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 ISSUE  7.1 WINTER 1997 

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Welcome to the Cringe Classified Ads page. This page is meant for music/musician related ads. Also, keep in mind it was originally intended to be Columbus, Ohio based, but has grown and attracted people outside this area. This is a FREE service of Cringe.

Ads can also be emailed to [email protected] with ADS in the SUBJECT header.

Musicians Available

Vocalist for covers/original band (Columbus, OH)
I'm a 27 year old singer (songwriter dabbler) looking for a band. I have a wide variety of influences, experience, and taste, but listen mostly to main stream alternative.

Contact: Sean Zurbrick / Phone: 614-851-1360 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Sean Zurbrick ([email protected]) (Dec 14, 1996)

Sax Player Wanting To Get Into Ska Band (Columbus, OH)
I'm a sax player that has both an alto and a soprano. I've been playing for ten years and am looking for a way into the ska scene here in columbus.

Contact: Mark Levine / 1900 Cannon Drive / Columbus, OH 43210 / Phone: (614)688-7099 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark Levine ([email protected]) (Dec 07, 1996)

Guitar Player/Singer/Songwriter (Wooster, Oh)
Looking for fellow musicians to form a band dedicated to originals. My influences are blues/jazz/acoustic. I'm looking for people that can work together and all have the same goals in mind. Very laid back atmosphere. I want to jam and write songs with some open minded, energetic musicians. Hope to hear from you! Later!

Contact: Chad Marsh / 580 North Market / Wooster, OH 44691 / Phone: 330-262-3324 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Chad Marsh ([email protected]) (Nov 15, 1996)

Guitarist/singer looking to join or form a band (Columbus, OH)
I'd like to get together to jam with other musicians (singers, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, bassists). I am interested in music of hippie era, as well as other kinds of music that are melodic and pleasing to the ear. Most of all I would prefer to play the music of Beatles (Yes, it's possible - I have considerable experience with that). Aside from covers we could improvise and maybe create originals.

Must be alive, have sense of humor, and be peaceful. Being a Beatles fan is a big plus.

Contact: Dmitry Pekurovsky / 188 W. PattersonAve., #M / Columbus, OH 43202 / Phone: 614-294-7993 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Dmitry Pekurovsky ([email protected]) (Nov 13, 1996)

Guitarist looking to form band (columbus, oh)
guitarist looking to get a band together,played in several local bands...i like Mahivishnu Orchestra, Tone Dogs, Phish,Zappa, and Jesus if interested, must be laid back and not dumb.

Contact: c gasper / [email protected]
Submitted by: c gasper ([email protected]) (Oct 21, 1996)

Singer at your service..... (Brooklyn, NY)
Major Influences are Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Sponge, Smashing Pumpkins, and Alice In Chains.... I'm somewhat a songwriter and I am a lyricist. EMAIL at [email protected] .........Thanx

Contact: Dave Cameo / 28 lancaster Ave. / Brooklyn, NY 11223 / Phone: 1-718-743-3728
Submitted by: Dave Cameo (Oct 21, 1996)

Bass Player (Columbus, Oh)
I have a Factor Bass, and a Peavey Amp, some talent, and most importantly, a desire to play out. Influences include, Soundgarden, Afghan Wigs, Bush, Candlebox, The Cure, and a host of others (the more the merrier). My sound is a bit like Adam Clayton (U2), although I'm still young to the process of reeducation after years of guitar playing. Here's some philosophy: Cover bands are a waste of time. Art is doing something new; house painting is doing something old. I'm looking for an alt. band, or the following: guitar, drum, and bass player (yep, two basses). I'm also interested in a female or down to earth male vocalist. e-mail me even if you only need the chat.

Contact: Gary Wedlund / 2975 Culver Drive / Hilliard, Oh 43026 / Phone: 777-4627 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Gary Wedlund ([email protected]) (Oct 14, 1996)

Musicians Wanted

Ohio State Campus Area (Columbus, OH)
Guitarist looking for a band or band members. Looking for drummer, guitarists, and bass players who want to get together and start a band. Although I would be dedicated to the band, I want it to be more of a fun project than an intention of going professional. My influences are old Metallica, Pantera, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and basically anything else that rocks. I don't have much of a practice space in my apartment, but it might work. Also, no druggies, heavy drinkers, or jerks. Please let me know if you are interested.

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH / Phone: 299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 26, 1997)

Cellist Wanted (Columbus, OH)
Musician/Instrumentalist comfortable with playing cello in an althereal-pop/4AD/Neo-Folk group.

