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Unless otherwise noted, the city is COLUMBUS, the state is OHIO, the zip is probably 43201 and the area code is (614). For corrections, updates and additions to the directories, contact CRINGE at:

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201 USA
[email protected]
or (614) 421-7589

Music Stores | Labels & Distributors | Studios

This section now includes one or two music equipment/supply stores along with the record stores.

There are two general policies stores go by when selling local music. They either consign it or buy it straight out. Consigning means they don't pay you until it's sold. Buying it straight out means they pay you some set amount for a (usually limited) number of copies. In both cases, the store will likely mark it up a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the various costs and preferences involved. (Yep, if they like you or the music, yer likely ta get a better deal.) Stores may mark down or sell items b ack to the artist if they sit dormant for too long.

CD Warehouse
1872 N. High St.
M-Th 11-9 / 11-10 F-Sat / 12-6 Sun
Local music sales policies: They buy CDs only at $4 a piece. - CD Warehouse
This sounds like a used CD buy back policy, not a local CD policy.

Clintonville Community Market
200 Crestview Rd
Col OH 43202
Fax: 261-0474
M-F 9am-5pm
This is a call to musicians and bands. The Clintonville Community Market is a small natural foods cooperative in Columbus and would like to sell your CDs. We support local and regional food producers, artists and performers. We are expanding our music stock space and would like local and regional groups to bring in their stuff to fill the shelves! We would like a store copy of your CD also( it WILL help sales ). We can consign most artists' CDs right now. We'll be able to do tapes and vinyl soon. Once our sales volume goes up enough, we will be able to purchase product. If you work with a distributor already, we can go through them if you prefer. Feel free to email or call, and ask for Steve or Edward.

CMAG's New Music Catalog & Online Music Store
152 Congressional Ln. Suite 222
Rockville, MD 20852 / (301)468-3552 / [email protected] - Pres. Jeff Campbell

Fifth Avenue Fret Shop
[email protected]
1597 W. Fifth Avenue
Hours: Tue-Thu 12-7, Fri-Sat 12-5

Columbus Percussion
5052 N. High St.
Col OH 43214
(800) 775-7372
Fax: 885-4761

Johnny Go's House o' Music
1900 N. High St.

Magnolia Thunderpussy Records
1591 N. High St. /
Perty decent import and death metal selections.

Record Connection
We sell local music on consignment with only a $1.00 charge.

Record Finder
Primarily on vinyl, 78s, LPs and 45s. We have the largest on-line selection of collectible, out-of-print recordings available from 1900 to 1990's. We also buy collections, and provide a means for you to sell your collection world-wide, thru our consignment area. - [email protected]

Roots One Stop
1202 N. High St. / 294-7611
Tu-Sa 12-7pm / Su 12-6pm
Roots reggae, ska, records, clothing and more

Singing Dog Records
1630 N. High St.
They have a bit more jazz than most of the other OSU area stores.

The String Shoppe Music Store
1710 N. High St. / 294-5296
M-Thu 11am-8pm / F 11am-7pm / Sat 1am-6pm
New and used music supplies and equipment.

Used Kid's Records
297-0281 / 294-3833 / 1992-B N. High St.
M-Sat 10-8 / Sun 12-6
Local music sales policies: We don't do consignment - we buy outright and don't refuse local product but the cheaper the better. Get the music to the people.
- Bela of Used Kids

Used Kid's Annex
1992-B N. High St.
Vinyl, rarities and out-of-print items.

Vibes Music
1956 N. High St.
[email protected]?

World Record
1980 N. High St. 2nd Floor
M-F 10-10 / 12-7 Sun
10% off on Tuesdays. The buy back used CD's, but not cassettes or LP's.
Local music sales policies: They take CDs, tapes and LPs. Payout on Fridays. Will do listening booths on most titles. - World Record

Music Stores | Labels & Distributors | Studios

These are just some of the many recording labels that call Columbus home. The focus is on labels that have released material by more than one local act - not labels existing solely as a forum for a single band. But in either case, if ya get the info to me I'll include it.

the 21.22 corporation
specializing in electronic soundscapes, designs, + products since 1992
po box 3636
Col OH 43210-0636
[email protected]
c/o charles noel or edward luna
techno, electro, experimental electronic music; on 12-inch vinyl releases and CDs
charles noel (monochrome, archetype), todd sines (cron, enhanced), titonton duvante, kevin ginger (valence), kevin kennedy (powerhouse), others

