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Below is a directory of bands that are/were in some way associated with the OSU/Short North area. The short descriptions in parentheses are probably my own. This is by no means a complete list. If you have any corrections or additions please, please, please get 'em to Cringe anyway ya can. Special thanks to Jerri Shafer at In Your Ear (a Columbus public access music television program) for providing numerous contacts. - Joel

Unless otherwise noted, the city is COLUMBUS, the state is OHIO, the zip is probably 43201 and the area code is (614). For corrections, updates and additions to the directories, contact CRINGE at:

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201 USA
[email protected]
or (614) 421-7589

... of a revolution. (o.a.r.)
(4 piece rock steady, island vibe sound)
Dave Roberge
65 East 16th Ave., Apt. F
Columbus OH 43201
702-932-9870 Fax: 800-473-8907
[email protected]
Marc Roberge
Fax: Same
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Nov 29, 1999; 04:41:29)

(Aggresive,changey,Rock )
Mike,Ed, Anthony
356 e. 18th ave.
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
For shows, demo/Cd exchange. Out of Town gigs. And other info on local hardcore and challenging music.(not pussy wimp-out-art-fag-rock).
(updated: Thu, Feb 17, 2000; 16:31:49)

11 Last Chance At Tomorrow
Patrick McAvena
6363 Clark State Rd
Gahanna OH 43230
[email protected]
Drew Freking
New Albany Oh 43230
[email protected]
We are on go to
(updated: Wed, Mar 21, 2001; 16:25:29)

11 Ska Blue
(A kick ass new ska punk band out of Granville.)
Steven Musgrave
Granville OH 43023
740-587-3432 Fax: 740-587-4025
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Feb 07, 2000; 15:52:17)

12 Oz. Rebels
(Full throttle, alcohol fueled Punk Rock & Roll!)
Tim Birt
5309 N. High St
Columbus oh 43214
Fax: 614-840-0325
[email protected]
The Rebels' Southbound Train is Cummin your way. So sit back, strap in, and hold on, cause' the Rebels are gonna blow your minds and eardrums with their brand of Full throttle, Booze fueled Punk Rock & Roll!!
(updated: Thu, Jul 06, 2000; 11:09:10)

13 South
(Heavy Metal)
Jason Ardetto
PO Box 85
Junction City OH 43748
[email protected]
Joe Finck
Available for gig swaps anywhere in the state of Ohio and surrounding states. Cd's and T-Shirts available thru the website.
(updated: Wed, Dec 27, 2000; 11:53:06)

2% Talent
(see 'Two Percent Talent')
(updated: Mon, Apr 26, 1999; 22:59:30)

2Sides of Susan
P O Box 16942
Columbus OH 43216-0942
[email protected]
We've MOVED!
(updated: Thu, Sep 28, 2000; 14:05:19)

(Words are just symbols. Check us out for yourself.)
[email protected]
Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. -Charlie Parker
(updated: Mon, Oct 04, 1999; 22:09:35)

4th Stone
David Nason - 866-7352
[email protected]

57 Megaton
(Explosive, Melodic, Original Hard Shit!!!!!!)
Jesse / SoToSpeak Prod.
P.O. Box 141328
Columbus OH 43214
Fax: (614)780-7467
[email protected]
Adam / SoToSpeak Prod.
P.O. Box 141328
Columbus OH 43214
Fax: (614)616-0727
[email protected]
We are very intrested in meeting new people and playing new places. Feel free to contact us.
(updated: Sat, Mar 04, 2000; 18:20:55)

616 Undone

79 Grove
Ryan Smith
Otterbox 11447
Westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Apr 13, 2001; 15:01:06)

Aces High
(Power Rock)
Bobby Sisco
12491 Lake Rd
Millersport OH 43046
614-496-2637 Fax: N/A
[email protected]
New cd now available. E mail to get info on up and coming shows or to get a cd at [email protected]
(updated: Sat, Jan 27, 2001; 16:18:47)

Mike Mitchell
4146 Ashgrove Drive
Grove City OH 43123
[email protected]
Phat Beats and Hard core Rock mixed with tight Techno.
(updated: Wed, Jan 12, 2000; 21:31:55)

Acid Black
(Heavy Prog)
Lawrence E. Smith
9154 Parkbury Ln.
Lewis Center OH 43035
[email protected]
Heavy Music, but not typical metal by any means.
(updated: Wed, Oct 11, 2000; 17:27:19)

Action Family
[email protected]

("A killer new indie rock band...")
[email protected]
adam has been picked up by REBORN RECORDS out of Nashville, TN. Their CD, SHIN JIN RUI, will be released in stores at the end of February. The SHIN JIN RUI release party will be 2/25/00 at Little Brothers. Contact Tracy for booking or media information. visit
(updated: Wed, Feb 02, 2000; 13:33:50)

(Heavy metal/ hard rock)
Paul Abram
Mandalay St.
Columbus OH
[email protected]
ADDICTIVE is a in-your-face type of metal band. Lead guitarist is a GIT grad, and the 2001 Guitar master's Champion. Excellent musicians= excellent music. ADDICTIVE has been together for 4 years and recently put out their first CD in 2001. Check out our website for more information.
(updated: Thu, May 24, 2001; 09:09:26)


(Alternative )
Ottawa, Canada ON
[email protected]
Don't miss this explosive Canadian alternative band with solid tunes & star appeal !
(updated: Sun, Oct 17, 1999; 16:11:45)

Adultery Unlimited
239 Wilbur Ave. #4
Col OH 43215
[email protected]

(3 lame punks who just pretty much suck)
Matt Schoneman
P.O.Box 74
Kingsville OH 44048
440-224-2606 Fax: 440-998-2285
[email protected]
Steve Schoneman
440-998-2273 Fax: 440-998-2285
[email protected]
AFO has been trying to "get around" like a bunch of sluts for a while now. WE WAN'T TO BE HEARD!! We play fast, entergetic punk. So check out our mp3's at our site and if you like us, get a hold of us n'stuff. We'll do any shows, any comps, or anyone that you want us to. Later
(updated: Sun, Sep 24, 2000; 21:57:16)

Afro-Rican Ensemble, the
(Latin, Soul-sa and Jazz(Latin Jazz)
Rolando Matias
5400 park lane ct
columbus oh 43231
[email protected]
High energy Latin Jazz from Jazz to Traditional Dancing Hot Salsa!, For two years going, starting out third year Every Thursday at Barrister Hall-10pm to 2am-Latin Music Cigars and a lot of Dancing
(updated: Thu, Aug 26, 1999; 16:48:40)

After Hours
(Jazz - Original, Contemporary, Traditional)
Dave Irwin
318 Shawnee Loop S.
Pataskala Oh 43062
[email protected]
Our latest album entitled "After Hours" features Caleb Hutslar - piano, Mark Williams - guitar, Dave Irwin - bass, Rick Soriano - drums. and can be found at (free downloads!)
(updated: Sun, Jul 30, 2000; 17:26:56)

Aiport Off the Gumballs
the band
[email protected]
Airport Off the Gumballs (schizophrenic, yet sensitive) is the most awesome and terrifying force in the known universe.
(updated: Sat, Apr 28, 2001; 13:04:20)

[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

Alibi Blue
[email protected]

Alliance, the
(Men's A Cappella Chorus)
The Alliance
P.O. Box 303
Dublin OH 43017
[email protected]
The Alliance is a Championship Men's A Cappella Multi-Part Harmony Chorus which was formed to promote the singing of four-part barbershop harmony at the highest possible level. Currently ranked 10th in the world. Events:
(updated: Sun, Mar 26, 2000; 06:22:45)

(Modern alternative rock! From the future.)
312 Jack Glibbs Blvd.
Columbus OH 43215
[email protected]
A space age Nirvana!
(updated: Sun, Apr 16, 2000; 14:37:22)

(hip hop, jazzfunk)
David Picciuto(poet, and g-tar)
214 Napoleon RD #8
Bowling Green OH 43402
[email protected]
Todd Burr(lead ax, and wah)
When we get out of jail we are look to play some shows in Ohio. We have a different sound(hip hop, country jazzfunk)that has a strong beat, and can move a croud. This four piece band will have you drinking, dancing and wanting more even befor the show starts
(updated: Fri, Jan 15, 1999; 21:34:46)

American Gypsy
(Gypsy Power Trio (Gypsy, Jazz & World Folk)
Neil Jacobs
1487 W. Fifth Ave PMB #310
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
American Gypsy features Neil Jacobs on 12-string guitar, Arkadiy Gips on violin and John Douglas on bass. Look for them at the 501 Club on N. Park St. Friday, October 20th and Thursday, November 2nd. For a complete schedule and info about the "American Gypsy" CD go to:
(updated: Sun, Oct 01, 2000; 15:01:06)

(Classic, southern, 80's, and current rock covers )
Gary Kapp
579 Addison Pike
Gallipolis Oh 45631
[email protected]
Amix, together for 15 years, is based out of Gallipolis, Ohio. Amix plays throughout the tri-state area, focusing on classic, southern, 80's, and current rock covers featuring female vocalist Rita Kapp.
(updated: Sun, Feb 20, 2000; 23:00:15)

Ark Band, the
[email protected]
fax: 478-9132
Errol 'Roots-ee' Lam: (419) 352-7143
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

P.O. Box 3636
Col OH 43210-0636
[email protected]
[email protected]

Ass Ponys
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Mar 01, 1999; 18:12:48)

At A Glance
(Hard Rock / Alternative)
R. Segal
Philadelphia PA
[email protected]
At A Glance is a three piece, edgy, bluesy, ballsy hard rock band from Philly. The members include: Jon Osifchin - vocals/guitar Roger Segal - bass Lenny Thomas - drums Check out their website to download mp3s. This band is ready to explode on the scene. For booking information - 215.338.7531 or [email protected]
(updated: Wed, Apr 18, 2001; 14:06:27)

Todd Boak
1151 Gold Crest Dr.
Medina OH 44256
(330)725-1106 Fax: (330)723-2788
[email protected]
Todd Boak - Chris Calvey - Seth Howard - Ryan Sweeney - Tony Vorndran _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- We play a great style of music so come check us out!!!!
(updated: Tue, Mar 21, 2000; 13:37:13)

Austin Spears Is Gay Experience, the
(Gay luvin' music)
Ray Steel
5544Rainbow Ave.
Powell OH 43065
Todd Crafton
check out thisssssss boysssssssssss
(updated: Fri, Dec 15, 2000; 00:30:41)

Auto Defe
(Indie Power Pop)
Brad Boyer
542 Starliner Dr.
Nashville TN 37209
[email protected]
Indie Star Communications Group is Seeking Promotion/Distribution of this Powerful new group. Influences Include Radiohead, The WHo, Third Eyeblind, and U2. Very Professional.
(updated: Mon, Sep 18, 2000; 20:24:28)

Away From Pogo
(Moody Modern Rock)
Jim Mabry
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Apr 26, 2001; 10:14:42)

(80's ROCK-N-ROLL)
Derek Roosa
P.O.Box 1340
Grove City Oh 43123
614-853-0846 Fax: SAME
[email protected]
80's Rock with all the lights and pyrotechniques. Playing this Saturday night at FAT JACKS on Georgisville Rd. Come check them out for a good time!!!!!!!
(updated: Fri, Feb 05, 1999; 17:30:48)

Azoic, The
P.O. Box 82614
Columbus, OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

B. Ryan Michaels
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Bryan Mullen
4665 B.I.S. Road
Lancaster OH 43130
[email protected]
Brandon Woods
4665 B.I.S. Road
Lancaster OH 43130
[email protected]
We're new to the Ohio area and are looking for bands to hook up with and do some shows with. If anyone needs a band to open a show, share a show, or for a party...we're there!!!
(updated: Tue, Jan 11, 2000; 18:02:52)

Barabbas Free
(Riddim' and Blues)
Chris Bradley
4135 Main Street
Philadelphia PA 19127
215.482.2817 Fax: 610.458.5907
[email protected]
We're a Philly band looking to expand westward. Email us w/ comments. Peace Ohio.
(updated: Fri, Jul 28, 2000; 16:34:31)

[email protected]

BaXters, the
(Some shitheads on stage and a calico cat )
12040 Woodhaven Rd
Johnstown Oh 43031
[email protected]
Despite what the media says, we have often fallen upon the solace of this latin quote: "Fuckes suckes." Sometimes, each of us needs a bit of anality to widen our mouths to all that useless booty. Though we don't live in a third world country, we still think rats taste like chicken. While, in essence, we ourselves, more than likely - - while many frown upon what we do, we have always consoled ourselves with this simple thought: "If you taste like chicken, you look like chicken, you lay with chicken(s), you probably are chicken."
(updated: Sun, Apr 02, 2000; 01:32:37)

Bedrockers, The
(Punk Rock)
Ed Rocker, Cary Okay
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jan 30, 2000; 23:11:19)

Beggar's Bridge
(Hybrid of Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues and Caribb)
Ted Wulfers
P.O. Box 28
Granville OH 43023
(614) 975-7948
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Jul 28, 2000; 16:46:16)

267 2938
447 1186
(updated: Wed, May 03, 2000; 22:59:20)

Bent With Light
(hard ambient industrial)
925 brookfield drive #8
Mansfield OH 44907
Fax: (419) 526-2469
[email protected]
keep away from children
(updated: Fri, Feb 25, 2000; 21:24:38)

Bill Johnston/ Matt Bailey/ Andy
1814 N. High St. Apt. F
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jan 12, 1999; 11:18:59)

Better Off
Andy - 424-9938
Hoppin' ska/swing

(Heavy Southern Rock-N-Roll)
Suzanne Nichols
14677 Sr 73
McDermott Oh 45652
Fax: 740-259-3423
[email protected]
Robbie Nichols
14677 SR 73
McDermott Oh 45652
Fax: 740-259-3057
[email protected]
Heavy Guitar Southern Rock-N-Roll from Southern Ohio. Playing originals as well as 100's of cover tunes from LyNyRd SkYnYrD to MeTaLlIcA. BFE just completed their 2nd. CD (Born in a Barn) to be released January 2000. They have entertained audiences from Ohio to the shores of the Atlantic, playing Myrtle Beach; THE BOWERY and MOTHER FLETCHERS for the past 3 years. They RULED BIKE WEEK '99. They have opened for many headliners including QUIET RIOT as COYOTE'S, Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Feb. 24, 1999 before a capacity crowd. Now playing Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio. Booking: The Noteworthy Group; Joe O'Hara, Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit our web site, it tells it all.
(updated: Thu, Nov 11, 1999; 01:35:12)

Biersdorf and Kolbe
470-BLUE (2583)

Big Al and his Capital City Players

Big Back 40
[email protected]

Big Creak, the
(Pop/Rock that Jams!)
Jason Beuhner (pronounced Beaner)
Dayton Ave
Columbus Oh 43201
[email protected]
Melvin B. Strange
2664 Columbus Ave
Columbus OH 43209
[email protected]
The Big Creak takes the influence of bands like Dada and Bob Marley blended into fun rocking music that is never void of surprises.
(updated: Tue, Oct 17, 2000; 14:56:44)

big in iowa
(roots rock)
ken glidewell
p o box 13268
hamilton oh 45013
Fax: 513-868-7064
[email protected]
big in iowa signed to blue rose records, germany self titled debut, and "twisted" available on blue rose records "twisted" now available in u.s.thru redeye distribution big in iowa on "this note's for you too" bridge school benefit released worldwide may 4, 1999..covered cinnamon john schwab studios, columbus
(updated: Sun, May 16, 1999; 15:18:45)

208 E. Maynard Avenue
Col. OH 43201

Bigfoot Nixon
291-1513 - Myke Rock
972 E. 19th

Bill Dutcher
(Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar)
Bill Dutcher
(614) 755-1239 Fax: (614)792-2033
[email protected]
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist combining alternate tunings with two-handed percussive slapping and tapping techniques.
(updated: Wed, Sep 20, 2000; 21:16:26)

(A modern hard rock band from Indiana)
Jim Goodman
321 Greenwood St
Mitchell IN 47446
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, May 08, 2001; 20:14:25)

Black Cat Zone
(Boogie & Blues)
Rod & Lisa Cave
799 Glade Run Rd.
West Jefferson OH 43162
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Dec 26, 1998; 18:27:26)

(Whiskey dick devil rock smothered in cuntry gravy)
Booger or Stone
[email protected]
"If David Alan Coe raped Iggy Pop, the resulting offspring would have to be... Booger."-Jim Stone
(updated: Mon, Sep 27, 1999; 12:29:23)

Blackwater Band, the
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Columbus OH 43214
[email protected]
We're back! New cd POPULAR CULTURE BOMB 8/8/ shows imminent! Speaking of live shows we are looking for gigs starting the second week of august! So leave yr wife, burn yr khakis(or is that the other way around?) and as Devin Townsend would say "Get your pick! Get your shovel! and head on down to the Amish rumble!" See ya in the hot days of the 2K! Adios dirtbag! -wither
(updated: Thu, May 18, 2000; 22:40:43)

Blatant Finger
(melodic punk'n roll)
1452 1/2 Hunter Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]

Block 16
(Rock & roll honky tonk party music)
Dave "Stook" Stuckey
3955 Broadway
Grove City OH 43123
614-871-8955 Fax: 614-871-8955
[email protected]
We play guitar driven rock & roll; 60's to current plus a few originals. We've had all our shots.
(updated: Sat, Oct 28, 2000; 00:24:08)

(progressive stoner metal)
Emily Allen
2426 Medary st.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
Jeremy Canonico
102 W. 5th Ave.
Columbus Oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Sep 15, 2000; 16:36:52)

Bloody Elle
(psychedelic rock)

Blue Collar Robot
(3 Chord basement Rock)
Jason Niemet
7871 S.Old State Rd.
Lewis Center Oh 43035
[email protected]
Joel or Jeff
Soon to be rock stars,,we promise..
(updated: Fri, Sep 10, 1999; 00:00:24)

Blue Coyote
(Classic Rock/Country)
Michele Davis
231-B Mayfair Blvd.
Columbus OH 43213
[email protected]
Greg Davis
231-B Mayfair Blvd.
Columbus OH 43213
The true alternative to all the alternative bands you see listed here. Real music for real people.
(updated: Wed, Mar 08, 2000; 14:58:49)

Bradlee Scott
1373 Eastview Ave. #3
col oh 43212
[email protected]
Blue Level appears every Thursday at 501 Bar(501 N.Park St.) for HAPPY HOUR from 5-8p.m.
(updated: Sat, Apr 28, 2001; 19:37:24)

Blues on the rocks
(updated: Mon, Mar 05, 2001; 18:41:19)

(Hardcore Rock)
Andy Dunn
7587 Satterfield Rd.
columbus OH 43235
614-792-1491 Fax: No Fax
[email protected] and
(updated: Sat, May 01, 1999; 21:49:10)

Boaz Philharmonic, the
(Elite Pop Thrilling Machines)
Sensei Rod Lampey
1769 Hickory Creek Lane
Columbus OH 43229
[email protected]
J.Bunny Poe
1769 Hickory Creek Lane
Columbus OH 43229
[email protected]
A Supergroup
(updated: Mon, Apr 23, 2001; 11:34:12)

Bob City
Joakim - 784-1407
2434 Adams Ave
Col. OH 43202
Donovan - 299-2032
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Bob Rogalski
(Original Modern Rock)
Bob Rogalski
[email protected]
Get a free CD while supplies last. Check out the original modern rock music of Bob Rogalski. All instruments, music and lyrics by Bob Rogalski. The CD will be released in Summer 2000 and a second CD will be released December 2000. Keep checking our web site for daily updates. Also check out pictures and videos of Bob playing out.
(updated: Sun, May 21, 2000; 12:30:58)

Boley & Finck
(Country Rock)
Pete Finck
Audio Image

(rock and blues)
[email protected]
A classic rock and blues band playing mostly cover tunes
(updated: Mon, Mar 01, 1999; 18:09:26)

Born Digital
(Anthemic, melodic pop)
Omar Alvi
Columbus OH
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Feb 17, 2000; 15:17:57)

Borrowed Holiday
(Original hard rock/pop/punk band from NW Ohio.)
Eric Barnett
8005 Twp. Rd. 38
Galion OH 44833
[email protected]
Looking for gigs/ bands to gig with. If interested, e-mail [email protected]
(updated: Thu, Feb 08, 2001; 12:58:47)


Bradley Sowash
Bradley Sowash Music
94 W. Riverglen Dr.
Worthington, OH 43085
(888) 875-2233 ext. 1454
Paragon Music & Entertainment- 548-5250
[email protected]
Bradley Sowash writes and plays melodic and upbeat contemporary piano music as well as new versions of songs people recoginize. An accomplished composer, critically-acclaimed recording artist, and solo piano entertainer known for his instant audience rapport, Sowash's concerts have delighted listeners of all ages throughout Europe and the United States for over 15


Branch Band
(Original acoustic/electric Jams)
Ethan Smith
21 W. Paterson Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
Ted Hresey
Killer, thought provoking, meaningful, jams that make you shake your booty and your soul. Theme music for the Forest and the sky. Branch out.
(updated: Fri, Feb 19, 1999; 16:06:51)

Brandi Lynn Howard
(16 year old country singing sensation from Ohio)
James Bruce
Hilliard, Oh 43026
614-771-5242 Fax: 614-771-5401
[email protected]
Promoted by Spotlight Records. Free music.
(updated: Wed, Dec 20, 2000; 22:27:16)

Brian Casey Quartet
P.O. Box 02119
Col. OH 43202
[email protected]

(Punk rock in the Jersey style.)
Brodie Wes
8629 Canyon Cove Rd.
Galloway OH 43119
[email protected]
Brodie Jon
[email protected]
We'll play almost any all age show. Keep punk rock for the kids!
(updated: Wed, Apr 04, 2001; 18:14:10)

Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe
(Gospel Revival)
Brother Billy
Columbus OH
(614) 447-0269
[email protected]
Jesus is a truck on the road to God's warehouse, Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe is the 8-Track tape playing in that truck.
(updated: Fri, Dec 24, 1999; 13:24:48)

