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Trivia 4
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These questions were posed in the Live Shows calendars (the associated date in parenthesis). I don't try to ask extremely obscure questions, rather I stick to more significant connection and/or "historical" type questions - trivia doesn't have to be trivial. At this point no prizes are offered - other than the sense of pride in knowing the correct answers :-)

If ya can donate prizes (recordings, discounts, tickets, free/reduced admission, food, equipment, whatever) out of the goodness of yer heart or in support of any support Cringe, Live Shows and their readers give you (Politican - off Businessman - off), let me know. If ya have some local music related trivia, I could use that too. - Joel

  1. What does TAPS stand for? (Nov 8 ,1996)

  2. What's special about Bigfoot's bassist and main singer/guitarist? (Nov 15,1996)

  3. Bernie's (my second home) has a sandwich called a True Soul Rocker. Where'd that name come from? (Nov 22,1996)

  4. Deep Purple two-fer: Who's Deep Purple's guitarist now; and what major musical was one member in? (Nov 29,1996)

  5. From holy rock opera to holiday ballet ... How many acts is The Nutcracker; who wrote it; and what other ballets did he write? (Dec 6 ,1996)

  6. From what family bloodline did Action Family most directly descend? (Jan 10,1997)

  7. Of what group was Peter Schickele a member? (Jan 17,1997)

  8. What was ACME Art Co.'s basement performances/space known as a few years ago? (Jan 24,1997)

  9. What instrument does Derek DiCenzo play; and what's his day job? (Jan 31,1997)

  10. What label is the Haynes Boys' somewhat recent full length release on; and what is the name of their own label? (Feb 7, 1997)

  11. What rock icon nar)rated a fairly popular version of Peter and the Wolf? (Feb 14, 1997

  12. What might be the Econothugs favorite breakfast food? (Feb 21, 1997)

  13. What band played the first OSU Stadium rock concert? When? (Feb 28, 1997)

  14. What is the title of Heifer's new CD? (Mar 7, 1997)

  15. In what other bands has the guitarist for Codename: Stingray been? (Mar 14, 1997)