Ordering Diaphragm Records is easy, fun, safe and exciting! Plus, you get to own some of the best rock & roll the Midwest has to offer! So why not place an order today!

There are a few ways you can order:

You save money direct. Catalog prices are Postage Paid... so there are no extra shipping charges. Plus you'll probably get some extra goodies with your order. And I get all the money, so everybody wins!!! Simply print out the order form, fill it out (don't forget to circle color vinyl preference) and mail, along with check (made out to E. Peters), Money Order, or well concealed cash to:

P.O. Box 10388
Columbus, OH 43201

International orders, add $2. Allow 2 weeks for delivery... most orders ship within a couple days of receipt, unless I'm on a bender. Got any questions? Drop me an email at: [email protected]

Secure online ordering with your credit card from our pals at 11345! You can link off the catalog page, or browse the available Diaphragm titles here. A couple older titles are mail order only. Shipping is extra, but if you want fast & easy, this is the way to go! Plus you'll be supporting a great site that's been great to me! Check out their HUGE online music emporium... one of the coolest places to buy music online at www.11345.com

Few men have done so much and asked so little in return as has JOEL TREADWAY and his long-standing Columbus rock website Cringe.com. Now Cringe has an online store with tons of great rock & roll for sale from the great city of Columbus, Ohio... including the entire Diaphragm Catalog. So get on over to the Cringe Store for all your whack-ass web music shopping. All of Cowtown can be yours at The Cringe Store

Select Diaphragm titles are also on sale online over at High Fidelity Records along with a terrific catalog of punk & hardcore titles. May I recommend the SAVING FACE / ALMOST THERE split 7"... which I been rockin' to for awhile now. These guys are way cool and release/distribute much vinyl... so surf on over and lend 'em your support, Dag Nabbit!!! www.highfidelityrecords.com

Stay tuned, rock lovers... cuz this summer will see the launch of
DOWNLOADPUNK.COM where you'll be able to purchase individual songs and complete albums in mp3 and wma formats from the Diaphragm catalog as well as THOUSANDS of other punk, rock, indie, garage, metal, you-name-it titles... for pennies on the dollar! Believe it! Check back soon for the latest news!!!

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