(Acoustic Jazz / Blues)
Jeff Bell
545 Under Brook Ct.
Westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
Playing original acoustic music in Columbus and Central Ohio areas.
(updated: Fri, Jun 02, 2000; 15:33:06)

(Original Rock/Blues/Jazz/Pop/Instrumental)
Kevin Brotherton
3179 Bowdoin Cir.
Columbus OH 43204
614-279-9245 Fax: 614.723.1087
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, May 08, 2000; 16:08:07)

Bubba Ho-Tep
(rock and roll)
Chris - 351-8925
594 Acton #C
Col OH 43214
Kyle - 784-9784
[email protected]

Buck Scum Souls
Ryan Moffett - 481-9529
[email protected]

Buckaroo Bandits, the
(instrumental surf rock)
Jon Blackburn
Cincinnati OH
(513) 591-0351
[email protected]
drop us a line.
(updated: Sat, Apr 22, 2000; 15:54:24)

Bugattitype 35
[email protected]
[email protected]
PO BOX 3254
Madison, WI 53701-0254

(Heavy Originals)
Jeff Rutter
133 South State Street
Westerville OH 43081
614-523-3388 Fax: 614-523-3913
[email protected]
Larry Wigal
3 man jam. Heavy, not speedy.
(updated: Thu, May 04, 2000; 16:24:52)

Burn Barrel
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Aug 14, 1999; 15:40:09)

By Any Means
(Punk rock since 1872)
chip carroll
1279 normandy dr
newark oh 43055
[email protected]
if you liked the sounds of return of the red come check out by any means, we used to be called return of the red but we changed the name and added another guitarest so come out to the shows and rock out
(updated: Wed, Nov 01, 2000; 19:34:07)

Bygones, the
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 12, 2000; 18:49:28)

Cactus Pears
(Quirky powerfolk-pop)
Bryan Gibson
5949 Radford Rd.
Athens OH 45701
[email protected]
Harmonies, jangly guitars, cello, mandolin, drums & bass. Based in Athens (Ohio University), willing to trade shows.
(updated: Mon, Nov 22, 1999; 16:17:28)

(modern progressive rock)
Nick Kizirnis
[email protected]
Andy Valeri, Big Beef Records - (937) 258-1124
P.O. Box 303 WBB
Dayton, Ohio 45409
[email protected]

CamelBack Cinema
(Teenage Jam Pop-Rock)
Eric Conner
1205 Brittany Ln.
Columbus OH 4322-
[email protected]
Jason Shough
3020 Melford Rd.
Columbus OH 43220
[email protected]
CamelBack Cinema has been together for four years and it currentley working on their debut albulm, "Now Showing."
(updated: Wed, Feb 14, 2001; 22:45:55)

(Original Acoustic Rock)
Bill Canonico
826 Lizzie Lane
Whitehall OH 43213
(614) 861-1188 Fax: (614) 864-9444
[email protected]
Jeremy Canonico
102 W. 5th Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
(614) 294-7673
[email protected]
canonico plays original acoustic rock music mixed with jazz, blues and folk influences.
(updated: Fri, Sep 22, 2000; 19:36:01)

Captain Obvious
(Punk with a melodic hardcore and emotional edge.)
Scott Brown
4616 Burkeshire Dr.
Columbus OH 43232
[email protected]
Ex-Jet 66, ex-ATP, ex-Bender, ex-Noru. Sounds like a cross between Saves the Day and Strung Out.
(updated: Tue, Aug 08, 2000; 22:19:14)

Cathode Raymonde
Black Music
P.O. Box 162
Col OH 43216
[email protected]

PO BOX 1051
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Nov 29, 1999; 22:22:14)

(avant something?)
Jason Roxas
Columbus OH 43201
(614) 297-8897
[email protected]
we are U2 on crack...from the basement & the garage...with low down's just entertainment, see the website!!!
(updated: Thu, Oct 12, 2000; 08:56:43)

Cezars Ghost
(Classic rock, some new and original)
Scott Rawdon
94 Falmouth
Granville OH 43023
Fax: 740-587-7614
[email protected]
The best band no one's ever heard of.
(updated: Thu, Nov 16, 2000; 21:01:18)

Chad Eric Snelling
(Rock/pop solo artist)
Chad Snelling
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Sep 17, 2000; 20:45:34)

Challengers, the

Chandler Wright Story, the
(Modern Original Music (some covers))
Aaron Wright
200 W. Bridge Street, Suite D
Dublin OH 43017
614-496-5908 Fax: 614-921-0258
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Jun 30, 2001; 12:19:16)

Charly Cesner
(Folk Rock)
[email protected]
373 Garden Rd
Columbus Oh 43214
(614) 263-3959

Chevy Chasers, the
(Rock and Roll -> All Killer, No Filler.)
Jim King
[email protected]
A group of friends who decided to get together to start a band to end their boredom. Played some shows, released a CD. email us.
(updated: Mon, May 21, 2001; 15:01:01)

Chevy Vanstucco
(A study in the finer percussive arts )
Chevy Vanstucco
[email protected]
"the only reason I'm doing this god forsaken solo project is to outdo Vic and Star!"
(updated: Tue, Nov 23, 1999; 20:56:17)

Chief Johnny Lonesome

Chief's Tale
(Acoustic-Driven Rock)
Chief's Tale Management / Bruce & Kerry Darby
P.O. Box 831
Estes Park CO 80517
970 577-0661
[email protected]
Booking: Candy Store Productions / Duane McDonald
P.O. Box 2169
Fraser CO 80442
970 726-1137 Fax: 970 726-1294
[email protected]
On the verge South/Central Ohio band with hometown vocalist Nathan Whitt. Touring in support of their new CD "Amorphous Mass" in March!
(updated: Fri, Jan 28, 2000; 23:03:46)

Children of Reagan
(Reagan-Era Style Punk)
Brian Lauvray
815 N High St Unit 53
Columbus OH 43215
[email protected]
Old style, in-your-face, Reagan-era style punk. None of that green-blink crap here. We will open for anyone anywhere, so let us know if you want to fill out your bill, trade shows, or any such thing. Give us a listen at or
(updated: Mon, Aug 28, 2000; 17:21:08)

Chin Check
Jarod Baas
[email protected]
Were coming at you so you better be ready!
(updated: Fri, Jul 09, 1999; 20:12:54)

Chris Howes
(jazzical violin)

(Alt.americana soul rock)
Bob Miller
222 Warren Street
Dayton OH 45402
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Feb 22, 2001; 16:59:14)

Chuck Brown
(solo piano/singer/songwriter)
c/o Grandma Katherine's Music
1800 W. Fifth Ave
Col OH 43212
Fax: 481-7205
[email protected]

Cindy Wolfe
(folk-rock with a hint of blues)
Jill Babb
235 Norman Lane
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
[email protected]
Cindy Wolfe
[email protected]
acoustic folk-rock artist with a hint of blues. throaty, yet soothing original music. Check it out. Cindy is playing at Victorian's Midnight Cafe on Saturday, 8pm-11pm. (located on 5th avenue near the corner of 5th and Neil. Hope to see you there!!!!!
(updated: Fri, Dec 08, 2000; 14:52:03)

Bill Glover
136 e.Tompkins St.
Columbus oh 43202
[email protected]
Matt Egner
136 e.Tompkins
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
For any info regarding booking or how to get information on acquiring our music e-mail us at the givin addresses. We will be releasing an ep in the later part of summer. More information will be released later this spring.
(updated: Tue, Mar 28, 2000; 12:10:11)

Classic Mad Moment, the
Jason Schurtz
[email protected]
I am a drumset artist/composer currently working on my first solo cd. The music is going to be extremely challenging, and I am hoping that I will be able to find some other musicians that will be able to pull it off live. Currently the music is in a MIDI sequenced format. This is a work in progress. I plan to start studio sessions in the Spring of 2001. Look Out!!!
(updated: Sat, Mar 25, 2000; 12:39:18)

Cleopatra Grip
Gabor Klein Management
P.O. Box 06303
Col OH 43206
Fax: 447-7802
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

Coalition, the
(R&B Jazz)
Joe Gothard
P.O.Box 328616
Columbus Oh 43232
Fax: (614)590-6668
[email protected]
Hot R&B Jazz. You will enjoy!
(updated: Mon, Jan 11, 1999; 20:34:02)

Coltrane Motion
(indie rock wrapped in trip-hop )
Michael Bond
5234 Barr Rd
Amanda OH 432102
740 974 3945
[email protected]
um, check out the website for quite a few good mp3 samples... if you like stuff like beck, the eels, money mark, jsbx, neutral milk hotel, belle & sebastion, portishead, dylan, rhatigan, hefner, you know, good stuff...
(updated: Sat, Jul 08, 2000; 01:17:22)

Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame, Inc.
(Honoring great Central Ohio musicians)
David Meyers
[email protected]
Every year, the best Central Ohio musicians are enshrined at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Read about our rich musical heritage.
(updated: Tue, Aug 29, 2000; 18:46:44)

Columbus Symphony Orchestra Musicians

(Heavy Groove Stoner-Rock)
Andrew Burton
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
We're kinda mixin Clutch, Fu Manchu, and Sabbath for your jammin pleasure! We are currently looking for a 2nd/rhythm guitarist to play some hard core stoner-rock. I must stress STONER-rock. Please contact us at either at the phone or e-mail above.
(updated: Wed, May 03, 2000; 14:49:05)


Cosmic Wheels, the
(Pshchedelic RockBluesJazz)
Jeff Correll
[email protected]
Ryan Hildebrande
web site in Feb with mp3's & tour dates! New full length CD in March! If you dig Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Allman Bros., Santana etc. You'll luv us!! We will Tour from Cinci to Toronto this year, GET YOUR WHEELS!!
(updated: Thu, Jan 13, 2000; 14:02:11)

Counting Casualties
[email protected]
We are 95% original. Some of our influences are: Tool, Helmet, Cranberries, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Rush, Peter Murphy/Bauhaus and Sonic Youth. - CC


(original rock)
Roger Stump
4216 Mascarene Rd.
Knoxville Tn 37921
(865) 583-0379 Fax: (865) 583-0379
[email protected]
We have a great sound and quality recordings. If you have any ideas how we can be heard, please let us know. We are currently on
(updated: Sun, Feb 11, 2001; 22:40:08)

(Alternative Metal)
Micheal (614) 860-9154
Stan (614)818-1449
Minerva Park
[email protected]
WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE-Drummer and bassist for a slap you in the face, kick you in the head, heavy metal, rock n' roll, alternative edge band.
(updated: Tue, Mar 21, 2000; 16:11:58)

westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
new alt. rock band. new covers and cravemusic
(updated: Thu, Oct 28, 1999; 23:35:39)

Crayon Theatrical
(Home recorded psychedelic pop.)
Michael Homyk
P.O. Box 294
Lebanon OH 45036
(513) 934-1370 Fax: (513) 934-1374
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, May 07, 2001; 15:52:05)

Creatures Of Habit, the
(Melodic Mature Rock)
Mark See
189 Forward Pass Dr.
Pataskala OH 43062
Jim Hutter
1013 Michigan Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
614-294-6548 Fax: 614-224-2687
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Jan 20, 2001; 18:04:16)

Creeps, the
PO BOX 3506
Col. OH 43210

(Rock/Crossover Industrial)
[email protected]
One of the premier bands coming out of Columbus, CRINGE is tearing up the scene with sensuous melodies and slicing rhythms... the live show is a can't miss!!!!!! Make sure to pick up your copy of Cringe's debut release "SYSTEMATIC", at either a Cringe concert or at your local CD store.
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

N/A Fax: N/A
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Apr 06, 2001; 22:40:24)

Crunch, the
(Four-piece rock band formed in Athens, Ohio)
Bill Dutcher
(614) 755-1239 Fax: (614)792-2033
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Sep 20, 2000; 21:32:39)

Sean Reed
columbus oh
[email protected]
NEW CD in september, we have disbanded and I need new members please e-mail if yer interested THANX
(updated: Fri, Aug 06, 1999; 15:00:27)

(female-fronted industrial rock)
Curiosity Valentine
49 E. Norwich Apt. C
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Sep 07, 2000; 20:02:56)

Curvz, the
(Variety Rock & Roll Band)
Jeff Garrett
Hilliard OH
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 28, 2000; 01:17:16)

Cusacks, the
Dave Gibson
1599 Presidential Dr Apt.B4
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
Travis Kokas
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
60's Pop ala Kinks, Who, Beatles, Byrds, etc. played with 90's loudness
(updated: Thu, Jan 14, 1999; 13:22:14)

[email protected]
[email protected]
Please check out the website...!
(updated: Wed, Jan 17, 2001; 17:35:00)

Damage Inc.
(Hardcore Metal)
Adam Riel
4066 maryanne pl.
Grove City oh 43123
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Sep 25, 1999; 19:01:34)

Damnits, the
(Heavy Hillbilly Pop Rock ~don't hold us to it!)
Bob Damnit
[email protected]
J.C. Bittence
[email protected]
The Damnits started in 1995 playing gigs around town for fun and excitment. Just recently we added J.C. Bittence on guitar (Thornapple Sound) and have had kick in the rear to look for bigger opportunities. We have begun booking shows regionally in Cleveland, Chicago, Pitt., and Indy. We have a new 4 song EP out and have had some nice reviews on it. We will swap a show anyday! Thanks!
(updated: Thu, Jan 25, 2001; 16:14:06)

Danny Anderson
(Classic Rock)
Steve - 268-4642

Dave Chisolm Band
(Rockin' blues from the North Coast)
Steve Woods
Delaware OH 43015
(740) 362-9133
[email protected]
Dave Chisolm
Columbus OH
(614) 521-6075
[email protected]
Rockin' down and dirty blues from the North Coast. Playing originals and covers from Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughan and everything in between with some R&B thrown in just for fun.
(updated: Tue, Sep 12, 2000; 23:55:54)

Dave Workman

David Church + Side Trak
(Traditional & New Country Music )
Terri Church
5220 Lithopolis Rd
Lancaster OH 43130
[email protected]
Get ready for the best Vocals in country music you have ever heard! David Church + Side Trak recently released their first album featuring David and female artist "Terri Lisa" and is considered one of the fastest rising groups in the world. Featured on and David is on the WORLDWIDE MAINSTREAM COUNTRY MUSIC CHARTS AT #16! Performing every month at the McConnelsville Opry. Now booking for the summer of 2001!! Here is your chance to book the hottest, fastest rising country superstar on your budget!!
(updated: Fri, Mar 23, 2001; 14:29:44)

David Nason
David Nason - 866-7352
[email protected]

Dead Sailor
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Delightfully Strange
(Four piece, high-energy Rock Alternitave Band.)
Scott King
[email protected]
Scottt Highfill
[email protected]
Delightfully Strange is a four-piece rock alternative band from Columbus Ohio. The band was born and labeled in the summer of 1994 when the members were still in high school, and has since become a local favorite to many while generating a large following in and around the Columbus Ohio area.

Delightfully Strange has released two full-length albums entitled �Nickel Caffeine� in 1996, and �Sideshows and Caravans in 1998. Delightfully Strange is currently putting final touches to their third album to be released in late 2001. The material from these albums has received regular airplay on Columbus local radio. �Front Stage Live� on CD101 fm, and �Local Stuff� on WBZX 99.7 fm. Delightfully Strange has also enjoyed the success of having their single, �Rain Prayer� voted number one for 7 consecutive weeks on
Delightfully Strange is made up of
Kyle Hamm- Lead vocal, Scott King- Guitar, vocals, Scott Highfill- drums and percussion, and they have also revamped their line-up with the recent addition of Nathan Hartley on Bass guitar and vocals.
Delightfully Strange is no stranger to large crowds and numerous fans as they have earned the privilege of performing with such national acts as Everclear, Tracy Bonham, Space Hog, Brother Cane, The Nixons, Candelbox, and the honor of opening for Creed main Stage at the �Blitz-Fest� in 1998.
(updated: Mon, May 14, 2001; 15:54:19)

Delroys, the
(traditional Ska)
Gerrie McManamon
[email protected]
Gary O'Brien
(updated: Wed, Feb 10, 1999; 16:34:09)

(Hard Rock)
Brad Rosser
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 26, 2000; 19:57:35)

(Heavy modern rock)
Jason Carr
2904 E. Murry St.
Indianapolis IN 46237
[email protected]
Kind of a combinatino of Tool, Deftones, and Helmet but doesn;t sound anything like any of them.
(updated: Mon, Nov 06, 2000; 10:44:14)

Derek DiCenzo
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Destructive Workshops
(dr destructo-Mostly, but not limited to metal)
Jason Smith
[email protected]
Destructive Workshops is the label everything I do falls under. I play guitar, drums, and make other asst noise. Sounds can be accessed from the above link. I tend to be going in quite a few directions all the time. Societicide is the current project. Prepare to be empowered. I'm also in constant search of people in my general area to colaborate with. Check out my shit. Instrumental rock, instrumental metal, metalcore, a nice alt. hip hop number I came up with recently. I will be getting up some of my poetry/lyrics soon, which are many and food for thought. What are waiting for? Click that link!!!
(updated: Fri, Mar 16, 2001; 06:50:58)

(food rock)
Ian C Stewart
[email protected]
Progressive symphonic doom arranged for jugband and waxpaper combs that sings exclusively about food.
(updated: Sun, Nov 19, 2000; 11:19:18)

(fun with guitars)
Tera Stockdale
1272 Hunter Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
614-294-2764 Fax: 614-294-2764
[email protected]
Jen Dewar
Amber Lint
[email protected]
PO Box is closed 6/00
(updated: Wed, Jun 07, 2000; 15:21:33)

P.O. Box 544
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
Tim Kern
Playing originals and painfully obscure covers in a vaguely alternative pop/roots/rock vein.
(updated: Fri, Feb 11, 2000; 08:19:24)

Dirge, the
(Secular band from Mansfield Ohio )
Sara Cisco
1632 Lexington Ave Apt #26
Mansfield OH 44907
(419) 756-1582
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 12:09:39)

Dirt Farmers , the
Adam Fleischer
columbus oh
[email protected]
Rodney Riffle
He 's at bernies
We are very fun. we get the crowd to drink excessively while trying not to throw up. we are friendly with women and animals, especially dogs. adam is a sagitarius and likes sleeping, food, and sex in public.(beer.) he plays drums and some other stuff. rodney is a taurus and enjoys long walks on north fourth street and 40's of cobra. he sings, plays guitar, and does other stuff too. Eric Donnelly is a pisces and likes legos, nintendo, and a good thesaurus. he plays bass and plays all instruments better than us?. david fricke is a gemini and is attracted to bright, shiny objects. he plays banjo, guitar and some other shit. we like to play on weekends and do not like crap. we like fun and weird gigs. good bye.
(updated: Fri, Mar 09, 2001; 22:51:48)

Dirty Kurtis Band
(Alternative Blues Rock)
Chip Holland
126 Blakeford Dr.
Dublin OH 43017
[email protected]
Greg Lowder
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
We are a mix of Rock,Alternative and Blues styles, we are currently doing covers, but will be moving on to originals. This is a freshman project, so keep your eye on us....
(updated: Tue, Oct 03, 2000; 15:59:24)

Distants, the
(Original Rock-Soul-Funk-Jazz)
Mark Horner
900 Thurber Dr. West #D
Columbus OH 43215
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jun 12, 2000; 14:35:28)

josh wootton
[email protected]
We are looking to play live anywhere.
(updated: Tue, Apr 04, 2000; 21:17:26)

Rob Brumfiel - 272-2951

(Rock & Roll)
Chris Peters
Columbus OH
(614) 236-7823
[email protected]
Original, emotional pop sound.
(updated: Wed, Feb 28, 2001; 09:39:54)

(Original Rock)
Alton Lee Cooley
1435 Kensington Street
Warren Oh 44485
[email protected]
Playing originals since 1970. New CD out. Great opening band.
(updated: Mon, Mar 26, 2001; 13:48:20)

Donna Mogavero

(Aternative/ Blue-Rock)
Also known as The XX Chromosomes
Cleveland OH
(440) 846-6622
See XX Chromosomes.
(updated: Thu, Oct 07, 1999; 16:30:37)

Dr. Digital
(Vintage Synth Rock)
Jeff Evans
3205 Chateau Morse Ct
Columbus OH 43231
Fax: 614-478-0570
[email protected]
All the killer vintage synth & guitar tunes you used to hear when ROCK MEANT ROCK! Covering bands like Pink Floyd, E.L.P., Styx, plus our own originals.Call or E-mail for booking info.
(updated: Wed, Jan 26, 2000; 12:30:05)

P.O. Box 381
Pickerington, OH 43147
Heavy groove oriented (C.O.C., Kyuss, old Sabbath). - Polecat

Drats, the
(hard rockin mixture of punk and hardcore)
David Moore
1900 Cannon Drive Suite 2254
Columbus OH 43210
614 688 1842
[email protected]
Billy Renner
Cincinnati OH 45215
513 769 4878
[email protected]
Go to our website and see what we are all about. Leave us a note in the Guestbook or post on the Messageboard.
(updated: Tue, Apr 24, 2001; 22:55:39)

Drive Like Maria
(Alt Rock)
1442 2b Bayshore Drive
Columbus OH 43204
Fax: 614-218-7772
[email protected]
Original edgy alternative rock, with a few favorite covers thrown in for flavor.
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2001; 11:28:58)

po box 9851
Columbus, Ohio 43209
[email protected]

(acoustic guitar/piano duo with vocals.)
Alex West
P.O. Box 356
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
[email protected]
Ebright and West acoustic duo performs popular cover songs from the 60's through the 90's.(from The Beatles to Fastball)-Perfect for clubs, coffeehouses, and private events.
(updated: Tue, Aug 17, 1999; 04:32:23)

Ed's Speakeasy
[email protected]
[email protected]

