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Spring 2001
 ISSUE  11.1 Spring 2001 

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Bedroom Boyeez 2/28/98
@ Bourbon St. Cafe
n/a (n/a)
The first band to go on before close to a hundred folks packed into a tiny room. Stripped down and nasal. No riffs, no half-time breakdowns. Not music for slamming, just knee shaking and maybe a little pogo. The tones were rude, and there was none of the prima donna posing crap that makes a band present itself rather than just *play*. No filler, no bullshit. My new favorite band.

- Colin Odden (July 26, 2004)

Getting paid?
Remember when
Remember when?

It is a shame that things are headed in the direction they are going. Clubs getting more greedy, only caring about their beer sales and not the great band playing their asses off to a crowd they had to drag into the place. Bands getting their set cut short because the beer sales were not booming. Ignorant sound "techs" that are too stoned and lazy to give you more kick in your monitor and act like you owe them a debt just for showing up. Half price beer, or no bar tab at all, for band members. Lame assed ticket takers that treat you like a second class citizen or refuse to let in your girlfriend for free or tell you only one roadie per band. Who the hell do they think they are anyway? Just another douche. Club owners that make up a "new" set list with shorter times because they want to end the night early. Lights not used or used with a general lack of knowledge or enthusiasm because "they can't do it al by themselves" or that is extra. That is BullShit!

Musicians are basically respectful of each other. That is golden. There is a general lack of respect in band relationships and that needs to be stamped out before the clubs all win and divide up the loyalties. It's bad enough to hock tickets or pay the sound man out of the door, as that is the responsibility of the club to pay their own damn staff. The old days are gone, but not forgotten, when a band was "hired" and got paid a set fee, not ticket sales, no out of pocket fees. And, you got a beer.

Bands need to work together to stop the incessant gouging of clubs for their own benefit without a return, like advertising or payment guarantees to bands that sweat their asses off for a couple bucks. Or sometimes no dough at all just to pay the sound guy who does a shit job and bitches when asked to do a menial task like turn up a solo or plug in a wireless mic. Fuck that noise! And fuck them!

I think it is high time to revolt and stand up for band's rights once again so the clubs start hiring instead of siphoning blood, sweat, and money from hard working struggling musicians that only care about playing their music and not the club owners vacation fund! It is time to stand up and refuse to play for the "door" after the sound man gets his cut. It is time to stick to your guns and ask for a guaranteed cash payout for your performance. It is time to take back the reigns and control your own destiny.

In time, there will be a demand for top drawing bands that people come out to see simply because they are playing, not because the band had to drag their asses into the club. In time, bands will be in demand for their musicianship. In time, bands will be on top once again, not the night's receipts for liquor sales that dictate the band that is "allowed" to perform at a club.

Stand the hell up and take back control. Or, be a lemming and just do as they ask. Do as everyone asks, just conform. Lemmings are one of the dumbest fucking creatures in the world, ya know. Band together! Accomplish something, for once.

- Gozar (May 20, 2004)

Infantry Records
Up and coming Hip Hop and R&B
CD (Infantry Records)
Check us out at Infantry Records (formerly Silent Screams Productions) is an independent label based in Columbus, Ohio. Our artists include Ette', Trunell Salter, and Waheed.

- Waheed Barton (July 03, 2003)


(June 03, 2003)

BURN at the VILLA By: Sam X

Getting a great break from the Rock and Roll Rev, three local bands got to open for Social Burn at the Alrosa Villa on April 18, 2003, to an excited and enthusiastic crowd. Screaming fans crowed up to the stage to cheer them on. The sound was excellent and the response was overwhelming. Lots of great local talent is being given a shot from Rick Catella at the Alrosa Villa.

Opening for Social Burn were Euforia, Downcyde, and STRIKKEN, in that order. Excellent sets from all three bands kept the crowd interested and ever increasing. Euforia's techno-metal was awesome. Their songs got an excellent response from the crowd that gathered up close to the stage. Downcyde rock the roof with heavy jams that started a mosh pit. Downcyde was impressive and did a fantastic job for the ARV and Social Burn. While all three opening local bands were impressive, STRIKKEN stood out as one of the best. Their performance was as good as it gets, even the national band seemed impressed. Hundreds of fans stood in front of the stage getting into their songs and trying to get a free T-shirt.

Even with a minor technical problem, these bands kept at it to crank out the rock. It's not like it's uncommon at the villa for sound problems to occur, even for National acts, ya know. Technical problems arose for all three bands during their sets. With the technical problems corrected by a fast thinking dude back stage, STRIKKEN performed with all the energy any band could summon. The mosh pit was sic and the participants had a great time slamming. We can't wait to see these local bands, again.

- Sam X (Apr 30, 2003)

The Reacharounds Fairwell Show quot;>The Reacharounds play their fairwell show at High Five this sunday (23rd). The lead guitar/co-founder of the band is moving off to bigger and better things in Boston. To help see them off will be The Jeffs, Eric Wrong and the Do-Right, and The Nurses.

This is a show you don't want to miss!

- Ryan Vile (Feb 19, 2003)

Henry Rollins
Spoken Word, Newport Music Hall 1/25/03
When Henry Rollins took the stage for his spoken word performance at the Newport Music Hall last Saturday, fans got more than their money�s worth of stimulating conversation; His material, (spanning roughly three hours) covered such sensitive subjects as Al-Qaida, racism, (actual death threats from the KKK!) Yet old Hank managed to pull it off with a savoir faire that seemingly he alone possesses. Much more jovial than usual, Henry left our sides aching with a show that this run seemed more like stand up improvisational comedy than his usual mantra. Still keeping with in-your-face expressions of disdain for all that is superfluous and unacceptable in this world, somehow our favorite �aging punk icon� as he so affectionately likes to call him self can make almost anything sound hilarious.

His emphasis on several community- interest messages, like anti-smoking, healthy eating (including a boycott proposal of fast food establishments), anti-racism, anti- alcoholism, and the need for unity between all of us as Americans made for a sort of punk rock love fest: Leaving the overall atmosphere in the venue one of intimacy, warmth and brotherhood. (I know: is this really Henry Rollins I�m talking about? He put it best: �you mean you get cold at night?�) He ranted over the upper middle class and their new-found affection for urban assault vehicles i.e. Hummers; sport utility etc., dubbing the former �Dickheads�. He delighted us with stories of first being declined for the part he auditioned for in �Armageddon�, and later facing the same group of directors and casting people pissed off and landing a part in �Bad Boys 2� by being overtly obnoxious to them for revenge. We were ecstatic as he portrayed himself as a dorky outcast at Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne�s New Years Eve party. Even people who might find his music to be outside their comfort zone (there�s no accounting for taste) should find him hard not to love with this silly look on his face, describing he and a friend as total hicks standing there in a room full of well dressed people in their old shirts and jeans.

He expressed extreme sympathy over the famed �West Memphis Three� court case. For more info you may go to as Henry recommends. Information about a cd aptly named �Rise Above� with proceeds to benefit the legal fees for the fund to free the West Memphis Three: he tells us may be found at The cd is a tribute to Black Flag recorded by various artists.

He ended by saying that not only is it our responsibility to change the problems that exist within our own country and that war with other countries is the least of our worries now, but that the resources to make those changes take place already exist right here within these borders. In closing he delegates the task of taking that first step to �the people in front of me in this room tonight�. With a smile and several cheerful waves he said goodbye, and it is on that note Henry, that cowtown bids you a fond adieu.

- Francie Griffith (Jan 26, 2003)

dropseven Culture Jamming
all (label)
dropseven - Culture Jamming | Read about how this group of activists aims to end youth culture's "romance with the massive, exploitative, unjust bureaucratic state". See listings of its activities.

- dropseven (Jan 19, 2003)

all (label)
Independent global non-partisan network of geographical and virtual activists, students, volunteers and workers. Browse its database and read related news reports.

(Jan 19, 2003)

Kegs & Rock
November 20, 2002 FOUR KEGS Bar & Grill Wednesday nights are boring around campus. However, this past Wednesday night came alive for me and my friends as we headed out to the FOUR KEGS Bar & Grill to see the bands. We had heard things about one of the bands and wanted to see, and hear, for ourselves.

Well, we arrived and the first band was already playing. I think they were called What We Are. Technically, they were great, but not our type of music. Excellent percussion, alternative rock at it's best.

The next band was called Staple. These guys were intense and loud. Their songs were well staged and rehearsed. I like the heavy rock they cranked out. Excellent job.

