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A Planet For Texas
Diaphragm's Flagship Rock outfit. Take a ride.

Fat Ass
Ft. Wayne's Fearsome Foursome... New CD Out Now!

Cowtown Rock Stripmall, Host of this website!

Little Brother's
Kick-ass live music club... I work here. I do this site also.

Matt does punk rock right! Radio and so much more.

Looking for a new way to eat your weiners?

High Fidelity Records
The Mack's West Coast label & distro. Hell Yeah!!!

Your One-Stop Shop for all things ROCK!

Turn any website into a porn website! Get Busy!

Monster-punk pals of ours from Dayton.

Bitter Waitress
Service Folks! Check out the shitty tipper database!

Children Of Reagan
Titans of the Columbus Punk Arena.

The Payphone Project
Drunk? Bored? Pick up the phone!

Central OH Rock Community. Check it out!

Impact Press
Shitloads of great reviews... These guys are pretty cool.

Splendid E-Zine
These guys are..., well, like the name says... Spendid!

Lazy American Workers
Our old pals from T-Town. Nuthin' beats the Lazy's!

SFL Records
Kolb & Company starring in "This ain't your Daddy's Ohio!"

Rock And Roll Confidential
Douchebags all around!!! O.G.'s magnificent enterprise.

The Indigents
Akron Rock's got a name... Just call them "Sir".

Beer Gnats
What's up with those beer gnats?

All sorts of Rock reviews/features by James McQuiston

Workbook Studio
The Best Damn Studio in Ohio! Jon & Neal notwithstanding.

Murder Your Darlings
Diaphragm Alums ROCK and don't take "no" for an answer!

Worldwide Punk Radio
All Sorts of great streaming shit here! Give a listen!

APFT on Bitchin' Cowtown Bands
Vintage Fun with your favorite Boy-Toys...

Want to know the scoop on poop? Here ya go.

Another phat punk trio... outta CMH, Baby!

Need a quality flask? Who doesn't???

Dead Canary Records
Used ta be Derailluer, Scott & Post march on!

...almost a Diaphragm band... These guys smoke!

Last Exit To Springfield
Terrific Simpsons Tribute Site.

Acme Guitar
Erick Coleman is the only soul allowed to touch my Guild S100.

Dana White's e-zine outta WVA, I think... Teee-riffic.

Need help with that perfect elixer? Stumble on over.

Porn Not Found
...speaks for itself.

The Narcoleptics x5
Cleveland's power shitting punk-rock explosion.

The Lime Spiders
Maybe the Greatest Band ever. Best Aussie band anyway...

Herb Zipper
Herb teaches you how to score on the 'net! Me so Horny.

Hot-Rod Rock Trio from KY... Drivin' their Bitchin' Camaro!

Anarchuz Punk
Central America digs that punk rock music also. Word.

East Coast Reviews & Features. Well worth y'all time.

Check it out girls! Pee just like the boys!

Dirty & Bloody-nosed punk sure to send your ass backwards

Fuck the Man... Take back the ROCK!!!

The PB Army
Toledo's rock superheros. More punk than you can measure

The Niles Monorail
This lunatic built a monorail in his backyard. Check it out.

Musicol Recording & Duplication
Need Vinyl? Give Warren a call.

The Favors
J.D. was in Dogrocket... Still Rockin' like a Hurricane!

Central OH punk reviews, commentary, boards...

Kick The Kitty
Hate Cats? Me too. Play "Kick The Kitty".

The Chickenfish Speaks
Grog ( of Mutant Renegade )'s Bitchin' e-zine!

A Planet For Texas feature in Columbus Alive 12/5/02
The Boys talk about beer, rock, tits & stuff.

Bernie's Distillery
Dirty, smelly, small, sweaty, beautiful.

Major Labels: The Problem with Music
Steve Albini's classic diatribe

Heavy RAWK from Cowtown, Check out DIA010 Vinyl!

Red Hour Records
Red Hot Scott's cool-ass record label!

The Jackalopes
When the 'lopes say ROCK, you damn well better!

Arse I am
Too cool for words... Check it out.

The Parasite Pals
Playtime with Dig Dig and Tickles!

The Paved Earth
Awesome Internet Radio... one of my faves.

The Cheats
The real deal outta Pittsburgh, Punk!

Cowtown music site hates your band.

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