Eight Hour Blink
(A very unique band from Ashland, OH.)
Russ Crossen
Ashland OH 44805
[email protected]
Lonnie Rice
350 W. Main St., Down
Ashland OH 44805
[email protected]
Check out the web site! You can email the entire band at [email protected] (each member will receive a copy).
(updated: Wed, Aug 30, 2000; 11:38:15)

Ekoostik Hookah
(503) 238-1954
[email protected]

Electric Love Blanket

Electric Mahem
Malcom Ryder, Synthetic - (216) 589-0431
[email protected]

Electric Mud
(Blues / Rock Power Trio)
Gus Lambros
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Electric Mud is a Blues-Rock power trio from Central Ohio. Featuring music of guitar greats Jimi Hendrix , SRV, Johnny Winter and many more. The band is fronted by founding member and guitarist Gus Lambros. Providing a solid rhythm section are founding member Jamie Aldergate on drums and newest member bassist Nick McGovern. All three members of the band provide vocals. Electric Mud has over sixty years of professional performing experience and has recently opened for national acts Robin Trower and Blue Oyster Cult. The band has also built a fan base from Indianapolis to New York via performances, mailing lists and World Wide Web.Electric Mud will soon be offering original music on their website. Check them out
(updated: Fri, Jun 23, 2000; 11:41:39)

Ember 8
(new metal - Deftones,Tool,Machine Head,Stained)
Booking: Chris Yotive
937 642 6345
[email protected]
Cd's, T-shirts, Stickers: Jacob Archer
937 644 4344
[email protected]
Mixing influences from RATM, Korn, Deftones, Tool, Machine Head, etc. into new, original music. Looking for bands to share gigs with
(updated: Tue, Nov 02, 1999; 22:56:33)

Bryan Mullen
4665 B.I.S. Rd.
Lancaster OH 43130
[email protected]
Brandon Woods
4665 B.I.S. Rd.
Lancaster OH 43130
[email protected]
We're new to the Ohio area and are looking for bands to hook up with and do some shows with. If anyone needs a band to open a show, share a show, or for a party...we're there!!!
(updated: Tue, Jan 11, 2000; 23:37:33)

emerald down (T.E.D.), the
Rebecca Basye
Columbus OH
1.614.297.7425 Fax: 1.614.238.2778
[email protected]
Jason Markin
[email protected]
The emerald down consists of four members. Drummer Jason Markin, formerly of Some Gorgeous Accident, creates a stylized rhythmic framework that both accents and solidifies their sound. Rebecca Basye, former guitar player for Kill Rock Stars, Yo-Yo and Outpunk band the Mukilteo Fairies, provides numerous layers of narrative utilizing looped lead and rhythm guitar effects and her sultry yet angelic vocal character. On second Guitar, Chad Williamson's style is the formative and beautiful sound hanging above and sometimes blending with the oveall composition of their songs. Completing the emerald down�s body, melody and vocal harmony is Bass Player Jim Rock. Previously of Columbus, Ohio�s Go Evol Shiki. The soothing, sincere and poignant weave of Rebecca Basye's and Jim Rock�s lyrics and vocal harmonies eloquently finish off The emerald down�s experiential qualities. The Emerald Down currently has two CDs, a 4 song EP recorded in 1998 and their current full length to be released this summer called "Scream The Sound" recorded in Chicago with Andy Bosnak at Engine Studios this April 2001. Make your your life...and don't let anyone tell you who to be!
(updated: Sat, Jun 09, 2001; 12:29:33)

emerald down, the
Rebecca Basye
[email protected]
Jason Markin
[email protected]
Love, Looped guitar and Beautiful vocals brought to you all the way from Olympia, WA
(updated: Mon, Oct 16, 2000; 20:04:50)

Todd Holbein
P.O.BOX 30184
Columbus OH
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jul 17, 2000; 00:43:28)

Emperors of Bad Luck
Chris Wood "Woody"
4007 Freedom Ridge Ct.
Columbus Oh 43230
614 -337 -1391
[email protected]
Looking to do trade gigs with other local bands and regional bands. Please contact for booking.
(updated: Thu, Nov 11, 1999; 13:25:04)

(.post-mod qiet-loud roll with it rock.)
jason lee napier
380 s. 5th st suite 504
columbus oh 43215
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Apr 29, 2000; 17:21:16)

Eric Zielinski
(solo acoustic improviser)
Eric Zielinski
614 889 5401
[email protected]
An interesting flavor added to the Columbus scene. An acoustic player who improvises and blends different styles of music, including folk, blues, and worldly sounds. He is always chaniging his setlists and doing something different each night. For the Purist Paper a monthly newsletter email your address to [email protected] This newsletter is filled with album info, latest news, a few selected poems, upcoming tour info, and the album of the month. Check your local listings to see where his performances lie.
(updated: Fri, Oct 08, 1999; 12:38:59)

Erie Division
( Raw Hip Hop)
Aquaman Eggert
900 Thurber Dr. West #F
Columbus oh 43215
[email protected]
Cleveland OH
[email protected]
All original hip hop
(updated: Wed, Nov 17, 1999; 12:41:05)

Mike, Sean, Chad, James
157 Clinton St
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
Our web site is almost fully up and running, hopefully within the next few weeks. We're playing a show at the Legion of Doom on Wed Feb 3 with Durian (DC) and Set to Sea (Cols.)
(updated: Wed, Jan 13, 1999; 00:11:03)

Eve's Twist
(Rock, Pop and Blues)
Don Catlett
P.O. Box 854
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
Originals and covers in the rock, pop and blues genres. Female lead vocal with two additional vocalists, making for a unique sound, excellent harmonies and a lot of variety. Venues have included High-Beck, Fats Billiards, Shorty's, Mulligans, and Papa Boos (Buckeye Lake).
(updated: Thu, Jun 15, 2000; 13:07:17)

Evol Twins
(Acoustic duo featuring bass and guitar)
Bill Dutcher
(614) 755-1239 Fax: (614)792-2033
[email protected]
The Evol Twins put a creative twist on 60's and 70's classic rock tunes as well as perform original material
(updated: Wed, Sep 20, 2000; 21:25:08)

Evolution Control Committee
P.O. Box 10391
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 30, 1999; 10:30:45)

(Alternative, Electronic, Acoustic, & Avant Rock)
Ryan HEss
6082 McNaughten Woods
Columbus OH 43232
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Sep 24, 1999; 13:38:41)

(Deconstruction Rock)
Jacqueline Hunt
4851A Mockingbird Ct. North
Columbus OH 43229
614/431-0406 Fax: 614/431-0406
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jul 20, 1999; 18:03:13)

Fabulous Johnson Brothers, the
(Universal Soul-Rock)
Matt Fielding 442-1389
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jan 26, 1999; 12:01:30)

Fact TwentyTwo
Black Music
P.O. Box 162
Col OH 43216
[email protected]

Fairmount girls
(wirly swirly post-punk pulse)
dana hamblen
72 Lydia St.
Cincinnati OH 45214
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Feb 17, 1999; 17:03:48)

fAlloUt ShelTeR
(alternative rock)
Stephen Gross
2282 Neil Ave
Columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
Chris Winder
(updated: Mon, Oct 04, 1999; 01:12:25)

(solid rock,)
Thomas Corbin
848 North Columbus
lancaster oh
740-654-3056 Fax: 740-653-9834
[email protected]
hey everyone, take the time to check us out, keep rocking! peace
(updated: Tue, Apr 03, 2001; 10:00:01)

(Improv Jamband)
Joel Raymond
(740) 407-3876
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Mar 03, 2000; 13:20:25)

Fear Biters, the
Colin Odden - 447-1095
[email protected]
89 WN Broadway
Col OH 43214-4016
Blah blah blah punk rock blah blah blah. - Colin

(A 3 piece punk pop rock band from essex england)
Neil Probert
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Mar 12, 2001; 15:54:35)

(hard rock/heavy metal)
PO Box 241
Columbus OH 43216
614-665-7544 Fax: 909-995-5431
[email protected]
Please visit our website for free mp3s, pictures, concert dates, history, lots of other cool stuff!
(updated: Mon, Feb 21, 2000; 11:18:28)

Feel Seven
Grove City OH 43123
[email protected]
[email protected]
For info on the band or upcoming shows go to the webpage
(updated: Tue, Apr 20, 1999; 21:41:24)

Fenix Phoundation
Chris Toth
1826 North Star Rd. # V
Columbus Oh 43212
[email protected]
Nik Stanisic
Powell Oh 43065
(updated: Tue, May 09, 2000; 00:20:00)

(Have you seen Fenster?)
Roman Kravec
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Oct 07, 1999; 14:56:28)

Chris Gardner
2883 Ravine Lake
Dublin OH 43017
Jeff Zezech
[email protected]
Two guitars, bass, and drums running at full blast playing double-barrel high octane cow-tipping four chord rock and roll. (updated 11-22-99)
(updated: Mon, Nov 22, 1999; 23:47:35)

6652 Wesley Ave.
Loveland, Oh 45140
(513) 588-6917
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Fifth Wheel, the
Tom Weyland
PO BOX 481
Wadsworth, OH 44282
(330) 335-4506

Jason or Joel- 885-1884
[email protected]
[email protected]

Final Day
Daniel Everhart
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 10, 2001; 21:53:00)

(Rock 'n' Roll)
Anton Pollina
30 W. Hudson St
Columbus Oh 43202
614-784-1481 Fax: 614-436-3346
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Jun 29, 2001; 15:45:33)

Flipping Hades
203 Clinton St.

Flotation Walls
(Electro-quirk Pop Rock)
Bryan Arendt
2188 indianna ave
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Apr 14, 2000; 13:01:14)

Tom Bloomer
P.O. Box 595
Grove City OH 43123
614-443-9949 Fax: 614-539-7062
[email protected]
Come and dig the Funk-out!
(updated: Sat, Feb 12, 2000; 09:36:16)

(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Casey Wilson
[email protected]
[email protected]
heavy-alternative originals
(updated: Sun, Aug 20, 2000; 11:31:42)

Frans, the
[email protected]

Fred Haring and the Franklin County All-Stars
(roots rock)
c/o Grandma Katherine's Music
1800 W. Fifth Ave
Col OH 43212
Fax: 481-7205
[email protected]

P.O. Box 19022
Cincinnati OH
Fax: (513)381-2261
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Apr 04, 2001; 11:56:44)

Freezer Kings
( Music that makes the late Bob Stinson proud.)
David Miller
[email protected]
Craig Smith
[email protected]
Formerly know as the 'Lost Episodes', the Freezer Kings are raucous punk trio that blend the traditional 80's style punk (eg. The Replacements) with other music styles such as surf and blue grass. The Freezer Kings are all original and musically distinctive. Whether it's hard-edged punk, melodic alternative country, or even surf, the Freezer Kings will amuse and entertain.
(updated: Fri, Aug 11, 2000; 17:00:43)

(melodic hardcore)
Justin Gill
1317.5 Dennison Ave
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
Looking for shows or a label. Heavily influenced by Avail, Kid Dynamite, Dag Nasty, The Boils, The Thumbs.
(updated: Tue, Sep 19, 2000; 03:12:01)

(an all-girl audial assault)
[email protected]
631-1504 (p)
[email protected]
A four-piece all-girl band. No covers, no sugar.
(updated: Fri, Feb 23, 2001; 19:05:12)

(Four grrls' bipolar episode)
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jun 19, 2001; 13:13:44)

FUCKS, the
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Aug 14, 2000; 11:22:59)

(Hard Rock)
Ryan Langhurst
Columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Aug 01, 2000; 16:34:26)

full custom time bombs
chad hughes
columbus oh
[email protected]
we kick ass live! call,we'll do lunch
(updated: Fri, Sep 01, 2000; 20:04:57)

(Groovable Funky Metal w/ quick lyrical overtone)
Columbus OH 43228
[email protected]
Columbus OH 43228
[email protected]
dont know... but we've got demos on our webpage. Check em' and decide about us yourself.
(updated: Sat, Feb 26, 2000; 17:36:40)

Fur Traders
(funny as hell )
Brian Simakis
459 7916
[email protected]
Ben and Ward Felix III
cell 209 2150
come see the funniest shit ever. Watch grown men sing lovely misogynist songs about masterbation and bisexual infidelity. Look for our CD we are working on featuring "waffle haus whore" & I wanna fuck u"
(updated: Fri, Aug 27, 1999; 02:37:33)

(punk-ed rock)
Mike Sammons
[email protected]
Explosive, driven....better than a knee to the groin.
(updated: Wed, Nov 03, 1999; 13:24:43)

(Improvised electronic ambience)
P.O. Box 10391
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 30, 1999; 10:30:45)

(music for the attention deficient)
Todd Armstrong
1487 West 5th Ave Box #204
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Dec 14, 1999; 17:07:22)

p.o. box 82595
columbus oh 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)


(Art-Smeared Rock N Roll)
Matt the JungleCat
Cincinnati OH
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Feb 14, 2001; 11:21:25)

[email protected]

General Guiness Band
Tom Davis - 263-0264

George Tsantis Band, the
(Hard Rock & Blues)
George Tsantis
214 East High ave
New Phila. OH 44663
[email protected]
I'm Looking 4 a Bass player & drummer That can Sing & Play with Feeling!! Lots Experance is A Must!! as I have been playing for 33 Years!!!
(updated: Thu, Jun 21, 2001; 11:16:38)

Gerald's Rainbow
Adam Nurre
28 ledgerwoods dr
Cincinnati OH 45102
[email protected]
Jason Coulter
Cincinnati OH
[email protected]
Mix together all the finer points of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, George Clinton and (insert any rock band here), and you've got Gerald's Rainbow. We specialize in an entertaining, ecclectic, highly grooveable style of original music, and have also been know to cover select classics from time to time. Willing to play any bar, club, party, grocery store opening, envelope opening, etc. Live shows are insane and a must-see. Visit the website for pics, sounds, bio, etc...Contact Adam or Jason for booking or more info...
(updated: Mon, Feb 14, 2000; 16:53:25)

(Pure Bastard Rock)
scott winland
102 mill
Athens OH 45701
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Apr 09, 2000; 16:19:53)

Matt the JungleCat
Cincinnati OH
[email protected]
A punk band from Cincinnati looking
to play more in Columbus and throughout midwest.
(updated: Thu, Feb 17, 2000; 17:10:04)

Gingley JoH
(diversiform rock)
P.O. Box 20054
Columbus OH 43220
846-3280 ext. 2
[email protected]


Go Evol Shiki!
(sleepy pop)
tom butler
[email protected]
bil jankowski
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Go Robot, Go!
Bill Hutchison
[email protected]
Neal Havener
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Feb 13, 2001; 13:23:10)

Godz, the

PO Box 3283
Columbus, Ohio 43210
[email protected]

Grandpa's Cheesebarn
(Originals & Classic Rock Covers)
Rob VanEvra
334 Brevoort Rd.
Columbus OH 43214
Jerri Shafer
6443 Cherroy Dr.
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
[email protected]
Grandpa's Cheesebarn is an offshoot band of the Water Buffalos. It contains some members of the Water Buffalos and various others that will perform with the Buffalos at some of their shows. Check out their website at:
(updated: Mon, Dec 28, 1998; 20:24:05)

Grasshopper Pie
(Rock n Roots)
John Horvath
P.O. Box 16460
Cleveland OH 44116
(888) 913-4402 Fax: (419) 537-1788
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Nov 13, 2000; 01:24:25)

Gravity 44
(High energy funk metal.)
Jim Kilburg
56 E Lane Ave #A3
Columbus OH 43201
614 297 8960
[email protected]
Jared Rothkopf
Columbus OH 43201
(updated: Mon, May 29, 2000; 14:58:33)

Michael Pingue or Jeff Plank
1000 Harbridge Ct
Westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 13, 1999; 14:46:38)

Gray Matters
Funk/R&B - GM

GreatHill Band, the
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Greed Engine
[email protected]

Green Sky Grey
Michael Hartless
P.O. Box 439
Reynoldsburg Oh 43068
[email protected]
Green Sky Grey has been hitting the Columbus music scene for the last two years, playing venues at Newport Music Hall, Ohio State Fair,Chelsie's and so forth. The band has been promoting their self-titled Cd, released in February of 1999 on their own Poor Boy Records. The band has been able to network out of Columbus, and currently play shows all over Ohio and in neighboring states. The band is also writing their second Cd, tentatively due January 2000. If you have a chance come see this band, great music with a powerful performance!
(updated: Thu, Oct 21, 1999; 18:38:15)

(rock music)
dan spurgeon
1590 cleveland road
Wooster OH 44691
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 17, 2001; 14:33:06)

Grim Daze
(Great Heavy Originals/Covers)
Dan Bush
Trevor Petrel
[email protected]
Looking for bands to gig local clubs playing Blitz-like music
(updated: Mon, Feb 12, 2001; 20:37:54)

(Columbus's best rock cover band)
Terry Fickes
2678 Maplewood Dr.
Columbus Oh 43231
(614) 794-1256
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jul 19, 2000; 07:17:37)

("the alternative to the alternative")
grove city oh 43123
[email protected]
grove city oh 43123
Fax: (614)875-0177
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Sep 29, 1999; 12:58:35)

Grown So Ugly
(Dreamy Boy Band)
N. Mancini
(614) 294-4751
[email protected]
Instrumental midwestern freak-rock.
(updated: Wed, May 17, 2000; 00:56:57)

Guerrilla Monsoon
(RiffRaff metal /mega funk)
Brian Simakis
4600 Hilton Ave. #C
Columbus OH 43228
[email protected]
Mikey Johnson
3816 Ritamarie dr.
columbus oh 43220
Guerilla Monsoon is making BIG plans to dominate this summer. No actually guys and gals we just need some local gigs. Anywhere's fine with us. We are a tight, rythmic sound incorporating funk and metal. Not straight cheesse, just the good energetic stuff. We are a lot of fun and are known for our great audiance response. HIRE US WE ROCK!
(updated: Thu, Feb 25, 1999; 14:49:01)

Louis Kontos
[email protected]
Vince Lepore
[email protected]
Guest is a Columbus band who has an increasingly large following in the Midwest. Check out for info and tour news!
(updated: Wed, Jun 27, 2001; 18:33:32)

guinea worms
(bass, drum, fuzz)
thank you I'm sorryville, dissappearing america
[email protected]
why rock when you can worm?
(updated: Wed, Jun 28, 2000; 13:47:18)

(schlock rock)
fuzzy knubber
columbass oh 43201
[email protected]
[email protected]
12/29/99 this band is in the works and will be up and running around 3/0/2000
(updated: Wed, Dec 29, 1999; 22:59:53)

Dan Kiely
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
Adam Drake
Marion OH 43302
[email protected]
"half-barrel" is a pretty diverse band. People have called them a mix of Rage Against The Machine with The Deftones. They have a broad style that can change from soft melodic emotional intensity to hard hitting riffs and screams to a solid groove underlined with rap. The band uses many different genre's of rock to keep the listener on there feet and tuned into the music. Don't miss out on "half-barrel."
(updated: Wed, May 17, 2000; 00:17:42)

Hard Black Thing
(savant garde)
299-3677 - Stu
2112 N. High St.#23

P.O. Box 90
Sugar Grove OH 43155
740 746-8350
[email protected]
I have opened for Ekoostik Hookah at the Newport and Odeon, played "For a Better Ohio" for Kenny, Nelson Ledges (solo), Hempstock @ Coolville, and many stages large and small with well known musicians in Folk and Americana venues. I can be seen here and there locally or just wandering aimlessly looking for direction. I have a cd which can be heard or aquired at which is based at Harvard Square, Boston. Give it a listen or better yet help my plight by an actual purchase.
(updated: Sat, Oct 16, 1999; 13:28:27)

Hawthorne Effect Ensemble, the
(cosmic - vibe lounge music)
Kane Naylor
Fax: 823-4242
[email protected]
Cosmic music inspired by jazz and psychedelic rock. Plays regularly at Victorian's Midnight Cafe.
(updated: Mon, Aug 23, 1999; 12:26:38)

Haynes Boys
P.O. Box 82341
Col. Ohio 43202

he & me
(good punk gone bad)
david larosa
[email protected]
jim larosa
[email protected]
A layered cacophony of sounds capable of inducing mild to moderate psychosis in the average person. A band committed to expanding the boundaries of musical expression. Influenced by the masters; Great Plains, Pere Ubu, Tobin Sprout and Billy Carter we utilize a plethora of sounds to create a unique canvas of anxiety producing angst. We'll stop at nothing until the last note is destroyed...check out our 12 song cd 'soak the remains' available by e-mailing us ($5).
(updated: Sun, Mar 12, 2000; 09:46:25)

Heidi Lux
(High Energy Rock)
Josh Pike
1886 N. 4th St.
Columbus 43201
[email protected]
Looking to play a gig anytime. Classic rock influences. We've been playing for 3 years. Really tight. Party Music ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(updated: Sat, Feb 13, 1999; 22:23:18)

60 E. Hudson St.
Col. OH 43202
261-8257 - Bill Heingartner
[email protected]

(Hi-Octane Roots/ Rockabilly)
[email protected]
[email protected]
For mp3's and images please visit: Http://
(updated: Wed, May 31, 2000; 17:45:50)

High Speed Abortion
Brandon Bracmyer, Jack Hammer
95 north 9th. st.
columbus oh 43215
none Fax: always
[email protected]
Fuck everyoNe!!! Oh lord!! mail me!! We are a two man WRecking crew with Drum_machine and a Accordian!! god Damn it!! We've been here in columbus for 15 years!! Mother Fuck! shit. Death polka-forever!! Fuck Indie rock.. Fuck Korn..fuck me..we are rock and roll..Bitch!!
(updated: Mon, Feb 28, 2000; 18:04:49)

Highmore's Body
(Rock 'n Roll)
77 North Huron Avenue Apt.#3
Columbus OH 43204
[email protected]
1350 Alum Creek Drive
Columbus OH 43209
836-7284 Fax: 252-4108
[email protected]
Original music spawned by hate for corporate America.
(updated: Wed, Apr 04, 2001; 16:55:53)