The last band, the headliners, were called Strikken. I have heard about these guys around campus. What can I say, but...WOW! Man, this band is hard rocking, intense, and cool all in one. They really stole the show. Now I know what the buzz is all about. I plan to see them the next time they play.

In conclusion, What We Are is cool, for alternative rockers. Staple and Strikken are cool for all rock fans.

- Webb (Nov 29, 2002)

The Conceited are Coming!
November 2nd, 2002 at Bernies
(Papal Smear Records)
On November 2nd The Conceited will be invading Columbus for the very first time. Hailing from the northeastern mafia haven of Youngstown, OH; The Conceited have been unleashing their own brand of punk-influenced rock upon the populace. Best described as a fairly even mix between Glenn Danzig and the Misfits, and Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers; The Conceited draw from influences as diverse as John Zorn, Les Claypool, Elvis Costello, and Pete Steele. So come out to Bernies on November 2nd and be ready for something new. In the meantime head over to and download some mp3's to prepare yourself.

- Chris(bass/vox, The Conceited) (Oct 20, 2002)

Cry Baby bands
Whoever is the knucklehead that is bent on trashing other local bands, there are tissues in the bathroom with to wipe your pussy. Insecurities and piss poor attitudes are raring their ugly heads in the form of whining degenerates that feed off putting others down in a futile attempt to elevate their own pathetic lives to snake level.

I am referring to local band members that are too far gone on the road of self-destruction to be happy for another band that is actually making a name for themselves. I can see where they would get highly jealous of another local band that is already where they wish they were, especially after playing their "stuff" for 2 or 4 years and never getting noticed. It must really hurt to see a band make it before you do....tissue anyone?

That sand in your vagina must really be irritating you if that is all you can do is bitch and moan about someone else's success and your own failure. Move aside for real talent. So, in closing, wipe it, and shut the fuck up. If ya need to, tell your mommy to suck it harder next time.

- Me (Oct 09, 2002)

Strikken Is The Second Coming!
I just thought the members of Strikken might be tiring of writing rave reviews for themselves, therefore, sight unseen, I believe that Strikken will forever alter the course of popular culture! I hope that will delay the inevitable carpal-tunnel that accompanies habitually patting yourself on the back.

- Strikken Fann #1 (Oct 07, 2002)

STRIKKEN wishes to THANK all those cool people that came out to help us with our music video. We shot our video with Baron Pictures, Thanks dudes! In just 3 weeks, it will be released to the public. THANK YOU, our fans!

See STRIKKEN perform this month on OCTOBER 25th at the ALROSA VILLA. We take the stage at 9:30. Be there, and visit us online at

- Wild Bill (Oct 02, 2002)

STRIKKEN needs you! We are shooting our first rock MUSIC VIDEO this SUNDAY, September 29. Come be in the video.

We need 80 more extras and 10 Lovely Ladies!

Show up at the filming location at 4:00PM SHARP!

This rock music video is to be shown on MTV and VH-1. Be a part of our history, be an actor for a day, be there. Details are on our web site.

And, listen to the BIG W A Z U this Saturday evening between 8:00pm and 12:30am for our advertisements!

- Wild Bill (Sept 26, 2002)

STRIKKEN, a hard rock band, is holding open auditions for actors in their first MUSIC VIDEO that may appear on MTV and VH-1. Check their web site for full details at:

Want to appear in a MUSIC VIDEO? Want to act? Like rock music? Come to the auditions! We need people 18 - 30 years old for our video. 80 crowd extras, 20 people less than 4' 6" tall, 9 lovely ladies for important parts!

So, come on, get in on a real MUSIC VIDEO that is being filmed on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 & MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 by BARON PICTURES.

Listen for the ads on the BIG WAZU this Saturday evening between 8:00 PM and 12:00 midnight!

- wildbill (Sept 24, 2002)

This is your chance to be in a music video for STRIKKEN, a hard rock band. STRIKKEN is conducting interviews on Monday, September 23 from 5:30 to 8:45 pm at the MARCY Diner. Open interviews for extras, ladies, and short people will be held at 1007 Marcy Rd. at the MARCY Diner.

Directions and a map are available on STRIKKEN's web site at

STRIKKEN is planning their first music video and will need 100 extras, 20 ladies, and 10 short people for their video. So, come out, get interviewed, and be a part of music history. Who knows, you might get seen on MTV and VH-1.

BARON Pictures will be filming the video, and also has the info listed. We need you! Filming will begin on Sunday, September 29 and will end on Monday, September 30. Peace!

- Wild Bill (Sept 20, 2002)

Columbus Has Been Sub/Divided !
Sub/Divided Live Show Review

I must say that this chance encounter with this band turned out to be a great one. I have heard about these guys thru a few associates of mine, so I just had to check them out.And this past weekend I got to witness and be part of the SUB/DIVIDED scene.

The amazing part about this band is that they have only been together for about a year. And they have been playing locally at least every other weekend.You can tell that they are dead serious about performing great music.These guys play covers but they are known by their fans for their outstanding originals.With a great writing ability and their talented musicians, these guys are going straight to the top of the charts.

They label themselves as Alt Country Rock. I must agree.These guys do it all and they do it well.I heard everything from Black Crowes to Hank Williams Jr to the Rolling Stones. These guys just plain Rock. They are all over the stage jumping around and just plain having fun. This band knows how to captivate a audience and hold them until they are ready to let them go.Even then the crowds do not want them to leave the stage.

The show was held at a bar called the Water Dog Saloon. I have been to this place many times to watch up and coming bands but, I have never seen a band as great as these guys.The locals cant wait for these guys to come back and play again.Its amazing that a band this talented still likes to play at smaller local clubs.

These guys are very professional in every thing they do. From their equipment to stage presence. They are ready for the big time. Talking to the bands manager, I also found out that they are heading back into the studio to finish up the work on their 2nd CD.I got to get this CD.From what I understand it will have a little something for everyone, kinda like their shows. It will have Rock, Southern Rock, Country and I guess Alt Country.

These guys remind me of a Molly Hatchet/ Lynard Skynard mix. And what a mix it is.A true Southern rock Style.

So when you here that Sub/Divided will be playing at a bar near you, make some plans to head out and see these guys!

You will however become...Sub/Divided!!!! Which is a good thing.

- Aaron Clark (Sept 10, 2002)

FORGOT YOU WERE ALIVE? Need a rush to remind you life's always better when set to music? Check out the band One7One and - CLICK, CLICK, BOOM! - just try and stay seated. One7One, a cover band now adding original songs to their shows, is rocking the Columbus area. If you caught them at the Brickyard you know lead singer Kyle Hamm has a voice that is raw and intense. Rob Chafe's guitar wails and screams while Jeff Wise's drum work will throw any headbanger into ecstasy. The chords from Sean Wise's bass will slam into your chest till your heart pounds in rhythm - just let go and - breathe in -breathe out - breath in - breathe out. Log on to their website: One7One.Com and check out the calendar for your next great night out. Party with One7One like there's no tomorrow. Catch them Sat. Aug. 31st at Frog, Bear and Wild Boar and you will know your alive! Luca

- Luca (Aug 31, 2002)

My first encounter with the AUDION machine (ex NOVAC) was over a year ago. I caught them at Bernie's opening for some band whose name escapes me at the moment. They were a spastic and furious five piece. It reminded me of the first time I saw BRAINIAC...I love BRAINIAC...anyways, I was speechless when they finished and let me tell you how rare that is. They played a few more shows around town then promptly disappeared. Now, normally when a band in town calls it quits, I don't sweat it too much, but I was honestly somewhat pissed off about this one. I hadn't gotten to set up any shows with them and more importantly they hadn't released any recordings.

Flash forward to June 2002. I get an email from AUDION's singer/guitarist Paul asking if GO EVOL SHIKI! will play a show with at Bernie's. I nearly wept. The return of AUDION! They parred down to a 2 piece with Paul singing and playing guitar and the master of multitasking David on drums, synths, and doing the programing. They've played 3 shows since and every one has been amazing. First off, no one can touch the energy they exude while playing. Secondly, its pretty fucking amazing watching David play drums and synths at the same time. Finally, Paul is bleeding (literally!) after every show. That's rock and roll right there. They have a cd finished which I believe you can get at their shows. Pick it up. Incredible songs and great titles. Check out "Knives In Hand" and "Hands On The Stove".

Seriously, check them out so they don't disappear again. Do it! DO IT!!!

