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ISSUE 5.4            The Book'em Danno Issue            FALL 1995

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This issue caps off a full year of CRINGE. Also with this issue come a few changes that will hopefully make CRINGE more accessible. First, I know many of you have been concerned with the so called elitist idea of making CRINGE totally e-based (e-mail, WWW, etc). This is/was the original intent and design of CRINGE. Hardcopies were made available to reviewees and related parties (no, not that kinda party). I don't consider it too elitist since most readers can get free accounts through school (OSU) or the Columbus Public Libraries (Greater Columbus Freenet). But note that this issue actually marks the first time a large portion of the information was not acquired online or through e-mail. Most of the directory information is from little scraps of paper and forms I had the listees fill out.

So where does this put the next CRINGE? Truthfully, some of it's biggest fans seem not to be online. I don't want to lose such a good audience, thus I am contemplating many options. I will continue to make a limited number of hardcopies (at least 100). F or the next issue of CRINGE I will accept and even encourage non-net people to mail, phone in or otherwise submit reviews, music, information and even pictures to CRINGE. Now it still has to relate to the local music scene. And if ya can get things to me on disk, it'll be a lot easier for me. The other major change is that there is now a CRINGE World Wide Web site - and not just a site, but a domain. All past issues of CRINGE can be found there, along with the LIVE SHOWS calendar and a number of my other related and unrelated interests. The URL is http://www.cringe.com.

Have fun, Joel Treadway                   133 W. 6th Ave.
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http://www.cringe.com               (614) 421-7589
Bob Bellas of OUCHCUBE          [email protected] 
Jerri Shaffer of In Your Ear    [email protected]
lee p.                          [email protected] 
Dead Flower Bloom               [email protected] 
Mark G.                         [email protected]> 
Martyr Colony/Jeff Muth         [email protected] 
CAMster/camyers                 [email protected] 
Nathan Weaver                   (In search of ... a new account) 
Joel                            [email protected] 
jen angel                       [email protected]
Sony Music Entertainment Inc.   [email protected] 
Onion/American (Jim Shepard)    [email protected] 
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Q & A

HOW/WHERE DO I GET A COPY? Send e-mail to [email protected] with the Subject SEND for the current CRINGE. It will also be posted to LS*, osu.music, cmh.general, gcfreenet.arts.music and http://www.cringe.com/. For those of you not online, ya may find it at select OSU area music stores, clubs, or just ask me for one. (NOTE: hardcopies may be very limited.)

HOW DO I SUBMIT SOMETHING? For the first time I will encourage those of you not online to send entries in: CRINGE / 133 W. 6th Ave. / Col. OH 43201. If ya can get them to me on a MAC or IBM disk (several formats to be safe - ie. text, RTF) it'll b e a lot easier for me. Ya can phone in info too: 421-7589. And, as always, you can e-mail them: [email protected].

WHEN'S THE NEXT CRINGE? The next issue should be out in January, 1996. The DEADLINE for submissions is Monday, January 1, 1996 .

WHAT'S THE THEME OF THE NEXT ONE? The next one will be more like a poll: the Worst of CRINGE, the Best of of CRINGE, and anything else you wanna send in or nominate. An updated version of the directories will be included in the next issue. So, if you h ave additions or corrections to make to the directories, get those to me too.

WHY DIDN'T YOU INCLUDE ... ? If ya wanna see something added, let me know. Better yet, send it in for the next issue.

I'M NOT ON THE INTERNET. The cheapest, most universal way to get an account is to go to your local branch of the Columbus Public Library and request info on Greater Columbus Free-net accounts. It's free; and I believe some of the libraries have compute rs you can use for free to access your account. If you're an OSU affiliate, the best place to go for getting your obligatory free OSU acco unt established is the 5th floor of Baker Systems. Most of the other Public Labs at OSU can help ya too. OSU has hundreds, if not thousands, of computers you can then use for free to access your account. Confused? Ask a friend who knows (or even me) to ge t ya started.


That CRINGE is pretty good... but I'd like to see something about that... Cheese. And Jailbait too. - Shecket ([email protected])

Joel's comments: Huh? I must be outta touch. Ain't never heard of Cheese or Jailbait - assuming ya mean the bands. If ya don't mean bands, I like one a lot, but they're both kinda bad for me.

Joel, it's Bob from Ouchcube and I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to create this forum for Columbus bands. It's service that needs to be commended.

There is a little flaming I must do here though. It's a problem that keeps confronting my band and a few others around town. The problem is the lack of places to play for bands such as Ouchcube that are stylistically on the edge of metal" and alternative music. Yes, that's right I said it. METAL. It's become a dirty word these days, why I do not know. While I do understand why heavy music has received some negative criticism (racist, sexist, cock rock, hair band), I think the genre as a whole should not be judged by these examples.

Are people ashamed of their pasts? Is it that much of an embarrassment to admit that you went to see Metallica and Slayer concerts and maybe even liked them? I'll admit it. I was at those shows at the Newport - front row, stage diving if possible.

I believe that heavy music can be an important, thoughtful type of music. Bands like Bad Brains, Tool and Soundgarden continue to move it into new areas. Why has Columbus forsaken this music/musicians?

