"Did I tell ya that one about the guy from Nantucket?"

Hi there! My name is Ike. Some people call me Diamond Ike Midnight. I run Diaphragm Records, a small Ohio record label I founded on a drunken boast in '99. Currently, I play guitar in A PLANET FOR TEXAS and do management, web, ads and promotion for the live music club Little Brother's. I also repair and refurbish antique record players. Back then, I played in such rock outfits as Dogrocket, Junior Citizen, The Tendrils and Noise Oven. I've got a degree in Journalism, a hot gal named Marni, two beat-up Dodge vans, and a cat that shits everywhere. Goal is to work at home in my underwear. So drop me a line! Bands - feel free to send demos, but there ain't much money in this (at least not how I do it) don't get your hopes up. Always into trading vinyl! Thanks for visiting my site... NOW BUY SOMETHING ALREADY!!!


P.O. Box 10388
Columbus, OH 43201

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[email protected]

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