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 ISSUE  10.1 Spring 2000 

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CD (dubSpeedrecordings)
Columbus based industrial metal terrorists blakten are releasing there second album POPULAR CULTURE BOMB on 8/8/00 from dubSpeedrecordings. PCB will be available at finer record stores and live shows in august. Unlike there debut PURITY CONTROL this record is a full 10 songs with the obligatory bonus tracks. You can listen to 2 cuts from the album "absolution" and "the 2nd Round" by going to Preorders are being taken at a mere $6 each which also gets you a FREE(that's right kids!) copy of the cd5 that is in the works for the new track "the burner." Email us for more info.

until the truth comes down. . .


- Chuckagain (May 18, 2000)

Blatant Finger/ Sovines Rock On
Live show @ Bernie's on Sat, Apr. 22
Wow what a show Saturday night. Some out of towners calling themselves Peachbone opened this show. They reminded me of High School guys who were learning how to play instruments and were really proud of themselves. Don't get me wrong, they played alot of really good songs, but Hank Sr. should be done by someone who looks older than 16. They were a good opener, though.

Blatant Finger took the stage next with their usual flair. These guys seem to be so consistent with their live shows. I have never seen them play a bad one, (hope I don't jinx them) and tonight they were especially good. One can't help but compare the singer's voice to Mike Ness, but the music is quite different. Blatant Finger played everything from Charlie Feathers to Billy Idol. And their original songs rock even more so. They have been claiming to have an album coming out for about 2 years now, so let's hope they get off their ass soon. I hope to see these guys again soon, and they assured me quite an act this year at Comfest. Keep up the great work boys. Oh yeah one last thing. The "new" song they played tonight was incredible. They write the catchiest damn tunes.

The twanging guitars and beautiful arrangement of the Sovines entertained me next. I love these guys. How can one not drink beer after beer listening to them. "Whiskey bottle down" (i think that's the name of it) is, in my opinion, one of the greatest drinking songs ever. If you have never seen these guys live, you have missed out on a lot of fun. They too will be playing Comfest, and I'm sure that will be one you won't want to miss.

- Richard Whiskey (Apr 25, 2000)

Invest In Excitement
Tape (FSU Records)
There�s a new player on the scene. Fashionetta mixes good songwriting, good production, and catchy songs on its debut cassette Invest In Excitement.

The highlights of the album are "Close to Never" with its trance-like rhythms and gang choruses, and "Plum" which ends "The fire at your feet is bound to die away."

Fashionetta has a very radio-friendly sound, especially on the aforementioned "Close to Never," and "How You Gonna Fix This."

A few different bands can be heard in Fashionetta. Some that come to mind are Fugazi (On "Lunger"), The Wrens (on "Figure It Out"), Gang of Four (On "Ouch My Ear"), and even the King himself on "Downside Out" which takes a sample from "Suspicious Minds."

"Out My Ear" is one of the three instrumentals on the album�"Sleeper" and "OK Nick" being the other two�which were designed for a movie soundtrack.

Overall, the sound is there. The band definitely has a lot of talent, can write a good song, and are very tight. The production, by Eric Blume at Rubber Room Studios, is also excellent.

This being said, there are some problems with the album. The band is very tight, but seems to be a little too tight, not allowing for spontaneity�and holding back on much of the album.

The songs are repetitive, often lacking a third part, and the instrumentals sound like they could use some words to make them a little more interesting.

Fashionetta are a safe bet if you like fast indie rock, a la Fugazi.

- Chad Painter (Mar 15, 2000)