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It's quite possible Columbus is home to more small record labels than any other city in the US - some of them being quite reputable in the indie/punk scene. The following catalogs are from a variety of sources (my collection, ordering catalogs, compilations and Internet Web Pages). Some of the contact info may have changed. Many are incomplete. Many items are bound to be out of stock. But, as far as I know, this is the first attempt at a Columbus label catalog. Besides, we can always update next Summer. - Joel

Anyway Records / 118 E. Patterson Ave. / Columbus, Ohio 43202
Possibly the best known & most prolific label in town. It's run by Bela Koe-Krompecher through his home and Used Kids Records. He has an unwritten (yet written about) policy of only working with friends and others who drink beer with him - quite a business arrangement, ehh? - Joel

Anyway Catalog (aw ###):
001 Gaunt "Jim Motherfucker"/"Spine" 7"
002 Appalachian Death Ride "Firefly"/"Drowning" 7"
003 Greenhorn "Conversations with Myself"/"Callous" 7"
004 Monster Truck 005 "Ain't Never Been", "Edge of Meigs"/"Over the Floor/Outta that Door" 7"
005 Cowtown EP Vol. I: Gaunt "Sad Song", Belreve "Walk", V3 "Negotiate Nothing", Greenhorn "Shell (Cow Version)" 7" EP
006 Stupid Fuckin' Hippie "Bladdernut"/"Hurlwind" 7"
007 Cowtown EP Vol. II : Bassholes "Hokey-Pokey", Log "She's the One", Vibralux "Junk", New Bomb Turks "Pist" 7"
008 Sound of Poverty CD (Actually released by Get Hip as gh1023.)
009 Belreve "Nothing"/"The Sky is Falling" 7"
010 Clay "Ann O'Malley"/ Bugman "I Stand Accused" 7"
011 (Out of) Cowtown EP Vol. III : Ass Ponies "Earth to Grandma", Guided by Voices "Stabbing Star", Appalachian Death Ride "North Green", Robert Griffin "Angels Don't Fly" 7"
012 Log "Idiot Proof", "She's the One"/"Near Enough", "One World" 7" EP
013 Jenny Mae Leffel "Red Chair"/ Guided by Voices "If We Wait" 7"
015 Greenhorn "Through the Thick of It"/"Chastity" 7"
016 Econothugs "Earl of Washbucket"/"Donnie's High" 7"
017 Moviola "Lookin' In", "Ted was born in the Summer of Love", "Roebuck", "Cartography", "Miss Smith" 7" EP
018 Nothing Painted Blue "After the Housewarming"/"Love to the Third Power"
020 Steve Lindstrum "Out into the Sun"/Paul Nini "Porch Light" 7" (Co-release with Lower Records.)
021 Guided By Voices "Always Crush Me"/Belreve "The Sulk King" 7"
022 New Bomb Turks: Live on VPRO Radio Holland 12"
024 Log: Light Fuse and Get Away CD
025 Appalachian Death Ride "Wintersong"/Geraldine "Cotton" 7"
026 Moviola: Frantic 10" EP
027 Bargoyle "Happy Ending"/"Ignorance & Apathy" 7"
028 Cowtown Vol. IV : Monster Truck 005 "Rocket Music Now", Moviola "Floor Boards", Gun Shy Ministers "Matchbook", Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Foolish" 7" EP

Anyway associated:
029/OK 08 Ass Pony's: Mr. Superlove CD/LP re-pressing with OKra
sn 001 Detour 7" EP
mw 001 Moviola "Waste"/"Gin & Tonic" 7"
gd 001 Geraldine "s/t" 7"

On the Way/Recent Releases:
Jenny Mae: There's a bar around the corner ... assholes full length CD (the LP will be on Candyfloss but you can order it here)
Monster Truck Five: 7"
Jenny Mae/Belreve: 7" (the final in the series with GBV)
Appalachian Death Ride: full length CD/LP
Cowtown V and VI: LP (Songwriters) includes: Bob Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Ron House, Jerry Wick, Jenny Mae, Paul K., Robert Griffin and on and on.
- Ted Hattemer/Joel/Anyway/Moo

Belly Fu Oh Happy Whale / 66 W. Tompkins / Columbus, OH 43202 / (614) 268-7251
Stu (Hard Black Thing) is the drunk man behind this one. I guess he's got a new partner named Karen now. There's a lot of drunken weirdness on this label - especially the unlisted cassettes, from what I've heard. - Joel

