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Unless otherwise noted, the city is COLUMBUS, the state is OHIO, the zip is probably 43201 and the area code is (614). For corrections, updates and additions to the directories, contact CRINGE at:

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201 USA
[email protected]
or (614) 421-7589

Clubs | Theatres

So ya wanna book a show ... A few hints to get you started: Sometimes the easiest way to get shows is to get a band already established in the area or at the club to let you open for them. Another way is to hangout at the club you want the show at. Of cour se, the old cassette demo idea can work too. You could also try to get the "booker" to one of your practices or shows elsewhere. Getting the booker drunk or brown-nosing in general can work too! I realize these suggestions don't always stress the music muc h. The music and crowd response becomes more important in getting follow up shows. So basically, in the beginning, "bookers" may appreciate bands that are easy to deal with more than the music - after all, they aren't critics (I know, everyone's a critic).

Much of the information below is from a form I had local clubs complete. The contacts and phone numbers may be strictly for booking shows - not necessarily for more pedestrian calls.

Acme Art Company
1129 N. High St.

[email protected]
Hardcore, punk, grind, metal, alternative, indie and rock.

1590 N. High St.
When and if they have shows.

Barley's Underground
228-2537 / 467 N. High St. / Col. OH 43215

Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery
1896 N. High St.
Contacts: Tony Painter / 291-3448
[email protected] /
Genres: Punk alt rock
Capacity: 100-200 Expected: 50-75+
Door/Cover: Varies, never over $3
Audience/Band Age: All ages
Show Times: 10pm-2am
Tab: $30 Guarantee: $40
Sound Equipment: Provided
Sound Person: Provided at cost
Advertising: Weeklies, Moo

Basso Bean
691 N. High St.
This cafe commonly has jazz bands Thursday - Sunday.

Brian Boru's
647 N. High St.
Commonly has jazz and blues bands on weekends.

BW 3 North
7 E. Woodruff
Hosts weekly acoustic oriented open stages.

Cafe Bourbon Street
2216 Summit Street

Chelsie's (closed)
980 N. High Street
Col, Oh 43201
Contact: Brad Capuano
Phone/Fax: 299-5552 / 1pm-6pm M-F
Genres: Reggae/rock/Progressive/Blues

Clintonville Community Market
200 Crestview
Gabe Condo - 447-1783
[email protected]

Clintonville Community Market
200 Calumet Rd
Col OH 43202-2206
Fax: 261-0474
Mon.-Sat. 7am-10pm
Sun. 9am-9pm
[email protected]
[email protected]
Home of Calumet Natural Foods Co-op, Del's Bread and Bakery, and Simply Living Bookstore. We are a natural foods grocery that supports our local community including growers, artists etc. We have a "coffee house" each Friday night with performances by local and regional artists. Local and music is purchased or consigned.

Columbus Music Hall
488-0315 / 464-0044
734 Oak Street
[email protected]

Counterfeit Heist
2619 N. High St. /

Dick's Den
2417 N. High St.
Generally jazz, blues and some oldies Friday - Sunday.

firexit (closed)
196 south grant ave
Col OH 43215
[email protected]
jess will - [email protected]
edward luna - [email protected]
capacity: 300+, two floors
genres: art / music / film / dance / fun
mission - to combine separate scenes and aesthetics into something new and socially relevant, focusing primarily on installation + site-specific work, electronic and experimental music, performance, and independent experimental film/video. by combining all forms of expression into one space and event, we hope to encourage conversations between mediums, spaces, technologies, ideas, and people.

High Five
1227 N. High St.
[email protected]

641 N. High St.
This upscale restaurant with occasional live jazz

The Lab/Mad Lab
105 N.Grant
A theatre company as well as the controllers of The Lab, a multi-disciplinary performance space at the corner of Grant and Long downtown. In addition to theatre we host a lot of musical performances.

2040 N. High St.
Hosts poetry readings on Mondays, Jazz and such on Tuesdays and the occasional local indie film/music performances other days.

Legion of Doom
1579 Indianola / [email protected]
A punk house where shows, potlucks, and dances happen pretty regularly.

