / Fremont, Ohio 43420
- [email protected]

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