- Tom Butler (Aug 17, 2002)

2 New bands in Columbus!
Last Friday night, I went to the Scarlet & Grey to see a band called the City Limits Stop. These guys did a great job. I heard it was their first show. Then, a shitty band came on called the Patsys. Man, this band sucked. Well, after the power was lost and restored, twice, I saw another band. This band was killer! They are called STRIKKEN. Just to let all you know that read this, they rocked! Check em out, the City Limits Stop and STRIKKEN.

- TIM (Aug 13, 2002)

The Means
Picking up where the Spiveys left off, kinda ... The Means are a sort of local super group with members whose pedigrees include the Spiveys, Bob City, The Bloody Matt Dillons, Estee Louder, Bigfoot, the Townsmen, The Velveteens, Templeton and many more, but I'll spare ya the complete history of ... And in this day of Strokes, Stripes, Hives and Vines, the Means might just have a chance at something bigger. They take this dirty vocaled garage rock and mix it with a strong dose of Pixies' quirky scream songs; a laid back, but solid sister-brother bass-guitar pairing; a tall, dark and intense front man; a suave and sometimes silly drummer; and some literate and deliberate lyrics that can stand on their own. The lyrics in fact often over-shadow the songs as a whole (um, when they can be heard and understood -- not always the case in live rawk settings). Yeah buddy, I'm liking 'em more with each show.

- Joel (Aug 13, 2002)

House of Heroes (formerly No Tagbacks)
I heard someone say Jimmy Eat World. I was kinda thinking Foo Fighters myself. Another young trio - just outta high school this year I believe. They have a strong hold on the edgy pop alternative of bands like the above and, let's say, the Goo Goo Dolls. But they also don't let it get too boring by mixing things up a bit with some rhythmic and dynamic suprises.

- Joel (Aug 13, 2002)

Run Like Austin
A young trio, and I'd feel miserable now if they didn't include the Smiths, Morrissey and Johnny Marr among their influences. The main singer/guitarist's vocals tend to be very smooth and understated, even when the music gives way to fuller, more upbeat rock. But where as Morrissey has a solemn monotone throughout, Run Like Austin is more likely to add a few jazz/blues torch song twists to the melodies. Plus the bassist provides some generally more spirited, higher accents to the vocals. The music itself holds many Smithian qualities - often sparse and transparent, but also able to build in to room-filling sounds without depending too much on loudness or distortion. I couldn't tell if some of the songs sketches were meant to be as loose and open as they came off. If not, a couple more shows or practices should mend that nicely. All in all, a fine, thoughtful rock band that has a huge mellow streak and is not ashamed of it -- and really has no need to be.

- Joel (Aug 13, 2002)

STRIKKEN strikes again
Flyers on N. High St. on OSU campus drew my attention. I examined one. STRIKKEN plays at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe, 12:30-2:00. Well, that was right in my neighborhood, so I decided to check them out again after seeing them play at the High Five a couple weeks ago.

STRIKKEN stuck again last night at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe on N. High St. The opening act, the City Limits Stop played their first ever live show at 10:30. Not bad, guys. Keep it up.

Next, the Patsys showed up...late, and then proceeded to play. They blew, they blew the fuses and they blew! After several minutes, the power was restored and the Patsys started to play, again. They blew, and the power blew, again. So, they packed up and left with a whimper. Good!

Finally, STRIKKEN was set up after re-routing the power supply by their manager. STRIKKEN ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! Awesome! Hot guitars, hot vocals, original tunes that kicked ass! The crowd really got into their stuff. What can I say, these guys are AWESOME! See them the next time they play a campus bar, if you like to party with a hard rock band that delivers, that is.

- Sam I Am (Aug 11, 2002)

Lower Lights Burning
July 27, 2002, at Oldfields
Check these guys out.

As comfortable doing a countrified original about pain and loss to doing a Replacements cover that will raise the hair on your neck, Lower Lights Burning pulls it off due, in part, to the glaring absence of pretension, fluff,or cheese. That, and they're four guys with the innate sense of good music with the ability to play it.

They're a new band lucky enough to possess the rare combination of intelligent lyrics set to an honest, straight ahead, guitar driven sound they fluctuate, tweak, and transform from song to song. Count how many times the guitarist rocks the glasses off his head.

As Dave Alvin would say, "This is American Music."

- ChopperDave (Aug 04, 2002)

STRIKKEN kicked ass!
CD (unsigned)
STRIKKEN went on stage at the High Five on July 26th with the presense of a seasoned band, even though it was their first Columbus performance. These 5 guys are awesome! Their original music is better than most that is played on the radio. I was stunned with their stage performance, hot guitar solos, and the band members. These guys are hot and can play their asses off! STRIKKEN is one band that is sure to make it in this industry. Their album is dure out in November. Check 'em out, they ROCK!

- Sarah (Aug 02, 2002)

Overall review of band
A Recipe for a Myopia Experience

1 John England on vocals 1 PJ Hall on guitar 1 Greg Braun on drums 1 Mark Hays on guitar 1 Luke Braun on bass 2 pints of fresh new sounds 4 pounds of �real� lyrics One kick ass stage presence

Mix all together and take shape for a few years and a few albums later and you have Ohio�s number one local rock band, MYOPIA!

The smoke filled bar is full of trendy campus students. Drinks in hand, they anxiously await for the ensemble of five to take the stage. The lights dim and there is a small movement on stage. Then as explosive as their recent success, Myopia seizes the stage and all that is present is engulfed in a Myopia experience���. It all started back in the small Ohio town of Mt. Victory in the early 90�s with a new kid in town John England (vocals) and a classmate Greg Braun (drums) who shared a love and talent for rock-n- roll. John and Greg toyed with the idea of developing their own band, which lead to the recruitment of Greg�s brother Luke Braun (bass) and two earlier members who later left to pursue other aspirations and ultimately paved the way for the joining of Mark Hays and PJ Hall (both on guitar). With the two new members on board the five set out to forever change Webster�s definition of �myopia�. �Myopia� another definition for nearsightedness, and a way to describe early club managers and how they were often too nearsighted to see past the bands little experience and young ages, is no more. With two successful albums under their belts, Radius and Superhero in addition of their first ever EP Take You With Me the demand for Myopia has soared and has lead to an ever growing fan base of young and old alike. With the help and success of being named Ohio�s number one rock band of Central Ohio by WBZX 99.7 The Blitz the word of Myopia is spreading and a vision of pure talent and youthful energy is becoming quite clear. As the fans await another EP due out this summer, these boys will continue to devour their audiences with their electrifying shows full of uncanny surprises. Lots of bodies jumping and hands in the air as beats and sounds are laid out with passion and vocals that reach right out to you, all while maintaining a distinctly unique upbeat energy. No room for syrup or sappiness here. As I walk out of the crowded bar I stumble on my intoxication and ponder at the fact that I never even had a drink in hand���

- Ladybug (June 17, 2002)

The High 5, Saturday, April 13
I saw the The Secret Sound of the NSA play at the High 5 on Saturday, April 13, and they rocked. The band held true to it's motto "Our Rock Will Destroy You", though I should admit that I'm only an occasional concert goer, so just staying up that late nearly destroyed me.

The NSA is a band that will surprise you. Normally I do not like to see a keyboard player up onstage with a rock-n-roll band, which is what the NSA unquestionably is. Call me a purist, but I think there is usually an inverse relationship between the quality of rock music and the number of instruments used to create it. But with the NSA it all works out somehow. The keyboards and synthesizer stuff are all completely incorporated into their sound along with the standard guitars and drums, so it doesn't come off like a gimmicky add-on. The result is big and loud and fun.

The show just plain rocked. Not a dull moment in their entire set. I kept waiting for them to play a boring song so that I could go to the bathroom, but they never did. I had to hold it. This is a high-energy rock-n-roll band. They all move around so much onstage that, if you're not paying attention, you might forget which one is supposed to be the front man. Compared to those bands where everyone just stands still and plays, the NSA have the combined energy and charisma of five David Lee Roths, and I mean that in a good way.

Apart from the flash and dazzle of their live show, the NSA also seem to have quite a lot to say in their songs; about the alienation of the individual in an increasingly technological world, about waste and decadence in the entertainment industry, about the spiritual sickness that results from overexposure to the media. Also something about robots, I think. My favorite song was "Getting Fired", which, to the best of my understanding, is about a man who comes to work one morning to find that he has been replaced by a robot. It rocked.