Contact: Joel & Troy / 133 W. 6th Ave. / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-421-7589 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Joel & Troy ([email protected]) (Nov 30, 1996)

Drummer needed (Columbus, Oh)
Our interests include alternative rock, Goth and industrial, while our background is more mainstream rock and metal. The band is currently made up of a keyboard, bass and guitar. We're a new project, but with some experience, decent equipment and good talent. Everyone is expected to contribute (even if it's just a good ear and ideas). Music is how we met.

We have a good place to practice on North campus, and need the rhythmic backbone the drums create in order to write more effectively.

Contact: Gary Wedlund / 2975 Culver Drive / Hilliard, Oh 43026 / Phone: 777-4627 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Gary Wedlund ([email protected]) (Nov 27, 1996)

The Smokin Hairlip Bandits are lookin for a hot female bassist willing to play topless in lower est side bars.we play Steppenwolf covers and usually play biker bars.Please get in touch with our man Sammy "Snaketooth" Severenson ASAP. Don't worry he's in the phone book, and most bathroom walls, rock on.

Contact: Sammy Snaketooth Severenson / 4561 Leonard ave. / Columbus, Oh 43230 / Phone: 851-1518 / Fax: n/a
Submitted by: Sammy Snaketooth Severenson (Nov 27, 1996)

Need a sax player badly!!! (Columbus, Oh)
We, the Big Brass Men, have been together for about four years. Just recently we had to try and locate a sax player because the belated Jimmy

Contact: Franklin Smathers / Pearl Alley / Columbus, Oh 43230 / Phone: 798-4427
Submitted by: Franklin Smathers (Nov 27, 1996)

Drummer and Lead Guitarist Wanted (Columbus, Oh)
Psychedelic rock band, BLOODY ELLE, seeks musicians for songwriting, recording, live shows, etc. Band consists of Vocalist/R Guitarist, Bassist, & Keyboardist. Heavily influenced by Monster Magnet, Kyuss, NIN, Primus, Beatles, Black Crowes. Experience not critical, Desire to succeed a must. Also, conga, bongo, experimental percussionists, etc. wanted.

Contact: chuck queen / 1780 N 4th Street / Columbus, Oh 43201 / [email protected]
Submitted by: chuck queen ([email protected]) (Nov 20, 1996)

Get It Recorded (Columbus, Oh)
Audio engineer seeks bands/musicians who are interested in recording. Studio rates ranging from $35-$55/hour. Also for the more budget-minded musicians, I can record demos for you on a Tascam 464 4-track at your practice place - rates vary. No job too big or too small. Also, if anyone is looking for a sound man please contact

Contact: Chuck Queen / 1780 North 4th Street / Columbus, Oh 43201 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Chuck Queen ([email protected]) (Nov 20, 1996)

Drummer Wanted (Cleve/Akron, OH)
Martian John is looking for a drummer! We've got tunes, equipment, and practice space, all we need is you. Our music incorporates many styles, but the overall theme is heavy and spacey. Influences include Black Sabbath, KISS, Monster Magnet, Hawkwind, and the Misfits. We need a solid drummer who is serious about playing live and recording.

Contact: Alan Seibert / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Alan Seibert ([email protected]) (Nov 16, 1996)

F.A.M.E., the Federation of American Musicians & Entertainers is accepting demos. Please submit cassette, CD or VHS format along with bio, pics or description of your act or, E-Mail us.

Contact: David Hardin - F.A.M.E. / 2230 S. State Hwy 125 / Rogersville, MO 65742 / Phone: (417)753-7788 / Fax: (417)753-3887 / [email protected]
Submitted by: David Hardin - F.A.M.E. ([email protected]) (Nov 15, 1996)


Contact: SEAN TROMBLEY / RR#2 MINESING ONT,CANADA / MINESING, ON L0L 1Y0 / Phone: 705-726-2978 / [email protected]
Submitted by: SEAN TROMBLEY ([email protected]) (Nov 10, 1996)

Female Lyricist/Singer & Rhythm Section (Columbus, OH)
We are looking for a female lyricist/singer and rhythm section interested in forming an althereal-pop/4AD/Neo-Folk group a la The Sundays, My Bloody Valentine, Versus, Mazzy Star, Wild Colonials & Cowboy Junkies, et al.

Contact: Joel & Troy / 133 W. 6th Ave. / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-421-7589 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Joel & Troy ([email protected]) (Nov 04, 1996)

Songwriter-Singer-Musician Wanted (Columbus, OH)
Looking for a songwriter-singer-musician to join bass player and drummer for a recording project. Goal is to create an original, alternative, high-energy, acoustic sound.