P.O. Box 14381
Columbus, OH 43214
Rock-n-roll (Motorhead, AC/DC). - Polecat

P.O. Box 19276
Cincinnati, OH 45219-0276
(513) 677-7389?
(513) 684-9850

Honk, Wail & Moan
(jazz and swing)
Uff Da Music
PO BOX 82119
Col OH 43202
[email protected]
[email protected]
Our CDs can be obtained at all campus shops, Borders and through the web. "Saturn Swings" through hepcat records at . "Mailbox Above" through North Country Distributors, Cadence Building, Redwood, NY 13679, (315) 287-2852, FAX (315) 287-2860
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

Jay Smith
columbus oh 43223
[email protected]
Scott Hunter
columbus oh
[email protected]
available for warm ups/openers. available for out of town shows.(with advance notice) we are heavy/aggressive..but with a somewhat mellodic groove.more than just all out aggression.our set consists of 50%originals--50%covers...(NEW COVERS) no played out 70's/80's music in our set.sorry.
(updated: Mon, Jul 09, 2001; 07:51:47)

Hostile Environment
(Power Metal)
Scott Cain
Mansfield Oh 44907
[email protected]
Hostile was together from 1994 to 1997 played all over Ohio and New York City, also have a self titled 7 song CD and 5 song CD. We still do shows from time to time
(updated: Sun, Feb 20, 2000; 19:19:52)

Hot Rod and the Blues DeVilles
(Rhythm and Blues Band)
Rod and Lisa Cave
799 Glade Run Rd.
West Jefferson OH 43162
[email protected]
Rod Cave singer/guitarist, formerly of Black Cat Zone has put together a new project for blues lovers. This 5 piece band will play your favorite Blues Standards to some Funky Soul. They will highlight 3 part vocal harmonies and Steve Walker on a Hammond B3. Andy Morse on vocal/rhythm guitar, Glenn "Manny" Manuel bass/vocal and Scott Hixon on drums/percussion will complete the R & B sound with a little Rock & Roll Flare.
(updated: Wed, Apr 25, 2001; 22:35:58)

(Electric/Acoustic Rock/SoftMetal/folkpop)
Nan Mitch
9511 Old Columbus Rd.
South Vienna OH 45369
Fax: 937 568-4889
[email protected]
Todd Panstingel
64 E. College Ave.
Springfield OH 45503
Fax: 937 323-1829
[email protected]
We are playing alot in Dayton and Springfield, like to head to Columbus next! Have lots of good reviews and followers building as we speak! Tony Peters of WING FM says: Hotbox: When you hear the word acoustic, that usually means wimpy...not Hotbox. It's as if they're a metal band that got all their amps and drums stolen, so they've had to borrow acoustic guitars and congas. But, that's only half the story. Lead singer Nan Mitch wields possibly the strongest female voice in the area. This six-song demo mixes three originals with three covers. Of the originals, both "Liquid Love" and "Schematic" have an Indian feel that recalls Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore". Kudos for pulling off an unplugged "War Pigs". I'm left wanting more...they hope to go back in the studio soon.
(updated: Wed, Feb 02, 2000; 18:28:08)

(Heavy and Original)
Kelly Bowman
Columbus OH 43235
614-799-9229 Fax: 614-761-1758
[email protected]
Dave Beverly of Trigger Zone
If its flowers and rainbow music you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place. We are Tool meets Metallica, Bette Midler meets Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin and Ronny James Dio and Dream Theater meets Mr. Bungle. We are melodic yet we thrash. We play with National acts in and around the Ohio area. Once you see us live you'll love it, only because we love what we do and everyone can tell; its like a crazy addiction you can't kick. We have deep ass lyrics, great drum fills and catchy guitar and bass riffs. We love our audiences, because they rock right along with us. Come out and see us; we'll make it worth your while!
(updated: Sun, Apr 15, 2001; 14:19:15)

Hypnotic Clambake
P.O. Box 191
Slippery Rock, PA 16057
OpusOne Productions - (412) 421-3035
Merchandise: 1-800-CLAM-160

I Have Mass
Post & Matt - 298-0144
2073 N. 4th St.

In Crowd, the
Black Music
P.O. Box 162
Col OH 43216
[email protected]

(Central Ohio Punk)
Luke Daniel
5426 Madison Street
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
Indisposed is a central ohio punk band, come check us out.
(updated: Thu, May 06, 1999; 19:21:37)

Indoorfins, the
Douglas Druckemiller
1178 Latham Avenue
Lima OH 45805
Fax: 419-221-3443
[email protected]
Carl Smith
1178 Latham Avenue
Lima OH 45805
[email protected]
We are a popular regional cover band? Aren't they all... but we have some cool tunes of our own as well, as far as we say, anyway... It's been 10 years or so, and still going strong... as far as we know...
(updated: Mon, Oct 02, 2000; 19:20:05)

Inducing Panic
Smokin' Joe
Are ya scared yet?
(updated: Wed, May 17, 2000; 02:14:37)

(haRd rOck)
OH 43214
[email protected]
check us out at "" !!! ...we're a young, growing band, and we want to play with you!
(updated: Sat, Jun 26, 1999; 10:36:11)

Chris Cundy
(614) 316-5960
[email protected]
Aggressive blend of metal, rap, and hip-hop. Venues played: Alrosa Villa, Little Bros., Newport
(updated: Wed, Apr 04, 2001; 21:57:32)

Intermittent Animals
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

421-7211 - Booji Boy (Boo-G-Boy)

Jack Handy
(crazy ass ska /punk)
Mark Machinski
1478 Indianola Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
We do show at Hot Carl's, if you want a show email me, or if you want us to play a show email me...we will play most anywhere at anytime.
(updated: Fri, Nov 03, 2000; 23:06:08)

JACK, the
(80's,90's dance your @*s off, rockin' party music)
Rick Ayers
614 672-8505
(updated: Thu, May 04, 2000; 22:57:08)

Jackpot Band
Canton Oh
[email protected]
JACKPOT consists of two talented, singer-songwriter musicians, that complement one another, and together they produce an "eclectic-electric" sound for the new millennium!
(updated: Wed, Sep 29, 1999; 06:01:26)

Jaque Mate
(Alternative Rock (Radiohead, Pink Floyd)
Joe Peppercorn
Columbus OH 43221
[email protected]
Benjamin Johnson
1847 Suffolk Rd
Columbus OH 43221
[email protected]
A talented band drawing influences from Radiohead, Pink Floyd, John Coltrane, Rolling Stones, Beatles and many more. Our original numbers are complemented with a strong and varied repertoire of covers including: Lenny Kravitz, Stone Temple Pilots, Neil Diomand, The Doors, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Beck, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones and many more.
(updated: Tue, Jul 27, 1999; 22:17:59)

Jason Melick (of TOGGLE)
Jason Melick
PO Box 362
Brice OH 43109
Fax: (614)267-3909
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Mar 13, 2000; 13:16:52)

Jason Niemet
[email protected]

(Rock & Roll)
Jake Prell
Columbus OH
[email protected]
We do covers and originals.
(updated: Tue, Mar 13, 2001; 06:19:48)

Jeff Correll & the Cosmic Wheels
(psychedelic rock/fusion)
(419) 524-0976
(updated: Tue, Dec 08, 1998; 00:12:29)

Jeff Pierce
(Solocoustic Folk Rock, and Kiddie music)
Jeff Pierce
5725 Roche Drive Apt. F
Columbus OH 43229
[email protected]
85% original music, also Peter, Paul, and Mary covers. Simon and Garfunkel influence. Intense spiritual message.
(updated: Tue, Oct 05, 1999; 19:16:50)

Jenny Mae
via Anyway Records: 118 E. Patterson
Col. OH 43202

Jenny Morgan
Jenny Morgan - 927-6471
P.O. Box 967
Pataskala OH 43062

Jeremy Richter Effort, the
(Three piece, piano-based power pop )
Jeremy Richter
3801 Sturbridge Court
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
Pop music had a little baby . . . and it's name is the Jeremy Richter Effort. This piano based trio (consisting of piano-bass-drums) has been tearing up the regional music scene since October of '98. JRE's style has been called many things, but the band likes to signify itself as "Hetero-Pop" -- a blend of alternative and pop music into one chaotic, yet clean sound. This sound helped land the Effort nominations and honors as the Best New Band of 1999 and Outstanding Musical Group of 2000 from the Indie-Entertainer's Association of Nashville, TN. Having opened for a handful of world renowned acts, JRE has had the opportunity to wow thousands with their tight, high energy stage show. Since the band's conception, they have recorded and produced 3 EPs, with the latest -- the She is SheEP - raging up the MP3 charts. Their newest single, "You Don't Get Off That Easy", is currently standing tall in the Top 10 of the Power Pop charts. From their smashing rhythms and witty lyrics, it is clearly apparent that the Jeremy Richter Effort will be the sound that finally saves pop music . . .
(updated: Mon, Jun 05, 2000; 14:51:53)

Rick Caffrey
5798 N. High St. Apt. C
Worthington OH 43085
[email protected]
Bill Randle
(614) 262-9465
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Jerry Hanahan & His Rock & Roll Friends
Featuring Willie Phoenix & The Dogz
Jerry Hanahan - 383-5393

Jet 66
(Melodic Punk)
Scott Brown
4616 Burkeshire Dr.
Columbus OH 43232
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Jet Set July
Chris Peters
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Original pop rock.
(updated: Wed, Jun 27, 2001; 12:46:23)

Jive Turkeys, the
(greasy rock-n-roll)
Justin Crooks
60 E. Hudson St.
Columbus OH 43202
Josh Kayser
1204 Indianola Ave
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Apr 03, 2000; 23:42:51)

(hard rock/ alternative)
Bobby Peterson
201 Crestview Drive
Johnstown OH 43031
(740) 967-2629
[email protected]
Kyle Robinson
8028 Sportsmansclub Rd.
Johnstown OH 43031
(740) 967-5545
[email protected]
We're a 4-member band out of Johnstown, Ohio. All of our ORIGINALS are fast except for a couple. Our covers consist of anything from AC/DC, Creed, to Staind. IF YOU WANNA SEE A CRAZY, AMAZING, AND A JUST PLAIN HYPER SINGER...COME SEE US LIVE!!
(updated: Thu, Jun 21, 2001; 13:44:18)

Joe Bob Billy and the Texas Alien

Joel Treadway
421-7589 - Joel
133 W. 6th Ave.
[email protected]

John Morgan
(acoustic fingerstyle guitar)
c/o Grandma Katherine's Music
1800 W. Fifth Ave
Col OH 43212
Fax: 481-7205
[email protected]

John Mullins Band

John Schwab
(updated: Sat, Aug 14, 1999; 15:40:09)

Johnny Socko!
I.A.M.V.D. - (317) 475-9975

junior electric
devin baty or jeff loose
315 E 16th ave
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Feb 12, 1999; 16:22:42)

Just Orange
(dream pop)
Jonathan MIller
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

brian mccreery
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jan 24, 2000; 14:36:26)

Kara and Craig Markley
Craig Markley
2731 Hills Miller Rd
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
Traditional and Original music
(updated: Thu, Apr 20, 2000; 13:27:01)

Kazowie (formerly Platypus)
(make belive jazz-core slip hop)
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Aug 24, 2000; 09:50:38)

Rob Brumfiel - 272-2951

Khaotic Butterfly
[email protected]
KB is a big, fun group with songs that are a funky blend of Alternative/folk/blues/soul/rock that's hard to describe. With two acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, bass, electric drums, keyboard and three vocals it's a sound to get into and remember. The original tunes are written by lead singer/songwriter Vanessa Abel, who gets her inspiration from a wide variety of female artists from Joan Osborne to Jewel, Aretha Franklin and Tori Amos. If you like music that fills your soul and pushes boundries this band is worth checking out.
(updated: Thu, Feb 22, 2001; 12:31:39)

(Classic Rock & Roll)
Greg Murphy
831 Woodview Drive
Ashland OH 44805
419-281-0166 Fax: 419-281-0166
[email protected]
Your Classic Rock & Roll Band of the '50's, 60's, '70's with a splash of todays currents.
(updated: Wed, Feb 16, 2000; 21:27:11)

Kids Eat Free
(Punk rock)
Hilliard OH
[email protected]
[email protected]
Poppy punk rock influenced by NoFX, Less Than Jake, Home Grown, NUFAN, The Ataris, and Dan Fogelberg. We'll play anywhere, anytime, for any amount of money, for any crowd. Call us up and we'll come play pretty much no questions asked.
(updated: Tue, Apr 25, 2000; 17:55:28)

Kimberly Cay McCasland
(Country Pop)

Delyn Christian
P.O. Box 21832
Columbus OH 43221
[email protected]
Call the King Barbecue Hotline 451-TUNE for current schedule or visit our web page at
(updated: Wed, Feb 10, 1999; 21:22:03)

King Combine
(Heavy Groove Stoner Rock)
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
Delaware OH 43015
Heavy Groove you can feel in the pit of you gut! Watch for our name in the Other Paper in local club listings or around Ohio!
(updated: Tue, Jan 30, 2001; 18:21:20)

(guitar-based rock and roll. No fucking around.)
J.D. Dallas
[email protected]
Kevin King
[email protected]
Former members of Dogrocket, Silo and others come together to play Les Pauls and save Columbus Rock from the the emo-bullshit whimps. Double-wide pleasure, white trash and beer. Call us - we will play.
(updated: Thu, Jun 15, 2000; 14:09:02)

Kip Hinton
(Traditional Country)
Kip Hinton
789 dennison ave #104
columbus oh 43215
[email protected]
Kip Hinton (in Mexico)
Ocampo 2B Sur - Centro
Queretaro QR 76000
I play traditional country, western, country blues, bluegrass, country gospel, jugband, and conjunto music.
In the past I performed at Little Brothers and Thirsty Ear Cafe, but I am currently living in Queretaro, Mexico. I plan to be back in columbus by the beginning of 2002. I was a member of the worthless bands Raised In A Barn, Snotlocker, and Formica Your Casserole while attending Ohio State.
My music is available from my website, Kip Hinton�s Country Emporium
(updated: Sat, May 19, 2001; 16:07:31)

Kleevers, the
[email protected]

(Hardcore new-school)
Gunnar Kristinsson
Birkigrund 54
Reykjavik, Iceland
Fax: +354-697-4957
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Apr 03, 2000; 09:24:06)

knee jerk reaction
josh stoneburner
(updated: Wed, Dec 30, 1998; 19:45:51)

Knot Fibb'n
(Celtic Folk)
Karl Wohlwend
67 W. Longview Rd.
Columbus OH 43204
[email protected]
Tim O'Neill
893 Ebner St.
Columbus OH 43206
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Oct 31, 1999; 16:45:10)

272-2018 - Skully

Koo Stark
[email protected]

Krebstars, the
(Punk Rock at its Worst!)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Oct 14, 2000; 02:50:51)

Lab Partners
(space/drone rock)
Lab Partners
P.O. Box 292665
Dayton OH 45429
[email protected]
The "shows" page is under construction on our new website. Please check for upcoming show dates!
(updated: Fri, Jun 16, 2000; 08:15:34)

lack , the
(no description)
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Sep 25, 2000; 02:00:03)

Lady Monster
(Provocative poetry)
[email protected]
Available to read/perform my writings with or without accompanying musicians.
(updated: Thu, Dec 16, 1999; 15:04:15)

(what are you lookin' at?)
Tim 641-2566
2226 summit #2
[email protected]
Chris 267-3970
(updated: Sat, Jan 23, 1999; 02:40:13)

Larry Marotta
(Experimental guitarist)
[email protected]
Free improviser and radical musician with sounds from the standard to the bizarre.
(updated: Thu, Apr 05, 2001; 15:08:51)

Last Exit
(pop rock and roll)
Moonbooty Productions
3363 Tremont Rd. Suite 101
Columbus Oh 43221
614-264-2441 Fax: 614-457-6497
[email protected]
Fresh, live-performance orientated, indie rock band out of C-Bus, Ohio
(updated: Wed, Nov 29, 2000; 09:38:10)

Last Place And Happy
(punk/ska (hornpunk)
John Boyd
Mansfield OH 44904
419 756 0412
[email protected]
Derrick Maxey
Columbus OH 43210
614 688 1502
[email protected]
this is a fairly new punk/ska (we like to call it hornpunk) band, from Mansfield, OH. Visit their site at or look em up on
(updated: Mon, Oct 02, 2000; 19:35:54)

lauren hospital
greg, jason, or dave
2154 tuller
columbus oo 43201
614 299-1352
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jun 28, 2000; 21:23:48)

Lazy Drunken Bastards
[email protected]

Lazy Eye
(Progressive Rock)
Geoff Falter
Paul Haney
Rock, jazz, blues, and funk all mixed in one groovin' sound!
(updated: Tue, Aug 03, 1999; 14:15:57)

Leeward Terrace
[email protected]
Have PA system. Can play just about anywhere.
(updated: Mon, Jan 04, 1999; 01:15:23)

Left Side Down
(An original heavy metal band from Bucyrus, Ohio. )
Dale Butler
[email protected]
Ron Ricker
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Apr 21, 2001; 20:43:48)

Legs Mahoney
(Weird but awesome music)
Ben Sullivan
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 07, 1999; 23:36:16)

(Metal band - similar to Godsmack & Tool)
Dave Ziglar
2102 Summiview Rd.
Powell OH 43065
[email protected]
We have played quite a few shows at The High Five, and have received a lot of very positive feedback. We have also played a show at Whiskey Pete's and in West Virginia at Shooters and The Rusy Nail. We will be playing at The High Five on May 11th with Basement, May 26th with Cringe & Ground War, and June 22nd headling the Jaegermeister show!
(updated: Mon, Apr 30, 2001; 17:15:28)

Linda Dauwalder-Dachtyl
[email protected]
I am drummer and keyboardist, have many references and much experience.
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

Liquid Chrome
Denny Petroff - 436-6524

Little Billy Catfish 3trio
pobox 19927
cincinnati, ohio 45220
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Little Miss Fortune
Jerry Pullins
P.O. Box 242
North Lewisburg Oh 43060
(937) 747-2270
[email protected]
Darla Northup
Springfield Oh
(937) 399-4532
[email protected]
Little Miss Fortune is currently seeking a lead guitar player. Dedication, Talent, Dedication, Reliability, and dedication are qualities we are looking for. We are booked into August. Serious inquiries only please. We are fast rising and have goals set for the future. Contact us through our website:
(updated: Sat, Feb 24, 2001; 01:23:50)

Little Ringo & the New York Stompers
[email protected]
TNT Promotions
influanced by Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Bob Seager, and AC/DC just to name a few.
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

Little Sister
Shane Sheaf
2148 Juneau Way
Grove City OH 43123
801-1953 Fax: 80-1953
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Apr 30, 2001; 21:30:19)

Local 419
Ruben Rodriguez Jr.
Port Clinton OH 43452
[email protected]
We are a three piece band from Port Clinton, OH. We play Alternative/Punk with an additional musician who busts up some ska on the trumpet. We use and play our talents that God gave us and use it for Him.
(updated: Tue, Dec 21, 1999; 08:59:41)

Local Color
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

Local Number 69
Craig Gibson
Granville OH
[email protected]
Local Number 69 is a four piece alt-rock band that plays 4 hours of delicious, daft pop with hooks, harmonies and hymns. Great music for beer, fighting or fornication...and we do weddings too, kids. Check us out, but don't be too cool. We don't like blue hair or pierced pink parts.
(updated: Tue, May 15, 2001; 06:15:21)

Paul Nini
154 Charleston Ave.
Columbus OH 43214
[email protected]
Post-Velvets strum on the Old 3C label
(updated: Wed, Aug 30, 2000; 22:34:02)

(3rd Stream Rock'n'Roll)
Linda Dauwalder-Dachtyl
(614) 847-1620
[email protected]
Seasoned players of the local scene performing musical styles they have always had an obsessive passion for. 95%+ originals with a few reworked covers in the classic progressive style. The band can best be described as a cross between Yes and Frank Zappa with bebop jazz and various world music influences in the mix. Heavy guitar and keyboard sound. Would like to share shows with bands in similar styles.
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Lollipop Factory
david tweed - 262.9089
[email protected]
77 w. blake ave 43202

Long Day at the Factory
(High School Punk Rock)
Ricky French
536 E. Church St.
Marion OH 43302
[email protected]
Mark Janchar
935 Harvey Dr.
Marion OH 43302
[email protected]
We're a band who is looking to play more shows with the local punk bands in Columbus. If you hear about us playing somewhere, you should check us out.
(updated: Mon, May 07, 2001; 19:18:39)

(the last american rock band)
t.j. superstar
1974 n. 4th st
columbus oh 43201
294-2022 Fax: 294-3680
[email protected]
first described as 'the sound of black flag and black sabbath in a bar fight!' i think i'll stick with that.
(updated: Thu, Mar 23, 2000; 22:34:06)

Lost Angel
(Central Ohio Heavy Metal band)
Mark Zellner
328 Fair St
Mansfield OH 44902
Fax: 419-526-6402
[email protected]
Visit our web site to download our MP3 songs or buy our CD
(updated: Thu, Jun 17, 1999; 01:02:44)

Lost Dog

Lost Episodes, the
(Punk? hard alt.)
[email protected]
Influences include early Replacements, Husker Du, Surf or whatever happens to come along at any given moment.
(updated: Thu, Jul 08, 1999; 13:17:32)

Lot 7
(Power Pop)
Kevin Stafford
1406 Clydesdale
Columbus OH 43229
[email protected]
Jim Hutter
1013 Michigan Ave.
columbus OH 43201
614-294-6548 Fax: 614-224-2687
[email protected]
Lot 7 features the original songs of Kevin Stafford, and covers of New Wave, Alternative, and British Invasion favorites.
(updated: Sat, Jan 20, 2001; 18:07:09)