Happy Whale Catalog:
Drunken Eagles/Patt Broadcaster/Smelt Daddy/The Wild Gunmen 7"
The Hairy Patt Band "I'm so Angry Your're Gonna Die", "Richard Ramirez"/ "Buford's Last Pusser", "The Legend of Soggy Creek", "Cruising" 7"
- Joel

Bluehouse Music (see Lizard Family Music)
This label was basically the outlet fer Ugly Stick. They've kinda become Lizard Family Music members now though. - Joel

Bluehouse Catalog:
Ugly Stick: Shaved CS
BLH-005 Ugly Stick: Absinthe CD
- Joel

Burnt Sienna Records / 207 Powhatan Avenue / Columbus, OH 43204
Phone/fax: (614) 279-2016 / e-mail: [email protected] BS is run by Tony Painter (Pet UFO's drummer) & his wife Roma. Tony's head fer business (he studied it) & music led to a great reputation perty darn quick. After just a few releases, Caroline agreed to distribute BS stuff - past, present & future. Look fer the compilation and Clay CDs soon. - Joel

Burnt Sienna Catalog (BSRV ####):
5639 pet UFO "Washington Ave."/"Page 354" 7"
5643 Burnt Blasts of Sienna : Bugman/Pretty Mighty Mighty/pet UFO/Clay 7" EP
5641 Pretty Might Mighty "Nevertheless/Flower Song" 7"
5645 pet UFO "Flush" 7" EP
5647 Bugman "Grass" 7"
5649 Corporate Groupings: Girly Machine/Vibralux/Bloody Discharge/Chanel No. 5 7" EP
5651 Clay "'Til We Have Faces" 7"
5653 S.O.R. "244" 7"
5655 Girly Machine: Girly Machine CD
5657 pet UFO: Pigasus CD
5659 Fric System: Econothugs/Granny's Hole/Moody Jackson/My White Bread Mom split 7" EP
5661 Tigerlilies/Gun Shy Ministers split 7"
5663 Morning Glories "Tower" 7"
5665 Pretty Mighty Mighty: Ugly CD
5669 pet UFO "Pigeon Heaven" 7" (Double Deuce 1.5)
5675 My White Bread Mom/Moody Jackson 7" EP
5673 Flyin' Saucers: What is wrong with Modern Youth? 7" EP
- Joel/Burnt Sienna

Chrome Frog Records / P.O. Box 82372 / Columbus, Ohio 43202
I don't know much about this label. The releases are of the scarier band variety - and I really like the Eric's Mother & Hairy Patt stuff. - Joel

Chrome Frog Catalog:
The Hairy Patt Band "I'm so Angry Your're Gonna Die", "Richard Ramirez"/ "Buford's Last Pusser", "The Legend of Soggy Creek", "Cruising" 7"
Eric's Mother: Northern Lights Haze CD
Monster Truck 005 "S.F. Sister"/"B" 7"
Monster Truck 005: Gimme Five 10"
Sicniks: In the Hour of ... 7"
The Hairy Patt Band: The Brown Sounds of the Hairy Patt Band 7"
- Joel/Chrome Frog

Datapanik Records / PO Box 10243 / Columbus, Ohio 43201
Datapanik's most famous offering is probably the Bumped by Karoake comp CD. It's a bunch of Midwest garage & punk recorded largely in bedrooms and basements on anything from multi-tracks to portable boom boxes. DP has lots of releases; I just wasn't into 'em when they came out. - Joel

Datapanik Records Catalog:
Two Hour Trip "Dear Richard" 7"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Bottle Island"/"Unholy" 7"
Monster Truck 005 "It's Come to This", "Stonefinger","Piece of Work" 7"
Girly Machine "With You","OK"/ Pica Huss "Middle East Song" split 7"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Please Hear My Plea", "Tornado", "Spasm of Morality", "Up for Two Days" 7"
Big Red Sun "Compulsion"/"Faintest Clue" 7"
The New Bomb Turks "Tail Crush"/"Out of My Mind" 7"
Gaunt "Valentine" 7"
Gaunt "Pollution"/"Revolution" 7"
Greenhorn "The Progress"/"A Bit of Real Sadness" 7"
Gaunt "Jim Motherfucker" 7"
CDPK 002 Bumped by Karoake CD
Girly Machine "65 Seconds", "Swamp Monster"/"Atmosfear" 7"
Shave the Baby CD (on Engine: VROOM 005)
- Joel/Shave the Baby