So, if you get a chance, I strongly recommend going to see the NSA. That is, unless you're afraid of being destroyed. Then you should stay home.

- Kyle Mossman (Apr 19, 2002)

Boaz Philharmonic & mpeband
Mad Lab April 12, 2002
Everything came together for the final performance of the Boaz Philharmonic. I would attribute it to the fact that they consumed less liquor than my grandma at the Saturday come-as-you-are parties at the Home. That was quite an accomplishment for these stars. As someone who as followed their career closely, I was pleased as (non-alcoholic) punch.

It was a much tighter show. Bunny comfortably chatted inbetween songs. This time out, the BP seemed to enjoy performing. The brother-in-lawey love that Bunny and Z have for each other revealed itself several times in the performance. They showed that for some, less beer=less bitterness.

During the finale, "Black Leather", Bunz filled the extra time on the sound machine by belting out the lyrics to "'83 Chevette", a Supey song. Very, very nice.

The artists are looking forward to pursuing their other music interests, because, to them, "that joke isn't funny anymore". Well, it is still funny to us. Look for amusement coming from Loughtonsound Technologies soon.

My ears were treated to a very enjoyable show by mpeband. Going in, all I had heard was that they were hippies. Well, if that is what hippies really sound like, sign me up. The truth is, I appreciated the ethereal/Punk rock juxtaposition of the songs. Under other circumstances, I would've danced through a lot of their show.

While my ears were happy, my eyes were horrified. "tubadan", seemingly innocent accordian, maraca, and, well, tuba player, came out as the conductor, then stripped during a delightful song about spicing up your sex life. The thing is, I have on occasion thought that it would be nice to see more penises, but when it all comes down to it, I am a prude at heart. My hands were ready to cover my eyes, ... (i don't want to give anything away here) You'll just have to see them. They are touring everywhere.

- Katie Sands (Apr 14, 2002)

Karma To Burn
Little Brother's 3/7/02
Bastard Squad Of America A Planet For Texas Karma To Burn

I love checking out different kinds of music and this was a blast. I looked out of place in my corduroy button down, but so what? :-) I saw Karma open for Corrosion Of Conformity and liked 'em enough to want to see them again.

Dougan does some strange bookings and this was no exception. Why he would have two punk bands open for a balls-out instrumental stoner-rock band is hard to know. Like I said to my friend, Karma is more Soundgarden than Sex Pistols. Odd line-up.

Bastard Squad was horrible. The singer looked uncomfortable and had little stage presence. The guitarist was solid but unremarkable. The bass player was pretty good but had this cheesy hair metal schtick which was off-putting. The drummer committed the two biggest sins for punk - dragged a lot and hit like a jazz drummer.

From the comments of A Planet For Texas during their set, it became clear that they got the Bastards the gig. It was also clear that they were the only people in the bar who thought the Bastards were any good. Planet was much better. Louder, more confident, better singing and musicianship. The drummer had this crazy set up with what looked like a floor tom mounted on his rack. I love that kind of shit. They were pretty good, but dammit, I just can't get into punk very much. I always try to listen with an open mind, though. These guys were listenable.

Then it was Karma To Burn from Morgantown West "by God" Virginia. They were on fire last night and they blew us and the rest of the crowd away. They were obviously feeding off the energy of the crowd and played a great, memorable set. But how to explain the music?

This band is as close to unique as you can get in rock these days. Guitar-bass-drums. Heavy, groovy, all instrumentals. Their songs are all named by number. This stuff is right up my alley. I absolutely loved it. Stoner rock for jamband fans. The Medeski Martin & Wood of metal.

These guys are the genuine article. Total hicks from West by gum. They crank out these killer riffs with no pretense whatsoever. The drummer is incredible. He sits super low with his snare practically touching the ground. His cymbals are way up high and he just flails! Lots of groovy beats and tom playing. Uses the cow bell well too. He really impressed me last night. I hear some Mountain influence in these guys.

The bass player is great. He had the psychedelic smirk going all night as he laid down the legs-apart lean-back ultra overdriven bottom end to our guts. Ball cap with sun glasses on the bill pulled down over his greasy hair. He plays with lots of effects and gets some wild, psychedelic tones out of his bass. He was obviously having a blast and making eye contact with folks like me who were getting down.

In a trio, you'd expect the guitarist to play lots of leads, but no. The bass player really takes that role in this band. The guitarist just lays down the mean, down-tuned riffs. Ball cap pulled down low over his eyes. Head bobbin. No nonsense great heavy playing. And the songs stand up. It can't be easy playing all instrumentals in this genre, but they pull it off and then some. Great riffs, great songs, great playing.

I'm about to order the CD (reminder to musicians - sell your damn CD at your shows!!) and I'll definitely see them next time they're in town.

- Fred J. Jenkins III (Mar 08, 2002)

Frankie Cleary
World Undercover
CD (Elder Records)
Hey. This is Frankie Cleary. I'm a new acoustic artist here in Columbus. If you like the sounds of John Mayer and Dashboard Confessional then you're gonna dig my music. And hey, everyone likes free downloads right? Check out some free tracks from my new CD World Undercover at Peace yall.

- Frankie Cleary (Mar 07, 2002)

Scout Niblett (preview)
Larry's - Tuesday, March 5 (preview)
Secretly Canadian is a small record company on the rise, and the unorthodox indie-pop of most of their releases is quickly becoming its "sound." Scout Niblett fits nicely into the mold on her debut, with a minor-chord-fixated alt-folk minimalism that lets her voice (that manages to come off both powerful and wispy simultaneously) take almost all of your attention. She endearingly applies a child-like imagination in dealing with adult emotions throughout Sweet Heart Fever helping the Brit prove that she's talented and quirky, but she's also interesting. This is increasingly rare in esoteric fare.

- Brian O'Neill (Mar 02, 2002)

Sister Flow
Songs in some key..
Went to Oldfields on High saturday again to see Sister Flow. If you have never seen this band, you are truely missing out. With only three members they have such a great sound, the guitarist (Tim Hartshorn) and drummer (Liam Westbrook), along with the good vocals and dynamic bass play (Josh Mathis) this trio is one of the best local bands in the city in my opinion. They do mostly original stuff but can rip off a cover of "Good Times, Bad Times - Led Zepplin", or "No Sleep til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys" with near perfection. The original song "Chinese Dinosaur" is a great combination of rap and rock, which seems to be the status quo on the rock scene today. This is a great band to see, I also recommend picking up the CD "Songs in some Key" which has great songs like "Again", "Control", "Chinese Dinosaur", and a cool cover of the song "My girl" by Smoky Robinson. If you like funk/rock you need to see Sister Flow.

- FireStormX (Feb 04, 2002)

The Staggers
The Staggers are Dead ... Long Live the Staggers
CD (Overtone)
A few years ago I got a CD of some 7" pre-releases recorded by "Red Hot" Scott Waters. It included the Staggers "13 Tons." It became my favorite tune on that CD. For the next year or two I also some how managed to miss the Staggers every time they played out. Then the band just seemed to disappear from the calendars. When they re-emerged with the release of The Staggers are Dead ... I came to the conclusion that they were sequestered in the studio making this CD.

They sent Cringe copies of the CD and I'm really liking it. There's a bit of the Who influenced rawk in these guys - including punk opera and instrumentals that could be mistaken for Sonic Youth, V-3 or Eric's Mother. There's at least one tune from the Black Sabbath big bad riff handbook to get me off my butt and on my feet. I might go so far as to say that this is intelligent punk. Not to say it's particularly intellectual -- it just comes off as if they really put some serious thought into their songs during the recording process -- while maintaining some humorous themes. Oh yeah, and there are no discernable vocals until nearly 10 minutes into the disc, and those are deliberate with a snide overtone.

My only disappointment is that the shows don't keep my interest or my ear as much as the CD does. When I finally did see the Staggers live, I nearly didn't recognize them as the same band. They came off as a run-of-the-mill drunk punk band. But that'll happen when ya hit the Bernie's stage at 2am. I've seen 'em a few more times since and it's improving -- meeting the expectation set by their recordings maybe half the time. So in some strange way, I'm eagerly awaiting the fruits of their next disappearing act more than their next show.

- Joel (Jan 20, 2002)

Fairmount Girls
Tender Trap
CD (Deary Me Records)
Welcome to the home of some of the best females recording indie rock in the states. Yes, the Fairmount Girls, whether intentionally or not, whether my own pigeonholing is ill-informed or not, carry a torch not far removed from the likes of Ohio's Scrawl, The Breeders and Ruby Vileos along with PJ Harvey, Big Hello, Julianna Hatfield, the Katydids ... well, ya get the idea.

