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New to Cringe  and the Live Shows calendar - trivia questions! Most of these were posed in recent Live Shows calendars (their associated date following in parenthesis). I don't try to ask extremely obscure questions, rather I stick to more significant connection and/or "historical" type questions - trivia doesn't have to be trivial. At this point no prizes are offered - other than the sense of pride in knowing the correct answers :-)

If ya can donate prizes (recordings, discounts, tickets, free/reduced admission, food, equipment, whatever) out of the goodness of yer heart or in support of any support Cringe, Live Shows and their readers give you (Politican - off Bussiness man - off), let me know. If ya have some local music related trivia, I could use that too. - Joel

  1. What local defunct band called itself Sleepyhead until it heard the name was taken ... (Mar 25, 1996)

  2. What other band were the bassist, drummer and vocalist for Mary Adam 12 in together? (Mar 29, 1996)

  3. What is the origin and the home of the origin of the band name "Rocket from the Crypt?" (Apr 1, 1996)

  4. Where did Watershed derive its recent Epic release title from; and what other local release used the same title as a subtitle? (Apr 5, 1996)

  5. Who can name two past members of Howlin' Maggie? What other band(s) were/are those past members in? (Apr 8, 1996)

  6. What's the relationship between the two guitarists/vocalists of O-Matic; and what bands did they used to play in? (Apr 12, 1996)

  7. Who F*�%s it up? (Apr 15, 1996)

  8. What semi-national act did John Schwab used to be in? (Apr 19, 1996)

  9. What was Trigga Happy (the local band) known as before the reorganized? (Apr 22, 1996)

  10. This one's a bit obscure... What band was Pretty Mighty Mighty's guitarist in before PMM; and who was in that band with him? (Hint: I'm looking fer an "electronic" trio.) (Apr 26, 1996)

  11. From what did Hairy Patt derive its name? (Apr 29, 1996)

  12. Anyone remember the Electric Hurling Stones? What band did they eventually evolve into? (May 3, 1996)

  13. What members of Frog a mungus and Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments played in Swine Barn together. (Hint: they've worked at Moo together, too.) (May 6, 1996)

  14. What mainstay band were two members of Vinyl in together before? One of those members was also in a band on a Q-FM-96 Hometown album years ago. What was the name of that band? (Hint: If ya know the 1st part, you'll feel stupid fer not guessing the 2nd part.) (May 10, 1996)

  15. What band was Jake of Moviola in just before Moviola; and what nickname did he use? (May 13, 1996)