Contact: Ely / Pickerington, OH / [email protected]
Submitted by: Ely ([email protected]) (Oct 31, 1996)

Up and Coming Band's Single for indie-film (Columbus, OH)
We are looking for the next up-and-coming band to hit it big! We're currently producing indie-no-budget trashy, schlock, film for an expected audience of approximate six-million audience in the US and abroad. Please, send band's pedigree and future plans to [email protected] before mailing CD's, demo-tapes, DAT, etc...

Contact: NorthCoast ImageMakers / 2106 1/2 N. High St., #2 / Columbus, OH 43201 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Carlos Gutierrez ([email protected]) (Oct 31, 1996)

Singer, Female or Male (Columbus, Oh)
We are a new band looking for a female/male singer, songwriter, poet to collaborate on originals. Our goals are: fullfillment of creative needs, fun, and playing out (Bernie's/Stache's, etc). Our sounds are hardedge/alternative/folk with a slightly different feel(?) If ya meet us, we are 3 easy going but somewhat serious guys. Our influences include: Lush, PJ Harvey, Pere Ubu, Radio Head, and a bit of 20's-30's sounding music (kinda) SO! Call us: Jeremy 294-4132 / Bryan 299-2776 / Andy 261-7997

Contact: Bryan Rinnert / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-2776 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Bryan Rinnert ([email protected]) (Oct 31, 1996)

Female Vocalist (Virginia Beach, VA)
Producer seeks Beautiful Filipino female vocalist who is between the ages of 18-24. A cross between Mariah, Madonna, and Lauryn Hill. With a little SWV and Salt&Pepper flavor. For music production in a recording studio. I would like to produce new talent. Please mail information, photo, and a cassette with some singing on it. A video-tape would be nice but is not required. Serious inquires only. Respond by mail only to: T-Rex Productions P.O. Box 61914 Virginia Beach, VA. 23466

Submitted by: (Oct 30, 1996)

Drummer Wanted (Columbus, OH)
Newly forming band seeks a flexible, experienced drummer for jamming, playing out, and recording original pop/funk/jazz/etc. material. We have practice space and convenient location near OSU campus.

Contact: Chad / Phone: 614-263-9035 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Chad ([email protected]) (Oct 10, 1996)

Kathode Ray Music has just recently moved to Columbus, OH! Go to for more info on how we can promote your band. Publishing is also available! Send demos to Kathode Ray Music / 1487 W Fifth Ave / Suite 205 / Columbus, OH 43212 or call Dave at 614-421-6773! You can also send mail to [email protected] for an automated response telling more about us!

Contact: David Hooper / 1487 W. Fifth Ave. Suite 205 / Columbus, OH 43212 / Phone: 614-421-6773 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: David Hooper ([email protected]) (Sept 27, 1996)

Various Musicians (Columbus, OH)
Anyone who plays guitar/bass/piano/keyboards who's tired of alterna-fluff and lack of melody...

I'm a guitarist/piano dabbler/vocalist looking for some musicians to jam with and possibly start a band. My main influences in music are Jeremy Enigk/Sunny Day Real Estate, Mark Kozelek/Red House Painters, Slint, Lilys, and loads more. Looking to play an emo-acousti-core type of music with a dash of sound experimentation.

Contact: Mark Maday / Phone: 614-492-8916 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark Maday ([email protected]) (Sept 16, 1996)

Equipment Available

A mint Roland W-30 Roland Workstation,used sparingly over the last two years in a smokeless studio. Never seen the road and comes with manuals,discs,etc.. Asking $800.00 obo.

Contact: Ken / 20-Edcath Bay N.W, / Calgary T3A 3S6 / Phone: 403-239-4956 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Ken ([email protected]) (Jan 07, 1997)

Roland D-10 synth (Kelley, IA)
Roland D-10 synth with Anvil type case and sound card for $350.00 Excellent shape.

Contact: Larry Stoltenberg / Phone: 515-769-2296 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Larry Stoltenberg ([email protected]) (Dec 17, 1996)

Roland Dj70 Sampling Workstation Roland Dj70 (fairfield, ia)
Roland Dj70 Sampling Workstation 8 meg, played with love and care - $1200/offer

Contact: matthew ahearn / 301 e burlington ave #3 / fairfield, ia 52556 / Phone: 515 472 9162 / [email protected]
Submitted by: matthew ahearn ([email protected]) (Dec 10, 1996)