This CD kinda surprised me. Why? I saw Fairmount Girls live about two years ago. It was a perty rough affair, so I wasn't expecting much from this CD. Maybe the studio is really good to them. I've seen them since getting this CD. Indeed, they've tightened up nicely. In any case, if those names I dropped above are yer thing, get the CD or try 'em out live.

- Joel (Jan 20, 2002)

fonzie part 2
david la tengo
78 (piss backwards)
so i slay your format.dec. 30th carried over to jan 11th. w/ d. croos show at irving plaza, cindy adams/liz smith/richard johnson/ gossip collum shit as follows. the stokes lead singer{the guy that looks like jesse from MTV}was repremanded from the bathroom for suspicious activities by security and in defense quite hastily replied, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" dont you mean dont you know who my father is?.Snap, yor converse just dont understand.meanwhile, davey & co.{many ex members of mr. show & more}elaborated on why things suck, in a really funny way,girls guitar club, yo la tengo later, my spine hurt and i realized i was fucked. i wish they had ARBY's in new york! herd on .JP

- JP (Jan 13, 2002)

Showtime w/ GBV
converse &prose
beers (apollo)
well,well,well, he we are. post x-mas 2002.i think wewere all hoping for a nice warm apocolyptic end, but hey, when did you ever get what you wanted for christ-mas?the world famous APOLLO theatre, you know where Sinbad put it down, history type shit! jan 30th David Cross,the strokes and guided by Voices. hard to say how this one would go down, right.ill start with a quote from the 2nd balcony bartender at the very end of the show to elaberate on the scenario,"i have never seen people drink this much booze in one night" and so it was, that i was walking across the seat arms of the balcony from one side to another,rocking out to god knows what,GBV were professers that night. A voice from above, {the voice of god} recived oral favors from princess Di, coutesy of david cross. the stokes caused all the young girls infront of me to shimmer, as if it were their pictures that appeared in some old mag. kudos to them for that. the stairways were velvet, lined with famous be continued!!!

- jp (Jan 13, 2002)

Pan Dowdy
Pan Dowdy
CD (Home Cooked)
Pan Dowdy is a 3 piece roots rock band formed about 6 months ago. All 3 of us have been playing in bands for the past 10 years in the Ohio area and in Chicago. Joe the drummer played in blues bands in Athens and Columbus. Daryn the bassist has played in Bluegrass bands in Kentucky and Ironton, Ohio, as well as with Men From Earth, who are currently playing in the Columbus area. Chad the singer/guitarist played in One Horse Nation from Columbus in the early 90's and moved to Chicago to form a rock band there. The Clams performed in Chicago and throughout the midwest from 1996-2000. Now, Pan Dowdy has come together to release their first EP on CD. It was all DIY, produced at MooPigFace in the booming metropolis of Gahanna, Ohio. We combine country, blues and rock to (hopefully) form some good tunes. Pan Dowdy will play at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe on January 5 in Columbus.

- Chad (Dec 19, 2001)

The Emerald Down
Scream The Sound
CD (POPsound)
Debut full length from The Emerald Down who are now settled into the Columbus, OH area. Scream the Sound will appeal to fans of ethereal and shoe-gazer music, such as early Lush, early 90s Cocteau Twins or Slowdive. The opening two tracks show might be the best cuts here. Both "Caught a Wave" and "Red Shift" shimmer with Rebecca Basye's vocals floating of a sea of undulating guitar waves. They also fare well employing a slower tempo as during "Recondite Astral Traveler" which features bassist Jim Rock on vocals. Some of the other tracks gets start to blend into each other, but then "Perilized" or "A Minor Crush" turns up and perks up my ears again.

I must admit to taking a few listens to really warm up to this CD. I guess it took me a while to breathe in all the textures that are alive here. They compare favorable with the new wave of Projekt bands: Mira and Lowsunday. If you are into shoegazery sounds then give this CD a spin.

(Tom LaBue) Swizzle-Stick

- Tom LaBue (Dec 18, 2001)

The Emerald Down
Scream The Sound
CD (POPsound)
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The Emerald Down conjures many words upon hearing their amazing debut � blissful, gorgeous, ethereal, otherworldly, dreamy, beautiful� the list could go on forever. The four members utilize their instruments and voices to create the most heavenly blisspop this side of early Slowdive or late-Secret Shine. Your ears will stand at attention in bewilderment at how guitars can be so atmospheric, at how the male/female vocal interplay can float so perfectly over and through the mix, how the bass and drums can be so smooth. If it were 1991 all over again, this band would open for Chapterhouse and I bet they would be in complete awe of The Emerald Down. An outstanding debut that has us excited at what�s to come next!

- Dan Sostrom, Clairecords (Dec 11, 2001)

The Emerald Down
Scream The Sound
CD (POPsound)
It would be fairly easy to dismiss the Emerald Down as just another Slowdive clone. At first, I would grant you that: gliding sheets of swirling guitar, soothing male vocals that go along with female "aaaaahs" (and that would be guitarist Rebecca Basye, who really sounds like a siren out of water), and gut-wrenching melody lines. Very much like, say, Just for a Day of the nosier numbers in Souvlaki. But look (or rather listen) closer to this Columbus, Ohio-via-Olympia, WA foursome and you'll discover a young band way too anxious to develop a sound of their own. True, they didn't achieve it here, but hey, it's their first record after all, where they pour all their primal influences. You can tell that these guys were itching to tell the world who their heroes are, and by that, they have crafted a wonderfully noisy collection of shoegaze-inspired songs that resemble a lot the less polished, much rockier sounds of the late 80's. For that matter, if you happen to compare it with another Slowdive clone as, say, Malory, you could file this as a less ethereal, dirtier and much more noisier rock band that play all their cards correctly in creating dense, swirling and rich layers of sound that build up into an orgasmic climax of candy-coated sheets of gliding guitar noise. Songs like the epic, even anthemic Red Shift, the 80's-inspired Perilized that brings to mind stuff like The Cure and Joy Division, and the much Just for a Day-inspired Another Day, will remind you why you liked shoegaze so much in the first place. But most notably, check out Rebecca Basye's angelic, siren-like voice. Silk for your ears. This a great example of a young band just before the corner to create something that will stay on people's ears and hearts for a long while. On the next album, we'll talk more about this. I can assure you that.

- LOSING TODAY MAGAZINE-Alejandro Alaluf (Dec 06, 2001)

you need someone
dood, ya needs somebody writing reviews of the hustlin, bustlin, live ass shakin scene yr covering. get someone soon, please!

(Dec 05, 2001)

[I agree. Wanna write for us? - joel]

Boaz Philharmonic
Bo ain't nothing without Z
I read Ms. Markey's review of the Mad Lab show, and I was a little upset she didn't give more props to Z. I am a keyboardist and I know all the prep work that he must have put into the performance. I am sick of people criticizing keyboardists. Wouldn't it be accurate to say that Mozart just pressed buttons, as well? Ms. Markey sure pressed my button. I hope that Z dances a little more at the next show. Pitts., I believe. There's buzz about a show with Gil Mantera's Dreamparty. Z, I'll be the one with the red hot Valentine and the chinless rat-like face.

- Andrew Jay (Nov 25, 2001)

Boaz Philharmonic
BP & co. at Mad Lab
Live Show
On November 17, 2001 Mad Lab hosted an evening of laughs, whether they meant to, or not.

Smiling Villians from Michigan were there, the only stars who took them selves a little too seriously that night, while still pretending to laugh at themselves. The sound was reminiscent of The Misfits, most notably on their cover of "where eagles dare", but the Villians are a little more metal and less charasmatic. Note to their groupies/family: if you don't dance, no one else will.

Marcy Mays kicked ass and owned the stage and rocked out on her one-man-band.

The Boaz Philharmonic, kings of pop (sorry jack-o) stayed true to their roots, and played the songs the kids wanted to hear. They particularly shone on "Renaissance of the Lovely" and "Bolge Ridge Academy". Many of the audience members were instantly hooked. Everyone got the joke and wanted more. Lead singer Bunny (Bunz, or Uncle Bunzy, as his true fans know him) crooned his way into our funny bones, while Grandmaster Zach, spun out the electronica tunes, read: pressed buttons and drank beer with style. I will never forget the look on Bunny's face as he screamed/rapped "put on the get your face out of my face face". I am eagerly awaiting the next BP show b/c it was the most entertaining act I've seen for a long, long time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Bunny continues to change his pants onstage...Until then, I'll keep my summer villa in Boaz.

