Red Hour Recordings



FALL 2021

It's been awhile, but we have a few updates to share.

New YouTube Channel
Red Hour has a new YouTube Channel with a bunch of remastered songs.

Vent The Spew One and Two
New remixed Vent the Spew Vol. 1 compilation vinyl LPs are available Lost Weekend Records in Columbus. There are also a few copies at Captured Tracks in Brooklyn.

Work for Vent the Spew Vol. 2 has begun with a planned Summer 2022 release.

Hairy Patt Reissue
Good Times is pressing the Hairy Patt Band 1997 on vinyl as a Burnt Sienna Records reissue. This will be new Red Hour remixes versus the original CD mixes. It will also include the bonus track, "Split Personality."

Bob City Reissues
Good Times is also pressing LPs of Bob City's Hardball with "Giggy Bufford's Knife" as a bonus track.



Red Hour Recordings
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