3 High Quality Basses from a bass fanatic (Hilliard, Oh)
Modulus Graphite SP1-6 bass $1600 (retail $4000) The neck is virtually a rock, allowing for unflinchingly tone across all 6 stings. Pedula Thunderbolt 5 bass $1350 (retail $2700). I love this thing; the finish (which was photographed by the finisher for his national brochure) and pickups are better than the stock version Pedula, which is saying a lot. His Fender version Factor is going for $700. All look and play like nothing else sold in Columbus (bought in Nashville). Incidentally, I'm still looking for musicians or a band to join with me with my Kubiki Factor

Contact: David or Gary Wedlund / 2975 Culver Drive / Hilliard, Oh 43026 / Fax: 614-268-0008 / [email protected]
Submitted by: David or Gary Wedlund ([email protected]) (Nov 06, 1996)

PA Equipment For Sale (Woonsocket, RI)
Crest LA901 Power Amp $350, AB Precedent Series 400 Power Amp $200, Furman TX-3A 3-way Xover $150, 100 16 Channel Snake $200, (2)Shure SM57 Mics $50/ea, (2) Shure SM58 Mics $75/ea, Shure SM48 Mic $50, (3)EV PL5 Instr. Mics $50/ea, Audio Technica PRO-3L Mic $40, EV BK-1 Condenser Mic $75, EV BK1632 16 Channel Mixer w/case $450, EAW Bass Bins $250 EV Horns $250, Carvin 2210 Mids $375, Peavey T-300 PA Columns $200/pr, (2)TOA SL-12 Monitors $100/ea, Bullfrog Monitor $75, 16 Space Rack w/Wheels $150, DOD R-831 band EQ $125, ADA S1000 Delay $150, Alesis Microverb III $150, Misc. Cables, stands, cases, etc. $250. Take it all for just $3250!

Contact: Chris Condon / 336 Summer St. / Woonsocket, RI 02895 / Phone: (401)765-4907 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Chris Condon ([email protected]) (Nov 06, 1996)

The Music Connection-Used Gear (SPOKANE, WA)
used/consigned music/audio gear and instruments for sale

Contact: Rennie / W 440 Sharp / SPOKANE, WA 99201 / Phone: 509-328-6691 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Rennie ([email protected]) (Oct 24, 1996)

Outboard Gear For Sale (Portland, OR)
Yamaha Rev 5 Reverb - $700 - Excellent Condition. EV RE-20 Microphone - $300 - Like New. Drawmer DS201-B Stereo Gates - $450 - Like New. Valley People 4 Channel Gatex Gates - $300 - Excellent Condition.

Contact: Gary Heard / Phone: (503)248-9742 / Fax: (503)248-9777 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Gary Heard ([email protected]) (Oct 21, 1996)

Equipment Wanted

WTB: Boss SE 70 (Brooklyn, NY)

Contact: Hahn Rowe / 286 B. Warren St. / Brooklyn, NY 11201 / Phone: 718-596-9350 / Fax: 718-596-9350 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Hahn Rowe ([email protected]) (Jan 14, 1997)

WANTED: Urei 1176/1178 or LA-3/4 Limiter (Canada)
I am looking for a pair of Urei/Universal Audio Limiter/compressors model LA-3a,LA-4,1176 or the stereo 1178 Paying good dough,if you have any you would like to cash in. Thank-you

Contact: Ken Gold / 20-Edcath Bay N.W, / Calgary T3A 3S6 / Phone: 403-239-4956 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Ken Gold ([email protected]) (Jan 07, 1997)

WANTED: Ampeg B-2 Bass Combo (Gainesville, FL)
I am in love with the Ampeg B-2 Bass Combo. I have not been able to find one any where. Will pay up to $450 if in good condition.

Contact: Derrick Caban / Phone: 352-846-7001 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Derrick Caban ([email protected]) (Dec 18, 1996)

Roland GK-1 hex pickup (Kelley, IA)
Wanted to buy: Roland GK-1 hex pickup/synth driver/cable assembly. This connects to a GM-70 guitar-to-midi converter, which I have but would buy both if price is reasonable.

Contact: Larry Stoltenberg / Phone: 515-769-2296 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Larry Stoltenberg ([email protected]) (Dec 17, 1996)

WANTED HAMMOND XB2 combo organ
WANTED HAMMOND XB2 combo organ must be in very good condition. Price? You tell me.

Contact: [email protected]
Submitted by: ([email protected]) (Dec 02, 1996)

Jazz Chorus Guitar Amp (Columbus, OH)
Looking for a used Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier.