- Lori Markey (Nov 25, 2001)

CD (Derailleur)
Rock songs are not hard to write. Any schmutz with a shitty amp and shitty guitar can put together some chords and make noise. The trick has been and always will be making the most simplistic chord progression interesting by layering good melodies on top. Duh.

Templeton's strong suit is that they take basic four or five chord rock progression and put good, strong, memorable melodies on top. The "Useful" EP that was recently released is a prime example. Besides the fact that all the tracks are uptempo, four-minute or under dirty guitar rawkers is completely moot if there is nothing to take away in the melody department. Luckily, Mr. Hurd and company are much more in sync than the 1999 full length release "Trash To Treasure," which sometimes saw discordant instrumental parts take the lead when vocals should have been pushing the song along.

The opening title track is the basis for what makes Templeton good: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus and out. No fucking around with a bridge, extended solos, none of that, just nasty guitars, killer drums and enough snotty angst to give punk rockers a run. The only thing that really holds the band back is the production, which at times muffles the Ben Kemp's drums and the vocal tracks. Then again, this is "noise pop," whatever the fuck that is, so it can't be too well produced or else they'd probably get labeled sellouts or something benign like that.

"Track Record" suffers slightly from the fact that the verse vocals follow the guitar line note for note the entire song. Three verses of this is a bit much, time to bring in the counter melodies and try changing shit up people, c'mon! Luckily the chorus bails out the lackluster verses to make the song memorable, although it is definitely the weakest of the three.

Finally, "It" wraps up the EP with a drum and bass intro (Fuck yeah!) and follows it with plenty of swearing and lines about killing cops...mmkay. The verses are stronger than the previous track, and the guitars sound huge at points, which helps push the chorus up and in your face. This is the only song on the EP that features a legitimate "solo," and Tony Nguyen lets it rip, dancing between the Pixies Joey Santiago and Mr. J Masics with ease.

Supposedly, these songs were going to make it onto the next Templeton full-length release, but with Mr. Hurd in Howlin' Maggie full-time and the departure of Ben Kemp from behind the kit, who knows if the next Templeton LP will see the light of day. If these tracks are any indication, we can only hope....

- F. Wood (Nov 18, 2001)

Amalgamated Funk is the most original band in columbus
Last week I dropped by to see an old friend of mine who happens to be the owner of Snaps & Taps, when I got there they were telling me to hang out and check out this band amalgamated funk.. I wasn't sure what to think at first.. I asked what they did and was told 'a little of everything smashed into one' that didn't tell me a whole lot, but I decided to check them out anyway and was surprised by what was to follow.

They don't look like the average band, the lead singer was a tall as shaq, the lead & bass guitar player looked like the average still in college joe, and they had a dj who was a short little jewish guy.

I snickerd because they were the most unlikey trio I had ever seen.. but when the music played i totally was taken to some other world.. they started with a hard rocking sound, over top of a fluid rap, so I figued they were rap band.. but no.. they jumped to a soul/rock tempo'd song totally flipping the script on me vocally.

They started off rough with a few technical problems, but worked their way through with a nice blend of rock, hip-hop beats, and deep soul singing, and every now and then they drop in some drum & bass, which totally got me hyped, because I love drum & bass music.. they dropped it in like seasoning not over doing it but blending it well with the rest fo their music.

I was impressed, they totally took me off guard and that was a breath of fresh air, no two songs were alike.. and they did a great job of blending various musical styles together.

The next time they play I'll be bring friends, and you should check them out too, true music fans will enjoy Amagamated Funk, not that I trying to push my friends club but they play rgularly at Snaps & Taps check 228-1230 for more info.

- Rory Stanton (Oct 12, 2001)

Starboard Rail
I've been sitting on this for a few weeks for some reason ...

Hmm, the first 2 letters in OK Computer and first 2 letters Kopaz are the same, just reversed. Coincidence? Probably. Is Adult Alternative Art Pop/Rock the next big radio programming format? Could be.

I don't quite get the whole Radiohead thing. OK is an OK album I suppose, but ... I suspect those indie rockers just got into their parent's Carpenters, Bread and Sweet albums ... Kinda like how the Smashing Pumpkins started to sound like Barry Manilow doing new age space rock. Then the whole prog rock thing starts creeping in (particularly Trevor Rabin both with Yes and solo comes to mind with Kopaz -- but that's just one of my pretentious pet comparisons).

Kopaz's vocals are very smooth and nice with a sorta non-threatening, boy nextdoor Bono tonality. The playing is quite tight and melodic. Layers of synth sounds, instruments, and vocals, little experimental interludes and real glockenspiel accents are all part of the mix. The production is excellent to a fault. In fact, I challenge anyone to listen to this and say it has any element of the so-called "local band poor production quality." Ok, maybe there's one or 2 elements, but yer just being hypersensitive. These boys are at the very least great "sound sculptors."

The first tune, "Pacific Dead End" does have heavier parts that bring to mind Weezer (Yep, Rob, I wrote that before I read yer review). It's not quite funk or groove, but maybe something like a happy, poppy INXS meets the Pixies? Yeah, I said Weezer earlier.

And for another Radiohead tie in, the first song here and on OK Computer involve car accidents which seem to be the set up that is carried throughout the rest of both the albums. I guess that makes them both concept albums. The difference is Radiohead's character survives due to "Airbag" technology and goes on to live in a modern world of politics, aliens and computers. Meanwhile Kopaz's characters remain underwater in some form of suspended animation from a lack of air -- at least metaphorically if not physically.

After "Pacific Dead End" the Kopaz starts showing its spacier, art pop side. As an example "And In Both" emulates some variant of the Gregorian Chant instrumental fare particularly common to Alan Parsons and sometimes Enya and Kate Bush ("Waking the Witch"). But where (hmm, butt wear?) Alan Parson would use sequenced synth patterns, Kopaz goes for more of a percussive light noise pattern.

"Verbal Kint", which is also a name Kopaz played under early on, is a film inspired instrumental. Named after a character in The Usual Suspects, the mid section could be an updating of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells -- the theme to The Exorcist for ya movie buffs.

The last tune is "Airtight." Hmm. The first song on OK Computer is "Airbag." Maybe I'm not so far off with the Radiohead idea ... Once again I show my age and roots by noting the vocals remind me of a Joe Walsh tune -- "The Wolf" I believe -- or even Styx's "Come Sail Away." Bet ya hate me fer reminding you of that one. After more listens, the noises and vocal effect sound like eerie John Lennon -- a cross between say "Across the Universe" and the end of "I am the Walrus" and "Mother".

Of course, I have to say sometimes this all comes off a bit bloated or pretentious ... but look who's talkin'. Actually it's quite a good CD; just missing that human touch or edge. OK, there are some edges but they come off as either washed out or calculated -- a little too warm, perfect or nice and oddly familiar. Yeah, I know, that's an odd thing to complain about, but I think ya catch my drift. Live they definitely have more edgy rock tendencies, though the vocals still tend to smooth that back out.

In the end I could see a number of the tunes in CD101's rotation. "Uniform" might be my first pick. And I'd have ta say Columbus and Kopaz should be proud to have produced such a fine work. I mean Starboard Rail just sounds and looks like a major band release.

- Joel (Sept 23, 2001)

cleveland band rocks columbus
northburg tavern- 9/15/2001
I was at the Northburg Tavern on Saturday the 15th, and was treated to a kickass band from Cleveland called Floored. This was their first time playing in Columbus and I really hope to see them again soon. They plowed my eardrums with a 1 hour long set, and left me begging for more. It was hypnotic to watch the way the drummer assaulted his drumkit with every beat, the 2 guitarists crunching away on their axes and the bassist was absolutly phenomenal. They had a heavy, driving sound that reminded me of Disturbed or Godsmack, but they were much more original and tighter than either of those bands could ever dream to be. I especially enjoyed the remake of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" was awesome and the crowd absolutly loved it. I got to meet the band and they are all really great guys. They play in the Cleveland area a lot, so I highly recommend anyone who enjoys that type of music to check them out if they are up in that area, and the next time your at the Northburg, tell the bartender to book them again! You wont want to miss these guys.