Little Brothers
1100 N. High St. /
Contact: Dan Dougan / 421-2032 / M-F 2pm-8pm
Genres: All original - no tribute metal
Getting Shows: Send press & recording, check back later, see comments below
Capacity: 400, no built in draw
Door/Cover: National - varies;
Local - $2-$3 weekdays/$3-$4 weekends
Ages: 18+ MUST HAVE I.D.
Show times: 8pm/9pm-1am/2am weekdays; 10pm-2am weekends
Pay: National - varies/guarantee
Local - All the door minus nominal PA charge (and YOU pay engineer) Half-price drinks Sound: National - house engineer
Local - Band provides Mics, stands, cables and QUALIFIED sound person
Ads: none for locals
Comments: Be prepared to answer the following questions:
1) Does anybody know of you in Columbus other than friends and relative.
2) Do you have any "product" available and SELLING in Columbus record stores.
3) Are you currently receiving radio airplay in Columbus.

Mekka (closed)
382 Dublin Avenue Dance club with live local and national acts somewhat regularly.

The Newport Music Hall
431-3600 (ticketmaster) / 1722 N. High St.
Big time, smaller draw acts and some locals.

Northberg Tavern
2084 N. High St.
The basement of Donatos under its name of years ago.

Notals Rockers/Notals Pub
Contact: see South Heidelberg

The Ohio Union (OSU)/Ohio & Drake Union Activities Board (ODUA)
- formerly Student Events Committee (SEC)

2046 Drake Union / 1849 Cannon Drive
Cliff Magreta 292-3117 / Fax: 292-8597
The main house for OSU/ODUA student shows and events.

Oldfield's on Fourth
1597 4th St.
Occasional local music.

Oldfield's on High
2590 N. High St.
A variety of local music and some national acts most every night of the week.

2nd and Perry
[email protected]

Panini's Bar & Grill
1561 High St.

Ruby Tuesday
1978 Summit St.

Short North Tavern
674 N. High St.
Hosts fairly accessible pop, folk, rock, funk, alternative, R&B and blues Friday and Saturday. Ethnic, folk, chamber & classical music on some Sundays.

57 e Gay st. Floor 5
A new arts space in downtown columbus combining contemporary art and rock & roll.

Snaps and Taps
44 South Washington

South Heidelberg
1532 N. High St.
Contact: Tony Warner
299-9523 after 8pm
Genres: (rock/psych)
Getting Shows: Tapes
Adding bands: Negotiable
Capacity: 150 Door/Cover: Negotiable
Show times: Negotiable
Sound: Negotiable

Stache's (closed)
2404 N. High St.
Moved and name changed toLittle Brothers.

Sugar Shack Cafe
1950 N. Fourth St.
Occasional live bands, open stages and readings.

Summit Station
2210 N. Fourth St.
Occasional live bands, open stages and readings.

Thirsty Ear Tavern
1200 W.3rd Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212
[email protected]
299-4775 (voice mail)
fax: 299-0112

Union Station Cafe
228-3740 / 228-3546 / 630 N. High St.
Occasional live music.

Victorian's Midnight Cafe
251 W. 5th Ave.

Woody's Place
1739 N. High St.

Clubs | Theatres

The following are non-club like venues. Most are theatres and large halls for big national acts, opera, theatre, big band and dance.They general stray away from alternative pop/rock acts and/or local acts.I include them mainly for reference and completeness. Oh, most commonly sell tickets through Ticketmaster (431-3600 /

Battelle Memorial Auditorium
(at Battelle Memorial Memorial Institute)
231-7836 / 505 King Ave.

Battelle Hall (in the Columbus Convention)
645-5555 / 400 N. High St.

CAPA (Columbus Association for the Performing Arts)
431-3600 / 469-0939 /
CAPA primarily uses the Ohio, Palace and Capitol theatres.

Capitol Theatre/Riffe Center
460-7214 / 77 S. High St.

Columbus Convention Center
645-5555 / 400 N. High St.

The Ohio Theatre/CAPA
469-0939 / 39 E. State St.

The Palace Theatre/CAPA
469-9850 / 34 W. Broad St.

Schottenstein Center
Olentangy River Road & Lane Ave.

Southern Theatre
21 East Main Street
431-3600 / 469-0939

Sullivant Theatre/OSU Department of Dance
292-7977 / 1813 N. High St.

Veteran's Memorial
228-5421 / 300 W. Broad St.

Weigel Hall Auditorium/OSU School of Music
292-2300 / 292-2354 / 1866 N. High St.

Wexner Center
292-2354 / 15th at High St. /