[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

lucid's dream
shane pezzutti
1553 melrose ave
cols. oh 43224
[email protected]
jesse cooper
thursday,march 4 fats billiard emporium 10.00 friday,march 12 high beck tavern 10.00 lucid's dream full length cd made available by novelty records for 7$ order by mail or run to your local cols. independent record store.
(updated: Thu, Mar 04, 1999; 00:25:43)

[email protected]

Ludivico Perspective, the
(rock, punk, reggae, rap, you name it)
Columbus Oh 43202
[email protected]
Columbus Oh 43202
A four piece band that has an undescribable sound. We play 95% originals and a few obscure covers here and there. Will play any place. Contact us for demo.
(updated: Wed, Nov 15, 2000; 13:58:43)

(lilting slow-core)
Brian Caviness
1487 W. 7th Ave. Apt. B
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
female vocal, guitars, violin, trumpet, bass, drums
(updated: Thu, Apr 13, 2000; 19:36:13)

Lylo Americans
(paint peeling music to sin to)
Patrick Long
36 W. Neff Ave.
Columbus OH 43207
[email protected]
available to play/spill stuff at your bar/club/festival/keg party for cash/beer/new shoes
(updated: Mon, Sep 04, 2000; 16:38:18)

(Lo-fi punk rock legends)
Paul Caporino
Box 578912
Chicago IL 60657
[email protected]
We will play anywhere - all-ages, punk shows, bars, schools, etc. Also willing to help Ohio-area bands get gigs in Chicago. Just e-mail me. (WARNING - when we get gigs we spam the world, and to know us is to be spammed.)
(updated: Tue, Aug 24, 1999; 01:08:55)

(Original Rock & Roll)
Matt Aurigema
43 E. Walnut St.
Westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
Dave Moc
43 E. Walnut St.
Westerville OH 43081
[email protected]
The Ma Rainy Band (MRB) plays Original Rock & Roll music. Please visit our website at to form your own opinion. MP3's available to download at our website.
(updated: Thu, Apr 06, 2000; 15:49:40)

mach bluejay
(really loud quiet music)
cory, jason, ryan, mike
278 E chittenden
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jun 07, 2000; 17:41:46)

MaD HaTTeR, the
(updated: Sun, Nov 19, 2000; 04:38:55)

(Origional Jazz & Latin)
Roger Hines
985 Meadowview Dr.
Columbus OH 43224
263-9049 Fax: 263-6282
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jan 11, 1999; 15:38:12)

maery lanahan
(acoustic based singer/songwriter )
Brian DeWeese
2436 Cranford Rd
Columbus OH 43221
[email protected]
accompanied by tabla, drum-kit, and bass
(updated: Fri, Dec 17, 1999; 11:48:42)

Magic Beans, the
(pop, punk, and prog)
I. D. Flux
2600 Indianola Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
"We're mysterious"
(updated: Sat, Oct 02, 1999; 20:16:51)

(Ass-Whoop Fu)
Shawn Huff
597 Kingsford Rd.
Columbus OH 43204
[email protected]
For those in search of a change in the music community, look no further than the senseis of the International of Dojo of Ass-Whoop Fu, contained within the collective of Mahoney. To unjustly summarize Ass-Whoop Fu, it is a hybrid of metal, funk, and unpredictablity in song structure.
(updated: Sun, May 20, 2001; 22:07:13)

(Alt Rock)
Greg Cook
Columbus oh
[email protected]
Paige Hill
Columbus Oh
[email protected]
Forward, Alternative Rock and Roll.
(updated: Mon, Jul 17, 2000; 19:47:06)

Marbles, the
1480 Michigan Ave, Ste H
Columbus, OH 43201
Break Up! Records
P.O. Box 15372
Columbus, OH 43215
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Marilyn Cordial
(Pop/R&B/Jazz Singer/Songwriter)
Gary Mincer, Clear Channel Communications Inc.
1660 West 2nd Street, Suite 200
Cleveland OH 44113
216-781-9667 Fax: 216-781-5252
Mobile Tel.
For more info visit:; Current New Jazz CD Release/Tour;Call for Booking and Concert Information; Original Pop CD Release Date Summer 2000
(updated: Wed, Apr 05, 2000; 15:42:43)

(guitar-fueled torture tech)
T.J. Steppe
1974 N. 4th St.
Columbus Oh 43201
294-2022 Fax: 294-3680
[email protected]
J.A. Muth
66 King Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
intergalactic punk rock hip hop -- columbus ohio's industrial terrorists have been around for 13 ODD years and have played with everybody from motorhead and monstertruckfive to the young gods and the damned. expect a new album "OBTAINIUM" soon. you're f*cking near to f*cking having your f*cking head kicked in!
(updated: Thu, Mar 23, 2000; 22:42:38)

Mass Confusion Band
(3 peice band from columbus)
Dave BIrt
189 dering rd
columbus 43
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Oct 26, 1999; 11:47:40)

(Neo-urban electronica/trip-hop)
Lawrence Zalewski
[email protected]
Maszyna...a new exploration in the electronic realm under expanding city skylines. Maszyna incorporates techno, trance, blues, rock, industrial, and the ambient.
(updated: Tue, Jul 25, 2000; 16:26:20)

Max Power Trio, the
2471 summit
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jul 02, 2001; 16:58:23)

(Columbus SKACORE)
3000 Black Kettle Trail
OH 43016 Dublin
(updated: Fri, Jan 08, 1999; 13:52:05)

McGuffey Lane
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

Me Times Ten
IN-LINE Contact. Management Co.
Columbus OH
[email protected]
We are a mix of Sunny-Day-Real-estate and Foo Fighters. We are looking to play as many shows as possible.The band consists of Tim Kaz-Vocals/ Steve Halliday-Drums /Chris Babbitt-Guitar/Joe Dameron-Bass guitar.FREE demo's are now availible please email to receive one.
(updated: Tue, Jan 09, 2001; 17:19:19)

Mechanized Ecstasy
(Gothic (g�th'ik))
[email protected]
Old wave simplicity with a daft twist..Check out our website and sign the guest book..
(updated: Sun, Jun 24, 2001; 12:28:00)

947-9316 - Steve
[email protected]
Rock, alternative, slightly metal Iggy.

Men of Leisure

c/o Joe Hahn
PO Box 398
Pataskala, OH 43062-0398
[email protected]

(Definitley a dance band.)
Ian Hooper
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
Theo Jackson
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Oct 21, 1999; 01:28:51)

Mick Polich Project
A.M.P. Records 614-891-5071
331 E. College Ave. Westerville
Ohio 43081
[email protected]
full selection of homegrown original music tapes,guitar/bass instruction books,and gig bookings for singer/songwriter/guitarist Mick Polich
(updated: Sun, Apr 09, 2000; 09:49:14)

(Beyond Genres)
Columbus OH 43228
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 01:16:30)

(dj sets/live pa)
michael poe
248 w. 3rd ave.
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
dj and live sets of house, tribal techno, experimental idm. visit to view calendar and listen to realaudio files of mixed cd and original compositions.
(updated: Wed, May 16, 2001; 16:26:32)

(70s,80s,90s Rock)
Randy Hall
6067 Innovation Drive
Dublin OH 43017
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Oct 05, 1999; 21:22:43)

(melodic punk)
Brian Midway
P.O. Box 10773
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
We love fishing & Coffee!
(updated: Tue, Oct 19, 1999; 01:26:03)

Mighty Quinn, the
(Dance & Show Band)
Shane Sheaf
2148 Juneau Way
Grove City OH 43123
801-1953 Fax: 801-1953
[email protected]
Class Acts Columbus, Inc.
440 W. Nationwide Blvd., Suite 250
Columbus OH 43215
358-1888 Fax: 358-2041
(updated: Mon, Apr 30, 2001; 21:33:25)

(moody,atmospheric,brutal metal)
Paul Remy
[email protected]
New URL! New Album! New Label! drop by out website for news/pics/merchandise/showdates/samples alway's into trading shows with cool bands. stay tuned for info. about our new deal for online distribution!!!!
(updated: Sun, Oct 24, 1999; 08:07:20)

Mimi Rousseau
235 Mt. Ida Ave.
Lancaster OH 43130
740-653-4646 Fax: 740-653-4646
[email protected]
Singer/Songwriter Mimi Rousseau(formerly of Spittin' Image) puts on a continuous 3 hour set at all of her bands performances. It sounds hard to believe but after experiencing one of her shows you will be exhilerated.
(updated: Mon, Jan 17, 2000; 11:23:29)

miranda sound
billy peake
5721 shannon place lane
Columbus OH 43016
[email protected]
A completely original 3-piece, with a high-energy, emo-pop sound...
(updated: Wed, Dec 01, 1999; 15:28:03)

Mister Earl
(psychedelic technofunk-rock)
lawrence desilets
1556 Rayne Ln
columbus OH 43220
[email protected]
scott lambridis
1556 Rayne ln
columbus OH 43220
[email protected]
We are a new band to Columbus,OH from Charlottesville, Va. We are available for any type of gig that may be available, openings included. See our website for song demo's and more info. General style is original psychedelic technofunk-rock...
(updated: Mon, Dec 20, 1999; 01:29:55)

Mocking Karma
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Moguls, the
(pop, I guess)
91 E Dodridge st
Colubus OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Jun 14, 2001; 19:47:53)

467 E. Sycamore
Col. OH 43206
Pop-Rock - Mohio

Mojo Men
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Oct 15, 1999; 22:22:10)

Molly Pauken

Brian Leitwein
P.O. BOX 13822
Columbus OH 43213
[email protected]
Alan Weiss
Monkeynut is a power groove band that is based in Columbus Ohio. We currently have three cd's out (INTO THE NEGATIVE, DOMINION, and GROOVE BUS) and are also featured on many compilation cd's through HARDKNOCKS RECORDS. We are now on tour in support of the GROOVE BUS cd and can be seen throughout the Ohio and surrounding states. If you come out to see us you will get your money's worth. We are very serious and dedicated. Our stage show has to be seen to be believed. We have reviews etc. that can be viewed on our web site so check it out. See you soon.
(updated: Sun, Feb 27, 2000; 22:21:27)

P.O. Box 3636
Col OH 43210-0636
[email protected]

Monster in Your Closet
(gothic industrial rock)
Jim Pinel
P.O. Box 24
Columbus OH 43216
[email protected]
MYC combines synths, guitar and bass for a sound unlike anything else in Columbus. If you want to hear something different than rap-metal, hip-hop or yuppie-punk/power pop in Columbus, MYC is the real "Alternative".
(updated: Thu, Oct 12, 2000; 10:20:27)

MoonDanceExperiment, the
(Experimental Avant-Pop)
Nick Barger
PO box 3315
Columbus OH 43210
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 16, 2000; 19:38:46)

(Power-Folk Rock)
415 East Chestnut St
Lancaster oh 43130
[email protected]
Power-folk-rock with a skankin groove & R&B attitude(ie Rolling Stones). 50/50 blend of originals/covers. Willing to share gigs with other bands or as opening, if offer is appealing.
(updated: Mon, Mar 22, 1999; 14:21:23)

(covers a la Dave Matthews)
Ryan Murphy
(updated: Mon, Dec 20, 1999; 02:22:59)

(Instrumental death polka blues)
David Barnes
64 W.Dodridge St.
Columbus Oh 43202
[email protected]
Bob Silver
64 w.Dodridge St.
Columbus Oh 43202
We are a cross between Slayer and Jim Nabors on speedballs sitting on an electric racecar track in Minnesota eating beans.
(updated: Mon, Aug 21, 2000; 12:56:05)

Mossback George
(Puppy-kicking rock)
James Wimsatt
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Jonathan Lorenz
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Nov 15, 2000; 18:58:36)

(Funky Hillbilly Nipple Rock)
Todd Martin
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Dec 10, 1998; 16:05:57)

(Alternative Indie Emo Rock)
Rob Blackwater
70 Woodland Dr.
New Middletown OH 44442
330.542.3103 Fax: 330.542.3103
[email protected]
Vince Schultz
[email protected]
****Main Page: ***** Motpourri is an unsigned alternative indie-rock band with a �Southern California sound� and a comprehensive interpretation of today�s American music scene. Their music fits comfortably inside an unoccupied pocket in the center of the alternative genre. Motpourri � In the classic 80�s movie �Revenge of the Nerds�, mopery was defined as the act of exposing oneself to a blind person � is a newly created project founded by singer/songwriter Rob Blackwater. Currently, the band is in the process of finalizing prospective members. Motpourri will be relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Rob Blackwater will join forces with Vince Schultz, guitarist in Blackwater�s former San Diego band, Jesus Presley, and former tour manager for Unwritten Law. Schultz is also co-writer of several Motpourri songs. Guitarist Chris Morgan of San Diego (former guitar technician for Unwritten Law and performing guitarist in various bands), and drummer Derek Twingstrom of Clearwater (former drummer for Blackwater in Orlando, Florida) will prospectively be joining Schultz and Blackwater in Albuquerque this summer. There they will brand a bass player with the name Motpourri and rehearse for live performance and future studio production. Each of these talented musicians who will constitute Motpourri have a minimum of 12 years experience in the music industry. With exceptional music and songwriting already evident, Motpourri�s potential is unlimited. They have the ability to produce successful results that will appeal to the masses of music listeners from a variety of genres. With a qualified production team, Motpourri would be capable of releasing works in the ranks of today�s top names in the industry. Any feedback or questions regarding Motpourri are highly valued and appreciated. Thank you. Other websites (paste into your browser): - support Motpourri in a contest - free downloads - buy CD
(updated: Wed, May 02, 2001; 17:40:15)

P.O. Box 02364
Col. Oh 43202
Jerry Dannemiller
[email protected]

Mr. Blue Lips
(alternative funk, with a soul groove feel )
nicole dunbar
2501 indianola ave.
columbus oh 43202
[email protected]
rob jones
2505 indianola ave
columbus oh 43202
an up and coming band with an original sound that you can move your ass to. a unique quartet consisting of bass, drums, percussion and voice, this band was built from live improv jams. we're currently looking for a sampler/keyboard player to complete the sound, so if you're interested in joining something that's bound to be successful, email me. for booking, contact me or rob.
(updated: Sat, Apr 07, 2001; 11:30:05)

Mr. Hyde
(High Energy Original Rock & 70's/80's Covers)
David Nathans
5712 Nike Drive
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
We're working on a CD for release in summer of 99 so stay tuned to our web page for the ON SALE DATE. Thanks to the folks at Cringe for their continued support of local music. You are all greatly appreciated!
(updated: Thu, Feb 25, 1999; 02:21:47)

Mr. Hyde
(High Energy Rock/Metal)
Dave Nathans
5712 Nike Drive
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
In 1994, High energy rock collided with an eclectic mix of blues, metal and a touch of funk to create Mr. Hyde's powerful hybrid sound. Since their inception they have had the honor of working with such acts as Quiet Riot, Warrant, Sebastian Back with Anton Figg (Letterman Show Drummer), LA Guns, Bullet Boys and Faster Pussycat. Go to a Mr. Hyde show and you can expect a vast arsenal of monster original material that features searing guitar works, a front man with a voice that has range and guitar skills,a drummer/percussionist that will put on a clinic and a bassist that will thump and groove with style and aggression. Not to mention a few tasty covers from such influences as Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Rush, Badlands & Van Halen. Be sure to check out OHIO's premier ROCK BAND, Mr. Hyde.
(updated: Wed, Jun 13, 2001; 00:54:24)

mr. tORNaDo heAd
(Genre hopping Rip Roarin' Big Fun)
Melvin B. Strange
P.O. Box 63
Lithopolis oh 43136
[email protected]
JD Kimple
mr. tORNaDo heAd weaves blues, punk, jazz, bluegrass and straight ahead rock n' roll into a tapestry fit to hang in any dormitory window. Contests, costumes, constant flim flam and nonsense on stage. The MAN can't keep us down!
(updated: Sun, Jul 11, 1999; 05:14:50)

Mr. Whatever
1445 W. 3rd Ave., Apt. C
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 481-4242
[email protected]
Eclectic blend of rock, pop, funk, and jazz. - Mr. Whatever

Mrs Children
(Pop Rock)
Joe Peppercorn
2196 Inchcliff Road
Columbus Oh
[email protected]
We are a pop rock original outfit. We sound a bit like the Beatles meets the Cure meets Big Star meets Neil Young. We also function as a Spin Doctors cover band for weddings and funerals.
(updated: Sat, May 20, 2000; 17:24:10)

Mud E. Walters
(Central Ohio's Premier Blues/Rock B)
Paul Myers
(614) 759-0375
[email protected]
Derek Crockett
[email protected]
Mud E. Walters is looking for gigs. We are a power trio performing the music of Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Gov't Mule, Cream, a bunch of other cool artists, and a few originals.
(updated: Sun, Apr 30, 2000; 16:05:12)

Mudflap Girls (from Venus)
[email protected]
PO Box 16863
Col, OH 43216-6863

Mulchmen, the
(landlocked midwestern surf)
Nicholas C. Kizirnis - (937) 258-2107
c/o Nicky Kay Music
P.O. Box 303 W.B.B.
Dayton, OH 45409-0303
[email protected]

(Alternative Hip-Hop)
Becca Smith/Rock Candy Productions
2700 Skyline Drive
West Mifflin PA 15122
412-469-2869 Fax: 801-340-8980
[email protected]
Mushcup plays Columbus regularly at the Northberg Tavern. They have appeared nationally on the Jenni Jones Show and have toured in OH, PA, DC, MD, IL, VA, and WV. CD entitled FREE BALLIN' is available at all local chain stores (ask for it!)
(updated: Mon, Nov 15, 1999; 18:20:22)

My Uncle Wayne
P.O. Box 10622
Col OH 43201

(Upbeat Rock/Pop group)
Luke Braun
Myopia Music LLC P.O. Box 151
Mt. Victory OH 43340
[email protected]
Check out our new web site! Lot's of sound files, images and other info about the band.
(updated: Tue, Mar 21, 2000; 17:42:06)

Myungho Choi
[email protected]

National Steam
Paul Williams
1487 W. Fifth Ave. Suite 212
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
Contact us for bookings and space travel....
(updated: Thu, Feb 18, 1999; 21:03:56)

(psychobilly/sleaze rock)
Eric Foster
114 E. Blake Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
We are a fun, sleazy, psychobilly/rock'n'roll band drawing influences from groups such as Reverend Horton Heat, The Supersuckers, The Cramps, and Nashville Pussy. Check out our webpage at or e-mail us at [email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jan 11, 2000; 19:09:34)

Neemans, The
(original alternative rock)
Chad McCollister
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Aug 14, 1999; 15:40:09)

Negative Vibe Merchants
(Secret Agent Surf Punk)
Agent Cecelia Barker
802 Vine Street
Hamilton Oh 45011
[email protected]
Sean Foley
802 Vine Street
Hamilton Oh 45011
[email protected]
Please check out our free MP3s at We are currently booking gigs and welcome any band that would like to get together for a show to call us.
(updated: Sun, Jan 09, 2000; 13:06:42)

Neil Jacobs
(Gypsy, Balkan, & World 12-String Guitar )
Neil Jacobs
1487 W. Fifth Ave. PMB #310
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
Masterful 12-string guitar that the Austin Chronicle calls "the rock'inest since early Leo Kottke" and the St. Louis Riverfront Times describes as "mesmerizing". For complete schedule information, or to check out any of Neil's three CD's, go to:
(updated: Sun, Oct 01, 2000; 15:16:20)

53 Acton Road
Col OH 43214
[email protected]

New Basics Brass Band
(Super heavy, sousaphone-driven party music. )
Rob Maccabee
614/638-7072 or
[email protected]
Get some.
(updated: Thu, Jan 11, 2001; 01:01:35)

New Bomb Turks
(drivin' punk)
91 E. Patterson
Col. OH 43202
Crap, but y'know, fun crap. - Eric

New London
(Original Rock)
Kim Crawford
(updated: Wed, Oct 27, 1999; 18:40:05)

Next Exit
(80's - current mainstream r&r)
Woody Alexander
[email protected]
Sean Zurbrick
[email protected]
Next Exit Plays the best of the 80's, 90's and todays mainstream Rock-n-Roll. Check out are website for our schedule, pictures & recordings.
(updated: Thu, May 03, 2001; 15:51:30)

(Heavy,hardcore,funk,balls to the wall,in your face)
Kevin lee/James Pinkerton
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jun 19, 2000; 08:23:31)

Nice Guy Eddie
Andrew Nienaber - (513) 621-2784
[email protected]
15 West McMillan Ave. #2
Cincinnati OH 45219
Ska and rocksteady mixed with hiphop and jazz. - Andrew Nienaber

(Edgy Alternative Rock)
D. Cordell
1442-2b Bayshore Drive
Columbus oh 43204
Fax: 614 218 7772
[email protected]
Edgy, alternative, original, modern, alt rock. Or something.
(updated: Tue, Apr 03, 2001; 16:34:29)

No Xscape
(punk )
Jonny Arrogance
312 Wyoming ave.
Audubon NJ 08106
(856)546-1184 Fax: n/a
[email protected]
Colene X
50 George st.
Mt. Ephriam NJ 08059
(856)933-1149 Fax: n/a
[email protected]
Punk Rock. catchy, power driven, street punk, three part vocal harmonies, and breakdowns... breakdowns. no racism, no sxe, no ska, and not to much politics, and unlike alot of other bands we actually sing about somthing in every song. we do shows anywhere, and won't turn down most any show. look for our full lenght CD out soon.
(updated: Thu, Mar 09, 2000; 13:47:26)

(half as cool as satan!!)
vacuum heart records
po box 14822
columbus oh 43214
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Dec 21, 1999; 15:45:19)

Nowhere Fast
(Classic Rock Cover Band)
Brett Alexander
6872 Gray Gables Ln.
Columbus OH 43235
(614) 766-5407
[email protected]
Looking for some bar gigs just to get out and play. Location and pay are very negotiable. Just want to play out some more.
(updated: Tue, Jul 10, 2001; 00:27:34)

nsa, the
("rock/blues/pop/new wave/punk" melange)
[email protected]
"the nsa is a powerful vision of the nu-rock; they are showmen and musicians with a keen sense of melody and harmony, song construction and rock cliches. don't miss them. their rock will destroy you."
(updated: Wed, Oct 18, 2000; 17:40:02)