- Jackie (Sept 17, 2001)

Excellent local indie band.
Superstar Rookie Show at Little Brothers
Last Saturday (08/25/2001), I went to Little Brothers to see the band 'Frostiva'. While waiting for Frostiva to go on, the band Superstar Rookie played their opening set. They were excellent. Many of their tunes reminded me of the whole indie-punk scene coming of southern California. Every song that they played had tons of energy and a wall of sound. All members seemed to be seasoned musicians with a good blend of technique and aggression. Now I know that I am a little biased to this style of music, but I would like to say that Superstar Rookie did an outstanding job of playing it.

If you would like to check-out any of these west coast indie bands, visit and go to the links page. I will be adding Superstar Rookie to the link page sometime next week.

Regards, Footer ~ Big Mo Footer

- Footer (Aug 27, 2001)

The Big Mo Footer Show - August 1st at Northberg Tavern
Just a man and his dog poop!
Big Mo Footer was at it again August 1 at the Northberg Tavern with The Small Child Orchestra and Mudfly. I�ve been following BMF for a while and this was the first I remember the drummer, Dave, ever singing a tune. Frankly, it was refreshing change from the usual singer who often sounds like he swallowed a lawn mower (just kidding, Scott, put the gun away...heh, heh).

I think the song was something about hot dog poop, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it was cool. Keep it up Dave. The August first show lacked a little enthusiasm from others, I thought, on the band�s part (I only say that because it�s one of the more energetic bands I�ve seen in a while�don�t get cocky). But I understand Craig was horking up fur balls and the audience, while plentiful (especially for a Wednesday) acted like it was happy hour for Valium shooters. Some cute girls, though�always a good thing.

Speaking of poop, BMF is playing with Poop House Rielly at the Scarlet and Gray Saturday, August 18�an energetic show on everybody�s part, I�m sure!

- -Tabloid Tony (Aug 05, 2001)

Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe and Hellbound Truckers
Comfest 2001
It was a time for being saved and bound for hell all in one weekend!!!!

Comfest 2001 was a great time as usual; and I'm still recovering!!

I had a booth again this year so, I was only able to sneak away for 2 shows. Saturday's Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe lifted my spirits to the sky, lord, to the sky!!!!!!!!!! As always, the talented brothers and sisters (and solemn-faced death) saved my debaucherous soul from the depths of hell!!!! They even tried to get me up on stage to share in my new found glory. But, I chose to stay seated for fear of the spirits in which I had imbibed would send me on my face in overwhelming rapture (I was drunk with the blood of Christ).

On Sunday, it all was taken away by the Hellbound Truckers!!! Their whiskey bent and hellbound music sent me back to the ways of the world once again!!! Entertainment this grande should be a sin!!! Oh ....... I forgot!!! It is!!!

I guess I'll just have to wait for another revival of BCGD to save my wretched soul again!! I kinda like this "sinnin'/savin'" whirlwind of life!!!

- Juba Moon (July 15, 2001)

Discovery of a new planet!
Test Planet
Live Show (None)
Tuesday night (071001) I once witnessed a new planet shinning bright in the Columbus sky. I'm talking about the band Test Planet's show at Little Brothers in the Short North. It's rare that you get to see such a celestial event unfold in front of your eyes. Band members Jay, Jerry and Jason put on an amazing show for their army of dedicated fans. It's refreshing to see so much energy and excitement on stage. Along with their great mix of original music they managed to squeeze in some fantastic covers such as, "Love Fool" by the Cardigans and U2's "Pride" in which lead singer Jay Wuerth actually spelled out S-A-F-E-T-Y DANCE in true artistic fashion. Over all this band receives my highest accolades. If you want to hear something other than "radio rock" I suggest you get out to see Test Planet perform. If your too scared to stop listening to the radio cold turkey I suggest you visit their website at to download some songs. In the end you will be thanking me for turning you on to great local rock that's right down the street.

- Mark Farina (July 12, 2001)

Review of Big Mo Footer / Test Planet show.
Review of Big Mo Footer / Test Planet show on July 7th
I had the pleasure last weekend of watching a show at new campus club, �Scarlet and Gray,� featuring a band I was familiar with called �Test Planet,� and one I was not, named �Big Mo Footer.� Test Planet did its usual decent job, especially in the dynamics department. The band is very good at capturing different moods through its music, which included everything from originals to covers of �80s bands like The Cure and U2. I�ve got to say, though, I was particularly impressed with Big Mo Footer, an original band that showed amazing energy despite its members� relative ages (sorry, guys). The band touts an aggressive �Indie Rock� style, although some of its tunes sounded more like Jim Stafford than the Replacements. The band�s only cover was a punk/yodel version of a Doc Watson tune which, frankly, I couldn�t recognize. The band had some interesting lyrics discussing such subjects as Appalachian incest, life under the Union Label and boobs on television. Good band. I think we�ll be seeing more of it.

-�Tabloid� Tony

- Tony (July 11, 2001)

June 2, 2001 @ Bernie's
Bill "Monster" Trecker - lead guitar for Columbus' undoubtedly heaviest boogie rock band - separated his shoulder in a daring outfield play during a recent rock and roll softball match. Holy crap. It turned green, fer cryin' out loud.

Behemoth formed about a year ago - led by principal riff writer Fes Minck (of Lordburger fame (?)) and Eric Hintersheid (sp?) guitarist/songwriter from swirlpop group Swiverlarm Battlegrip. Trecker was Swivel's resident madman and bass player; and part of what made him so mad was the burning urge to play guitar. Along with Eric and Fes, he rounded out the 3-guitar assault of Behemoth.

At first thought, possibly overkill? Nah, they pull it off. Each guitar has its place a la Molly Hatchet, .38 Special (not to mention the countless one-guitar bands who put orchestras of guitar on their albums, or have extra, touring musicians go on the road to fill out the live sound).

Behemoth gives it to you straight. Simple yet heavy and catchy metal/rock riffs thundering from the Marshall, Sovtek and Mesa Boogie amps until the recent "Softball incident" - as it came to be known. Trecker recently (like 2 days ago, as of this writing) got his cast off. And although still in a sling, when he's not slinging his axe, Behemoth promptly got back on stage last night (June 2 - Bernie's) without missing a beat or a power chord. Props to Trecker for playing through the pain and pulling it off, so to speak, as if he hadn't been away from the instrument for 2 months. Behemoth's sonic blast was loud, heavy, and tight. And props to Fes for forming this band - one that needed to be put together for the salvation of rock.

Behemoth followed some jerk- off "rock" outfit called the Kingrods, and the stellar Hard Rock pummel of Boston's Lamonth with a show that demands more folks get off their ass, shut up, and behold the majesty of rock. Look for them. All thee guitars are alive and well.

- JD Dallas (June 12, 2001)

Miranda Sound
Baby Intertia
CD (Reverbose)
Biochemistry Lab. Plop a sturdy microscope onto the lab bench. Rotate to the highest power lens. Delicately prepare the throat culture between slides. The culture doesn't quite sit right. Audible screeches are heard as the slides are mounted under the stage clamps. Looking closer there is indeed a tiny infectious bacterium present in the throat culture.

Well, that's my analogy fer Miranda Sound ( ): Powerful yet delicate, sturdy yet versatile. The vocal melodies themselves seem fine. But the vocal pitch and tone kinda make my teeth tingle and, yes, cringe -- not unlike when a tiny piece of metal scrapes thin glass.

My introduction to Miranda Sound's music was via this CD. Having met singer Billy Peake, the voice just didn't go with the face and I'm finding it really hard to get by that. I mean Billy's vocal chords must be stretched so tight his balls wanna shrivel up, fall off and lay quivering in a corner. After hours of listening I still can't get the vocal likes of Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane, Rik Emmet of Triumph, the guys from Supertramp, Fish of Marillion and even Geddy Lee of Rush outta my head. Ya know, pop art rock with those high pitched, falsetto front men. Truth be known I've been a fan of most of those bands at some point. Still, there's a strong urge to slap Billy and tell him ta sing like a man ... or at least a male. Trouble is I'm not much of a slapper; and I'm thinking Billy and band pack a wallop, so I'll hold back.

All in all, if ya get beyond the strained, high end vocal range, the CD is a fine, professional product -- nice packaging, nice production, and nice musical variety. There was at least one incident where I thought it was some new unreleased Pretty Mighty Mighty. Much of the production reminds me of PMM's Famous Past Lives (the title of which I still occasionally confuse with the phrase "Famous Last Words" which I believe also happens to be a Supertramp album. Nice tie in, eh?). It was recorded at Workbook Studio -- owned and operated by a couple guys from PMM, so that makes sense.