We (Columbus musicians) need to deconstruct the barriers we put up to music outside of our style. I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to this, but musical discrimination is not a strength and is something that we must try to avoid. - Bob Bellas of Ouchcube ([email protected])

Joel's comments: Bob and I discussed this a bit further. We came to the conclusion that location/demographics may largely dictate what is cool in the various arenas that make up and surround Cowlumbus. I don't know if that's surprising, expected or common sense, but there it is.

Thanks for the info, please keep us on the list. We'd like to contribute to Cringe as time allows. What sorts of entries are you looking for or do you accept? - Jeffrey Muth of Martyr Colony ([email protected])

I'd like to invite any acts reading CRINGE and wishing to record to check out
ZERONE AUDIO LAB located in north west Ohio (Fremont). Our address is 905 Dickinson St., Fremont, Ohio 43420. We can be reached by phoning: 1-800-735-4755. Equipment includes: DA-88's, DP4, DP4+, Studio vocalist, Mackie 32 x 8, K2000, Studio Drums, DAT, e tc. YOU MAY FIND IT WELL WORTH THE DRIVE!!! George can be reached at the 800 number, or feel free to call me at 419-332-5667 (or email: [email protected]). Hope to hear from you !! - Jeffrey A. Yost of Zerone Audio Lab ([email protected])

Band Contest: Winning Band(s) will receive 1000 CDs pressed free. Send SASE to Stuffed Rhinoceros Records / P.O. Box 621 / Troutville VA 24175 for an entry form. - Tim Gordon/Stuffed Rhinoceros Records ([email protected])


Colin of Watershed shared a few touring stories with me. Most notably their drummer's bad timing. Seems Herb decided to take a nap behind the kit during a show. I think he thought he was in REM. I guess all was well with a little water, rest and relaxation.

Not only does the Dog not have Fleas, we don't even have the Dog... Dogrocket is no more. Dog gone, they pulled an Apollo 13 ... that's the right number, isn't it? Likewise, Bumble Flea looks to be near the end of its buzz. Some of them good ol' boys is leavin' town.

Cory, the female vocalist for Pretty Might Mighty , ain't no more. PMM is casually looking for another female singer. In the mean time, they're writin' and recordin' some new tunes. Pet UFO also lost Souci, but the break up rumors are wrong. They've been working with a new vocalist and have a show in October.

A band that may or may not call itself Bugman is in the works again, this time they've got Tony from Pet UFO on skins with 'em.

Honk, Wail & Moan have a CD on the way on Uff Da Music. Yep, that's the same label Mary Adam 12's CD is on. That shouldn't be too surprising since they share part of a horn section.

There's yet another new record shop on the OSU High street strip. Vibes moved in to what used to be Discount Records the beginning of Fall Quarter. Someone once told me you should never open a business in the same location where the same kind of business just failed or did poorly. We'll see. Vibes does have the e-mail thing goin' though. I think it's [email protected].

John Petric writes.

It looks like Ruby Tuesday may be resurrecting the live show thing - at least on occasion. Insomnia, after putting up it's little iron privacy fence and a few No Loitering type s igns, seems to be doing outside shows on Saturday's quite regularly now. Skankland has been this >< close to opening for a month or so now. Expect it any week now. Bernie's has a new and improved smell. Stache's has new rugs ta cut ... Even owner "Danny Mae" Dougan had no second thoughts about lying on the floor.

The Ohio Union has Network Event Theatre now. It's some kinda satellite connection that lets them broadcast - for a price - very exclusive sporting and music events.

Verbal tantrum alert:
All the warning signs were there. Months ago Active Radio told the people in charge at OSU that Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and USG President Kevin Sheriff were not returning calls or working with Active Radio, despite USG's public statements to the converse. And Kevi wonders why I told him I don't trust him? The little man lacks the responsibility and accountability he should have for his actions and his office - I guess he'd make a good lame duck politician though. I mean, he thought all those OSU par king violations wouldn't catch up with him? And what's this about that not being a good indicator of his ability to perform his elected duties? Well, maybe that's true. He was already showing his inability to perform his elected duties long before his oth er lacks of responsibility and accountability reared their ugly parking fiascoes. Looks like he's finally wised up a bit - after 6 months and 3 missed student radio deadlines, he's stopped making up first broadcast date pronouncements. On October 17 there was a sizable Stay Tuned ad in the Lantern. It hinted at a student radio station called KBUX (I kinda like WUDY radio myself). There was no specific information, no mention of prime suspect USG, no date, no nothing.

Some have said give radio to people who can focus on radio, not people who make it a resume enhancer, not people who make it a misrepresented political platform of the few. While we're at it, get someone at OSU who can make informed decision on the proces s. David Williams, the OSU faculty man in charge, accepted the first proposal on his desk with nary a clue about the options, limitations and implications of the whole idea - a sure way to kill it before it's even born.

But before I go off on "the man" too much, I must say that more students need to do more than they are if they really want a station. To be honest, I haven't seen enough student interest and support to justify saying OSU needs or wants a student run radio station. What's that word? Apathy?

Understandably, Active Radio has become so frustrated with the student body, USG, and President Kevin Sheriff, they're strongly considering a second stab at WCBE. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for student radio. Whew!

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