(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Lisa Hogan
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 24, 2001; 13:45:37)

Nudge Squidfish
Nudge Squidfish
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Sep 26, 2000; 22:55:22)

(harcore with melody)
sotospeak productions
5510 mesa ridge ln.
columbus oh 43231
[email protected]
searching for bass player or second guitar.
(updated: Thu, Mar 29, 2001; 21:27:46)

One Riot One Ranger
445 7288 - Mark Wyatt
[email protected]

(synth gore-core)
Reverend Shawn Lower
414 e.14th ave
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
Dr. Voughn Washburn
not for the weak of heart. blood,mutilation,and porn.... the american way
(updated: Mon, Aug 21, 2000; 13:44:30)

(Twisted pop music)
Keith Hanlon
PO Box 10766
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
Chris Forbes
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Jul 27, 1999; 12:02:00)

Ordinary Peoples
(party-groove 6 piece with a positive message)
Ari Goldstien
[email protected]
We play shows from Wisconsin to West Virginia to wherever...
(updated: Tue, Nov 30, 1999; 11:41:45)

Original Onions, the
(Spy rock)
Keith Hanlon
PO Box 10766
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jul 19, 2000; 13:29:01)

(Original Classic Rock 'N' Roll Music)
3336 Hunt Club Rd. North
Westerville OH 43081
614-898-3684 Fax: 614-885-9034
[email protected]
Barry Roach
222 Hawthorne Rd.
Sunbury OH 43074
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Jun 28, 2001; 11:26:54)

Orion Clock
Slc UT 84047
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 07, 2000; 20:54:56)

(Rock & Roll)
Michael Rotman - (216) 291-4512
[email protected]

columbus oh
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Feb 26, 2001; 08:26:55)

Our Flesh Party
784-8531 - Mike Eckhardt
2219 Indiana Ave.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

(Straight forward "Classic" Rock)
Brien Corwin
Oh 45690
Fax: (740) 947-8723
[email protected]
We play clubs mostly around Southern Ohio but occasionally,we venture out somewhere new.
(updated: Wed, Jul 07, 1999; 22:23:44)

Oval Opus
Jeremy Young
1767 John Gray Rd
Cincinnati OH 45240
513-768-3210 Fax: 513-674-0563
[email protected]
Oval Opus is an upcoming band out of Cincinnati, OH, just beginning to break into the Columbus music scene by making appearances with local favorites such as Myopia. Now finishing up their second album, "Oxygen," Oval Opus continues to wow audiences across the Midwest with their incredible energy on-stage. They are NOT to be missed. Contact Jeremy Young for gig swap information, or for any other questions you may have.
(updated: Mon, Sep 18, 2000; 01:24:53)

(Melodic Metal band currently playing central Ohio)
Mike Brooks
[email protected]
Marc Miller
[email protected]
Original melodic metal band with classical overtones,very dark,high energy emotional music,We are Bach on steroids,Period
(updated: Sat, Dec 16, 2000; 21:36:44)

owen grey
(indie rock band)
J.T. Meyer
columbus oh 43230
[email protected]
owen grey is a creative innovative band, mixes melodic melody with driving beats.
(updated: Thu, Mar 01, 2001; 19:54:21)

Palo Alto
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

[email protected]
Columbus metal band.Covers..Megadeath Metallica,Ozzy,Judas Priest....///Originals-Heavy Metal. Contact: [email protected] tel.428 4835
(updated: Sat, Jun 10, 2000; 21:24:06)

Pants, the
1702 Belmar Rd. Apt 1
Clev. Heights OH 44118
(216) 397-7820

Paranoid Lovesick
Rick - (216) 781-5944
P.O. Box 470168
Clev, OH 44147-0168
[email protected]

Pat Dull & the Media Whores
Pat Dull - 272-9008
[email protected]
3935 Farm Brook Lane
Col OH 43204-5003
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, May 27, 2001; 15:00:00)

Paul Brown's Science Gravy Orchestra
Paul Brown
2674 Dayton Ave
Columbus OH 43202
(614) 267-4753
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Dec 15, 2000; 11:43:08)

Paul Pollard
The Recording Workshop - 800-848-9900

Peach Melba
(740) 593-5648
(740) 662-2306
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

Peachbones, the
("Killer Appalachia Rock" )
Ron/Donne Copenhaver
713 Center Street #2
Ashland OH 44805
(419) 282-9980
[email protected]
Matthew Hoover
Bucyrus OH
(419) 562-9665
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Jan 05, 2001; 17:01:36)


(Noise, Rock, Punk, Grunge, Pop, Noise.)
[email protected]
[email protected]
we'll play anywhere... open for anyone.. we dont care about getting payed, we just wanna play music!
(updated: Tue, Jun 27, 2000; 07:51:20)

Pets OR Meat
Tim Kruskamp
Columbus OH 43223
[email protected]
Pets OR Meat's music is a bizarre mix of heavy guitars, odd vocals- both melodic and aggressive, freaky bass lines, and slamming percussion. A full length CD is on its way. For now download the MP3's at our site!
(updated: Tue, Sep 21, 1999; 23:44:37)

Pets or Meat
(original heavy/alternative)
Tim Kruskamp
330 McGhee Lane
Wellston OH 45692
[email protected]
Steve Abele
542 West Broadway
Wellston OH 45692
[email protected]
Heavy groove music for your human consumption
(updated: Fri, Jun 01, 2001; 15:39:38)

Rick Kinsinger
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jan 31, 2000; 12:57:36)

(modern rock / alternative)
Kevin Haydl
192 West Norwich
[email protected]
Phylum with *Sindust May 9th at Little Brothers - show starts at 10:00 * As heard on Mtv's Undressed
(updated: Sun, Apr 22, 2001; 15:41:37)

(original modern rock)
Kevin Haydl
192 West Norwich
Columbus Oh 43210
614 291 0655
[email protected]
July 14th at High Five (
(updated: Wed, Jun 06, 2001; 15:44:31)

(original modern rock)
Kevin Haydl
192 West Norwich
columbus oh 43210
614 291-0655
[email protected]
July 14th at High Five
(updated: Wed, Jun 06, 2001; 15:34:29)

(midwestern southern rock)
John Joseph
255 Rosewood Avenue
Mt. Sterling Oh 43143
[email protected]
Original music in the tradition of the Allman Brothers/Govt. Mule, the Grateful Dead(on steroids), Stevie Ray, Tom Petty, and Moby Grape(with a little VanHalen mixed in). The band has played and headlined such venues as Little Brothers, Ruby Tuesdays, The Distillery, The Northberg Tavern, Oldfields, and Fat's Billiards. Presently recording a full-length cd for release late November, early December.
(updated: Fri, Oct 01, 1999; 16:59:33)

Pits, the
(melodic rock n roll)
6051 Flora Villa Dr.
WOrthington Oh
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Feb 11, 2001; 12:59:40)

Plaid Frog
(Unique Rock)
Matt Marlowe
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Plaid Frog-unique original rock music with a touch of grunge and a dash of something else. Check out our Web site!
(updated: Sat, Jan 06, 2001; 18:26:52)

Planet 12
(Power pop-rock from the 12th planet)
Matt Toledo
[email protected]
Felix Shannyn Alvis
[email protected]
Power pop rock with intense female vocals and a skankin' groove. Blend of No Doubt and Soundgarden. Check out our website on Athens Musician Network. B-lucky.
(updated: Sun, Sep 24, 2000; 22:05:22)

Planet For Texas, A
(Beer-fueled Agricore)
Diaphragm Records
2480 Indianola Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Planet Of Pants
[email protected]

Plastard Bastard
(old school punk)
Cozmo - 262-6263
2454 Indiana Ave
Col. OH 43202

(Hard Rock, enough said)
Aaron Plastik
[email protected]
From a wide spectrum of influences; Hendrix to Tool, and Floyd to Zappa, Plastik debuts as rockin' local band with moxy, lots of guitar, and ten original songs. Local and yocal, we aim to rock.
(updated: Tue, Jan 09, 2001; 19:29:03)

Platypus (see Kazowie)

(Alternative, rock, & blues)
B.D. Lubell
Columbus OH
[email protected]
You saw the Pneumatics rock the B.B. King Blues Festival at Polaris on 9/99. Band is available for local gigs.
(updated: Fri, Nov 05, 1999; 09:34:57)

Point Of View
Group Plays at The UpperRoom On Essex Ave almost every Friday from 9 to 12 Featured female Vocalist. Good Food Mucsic and Fun!!!!
(updated: Tue, Oct 26, 1999; 19:29:14)

(Alternative Rock)
Bill Summers
458 Parkview Street
Mansfield oh 44903
[email protected]
Pong is a Alternative band based out of Mansfield, Ohio...give it a listen
(updated: Mon, Apr 09, 2001; 11:29:03)

225 E. Blake Ave.
Col OH 43202
These guys play a mean mix of mod-influenced in-your-face heavy pop muzac.- ed c.

Pounce International
(cool ambient electronic beat heavy tunes)
Paul Campbell
P.O.B. 164171
Columbus OH 43216
[email protected]
band website includes mp3's, interview, studio information, music industry links, a bulletin board, and more. stop on by. cheers.
(updated: Mon, Apr 24, 2000; 00:13:15)

(Pop/Avant Garde)
David James
Columbus OH 43215
http://Not Available.
(updated: Tue, Jan 30, 2001; 21:04:14)

Preston Furman
Matt - 298-0144
2073 N. 4th St.
1739 N. 4th St. Happy music - PF

Pretty Mighty Mighty
421-2310 - Jon
42 West Norwich Avenue
Col. OH 43201
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Dec 22, 2000; 03:06:33)

Prime Sinister

Prime Suspects
(Classic Rock)
Greg daugherty
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Ernie Tollison
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Prime Suspects is Columbus Ohio's Premiere Classic Rock Band. On any given night you'll hear artists like: Rush, Styx, REO, Alan Parsons Project, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Night Ranger, Dream Theatre, Wings, Bon Jovi, Kansas, Doobie Bros. and many more. Prime suspects is: Tim Henthorne - Lead Guitar Ernie Tollison - Rythem & vocals Greg Daugherty - Bass & Vocals David Dotson - Lead Vocals Jim Mogavaro - Drums Mike Stiglianese - Keyboards & Vocals
(updated: Tue, May 09, 2000; 14:31:07)

Primetime Blues Band, the
(Chicago style blues)
Tony Houston
5063 Singleton Dr.
Hilliard OH 43026
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Mar 05, 2000; 11:59:23)

Craig Griffin
235 E.Kelso
Columbus Oh 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 19, 2000; 15:25:30)

Psycho Jubilee
(Rock - Originals & Covers)
Jason Shires
511 Davidson Dr.
Ashville OH 43103
[email protected]
Check our websight to see when & where we will be in and around Columbus.
(updated: Tue, Jan 11, 2000; 11:03:23)

Psycho Scenario
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Oct 21, 1999; 06:12:41)

Public Nuisance
(Punk / Alternative)
Kevin Strawser
5715 Harvest Look
Galloway OH 43119
[email protected]
We're a three piece punk rock / alternative band that have been playing out for the past few months and are looking to play with other bands. Please contact Kevin if your band is in need of an opening act or if you just need another band to finish out the line-up. Thanks.
(updated: Tue, Nov 28, 2000; 17:51:10)

Public Nuisance
[email protected]
Original PUNK ROCK! Always lookin' to if you need a band, give us a call.
(updated: Sun, Jul 01, 2001; 21:13:39)

Pure Plastic Tree, the
(all-acoustic rock)
Big Beef Records - (937) 258-1124
Andy Valeri - (937) 258-1124
P.O. Box 303 WBB
Dayton, Ohio 45409
[email protected]

Puritan Death Squad, the
1155 n high st
columbus oh 43201
421-1512 Fax: 421-1511
[email protected]
paul mattoxx
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
3 piece hardcore techno with live guitar and synths. techno/breakbeat/metal/industrial!!!
(updated: Sun, Jun 03, 2001; 23:00:09)

Puritan Death Squad, the
1155 n high st
columbus oh 43201
421-1512 Fax: 421-1511
[email protected]
paul mattoxx
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
3 piece hardcore techno with live guitar and synths. techno/breakbeat/metal/industrial!!!
(updated: Sun, Jun 03, 2001; 23:00:09)

Quanah Parker
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

(21st Century Spacepsych Band)
Paul Williams
1487 W. Fifth Ave. Suite 212
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
Contact us for encounters.....
(updated: Thu, Feb 18, 1999; 21:01:05)

Quarter Horse
Sean Patrick Varley
Columbus OH 43224
(updated: Sun, Jul 02, 2000; 00:01:36)

(Christian Rock)
Columbus OH
[email protected]
This is no limp-wristed, mealy-mouthed, Christian band made up of kids just out of high school. We are professional musicians. We will tell it like it is and are not afraid to get in your face with the truth. We will rock the hell out of you! We dare anyone to book us. Most people can't handle the truth... can you?
(updated: Thu, Feb 22, 2001; 23:19:35)

(New Jazz Punk)
Jon Dunn
Broadhurst drive
Columbus OH 43213
[email protected]
Andy Eshelman
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Formed out of the ashes of two other local bands, PAWN and MUD, Racecar is a unique lineup with an even more unique sound. Heavy and melodic, comical and dramatic, mixing spoken word with improv metal and jazz elements. A new brand of fusion with a different attitude.
(updated: Tue, May 01, 2001; 16:11:17)

Radio Hounds
(Alternative rock covers)
Dan Flory
273 South Brinker
Columbus OH 43204
[email protected]
The Radio Hounds are a local band from Columbus, Ohio who have booked shows at local bars like Victory's, Flannagan's, Jillian's & Big Daddy's. The perform covers of alternative rock songs from the 80s and 90s.
(updated: Tue, Jan 02, 2001; 14:41:33)

("Pink Floyd recruits Paul Simon in mid 70's")
Setter and Spider Publicity
P.O. Box 479055
Chicago IL 60657
e-mail first
[email protected]
Radio Hour 491 is an AAA Chicago-metro original pop/rock band that's been around since the fall of '98. Radio Hour 491 plays regionally and is unsigned. The band is songwriter focused, hook oriented and has the sound of, "Paul Simon joining Pink Floyd sometime in the 70's." Some short recent clips: "A&R PICK;"- '99 CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT "..Could really find its way to the top of the pops." - Illinois Entertainer; "Best of '98 Unplugged Shows," - 95.1 FM WIIL. "The record is a solid collection of AAA polished pop rock gems." - (March '99) Centerstage Chicago. Contact [email protected] for a press kit and additional information.
(updated: Fri, Jul 30, 1999; 10:39:25)

Ray Jones
[email protected]
Male and Female vocalists wanted to join virtual band RAM For more info goto our web site:
(updated: Tue, Oct 10, 2000; 09:04:32)

Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party, The
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Oct 03, 2000; 00:38:07)

Ravin Versus Flud
(Diverse flavor! Dance/Techno with a Hip Hop twist!)
Columbus OH 43235
[email protected]
The music we do is very diverse ! It ranges from Dance to Electronica to acoustic to Hip Hop. Started in 1998 when Ravin was doin solo stuff for fun. The band started in 2000 with the addition of Flud, and receintly with newest member Split. We started with the soul purpose to make dance music we WISHED people would play and it has become our life ! Our style is not repetitive, well check it out for yourself ! Ravin favors the In-your-face-with-a-metal-twist stuff and Flud leans torwards the backround funk grooves which make for a nice mix. Our band page has free MP3s. We put the songs together on our computers, using sound pools, then pull them into our digital eight track, add our own elements, guitar, vocals, etc then pull it back into the computer for a final mix down. We have a new cd comin out in April 2001, titled "Trust Me". On that cd is a remix we did for the local Columbus band, Kettle and some other amazing songs. Please see our web site for further information:
(updated: Wed, Mar 21, 2001; 15:45:29)

Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers

(An Explosion of Hi-Fi Indie Rock)
Jason Snell
3465 Cornell Place #3
Cincinnati OH 45220
[email protected]
"The band's music is melodic and accessible, but also very dynamic, with a depth that few young bands are capable of in such an early stage in their career." - Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat 2000
(updated: Wed, Dec 20, 2000; 12:33:03)

Reaganomics, the
(Eighties Dance Covers)
D. Gilley
[email protected]
top midwest eighties cover band speicalizing in alternative/retro dance tunes (billy idol, modern english, the cure, robert palmer etc.)
(updated: Sun, Feb 28, 1999; 22:39:02)

Real Lulu
(power garage rock)
Andy Valeri, Big Beef Records - (937) 258-1124
P.O. Box 303 WBB
Dayton, Ohio 45409
[email protected]
[email protected]

Real Mother
(Hard Rock)
Jeremy Knedler
[email protected]
Mark Hamilton
[email protected]
Check out our site for complete info on the band.
(updated: Sat, Feb 10, 2001; 12:51:27)

James Towning
P.O. Box 162, Columbus, OH 43216-0162
[email protected]

Reality 2000
John Foreman
[email protected]
Greg Baker
753 Bellows Ave.
columbus oh 43222
[email protected]
Original rock band, with ozzy, creed, style.
(updated: Tue, May 02, 2000; 22:06:48)

Reckless Lime Cellar
(Alternative Rock )
5983 Epernay Way
Galloway Oh 43119
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Dec 16, 2000; 18:19:07)

Red Wanting Blue
Mark Anderson - Road/Production Manager
Todd Ericson - Booking Agent, Cellar Door Entertainment
[email protected]

(punk rock)
david slocum
346 royal forest blvd
columbus oh 43081
[email protected]
punk rock band influenced by descendents, ramones, black flag, etc. we will play or set up shows.
(updated: Fri, Jun 01, 2001; 16:24:14)

Tymothy L. Flowers
925 Woodhill dr.
Columbus OH 43215
[email protected]\ resullus
Music for the elemental.. Techno,goth,idustrial... How ever you see it, you simply have to hear it.. Then you will know....
(updated: Tue, Feb 16, 1999; 06:33:34)

Exoteque Music
P.O. Box 340431
Col OH 43234
[email protected]

Return of the Red
(Punk rock at its laziest)
chip carroll
1279 normandy dr
newark oh 43055
[email protected]
Return of the Red is always up for doing shows, but who isnt, we like to play live alot even if only 1 person shows up to see us play, cause u havent played a show until u have played just for the other bands.
(updated: Tue, Jun 27, 2000; 12:22:30)

Revolvers, the
(female-led powerpop)
Jim Hutter
1013 Michigan Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
614-294-6548 Fax: 614-224-2687
[email protected]
Liz Hecker
[email protected]
The Revolvers host the "Ready-Steady-Go Live" package shows, and are also willing to do Saturday night opening slots. Aaron Beck of The Columbus Dispatch describes The Revolvers as, "...a mix of Beatles meets Clash white riot with a difference-a female, Liz Hecker, handles the vocals."
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Rich Meaty Taste
(Rock, Originanls, Blues, country, etc...)
Brian Griffin
3075 Norwood Street
Columbus OH 43224-4241
[email protected]
A band for all occasions!!! Sample RMT at various local shows or check out the band's release RMTCD, available at campus record stores and Borders.
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 03:49:16)

Rj Cowdery
Rj Cowdery - 221-2594

Rob Brumfiel
Rob Brumfiel - 272-2951

Robin Stone
(Folk, Funk, Jazz, Soul Folk Fusion)
Robin Stone
PO Box 39056
Cleveland OH 44139
440.248.5097 Fax: 440.248.5097
[email protected]
I am from Cleveland, but will be performing in Columbus on a regular basis! CD Release My Heart hits stores starting in Feb 2001. Please check it out!
(updated: Tue, Jan 30, 2001; 09:17:02)

Rocket JUice
(Rock/funk with a dark edge to it)
Jeff R.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
The vocalist and I have formed a band and are looking for a bass player, lead guitarist and DJ/turn table flavor person to complete the line-up. Our songs are funk/rock with a dark sex edge. The music, is unlike anything else being performed in Columbus. Call for inquiries to Jeff at 614-299-9430.
(updated: Thu, Jul 15, 1999; 12:47:44)

Rockin' Horse
(Female fronted classic rock band from Columbus, OH)
Sam Church
691 Basswood Rd.
Col OH 43207
[email protected]
Alecia Price
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 19, 2000; 12:00:48)

Rodeo Wizard
(Post Modern Techno Rock)
Ryan Christian Robles
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, May 27, 2000; 16:00:33)

Rodney Riffle
[email protected]

Roomfull, the
(Rock w/ Blues undertones)
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Feb 03, 2000; 17:31:10)

Ron Licata
Suffern NY 10954
[email protected]
We have approx. 30 original tunes but can play a wide variety of covers as well. We tend rock the house! We are located in Metro NY area.
(updated: Tue, Sep 28, 1999; 02:03:45)

Rory Shackleford
Pea Publishing
1640 Grenoble Rd.
Columbus OH 43221
Fax: 486-6069
[email protected]
Jeff Clowdus
(updated: Mon, Sep 06, 1999; 16:11:14)

(Trailer Park Rock)
Scott Sprague
15463 Maple Ridge Road
Milford Center Oh 43045
[email protected]
Original rock blending funk, rock, metal, and jam band.
(updated: Wed, Feb 07, 2001; 15:03:25)

Roundhead Ranglers

Rt. ninety-eight
(cow punken roots rock)
[email protected]
Rt. ninty-eight(formerly "The Truckstop Kids") have grown up, note the name change, and are ready to show every one what roots rock is all about.
(updated: Thu, Jun 21, 2001; 20:39:57)

Ruby Vileos
[email protected]
Includes members of Cincy bands Assponys and Snaggletooth.
(updated: Sun, Jan 31, 1999; 13:29:03)