415 Forest St
Suite D
Columbus OH 43206
Fax: 444-1825
[email protected]
Formerly a part of GIA/ALPHA OMEGA MUSIC/RECORDS former clients have included SHANNON, LANCE, KINDRED IDOL, TRASH CAN TRIBAL, THE CLAN, SOVAY. All types of music except CHRISTIAN and RAP

Anyway Records
118 E. Patterson Ave. / Col. OH 43202
Anyway Artists:
Gaunt, Appalachian Death Ride, Greenhorn, Monster Truck 005, Belreve, V3, Stupid Fuckin' Hippie, Bassholes, Log, Vibralux, New Bomb Turks, Clay, Bugman, Ass Ponies, Guided by Voices, Robert Griffin, Jenny Mae Leffel, Econothugs, Moviola, Nothing Painted Blue, Steve Lindstrum, Paul Nini, Geraldine, Bargoyle, Gun Shy Ministers, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Detour, Bob Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Ron House, Jerry Wick, Paul K. ...

Bandaloop Records
[email protected]
Coinmonster, Go Robot Go!, Manifold Splendour, Ritual Space Travel Agency

Belly Fu Oh Happy Whale (defunct?)
2112 N. High St. #23
Happy Whale Artists:
Drunken Eagles, Patt Broadcaster, Smelt Daddy, The Wild Gunmen, The Hairy Patt Band, Hard Black Thing.

Big Beef Records
P.O. Box 303 WBB / Dayton, Ohio 45409
(937) 258-1124 / [email protected]
Big Beef Records Artists:
Independent music and video of various styles and genres. Primarily Ohio-based, including works by The Mulchmen, Real Lulu, The Pure Plastic Tree, Brainiac, Gregg Spence, Cage, etc.

Big Daddy Sound Records

Black Music
P.O. Box 162 / Col OH 43216 / [email protected]
Black Music Artists:
The Weird Love Makers, Monochrome, Adultery Unlimited, Realistic, Midislut, Stewart Brown, Resonance, Myungho Choi, Neriq, The In Crowd, Evolution Control Committee, Pong, Fact TwentyTwo, Cathode Raymonde, ARS.

Break-Up! Records
Pat Dull - 272-9008 / [email protected]
PO Box 15372 / Col. OH 43215-0372
Break-Up! Artists:
Pat Dull, Pop Rocks, Jerry DeCicca, Dogrocket, The Revelers, Big Hello, Heartdrops.

Burnt Sienna Records
Phone/fax: 279-2016
207 Powhatan Avenue / Col. OH 43204
[email protected] /
Burnt Sienna Artists:
Pet UFO, Pretty Mighty Mighty, Bugman, Clay, Girly Machine, Vibralux, Bloody Discharge, Chanel No., S.O.R., Econothugs, Granny's Hole, Moody Jackson, The Hairy Patt Band, My White Bread Mom, Tigerlilies, Gun Shy Ministers, Morning Glories, Flyin' Saucers, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ff, Steelminers, Mudflap Girls from Venus, Laughing Stock, Corm, Tub, Alkaloid, Joel Treadway, Flipping Hades, The Frans, Drill Kitty, The Haynes Boys, Swivel Arm Battlegrip ...

Chrome Frog Records (defunct)
P.O. Box 82372 / Col. OH 43202
Chrome Frog Artists:
The Hairy Patt Band, Eric's Mother, Monster Truck 005, Sicniks.

Community Projects Records
P.O. Box 10773
Columbus, OH 43201
[email protected]
a punk rock label specializing in good stuff! Imagine that ...

Datapanik Records (defunct)
Datapanik Records Artists:
Two Hour Trip, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Monster Truck 005, Girly Machine, Pica Huss, The New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, Greenhorn.

Derailleur Records
900 S. 3rd St. Apt. E
Col OH 43206
[email protected]
Derailleur Records Artists:
Bigfoot, Pretty Mighty Mighty, Templeton and the Velveteens.

Dogbowl Records
P.O. Box 16 Sunbury, OH 43074
Dogbowl Records Artists:
Crelm, Obsolete, Cringe, Endangered Species, Ivan

Dragonlady Records (defunct?)
[email protected]
PO Box 16863 / Col OH 43216-6863
Dragonlady Records Artists:
Miss May '66 and O-matic.