Contact: Troy Casa / Phone: 614-471-8596 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Joel Treadway ([email protected]) (Oct 21, 1996)

Miscellaneous Available

Planet Chant is a Montana based Trio, living & recording on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. We will be on Tour in NY & PA Dec. 15 - Jan 4th. We would like to pick up a gig or two in the Ohio area Dec. 10 - 14 and Jan 5 or 6. We are: Roberta a vocalist/guitarist. Gerald on Woodwinds, sax, flute & EWI & Scott on percussion. We are Lifelong professional musicians - This band is for us! We play a lot of original material, some with environmental, social & political themes. Acoustic, Electronic & plugged in. We are also looking for a Keyboard player. Contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or call (406)-477-8778. Promo & Demo & tour schedule available on request. Plant it: seeds of kindness - Chant it: love everybody!

Contact: Scott Doser / White Dirt Ranch / Lame Deer, MT 59043-0979 / Phone: 406-477-8778 / Fax: 406-477-8778 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Scott Doser ([email protected]) (Oct 29, 1996)

I will help promote your BAND!!!!!!!!! (Columbus, OH)
I am currently a marketing major at the OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY and I would like to help promote your band! I have interned at Arista Records and I think that I know the area pretty well.

Contact: Eric Fader / 152 east 12th ave / columbus, oh 43201 / Phone: 614 421 1395 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Eric Fader ([email protected]) (Oct 18, 1996)

Premeire Attractions E-Zine for Central Ohio (Columbus, OH)
Premiere Attractions Central Ohio's Online Entertainment Magazine

Premiere Attractions is your Web Sight for the weekend. We offer the latest reviews on movies, restaurants, clubs, and bands. Needless to say we also have an in depth calendar of events for the upcoming week.

Contact: Israel Najera / 7940 Verandah Ct / Powell, OH 43065 / Phone: 242-7640 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Israel Najera ([email protected]) (Oct 04, 1996)

Miscellaneous Wanted

RPM Industries (West New York, NJ)

Contact: N/A / N/A / N/A, NN N/A / Phone: N/A / Fax: N/A / [email protected] / N/A
Submitted by: N/A ([email protected]) (Jan 20, 1997)

CRINGE Submissions Due 1/17/97 (Columbus, OH)
Cringe is currently taking submissions for its Winter issue. Anything related to the Columbus OSU/Short North area music scene is fair game. Contact/directory information for bands, venues, labels, stores and media is also encouraged. If yer interested, Cringe can send some recordings your way in exchange for reviews. This issue will also be a compilation of the last few issues, and may very well be the last hardcopy version. The DEADLINE for the Winter issue is January 17, 1997. Contact me or Cringe for more info.

Contact: CRINGE / 133 W. 6th Ave. / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-421-7589 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: CRINGE ([email protected]) (Jan 07, 1997)

WTB/T: Datapanik Rec. colored vinyl (New York, NY)
I'm looking for the few Datapanik Records releases that were pressed on colored vinyl, including but not limited to the TJSA, Gaunt, & NBT 7"s. I also need the TJSA/MT5 split, black or colored. I can trade my black vinyl copy plus other stuff towards your record. I have extra Cowtown Vols. I, II, & III, TJSA "You Can't Kill Stupid", and other non-Columbus stuff to trade. I'd also appreciate email from anyone who has info on how many of each record were pressed in black/colored to confirm or add to info for a discography that I'm trying to put together.

Contact: Justin Frohwirth / 33 Third Ave., Apt. 11C2 / New York, NY 10003 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Justin Frohwirth ([email protected]) (Dec 15, 1996)

30 Year veteran Record Producer, is seeking The Best of The Best Hot New Talent. If you have a Master, a Demo, Hot New Songs, and, are looking for guidance in furthering your career, E-mail with some Bio Information. Put "Producer" in the subject line.

Contact: Tony D. / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tony D. ([email protected]) (Dec 08, 1996)

Local Music Wanted (Columbus, OH)
I will pay collectors prices for any music pertaining to the following bands which I do not already own. I am especially interested in demos and live recordings. The bands I am looking for are Greenhorn, Big Back 40, Bush League All Stars, Two Hour Trip, Big Red Sun, And the Haynes Boys.

Contact: Aaron Cooke / 2591 Donna Dr. / Columbus, OH 43220 / Phone: (614) 478-3682 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Aaron Cooke ([email protected]) (Nov 25, 1996)

Cincy band looking to play in Columbus - swap shows? (Cincinnati, OH)
We are Kilowatt Hour. Sound ranges from blues rock to freaked out noise orgies. Mostly very hard driving, heavy, melodic tunes. We are looking to play in Columbus and would like to swap shows if anyone is interested in playing Cincinnati.

Contact: Brian Lubinsky / 1121 Lois Dr. / Cincinnati, OH 45237 / Phone: (513)242-0517 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Brian Lubinsky ([email protected]) (Nov 20, 1996)