(Heavy Alternative)
Lew Beyers
1704 Franklin Ave
Columbus OH 43205
[email protected]
Kevin Abercrombie
[email protected]
We are an up and coming Heavy Alternative Band. Our primary focus is on origonal music, but we cover some of the hottest bands new and old. Check us out!!!!
(updated: Tue, Feb 16, 1999; 08:44:14)

Rumor Mill

Jeff Farina
[email protected]
Daron Baker
(updated: Mon, Feb 01, 1999; 16:36:49)

Rusty Practice
35 st denis dr spt # 938
toronto on M3C1G9
416 -696-7774
[email protected]
2072 dundas street west
toronto on M6R1W9
[email protected]
we are a fucken great heavy metal band
(updated: Mon, Mar 05, 2001; 20:27:29)

Ruthless Xtreme
(A punk, christian rock band)
Joe Rollings
3728 Marble Hill rd
Nabb IN 47147
[email protected]
I have a question, can you set us up a gig or at least a record deal. If you can, email me. I have only one contact.
(updated: Tue, Mar 06, 2001; 18:59:25)

Ryan Horns Band, the
(Solo, Wired-Up, Acoustic Pop)
ryan horns
746 Thurber W. Apt.J
Columbus OH 43215
221-0253 Fax: n/a
[email protected]
Melodic Vocals, Mod-Influenced, Acoustic Pop. Influences: The Beatles, Wilco, Neil Young, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, The Kinks. Ryan is also a local Music Journalist (MTV On-line,, The Observer, Out of Order, etc.) and can be reached concerning band interviews/reviews/and web-site content.
(updated: Sun, Nov 19, 2000; 04:38:55)

(Musical Poetry and Spoken Word)
Leonard S. Poage
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Dec 10, 1998; 16:09:36)

Salt Horse
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Oct 15, 1999; 22:10:30)

(junk metal/punk)
Brian Simakis
3134 Asbury dr.
Columbus OH 43221
[email protected]
Chris Cornetet
3134 Asbury dr.
Columbus OH 43221
Come hear what our pitiful ranch has to offer. We sing lovley abrasive songs about 3 legged turtles (roger bacon) and ex-girlfriends (of course). Includes 2 former members of the now defunct Fur Traders. Spanky is a good songwriter and bass player so please call us for a show. We will play anywhere. Look for our CD entitled "Junk Metal". Enjoy Columbus. POOP SQUAD!!!!!
(updated: Mon, Jan 08, 2001; 18:11:24)

Sappy Bell
(Hard Rock/ Hardcore)
John Sloboda
12381 Cedar Rd #7
Cleveland OH 44106
[email protected]
Best all original super-heavy, hard rock band in Cleveland!
(updated: Tue, Feb 13, 2001; 21:51:35)

Savage Gentlemen
(Elector-Horror rock )
Lex Johnson
po box 611
East Moline IL 61244
[email protected]
The Savage Gentlemen Cold, Raw, and Haunting. The Gents play "Electro-Horror" rock, a diabolical blend of industrial,goth,metal and electronica. Come see what it is like to lose your soul with a few fops, a robot and retard. Free mp3's on their site! Full length album available with 9 songs and a video for "Riverside" right on the CD!
(updated: Fri, Feb 16, 2001; 09:51:55)

Scooby Dudes, The
[email protected]
Electric Classic Rock duo with Robb Anagnostis and Bill Dutcher.
(updated: Sun, Nov 19, 2000; 04:38:55)

PO Box 82058
Col OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, May 27, 2001; 15:00:00)

Sean Carney and the Nite Owlz
P.O. Box 82101
Col OH 43202

(Driving modern rock originals and covers)
Alex West
P.O. Box 356
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
614-220-3096 Fax: 614-866-5429
[email protected]
If you like bands like The Police, U2, Goo Goo Dolls, The Cure, Rush, and Ben Folds Five, then you'll like SEASON'S END. -We're always interested in swapping gigs with other bands.
(updated: Tue, Aug 17, 1999; 04:21:07)

Second Nature
(Top 40 Dance Covers)
[email protected]
High Energy dance music. All your favorites from the 60's, 70's, 80' 90's and today!
(updated: Tue, Oct 03, 2000; 17:04:05)

Second Theory
Blues/Funk/HardRock/Metal, effective power trio play anywhere anytime anyday ... Email me. - pjconnor

secret sound of the nsa, the
(the sound of spy satellites, but louder)
william companyman
545 Crestview Rd.
Columbus oh 43202
614.267.1496 Fax: 614.267.1496
[email protected]
[email protected]
The nsa will have a full-length lp from workbook studios, available July 15. We will play any show, anywhere. There are 5 of us, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synth. Do not consume nutra-sweet, the government invented it to make you weak-willed and easily influenced. Our rock will destroy you.
(updated: Sat, Jun 10, 2000; 02:55:02)

(Driving, melodic, rock & roll)
Mount Vernon OH 43050
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jan 21, 2001; 22:08:14)

Seventh Sense
(Progressive/Hard Rock)
[email protected]
Formerly known as TRINITY
(updated: Sun, May 16, 1999; 17:27:37)

[email protected]

Shakewells, the
(World music - african, reggae,rock, etc.)
P.O. Box 82607
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
We've all done our time with various reggae, jazz, and worldbeat bands (Adjibella, DEA, Honk Wail & Moan) and have a lot of experience with it. We play music from West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We also can play all sorts of covers, and are available for club gigs, parties, weddings, whatever...
(updated: Mon, Jun 14, 1999; 16:15:39)

[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Oct 19, 1999; 06:27:38)

Shifted Thought
(Original straight-forward rock punk)
Aldo Falasca
[email protected]
Tom Black
For more info., visit our site:
(updated: Mon, May 08, 2000; 02:51:12)

(now Go Robot Go)
Neal Havener
P.O. BOX 1521
Col. OH 43216
[email protected]

Shirley Jay
Shirley Jay - (216) 855-8182

(Heavy Rock,Punk,Rap)
Austin Spears
1840 Laramie Dr.
Powell OH 43065
Brian Yinger
Winooski Dr.
Powell OH 43065
Check out some of our songs on for Shmeernie)Also come check us out at Breezers Dec.29 thanx!
(updated: Mon, Dec 11, 2000; 12:03:32)

[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

Side Effect, the
[email protected]
Alternative rock -- covering Bush, Green Day, Gin Blossoms, and anything else thats happening.

(Korn-Chamber-Limp-Deftones in a blender.)
J. Smith
225 S. Dunlap Avenue
Youngstown OH 44509
[email protected]
A band that gifts the listener as well as the viewer...a must see live.
(updated: Sun, Dec 06, 1998; 20:27:13)

Silo the Huskie
Brian Barlup
P.O. Box 21754
Columbus OH 43221-0754
614-251-0689 Fax: 614-771-1140
[email protected]
Pete Cline
P.O. Box 21754
Columbus OH 43221-0754
614-488-6834 Fax: 614-771-1140
[email protected]
crossing neil young and built to spill, among others. contact brain for general info, contact pete for booking and complaint dept.
(updated: Tue, Feb 29, 2000; 23:20:00)

Sink to See
dony west
380 s 5th st apt504b
columbus oh 43215
(updated: Sat, Apr 29, 2000; 17:26:40)

Sioux Cavanaugh
(Acoustic Original Rock)
Sioux Cavanaugh
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Original tunes from an original mind. Call for booking information.
(updated: Wed, Feb 23, 2000; 16:02:35)

Sioux Cavanaugh
(Original Rock)
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Original tunes from an original mind.
(updated: Tue, Jun 19, 2001; 16:03:45)

(pop singer/songwriters)
Kay Harris & Molly Pauken
(updated: Sun, Sep 17, 2000; 19:11:13)

Sister Flow
(many drinkable/danceable genres)
Josh Mathis
[email protected]
Tim Hartshorn
Our favorite comments from audiences. 1."You're a lot better than I thought you would be... I mean..." 2."Y'all make a lot of sound for a three-piece." To both, thank you.
(updated: Thu, Nov 09, 2000; 12:49:36)

Six Pages
(Now Defunct RIP 5-29-99)
(updated: Sun, Jul 11, 1999; 05:10:18)

Ska Blue
(female lead ska punk)
andy arriaga
[email protected]
christa rice
[email protected]
we are working on making a ska comp of central OH on flat line records send us stuff.
(updated: Sun, Jul 09, 2000; 14:33:58)

(Messed up funk...?)
Mark Weaver
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Dave Osborne
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 12:30:00)

(Classic Rock Electric Duo)
Tim Fleischer
956 Vernon Rd
Bexley OH 43209
[email protected]
High powered electric duo that is said to be "OHIO's BIGGEST SOUNDING DUO". Regularly featured at Gatsby's, Nike Sports Bar, and Planks on Broadway.
(updated: Tue, Nov 07, 2000; 12:55:36)

Skyline Duo
(Classic Rock, Pop, Motown Electric Duo)
Tim Fleischer
Columbus OH 43209
[email protected]
Big sounding electric duo playing classic rock, pop, and motown hits. Featured regularly at Planks-Grove City, Gatsbys-Gahanna, and Nike Sports Bar-Hilliard.
(updated: Tue, Dec 05, 2000; 08:57:59)

Slave Cradle
PO Box 3283
Columbus, Ohio 43210
[email protected]

SliNgShoT JuPiteR
[email protected]
A three piece Funk/Jazz/Rock - SliNgShoT JuPiteR

(Hard/Slow Core)
Phil Morehart
3445 Vine Street #2
Cincinnati OH 45220
[email protected]
Gorilla Suit Records
P.O. Box 1781
Hollywood CA 90078
[email protected]
Hard as fuck or soft as hell, SloMo represents the horrific dichotomy of Gorilla Suit Records. New album "Know Way" available this fall.
(updated: Wed, Sep 13, 2000; 16:39:36)

Slow Motion Riot
(straight ahead rock)
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Mar 21, 2001; 10:46:48)

Small Child Orchestra
(Alternative rock)
Matt Singell
Columbus Oh
We're an alternative rock band looking for shows. If youre in an alternative rock band (or any band), give me a call if you want to do a show. We play at Bernies, High Five, and Newport.
(updated: Fri, Mar 30, 2001; 10:34:43)

Smugglin Yo-Yo's
(Rock and Roll covers)
Dennis Cametti
[email protected]
One of Central Ohio's most entertaining bands! Wherever we play, get ready for a party!
(updated: Wed, Nov 10, 1999; 15:10:23)

Sneaky Pete
(Rock & Blues)
Mike Flowers
(updated: Wed, Oct 27, 1999; 18:35:10)

Soda vs Pop
(Indie Pop Rock)
Sonny Smith
[email protected]
Erick Smith
[email protected]
Ian Martin- Guitar/Vocals...... Sonny Smith-Guitar Vocals..... Jeff Sampson- Bass...... Nate Rothacker- Drums/Vocals..... Soda Vs Pop is on Groundswell Records. Look for their album "Songs For Show and Tell" in October 2000.
(updated: Wed, Sep 20, 2000; 18:28:42)

Solar System Navigators
(The fusion of jazz and space.)
Christopher Murnieks
916 Worthington Woods Bl
Worthington OH 43085
[email protected]
Ben Lamb
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, Jan 20, 2001; 11:02:45)

(A.P.A. Rock-ambient proggressive alternative)
Dylan Howell
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
Justin Roth
[email protected]
5 man A.P.A ROCK (ambient proggressive alternative) band which tours through northeast ohio and is now coming to Columbus.
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 16:27:47)

Something Said
(alternative, art rock)
Steve Abrams
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

sonic roach destruction unit
(thinkin' man's pop)
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Mar 21, 1999; 17:19:06)

(a universoul hip-hop funk experience)
[email protected]
the band
Cowtown's funky bad boys features alumni from burlap sun,mescalito,triggahappy & rymocerous. So to say the least, we got the know-how to get down market cornered.
(updated: Thu, Apr 19, 2001; 09:26:17)

(Moody Modern Rock)
Jim Mabry
[email protected]
Soul_Mine is a band that plays mostly originals and some covers. Our sound relies heavily on emotion and dynamics. We have received comparisons to U2, "Bends" era Radiohead and Pearl Jam. We are interested in swapping shows with other bands.
(updated: Fri, Apr 13, 2001; 15:11:10)

447-9178 - Jeff McCargish
49 1/2 W. Tompkins
Col. Ohio 43202

Southern Breeze
(Country/Classic rock)
Robert Martin
po box 282
Trimble oh 45782
[email protected]
we would like to have promotion we perform every weekend but want to do better thanks Bob
(updated: Thu, Nov 30, 2000; 19:25:48)

Southern Diplomats, The
(vintage rock and honky tonk sounds)
Justin Lute
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Check out our web site for news, to see our current appearance schedule, or to sign up for our mailing list.
(updated: Mon, Mar 19, 2001; 10:51:46)

(Rig rockers)
Jeff Eaton
Columbus OH 43211
[email protected]
Matt Benz
305 W. 6th Ave
Columbus OH 43211
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Oct 22, 1999; 19:10:04)

Special Aviation Project
2494 Findley Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jan 12, 2000; 11:29:46)

Spectre, the
(Ska, Reggae, & Rock Steady)
Gerrie McManamon
Columbus Oh
[email protected]
Shawn Behanna
Westerville Oh 43081
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jun 12, 2000; 02:03:57)

Spectrum, the
(Ideally all musical styles)
Andrew Humble
[email protected]
Singer/guitarist/lyricist/composer currently seeking EXTREMELY diverse musicians ages 18-22 to play and/or add to prewritten material as well as compose new works. I'm looking for responsible, dependable, and professional musicians to fill the following positions: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards/Samples. If interested contact me either by voice mail or e-mail for audition info.
(updated: Sat, Feb 05, 2000; 04:10:49)

Spindler's Dream
Spindler's Dream
80 S. Southampton Ave
Columbus OH 43204
(614) 272-8585
[email protected]
Heidi Wentworth
(614) 279-4500
[email protected]
Don't hate the fucking way you kiss, just hate the way you understand the meaning of all that means what meant. Spindler's Dream is under contract with LaFam Records:
(updated: Sat, May 19, 2001; 15:38:04)

(fat ass skacore band from fla)
sandon clark
544 maddrigal ct
orlando fl 32825
Fax: 407-273-4593
[email protected]
man we have opened up for everybody here in fla and people we play with are telling us to tour? ok here we go check us out on our very brand new website
(updated: Fri, Mar 10, 2000; 11:30:47)

Spurning, The
(psychobilly/sleaze rock)
Eric Foster
114 E. Blake Ave.
Columbus OH 43202
[email protected]
Mike Rand
Psychobilly/rock'n'roll with influences from Reverend Horton Heat, The Supersuckers, The Cramps, Nashville Pussy, etc.
(updated: Sat, Aug 26, 2000; 05:32:53)

Mark Antle
1665 beaver run rd. hebron
oh 43025
[email protected]
po box 26 hebron
oh 43025
[email protected]
(updated: Thu, Sep 02, 1999; 18:24:08)

(theme music for today's arch nemesis)
274 east 14th ave.
columbus oh 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, May 26, 2001; 17:32:14)

Stainless Mind
(Acid Pop-Rock)
Mike Panaman
[email protected]
Nate Holmes
614-847-1465 Fax: 614-613-6864 p
[email protected]
Our fairly new band is currently making more & more songs. We are looking to play out for free or for money, its all fun. Anyone is welcome for bookings. Just request a CD to hear our music or visit our site at
(updated: Mon, Feb 28, 2000; 14:25:13)

standup tragedians, the
j. bunny poe
1769 hickory creek lane
columbus OH 43229
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Nov 14, 2000; 21:42:22)

Star dot Star *.*
(Originals and Cover songs)
Olena Kopelziw
[email protected]
J.C. Bittence
[email protected]
Every third weekend at the Highbeck in downtown Columbus we have some fun for a few hours. Highbeck is located at 564 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio, phone--294-0886. We also will do priviate parties and company functions. Music ranges from 60's/70's/80's/90's and 00's. Best regards and we hope to see you!
(updated: Thu, Mar 30, 2000; 11:47:08)

Star Vanstucco
(Bass solos for birthdays or bachelorette parties)
Star Vanstucco
As did Kiss, The Bee Gees and the Jackson 5 before me, I must to do a solo project. I only hope to have as much success as Lionel Ritchie
(updated: Tue, Nov 23, 1999; 21:00:29)

(ethereal gothic rock)
gary thrasher
po box 951
hilliard oh 43026
[email protected]
new album out on detroit indie carpe mortem records in september...
(updated: Fri, Aug 04, 2000; 15:49:17)

Stark Raven
Craig Markley
2731 Hills Miller Rd
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
Traditional and Original music with diverse instrumentation and five-part vocal harmonies.
(updated: Thu, Apr 20, 2000; 13:24:58)

(Rock Covers/Originals)
Miranda, Bill, Greg, Larry
9677 Mojave Circle
Plain City OH 43064
(614) 873-1876
[email protected]
Starvos is a new band playing 70's, 80's, and 90's rock covers as well as originals. We are fun, enjoy meeting people, and have a swell time. Because we are mature, you will never catch us running with scissors. Please visit our website, where you will find Starvos news, photos, play list and MP3's. Rest assure this website is official. Starvos is: Miranda Hammond - Lead Vocals, Bill Zackeroff - Guitar/Vocals, Greg Mohler - Bass, Larry Lester - Drums/Percussion
(updated: Wed, Apr 18, 2001; 09:35:41)

(Grassroots Grooves for the Funky Soul)
Bill Kurzenberger
4777 Galton Ct.
Columbus OH 43220
(614) 538-8366
[email protected] OR [email protected]
Daniel Weber
(614) 784-1984
[email protected]
2001 Upcoming Schedule... 4/6 Ozzie's Balcony, Oxford... 4/7 Oldfield's on High, Columbus... 4/20! Ruby Tuesday's, Columbus... 4/21 Trolley Stop, Dayton... 4/28 Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati... 5/4 EasyStreet Cafe, Bowling Green... 5/5 Cinco de Mayo Fest, Blake St., Columbus... 5/11 Northberg Tavern, Columbus... 5/19-20 THE FIRST BIG BASH, Smoke Rise Ranch, Athens County with Leftover Salmon... 6/2 HempFest, OSU-Browning Amphitheatre, Columbus
(updated: Wed, Feb 21, 2001; 14:25:45)

Stepford Five, The
(Guitar Rock)
Jason Dziak
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Tim Minneci
Influences from Rock, Metal, R&B, Punk, Emo, Glam, Soul, Pop and Indie. Most often compared to The Afghan Whigs, Catherine Wheel, The Smashing Pumpkins and other guitar based rock. Debut album MESH released 2.1.00
(updated: Tue, Oct 10, 2000; 21:43:56)

[email protected]
[email protected]
(updated: Sat, May 01, 1999; 02:48:21)

Stewart Brown

Stone Soul
(Good Time Rock & Roll Band)
Chuck Lambert
(updated: Wed, Oct 27, 1999; 18:38:00)

Caleb Bandy
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Oct 17, 1999; 19:22:34)

(All the glory of 80's Metal in a volcanocentrifuge)
J. Miller
[email protected]
We wanna Rock!
(updated: Sat, Jul 17, 1999; 21:46:51)

SubAtomic Particles
(Disassociated Indie Rock)
Jarrod Whittington
[email protected]
"The only band in Columbus that is called SubAtomic Particles!" A loud rock band with emotional and moody subject matter ala Radiohead, Sunny Day Real Estate, Hum, etc...
(updated: Fri, Feb 09, 2001; 14:19:01)

(intricate Melody Rock)
Micah Gilliam
2024 Windsor Place
Findlay OH 45840
[email protected]
Brian Thomas
Findlay OH 45840
[email protected]
Great sound looking to expand, check us out at,just give it a shot!
(updated: Thu, Apr 05, 2001; 20:29:07)

Sugar Pill
(Groove Rock)
Mike Stubbs
1238 Michigan Ave
Columbus OH 43201
614-299-9865 Fax: 614-629-3357
[email protected]
Brian Schaeffer
1238 Michigan Ave
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Jun 21, 2000; 12:28:59)

(comfortable in our own skin. heavy groovy.)
P.O. Box 617
Pickerington OH 43147
[email protected]
Kevin Wright
3456 Whisper Creek Dr.
Columbus OH 43231
[email protected]
sunbelly is currently finishing our first CD on Polecat Records due to be released in the Spring of '99. Listen for us on CD101 or The Blitz, and watch for us at a club near YOU!!!
(updated: Fri, Feb 05, 1999; 15:11:07)

(A 3 piece pop-punk band from Columbus)
Matt Fullen
3401 River Place Drive
Columbus OH 43221
(614) 771-0774
[email protected]
Check them out at a concert, or pick up their 6-song demo disc!!
(updated: Thu, Jul 06, 2000; 17:21:27)

superstar rookie
[email protected]
check out our website at- -
(updated: Sat, Aug 14, 1999; 15:40:09)

Susans, the
P O Box 16942
Columbus OH 43216-0942
[email protected]
We've MOVED! New CD, "Another cloudy day in Eden" available September 30, 2000. See our website or email or write for info.
(updated: Thu, Sep 28, 2000; 14:03:40)

sweet sensation
( good old soul music)
aaron sledge
5366 deforest dr
columbus oh 43232
614-833-4372 Fax: 614-833-4372
[email protected]
we play some sweet soulful grooves from back in the days
(updated: Sun, Dec 31, 2000; 12:03:25)

Brian - 447-0269
[email protected]

(Modern Alternative Rock)
Paul-J. Hall
33 E. 16th Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
[email protected]
We are especially interested in gig swapping with compatible bands from all around Ohio and neighboring states.
(updated: Wed, Aug 11, 1999; 15:08:25)

table scraps
("New Millennium Rock")
The awesome sound of table scraps will fill your space and engulf you. This is where Rock is going.
(updated: Tue, Oct 26, 1999; 00:17:53)

Tammer Laine
(740) 549-9960
P.O. Box 292541
Col. OH 43229
Rock-n-roll! Not Alternative, Not metal. All originals. - Tammer Laine

Teen Droid
(messy & noised)

[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Feb 28, 2001; 13:10:25)

Teeth of the Hydra
Matt Bailey
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 21:22:27)

48 E. Patterson Ave. Apt. A
Col. OH 43202
[email protected]

Ten mEn dowN
(Columbus' hardest working swing combo)
Travis Hanna
44 Cheshire Street
Delaware OH 43015
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Dec 03, 1999; 20:34:01)

5251 simpson dr
las vegas nv 89122
702 456 5310
[email protected]
we are still at it ,and playing live in vegas look for us were tenacious.all ages welcome,WE'LL PUT YOU IN THE MOOD TO GROOVE. IF YOU LIKE THE GOO GOO DOLLS YOULL LOVE -US.MUSIC FROM THE SOUL, THATS ALL FOR NOW WE'll TALK SOON.
(updated: Tue, Feb 01, 2000; 01:49:46)

(On-the-spot electronic ambient)
P.O. Box 20301
Columbus OH 43220-0301
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Nov 21, 2000; 09:26:10)

Ternophs, the
(Irish Pride Punk Rock)
Jimm Ternoph
Po Box 543
Bradner OH 43406
[email protected]
Oi! from the northern part of Ohio. Not that cheesy Blink 187 crap, this is the real stuff.
(updated: Tue, Apr 25, 2000; 18:26:22)

(updated: Thu, May 31, 2001; 14:56:33)

Test Planet
(Alternative Rock)
Jeremiah Keller
[email protected]
The truth begins simply:
Test Planet is the sum total of Jay Wuerth & Jeremiah Keller, and their 77 week trek through basements of hi-fly recording. Week 78 brought the neon flickering into view as rhythmonaut Jason Valentine, crashed landed -- drums barely intact. "Watermelon-fuel trout delectapod," he murmured. Now, the sometimes blurred, but always resplendent trio seeks new life between sheets of night's sonic cover.
Test Planet are:
Jay Wuerth - singer, dead-beat-poet, bassist
Jeremiah Keller - guitars, lustful noises, resident iconoclast
Jason Valentine - percussionist, metro-jive-amatic
The trio is laying tracks in the dungeon for a debut album to burst the summer of 2001 with a new voice of alternative rock music. In the meantime, Test Planet is playing heavily -- broadcasting tone and signal through club walls into hips and minds across the Test Planet.