Epiphany & Tetrachord Records (defunct)
759-0635 / 5571 suite B Hibernia Dr. / Col. OH 43232
Epiphany/Tetrachord Artists:
After Hours, Mark Williams, Cornell Wiley.

Eternity's Jest Records
1487 W. Fifth Ave #212
Columbus OH 43212
Paul Williams - 294-8612
[email protected]
Quarkspace, National Steam

Glazed Records
[email protected]
PO Box 82006
Columbus OH 43202
267.5129 (Only until 11PM Eastern)
Fax: 603.761.0690
Press/promo Inquiries:
Diana Willis - (914) 698-2325
[email protected]
Rocket From The Crypt, Tiara, Puffball, Adam West, The Peepshows, New Bomb Turks, The Hives, Rocket City Riot, Murder City Devils.

Grandma Katherine's Music
1800 W. Fifth Ave / Col OH 43212
481-7200 / Fax: 481-7205 / [email protected]
Grandma Katherine's Artists:
Yankee Celtic Consort, Fred Haring, Chuck Brown, John Morgan, The Grace Project.

Great Big Spanking Records
GBS Records is a record label working in conjunction with its own OATH recording studio designed to help promote the artists and their recordings.

Heathen Records/Whatever Records
P.O. Box 82341 / Col. OH 43202
Whatever Records Artists:
The Haynes Boys, Tim Easton.

i.D. Entertainment
PO box 3283
Col. OH 43210
[email protected]
[email protected]

Inbred Recording Company
P.O. Box 14157 / Cleveland, OH 44114
Inbred Artists:
The Revelers, Boogie Man Smash, Quazimodo.

Lizard Family Music
470-3689 / P.O. Box 09851 / Col. OH 43209
[email protected] /
LFM Artists:
Earwig, Parsnip, Ugly Stick, Preston Furman, Monster Zero, Bigfoot, Tiara.

Lower Records
154 Charleston Ave. / Col. OH 43214
[email protected]
Lower Artists:
Househearts, Peck of Snide, Great Plains '85, Fungobat, Paul Nini, Rescue Mission, Diesel Fuel Only, Shades of Al Davis.

Moebius Palindrome
P.O. Box 82392 / Col. OH 43202
[email protected]
Moebius Palindrome Artists:
In Moebius, Lollipop Factory.

Nilaihah Records
P.O. Box 82614
Columbus, OH 43202
[email protected]

Nugget Records
[email protected]
[email protected]
A brand new small punk label out of Columbus, Ohio
Jack Handy, Jet66, 11 Acres, Lucwarm, The Bedrockers, Planet Z, Mr. Celery Face, The Pits, Ransak, ATP, and the Conformists.

1992-B North High St.
OKra Artists:
Kevyn and the Kasualties, Hank McCoy & The Dead Ringers, The Schramms, The Hootowls, Ass Ponys, The Fellow Travelers, Cordelia's Dad, The Wolverton Bros., Ricky Barnes & The Hootowls, OKra All-Stars.

Old Age/No Age
PO Box 10 / Commercial Point, OH 43116
Old Age/No Age Artists:
Ron House, Mike Rep.

Orange Pop Records
PO Box 63 / Berrien Springs, MI 49103 USA
[email protected] /
Home of Virtual Distribution and the Online Indie Catalog - Orange Pop

Polecat Records
652 Knights Ave.#1 / Gahanna, OH 43230
[email protected] /
We specialize in cassette to CD production. - Polecat

[email protected]
[email protected]
Retribution Artists:
The Creeps, ARA comp

Residual Recordings
T.J. Nagel - 297-7900
Residual Recordings Artists:
Titonton, Boo Williams, Todd Sines.

Seldom Scene Records
245 W. North Broadway / Col OH / 43214
Seldom Scene Artists: Tiara, Preston Furman, Creeper Ohio.

Simple Solutions

Uff Da Music
P.O. Box 02119 / Col. OH 43202
268-8726 / [email protected]
Uff Da Artists: Mary Adam 12, Honk, Wail & Moan, New Basics Brass Band ...

What Else? Records
What Else? Artists:
Discount, The Wynona Riders, Supernova, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Toyboat, Less Than Jake, Groovie Ghoulies, Rod

Music Stores | Labels & Distributors | Studios

Yes, practice and recording space may be hard to come by, but here's a few.