I suppose if yer curious about what a modern electric rock version of Jefferson Airplane or a Triumph with a bit less pyrotechnics might sound like, try Miranda Sound. Run it through one of those karaoke machines that removes vocals, I think I might really like it. Then again, karaoke is evil.

- Joel (June 08, 2001)

Flickerstick - the Nightrunners - Fetch - Tashjian Soul
Little Brothers
I wanted to decide for myself if Flickerstick rocks or whether the magic of television had deceived me, but I�ll get to that later. First the openers ... Tashjian Soul. Pop rock dressed in silly leather pants and an even sillier suit. Fetch. When will guitar dudes realize that digital distortion and solid state amps don�t sound good no matter how loud you crank it? The Nightrunners. Good country-tinged rock. These guys seemed out their element playing in front of the Joe Dude college crowd. Seeing as how it was getting late on a Tuesday night and I had to go to work Wednesday morning, I wasn�t too pissed (OK I was relieved) when they got the yank after 3 songs because of time. Flickerstick is just a little rock band from Texas, so try not to hold some kind of indier-than-thou grudge against them for being on TV. Any indie rock bad karma they may have gotten for �selling out� is now payed for nightly as drunken Billy Nodiks yell, �Soulcracker sucks!� and �El dangeroso� at them. I bet that shit never gets old. They are a good band and they put on a great show. The guy next to me was screaming like a Beatle-crazed 13-year-old girl trying to climb up a stage monitor by the end of it. Some people are just like that. I think I may have accidentally touched Rex�s crotch. El dangeroso, indeed. I�d pay 5 bucks just to see him do the Pete Townsend full-arm rotation guitar strum thing again.

- Beastie (June 06, 2001)

A Planet For Texas / Bob City
The Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club / Bucket By The Bed
Split 7" (Diaphragm Records)
I was excited to see just what A Planet For Texas had in store for the world with this split, plus I've heard great things about Bob City. As it turns out, there is not one thing to complain about on this record. A Planet For Texas bring the punk rock comedy that you can't help but love. First up is "The Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club" about Sister Betty and her chrome-plated method of redemption. To keep things rocking and rolling, "The Ballad of Skinhead Joe" keeps us laughing. Skinhead Joe is a tough-guy at the hardcore shows, only to compensate with his coming to grips with being gay. In the end, everyone gives him a pat on the back and he moshes it up with a rainbow flag. Bob City starts off on the right foot by their first exclamation being "C'mon boys! Let's show 'em what we got!" and that sets the pace for our punk rock journey. "Bucket By The Bed" makes me want to wear tight jeans and ride a Harley. "Smilin' Face" keeps me in the same mindset, but instead I feel like putting on my Kiss Army shirt and taking a road trip. Either way, Bob City IS rock, no question about it. - Corn Zine 04/13/01

- Gunn (May 25, 2001)

Chevy Chasers Party on 4-21
Get Real Drunk
Live Show (None)
I went to see the Chevy Chasers on Saturday because they borrowed my band�s PA for the show, and I just wanted to make sure they didn�t trash it. They played in a dank basement with a rusted out kitchenette on 36 E. Frambes. Everything was filthy and mildew covered. When I showed up, they drafted me into hooking up the PA because they had no idea how the early 80s monstrousity worked. By the time the Chasers started playing, the basement was packed with drunk and surly partygoers that did not want to be touched or fucked with. To my delight, the Chasers fucked with everyone in the basement. Their keyboard sound adds to an element of new wave kind of like Devo where the listener doesn�t know whether it is a big joke or they are being majorly fucked with. I am talking cool new wave, not the shit that Duran Duran made that sounds like shit. Case in point, they played a song with the happy refrain, "Get Real Drunk." Seeing all of those drunk assholes get down to that one made me laugh my nuts off. They also played "Wild Thing" for 20 minutes, and all of those drunk assholes, sang that refrain for the full 20 minutes. Everyone in the basement looked like a schmuck for sitting through that song. They also did a cover of Van Halen�s Jump which was horrible. Everyone went wild for it which was really annoying. I was seriously being fucked with. Some dude grabbed me by the shirt collar and was going to kick my ass. I think he was pissed off too. Overall, the Chasers are sweet because I have been never so beligerantly fucked with by a bunch of sober people. Doesn�t that constitute punk rock? -TEX

- Tex (Apr 24, 2001)

Pimps Up, Ho's Down @ da HoeDown
Bernie's, 4/19/01
Today I got accused of talking a lot of shit. Fair enough. Time to lay it all down on the line, and since I'm talking about Bernie's it's safe to say that any mirror will do. ***THE SHAMS*** I really thought these guys were the GreenHorns w/ the singer from Ten Years Gone and a guitarist who fell off the van to a Karate show. Nevertheless, they rocked my ass. The drummer played traditional grip and sucked at it; however, he played with total passion. No bullshit moves, nuthin' but flava. I thought the name logo on his bass drum head with awfully narcicisstic (sp? duh) for someone with low chops, but it was all about the rock. The singer was beautiful. The voice was nothing special, but he was in charge and I loved every minute of it. The bassist looked, well, like this ex-Columbusite who fell asleep at a party and woke up receiving a favor from another male partygoer, an expression of carnal love that was apparently unrequited. I ended up at the police station giving testimony after that event. I think perhaps his appearance freaked me out and compromised my experience, through no fault of his own. ***GERALDINE*** They rocked. Hard. Played great. Everybody loved it. I was *so* bored. I think Geraldine usually headlines, and maybe they weren't drunk enough, or *I* wasn't drunk enough, but regardless the one leg I had shaking to avoid paralysis gave up after about 20 minutes and we went to buy smokes. Mad props to guitarist Chris, whose tone blew my nuts off. Geez, that guy has an amazing sound. Didn't their drummer used to sound like Keith Moon? The new drummer, not the guy who had seizures all the time. The harmonica sounded really damn good. ***THEM WRANCH*** Did nothing for me. I love Joe Patt, so whazzadilly, yo? I have no explanation for it. All the components sounded good, but nothing came together and it came out as less than the sum of its parts. I think I didn't notice Joe's soup pot on the post - Hairy Patt drumset. I'm glad he kept it.

- Colin (Apr 20, 2001)

You can't call it breedin' if yer ass ain't a'bleedin'
I'm really appalled that the 3/17/01 show @ High 5ive, featuring some of the worst bands in Columbo, wasn't reviewed by at least one local paper. --- I can't remember most of what happened that night, but it might have been the most business the bar *ever had,* in spite of their horrid management and nasty tendency to ban acts that have a conscience and like to badmouth the audience / vomit on stage (cough). --- The Spider Frendz, er, Arachnid Pals, played their last show, thank God, and went out with a whiz-bang as faulty amps buzzed and crackled and lots of screaming ensued. Fortunately nobdy noticed that they'd been banned from playing there for several months. --- I tried to appreciate the Method, but I only like them the same way I like bands like, well, GrooveZilla; as a dumb kid who didn't know any better. Funny, I can't seem to take myself eight years back anymore. --- Bob City sublimated their blatant homosexual tensions into some good rock that vaguely resembled its initial glory. I credit Jeremy for giving them their Deliverance - stylized edge, but on top of that Bob City was in top form, and I didn't sniff a whiff of cock rock. --- I think the Witeouts played next. Really, I can't remember. Regardless, it was an incredible set. The cover of Van Halen's 'DOA' was new to me, and it was a brilliant execution of a time-honored classic. I remember falling down a lot, dancing and laughing simultaneously. Lots of fluids, bodily and otherwise, on the floor during their set. --- Afterward, Pat from Bob City handed me a giant wad of cash (an equitable split of the money! they would've had to have made $2000 to have ripped me off, so I'm really pretty thrilled that they were so generous about money) and I staggered out of the bar. --- Finally, four of the most oppressive forces in the Columbus music scene are ending their reign of terror, and I, for one, am glad. --- One last note: I've hated going to shows for the past couple years because this town is full of idiots. However, this show was a reminder of how good this town can be. There was a total absence of the whiny, hyper fashion-conscious indie rock crowd, very little in the way of offensive egos and swingin'-dick cock rockers, and the only fights that I saw were among women, which (of course) is entertainment unto itself. --- Thanks, Columbus, for rocking as much as you did that night.

- colin (Apr 04, 2001)