(updated: Mon, Apr 02, 2001; 12:44:29)

The Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party
J Modica
79 W Oakland
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]\ users\yakbutter
Walter Scott (pink pony) Thompson III
(updated: Wed, May 17, 2000; 01:00:44)

Them Wranch
Andy - 261-4473
Joe & Gerry - 262-5947
72 E. Maynard, Col., OH 43202

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
1992-B N. High St.
[email protected]
[email protected]

[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jan 22, 2001; 23:24:49)

Eric Hall
5166 Parkmoor Dr.
westerville OH 43082
Matt Delchicco
westerville OH
Play lots of covers and originals too.
(updated: Sun, May 21, 2000; 18:44:19)

Throat Culture
(A Cappella ensemble)
209 South High St., Suite 419
Col OH 43215
[email protected]
John Bolzenius
Bernard Wilburn 299-4790
(updated: Mon, Mar 01, 1999; 18:01:54)

(Cross between Clutch & RHCP(but all original)
David Picciuto
214 Napoleon Rd. #8
Bowling Green oh 43402
[email protected]
"these guys know how to rock the stage, get me a cigarette man" -Tad Warner of Rock Ohio
(updated: Fri, Apr 28, 2000; 15:40:12)

[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Dec 11, 1998; 08:04:41)

(Heavy Metal)
[email protected]
Crushing metal thump and fluid grooves.
(updated: Sat, Oct 02, 1999; 01:07:07)

(is a band)
Brian Freshour
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Mar 21, 2001; 08:22:55)

Tim Easton
P.O. Box 82341
Col. Ohio 43202
[email protected]

Time Has Come
(Old School Hardcore)
Scott Cain
1069 Lexington Ave.
Mansfield Oh 44907
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Dec 01, 1999; 15:22:30)

Todd Sines
[email protected]

Jason Melick
PO Box 362
Brice OH 43109
Fax: (614)267-3909
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Mar 13, 2000; 13:14:02)

(Touch and go punky rock)
Charlie Murphy
3595 Clearwater DR.
Columbus OH 43232
(614) 837-0631 Fax: Same
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 25, 1999; 18:24:25)

(Classic Rock)
Phil Davis
6206 Brooksong Way
Blacklick Oh 43004
[email protected]
Corporate, weddings, parties, public & private we play all the music
(updated: Wed, Jan 03, 2001; 16:42:37)

Toy God Harold
(Original Aggressive Psychedelic)
Andy Sartain
657 Dukewell Pl
Galloway Oh 43119
[email protected]
We kick ass. A little Suicidal Tendencies, a little Grateful Dead, a lot of Groove
(updated: Thu, Aug 24, 2000; 15:11:07)

Transformers, the
Eliot Dow
830 Rutter Ave.
Lancaster OH 43130
Fax: (740)653-0155
[email protected]
highly talented high school kids from Lancaster, Ohio, playing an incredible pop-punkish style.
(updated: Fri, Mar 10, 2000; 12:36:41)

(Darkwave Industrial Goth)
[email protected]
Depeche Mode gets boot stomped in a dark alley by Trent Reznor, then have their lunch money stolen by The Cure thing going on. There are many excellent underground bands that are pretty hard to find, but they are well worth the search. Transum is not exactly goth or industrial or all those other labels you would like to place on them because they cross between them all.
(updated: Tue, Oct 10, 2000; 11:23:06)

Trapper John
(Alternative/Pop rock )
Columbus OH
[email protected]
All original rock quartet.
(updated: Tue, Mar 13, 2001; 23:22:50)

84 w. 1st Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
Fax: 421.0641
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Aug 09, 1999; 16:14:49)

(groove metal)
Curt Thomas
724 E. Fair Ave.
Lancsaster OH 43130
(740) 653-5265
[email protected] OR curtamy@greenapple
Mike Messina
Holiday Rd.
Bremen OH 43150
(740) 569-7771
(updated: Tue, Feb 27, 2001; 20:31:16)

Triple Threat
(In your face Rock-N-Roll)
Scott Cain
Mansfield Oh 44907
[email protected]
Triple Threat has been a cover band since 1990 that does songs from the 70's, 80's & 90's. We just want to play and drink beer with everyone!!!
(updated: Sun, Feb 20, 2000; 19:10:10)

truly gone fishing
(pop/classic rock (counting crows style/led zepplin)
Michael DeLay
5764 hartford st.
columbus OH 43085
[email protected]
Jay Smith
Band of acoustic meets electric sounds. Folk/classic rock. All original music. Interesting history of band-origin on the western shores of the baltic sea...survived fishing disaster...these 5 boys were the only ones to survive...wrote much of the music while out to sea.
(updated: Mon, Mar 27, 2000; 21:30:58)

(Modern rock with female vocals)
Steve Farmer
[email protected]
Alot of energy and play all original songs.
(updated: Sun, Apr 01, 2001; 23:13:48)

(Original Acoustic Duo)
Ian Howell
Columbus OH
[email protected]
Nancy Appel
[email protected]
Powerful songs, and powerful voices!! This singer/songwriter duo will blow you away with their great songs and amazing vocal harmonies. If you like the indigo girls, jonatha brooke, or The Story, you will love Tungee. Available to open, or to headline as a 2-5 piece band. Check out our web site for more info
(updated: Mon, Nov 01, 1999; 17:38:35)

Chad Scholtisek
[email protected]
Rock over London---Rock on Chicago!!!!!
(updated: Tue, Jan 16, 2001; 21:32:17)

Twelve Days Dry
Introspective Music
P.O. Box 3335
Dublin OH 43016
[email protected]

Twin Cam
(pop punk)
Mike Sammons
[email protected]
Roxanne Blanford
[email protected]
Trio from Columbus slugs it out. I just mopped in here so try not to track anything in.
(updated: Mon, Jun 04, 2001; 11:18:30)

Twin Cam
(Power Pop-Punk)
Mike Sammons
Columbus OH 43212
[email protected]
Roxanne Blanford
New York NY
[email protected]
With whirring fuzzy crunch guitars, pounding rhythms and whiplash inducing beats, Twin Cam is everything your mother warned you about. If that's not reason enough to get on board, then, you just don't know where the fun is! Twin Cam--grandpa says "the music's loud", but he likes it anyway!...
(updated: Sat, Feb 17, 2001; 00:31:58)

Two Percent Talent
(ska-influenced rock-with-horns)
(updated: Mon, Apr 26, 1999; 22:57:24)

Typhoid Mary
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

Ukulele Man
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Uncle Daddy
Howard Goldberg - (513) 424-6860

Uncle Sam's Dream Machine
(Roots Rock)
Don Ritchey
[email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jun 05, 2000; 13:40:06)

Upper 90
(melodic indie rock-pop)
Brian Frank
(614) 267-1328
[email protected]
Scott Smith
[email protected]
original indie rock-pop band out of Columbus, Ohio. Looking to book shows. First release, "Have a Couple More 'n' Think About It" available now. In the studio currently working on the second release. For booking or merchandise e-mail the band at [email protected]
(updated: Mon, Jun 25, 2001; 00:23:54)

Vague, the
(Power Pop Rock)
Chuck Oney
1314 Bolenhill Court
Columbus OH 43229
Fax: 614-286-9791
[email protected]
Jamie Forsythe
1314 Bolenhill Court
Columbus OH 43229
Fax: 614-848-7624
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Jun 15, 2001; 16:58:05)

Vague, the

Valley Legends, the
(3 piece power trio from Columbus, Ohio)
Jeff DuMond
[email protected]
Tim Burkhart
[email protected]
The Valley Legends are a smokin' 3 piece rock band playing covers and originals.
(updated: Thu, Apr 05, 2001; 14:38:38)

(synth-romo pop/80's with a dark twist)
PO Box 3283
Columbus, Ohio 43210
[email protected]
[email protected]

Van Johnson
(Solo Artist)
Van Johnson
43665 Dutchtown Rd
Racine OH 45771
[email protected]
One Man Band, Professional Entertainer for 30 years Have opened for Steve Wariner, the Bellamy Bros. and Ricky Lynn Gregg. I play Classic Rock, Country, Motown Using a Kurzweil K2VX keyboard,Midi vocalist,Midi Files. I sound like a 5 piece band. I sing,play keys and guitar.
(updated: Wed, Feb 09, 2000; 16:28:28)

(Radio Smashes, Undiscovered Hits, Happy Accidents,)
star vanstucco
chevy vanstucco
[email protected]
looking to trade gigs, drink lots, sell a million records and get on VH1's "Where Are They Now?" all in the next 12 months!
(updated: Thu, Mar 30, 2000; 11:20:03)

Vegas In Space
(Electronic Hard Rock)
Creighton Emrick
[email protected]
Dennis Hamlin
[email protected]
A lavish mix of buzzsaw guitars, other wordly electronica and darkly infectious melody. Vegas In Space live is a violent display of shockingly raw emotion and beautifully chaotic visuals and they have been sent to send you into a sinful serenity...
(updated: Fri, Apr 06, 2001; 20:36:41)

Vegas Vic Vanstucco
(Solo acoustic and black jack)
[email protected]
If you like gambling, drinking and girls, check out Vegas Vic!
(updated: Tue, Nov 23, 1999; 20:52:49)

Velveteens, the
(A country, blues, rock blend)
To reach The Velvet Ladies- Amy and Meagan
For booking info. contact
P.O.Box 10276
Col. OH 43201
844-1452 pager
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Feb 14, 1999; 03:27:39)

Via Sahara
("everything from hard rock to reggae")
JJ Sansone
6925 Gibson Road
Youngstown OH 44406
(updated: Mon, Jan 15, 2001; 10:52:23)

(Hard Core Industrial / Metal)
Gabriel Shepard
PoB 14146
Columbus Oh 43214
1 800 590 9458
[email protected]
Larry Demster
PoB 14146
Columbus oh 43214
1 800 590 9458
[email protected]
(updated: Wed, Mar 29, 2000; 18:26:40)

Victorian Quartz
(Heavy/Rock/Evil Swamp Music)
Dwight Hatfield
374 McKellar St.
Chillicothe OH 45601
Michael Chapman
839 Douglas Rd.
Washington C.H. OH 43160
[email protected]
Feel free to get in touch with us, we will play with anyone who will share the stage with us. It's a very high energy rock show. We'd love to hear from you.
(updated: Wed, Aug 16, 2000; 22:35:38)

(updated: Mon, Oct 09, 2000; 00:00:00)

Vincents, the
(Loud Rock)
Eric Mahoney
878 Northwest Blvd.
Grandview Oh
Jake Twynham
4047 Meath ct.
Dublin Oh 43016
Check out the web site, for song downloads and pictures and show dates.
(updated: Sat, Mar 10, 2001; 15:01:19)

261-7158 - Jeff Ciampa
532 Milford Ave.
Col. OH 43202
World Beat/Funk/Pop/Rock (Sample Loops/Grooves/Melodies) - Jeff Ciampa

Virginia King
(Alternative Rock)
[email protected]
Kirk Bookmyer
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 06, 2001; 17:31:04)

Kevin Montavon
2914 Hiawatha Avenue
Columbus OH 43224
[email protected]
2000-style original metal. No rapping. Fits in well with Staind or Godsmack. Former members of Unconfined & Urban Grind Corps Guerrillas
(updated: Mon, Oct 16, 2000; 20:44:07)

Voodoo 101
Todd Allman
69404 Prattsville Rd
McArthur OH 45651
[email protected]
Voodoo 101 is a rock band with big ass guitars a kickin' rythm and a fiery female singer to boot.
(updated: Sun, Mar 12, 2000; 22:00:41)

Wallace Grove
(Pop Rock)
Mike Raymond
[email protected]
Wallace Grove is the new name for the band formerly known as Last Call. We formed in June, 1999 and have been playing and recording around Columbus since that time. Our shows are a 50/50 mix of covers and originals. Jangly guitar rhythym with three vocals. Keyboards, bass and drums.
(updated: Thu, Jul 05, 2001; 22:47:01)

Wallace's Line
(original jazz/rock/fusion)
Rob Baumann
2081 Iuka Ave.
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
Kevin Dippold
374 W. 6th Apt. 10
Columbus OH 43201
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Apr 27, 2001; 14:04:40)

Walnut Brothers
(experimental folk punk)
Nick Turkas
2396 E. Main St. Apt. D
Bexley OH 43209
[email protected]
Contact the Walnut Brothers for a FREE cassette!
(updated: Wed, Jun 06, 2001; 09:52:02)

Walnut Brothers
(experimental rock/folk/blues)
Nick Turkas
2396 E. Main St. Apt. D
Bexley OH 43209
[email protected]
Contact the Walnut Brothers for a FREE, personalized cassette.
(updated: Tue, Aug 15, 2000; 20:32:11)

(50's/60's rock & roll cover band)
Alex West
P.O. Box 356
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
[email protected]
We're a fun and exciting oldies band, perfect for any event where dancing is a must!
(updated: Tue, Aug 17, 1999; 04:26:32)

Walt James
(Heavy Rock For Your Head)
[email protected]
(updated: Fri, Jun 08, 2001; 18:40:05)

Water Buffalos
(Originals & Classic Rock Covers)
Rob VanEvra
334 Brevoort Rd.
Columbus OH 43214
Jerri Shafer
6443 Cherroy Dr.
Reynoldsburg OH 43068
[email protected]
The Water Buffalos are a wacky zany bunch that perform originals and classic rock covers around Columbus, Ohio. Check out their website at:
(updated: Thu, Dec 17, 1998; 09:35:04)

PO Box 82092
Col. OH 43202
[email protected]

Waxy Monx
396 E. Gates St.
Col. OH 43206
449-9126 - Michael Tomasi
West Coast Psychedelic - WM

We Don't
(new-rock, 4-piece, 4-part vocals w/ hints of blues)
Doug Fry
217 Oak Ridge
Wellston OH 45692
[email protected]
Johnnie Rose
217 Oak Ridge
Wellston OH 45692
[email protected]
We Don't provides an energetic show of up to four hours, including one hour of original material. Their original stuff is great radio rock, with vocal harmony. Download MP3 files at Parties, clubs, and festivals are invited to book the band. Reasonable pricing includes 3000watts of sound amplification, professional lighting effects, and dj music when the band is not playing. Tshirts, CDs, Sweatshirts, and cassetes are available. The band has severl digital recordings featured on local radio and the internet. JOHN ROSE - bass DOUG FRY - guitars BART WISEMAN - guitars DJ RIDDICK - drums
(updated: Tue, Apr 25, 2000; 18:36:03)

Weird Love Makers, the
(Sample-based porno swing)
P.O. Box 10391
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 30, 1999; 10:30:45)

[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Nov 28, 1999; 19:00:00)

Whiskey River
("The finest in live country, country rock, and cla)
Rod Montgomery
701 Holiday Rd.
Bremen Oh 43107
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Sep 24, 2000; 11:40:26)

Whiskey Saints, the
(Acoustic Duo Specializing in Modern Rock Covers)
Don Nixon
4441 Gaffney Ct.
Columbus OH 43228
[email protected]
(updated: Sun, Feb 27, 2000; 13:04:21)

White Raven
Brian Gleisinger
[email protected]
Chris Karn
White Raven is playing Melody's Cafe on July 1st, 2000. Come and check us out! Visit our website for the most up-to-date shows and to learn more about the band.
(updated: Sun, Jun 25, 2000; 19:51:53)

Whiteouts, The
(Fun PBR-fueled punk rock)
Any or all of the Whiteouts
here on Earth (mostly)
(send e-mail to us through website)
(updated: Sat, Apr 08, 2000; 10:05:31)

(Hard/Alt. Rock, Metal)
Andy Dunn
Columbus OH 43235
[email protected]
Ian "Pokefinga" Loomis
Columbus OH 43235
[email protected]
check THIS out. Widget - a local hard/alt. rock and metal band from Columbus, OH - check them out at and see them live in and around Columbus at clubs such as The Alrosa Villa, Newport, and more.
(updated: Tue, Aug 29, 2000; 16:09:58)

Willie Phoenix and the Voodooz
[email protected]
Eric Smith - 627-1030
Flavatone - 621-2245 x 220
Request & Info - 627-1030

Willie Pooch and the House Band
Booking: 848-9851

Wolfgang Parker
980 King Ave. Bld. 2 Rm 19
Col OH 43212
Booking: Jeff Eaton - 538-1793
[email protected]
(updated: Tue, Mar 30, 1999; 10:30:45)

wooden soul
(funk'n pop)
P.O. Box 82119
Columbus OH 43202
7841478 Fax: 7840397
[email protected]
Uff Da Music
[email protected]
We're on hiatus for now but stay tuned for upcoming shows and our debut CD and MP3s early in 2000
(updated: Thu, Dec 16, 1999; 12:20:21)

Woodside Quinn
(Upbeat Acoustic Rock with a dash of Jazz)
Aaron Stanford
Dublin OH 43016
[email protected]
Brendan Breen Combes
[email protected]
This band has opened for Tonic, Pat McGee, The Clarks, Vriginia Coalition and others. THis the Ohio's best up and coming band, you can't afford to pass this band up!
(updated: Mon, Feb 05, 2001; 09:16:31)

10552 Doty Rd.
Pickerinton, OH 43147
[email protected]
An original 4-piece band with a clean and catchy, slightly alternative, high-energy, acoustic contemporary sound. Playing mostly originals and some covers. The ensemble consists of Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and lots of Vocals. The sound is appealing to a wide range of rock music lovers and the performances are lively and entertaining. - Ely of Woody.

woosley band, the
(alternative roots rock)
sean woosley
columbus oh
[email protected]
youll need shockwave flash player
(updated: Sun, Dec 31, 2000; 00:14:00)

[email protected]
We are unknown in Columbus to all but The Emperors of Bad Luck. We've not played very many shows due to making baby's and such! This fact will hopefully change in 1999...looking to go into the studio and get a demo cranked out. Looking for shows, if anyone's interested give a shout! JD
(updated: Tue, Dec 08, 1998; 14:38:28)

XX Chromosomes
(Alternative / Blue-Rock)
Joyce Anna Marie
11470 Euclid Ave. #166
Cleveland OH 44106
(440)846-6622 Fax: upon request
[email protected]
Alternative/Blue-Rock all xx chromosome bitchin band. Hey, don't ask us to play at an all women concert unless you'd ask us play with the boys too.
(updated: Thu, Oct 07, 1999; 16:24:19)

Yankee Celtic Consort
(Celtic w/bluegrass/classical)
c/o Grandma Katherine's Music
1800 W. Fifth Ave
Col OH 43212
Fax: 481-7205
[email protected]

Yips, the
P.O. Box 8072
2 piece AOR influenced lady-rock - The Yips

(Salsa/Latin Jazz)
Eric "the fish" Paton
Fax: (614)267-4810
Columbus' only live SALSA DANCE PARTY every Tuesday Night at The Columbus Music Hall(464-0044) from 8:30 to 11:30pm - Just celebrated their Fifth year of Tuesday Nights - come on out and Cha-Cha, Mambo, Salsa, and Merengue!!$5 cover; NEW CD available at any live performance Upcoming Dates: April 6th Dick's Den; April 28th 501:BAR; May 19th 501:BAR; June 2nd 501:BAR; and many more this summer...
(updated: Tue, Apr 04, 2000; 13:53:02)

Zapruder Red
(Indie Electronica)
PO Box 10766
(updated: Tue, Feb 06, 2000; 17:41:24)

(the new music alternative)
James Housteau
5793 Lakeside Crossing
Dublin OH 43016
[email protected]
Chris Winder
Dublin OH 43016
(updated: Fri, Jun 02, 2000; 15:49:02)