Cosmic Hermit Productions
1780 N 4th St. / 299-5493 / [email protected]
Recording studio and many other music promo services. - Chuck Queen

[email protected]
Cowtownsound offers 1 inch analog, 20-bit ADATs, a hard disk recording system, synchronization of all format at up to 96 tracks at mixdown, dedicated balanced power supply, tracking, mixing, mastering and CD duplication. Custom and full length projects are our specialty. Projects include Tim Easton, Woosley Band, Joint Project, Mohio, Jerkwater Jive, Switch, Mushcup, and the Rolling Stones.

Essex Studio
661 E. 8th Ave / 294-1444
Fax: 294-8565

Fossil Studios
[email protected]
2990 Riat Run Road
Grove City, OH 43123
Professional project audio recording & graphics studio Reasonable Rates (very reasonable) with Pro Quality 16-96 Track Studio, All Digital PC Based Recording, All Digital Recording, Mixing & Mastering To (CD) Master, Comfortable Relaxed Environment, Professional Staff, Professional Session Musician Services, Graphic Design Services, Work With A Wide Variety Of Bands & Projects.
Please contact Brian for more info or a tour of the studio.

Laughing Boy Studio
Pete English / [email protected]
A small 8/16 track digital studio in my home used to record bands, soloists and location recording (mostly classical or chamber recordings). My basic rate is $15/hour for home recording. I have guitars, basses, organs, a piano and a Gretsch kit laying around for use. Since I play drums with the Sovines, I'm sure we'd also be available for session work within LBS. - Pete

Macwood Audio Group
P.O. Box 82109 / Col, Oh 43202 / 261-6999
We are a post-production studio (mixing and mastering). We have worked extensively with Brian Casey & Uff Da Music. We have worked on projects for MA12, Honk, Wail & Moan, New Basics, Mighty R, Deviate, and Urban Fishing Rules. Great Rates...Great sounds. We can do one-off CDs. Let me know if you would like more information. - Rob Maccabee

Magic Garden Studio
[email protected]
Brian Lucey - 447-8265

Moo Pigface Recording Studio
[email protected]
182 west Johnstown Rd.
Gahanna OH 43230
A 24-track digital recording studio located in a free standing building in Gahanna.
Open for rehearsal Mon-Thur.

OATH Studios
32 track professional facility located in Columbus, Ohio, combining digital, analog, and hard disc recording for the best of what these mediums offer.

Phat Dad Recordings & Wreckords
3336 E. Main St. / Col OH 43212 / 239-6423 / Fax: 238-9334
Specializing in 32 track recording, recording packages, song production, artwork, consulting, etc.

Slaymaker Studio
(614) 325-8288
Pataskala, OH 43062
[email protected]
A 32 track hard disk recording studio.

Stoney Ridge Studios

Thornapple Sound Recording Studio
3221 Thornapple Dr.
J.C. Bittence - [email protected]
Steve Carter - [email protected]
Thornapple Sound is a full-service, professional multi-track sound recording facility serving the music industry, advertising, and marketing firms. Thornapple Studio uses state of the art recording facility design and equipment for digital or analog sound recording and project mastering. Thornapple's staff has over 50 years of experience in the recording industry. Our network of engineers, producers, and musicians as well as our experience with a wide variety of musical styles and project types allow us to put together the proper team and recording package to assure a successful recording project. Thornapple Sound is located at 3221 Thornapple Dr. in northeast Columbus, Ohio just north of the intersection of Morse and Westerville roads. This location is centrally located within the city, the state, and the U.S.A. This convenient location is only 10 minutes from the Columbus International Airport and is easily accessible from I-270 or I-71. Thornapple is only minutes away from lodging, shopping and entertainment centers, downtown Columbus, and the Ohio State University campus.

Workbook Studio
421-2310 / 613-4124
[email protected]
Established in 1996, Workbook Studio is a full service analog and digital recording studio located in Columbus, OH. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere while making a quality recording. Our experienced staff engineers are musicians themselves and understand the creative process. Great staff, excellent equipment and low rates combine to make your recording experience enjoyable. In addition, we offer high quality digital mastering, pre-mastering and competitive pricing on CD and cassette duplication. Check out our web page for an equipment and client lists. - Workbook