Eardrop Productions
Eardrop is run by Craig (Pica Huss, Vibralux, TJSA & Code Name: Stingray) and Gay (Boy Scout Love Triangle, Vibralux, Jet Jaguar 5) with some early help from Gus (Stache's, Granny's Hole). The first comp CD got 'em famous. Other releases kinda wander out here and there. Most are still awaiting the looooooooong awaited second CD comp. - Joel

Eardrop Catalog:
EAR001 Pica Huss CS
EAR002 For Your Ears Only CD
EAR003 Stupid Fuckin' Hippie "River"/"Meadow" 7" (MindWalk co-release)
EAR004 Gut Piston "Mo' Money"/Flyin Saucers "Psycho Chick" split 7"
Ear005 Gut Piston "Blow"/"Mine" 7"
mw 001 Moviola "Waste"/"Gin & Tonic" 7" (Anyway/MindWalk co-release) Too High for Lo-Fi CD comp. (due out "sometime")
- Joel/Eardrop

Lizard Family Music / PO Box 09851 / Columbus, Ohio 43209 / (614) 231-9720
http://www.lfm.com Started by accident when Earwig put an LFM logo on their first cassette, this label has become home to many younger melodic garage/punk bands in and around Columbus. It's headed by Rich and Lizard of Earwig. Hey, they got a web page too! ... when it's up. - Joel

LFM Catalog (LFM #):
001 Earwig CS
002 Earwig "Dinosaur Song"/"Wounded Knee (live)" 7"
003 Parsnip "Love Tap"/"If You Know" 7"
004 Ugly Stick "Dine Under Birds"/"Neighbor's Neighborhood" 7"
005 Ugly Stick: Absinthe CD
006 Earwig: Mayfeeder CD
007 Preston Furman: Ticonderoga 7" EP
008 Monster Zero: The Unkindest Cut(s) "Come Down"/"Had To" 7"
009 Earwig: Bored in Chicago (live) CS
010 Monster Zero: Live from the Underground (live) CS
011 The Beautiful People : Earwig, Preston Furman, Monster Zero, Ugly Stick and Bigfoot CD comp.

Upcoming LFM Releases:
Bigfoot full length
Monster Zero/Preston Furman split 7"
Preston Furman CD
Monster Zero/Moviola split 7"
Monster Zero EP
- Joel/LFM/Moo

Major Label e-mail: [email protected]
Major Label is a new "demo-tape" style label out of Univ. of Miami run by Rich Housh (brother of Jake Housh from Moviola). His first release is a handmade tape featuring: The Pale Horse Riders, Grifters, Felt Pilots, Moviola, his own band Detour and a host of others ... The tape is obviously thrown together, but in that is its charm. The lack of slick production from all of the bands almost demands this type of handmade distribution and production ... Borrowing from the Shrimper design, Rich will be making copies out of his parent's home this summer. The tape should be available by September in select record stores and several cities outside of Cincinnati, Oxford, Columbus, Cleveland ... If you want to get the tape, contact Rich: [email protected]. I would say the thing will go for 3-4 dollars. - Ted Hattemer

MindWalk / PO Box 02364 / Columbus, Ohio 43202
MindWalk is a way to say that I paid for it. It is my funding idea rather than a label. But I consider any of the work I do for Moo Magazine (layout stuff) as MindWalk also ... If you look on the new Thomas Jefferson Slaves CD you will see "layout and design: MindWalk Music" So I guess it is the name of a bankrupt company that still does art and music for the sake of music ... - Ted Hattemer (Stupid Fuckin' Hippie/Moviola/TJSA)

MindWalk Catalog:
MW 001 Moviola "Waste"/"Gin & Tonic" 7" (Anyway/Eardrop co-release)
EAR003 Stupid Fuckin' Hippie "River"/"Meadow" 7" (Eardrop co-release)
- Joel

OKra / 1992 B North High Street / Columbus, Ohio 43201 / (614) 421-9455
I think OKra is still around, though I heard rumors it wasn't not so long ago. It's mainly a country and folk rock type label. Not many of the bands are exactly local, though the label is. - Joel

OKra Catalog (OK#####)
33005 Kevyn and the Kasualties: Disgusted LP
33006 Hank McCoy & The Dead Ringers LP/CS
33007 The Schramms: Walk to Delphi LP/CS/CD
33008 The Hootowls: Bone Country LP/CS/CD
33009 Ass Ponys: Mr. Superlove LP/CS/CD
33010 The Fellow Travelers: No Easy Way LP/CS/CD
33011 Cordelia's Dad LP/CS/CD
33012 The Wolverton Bros.: Sucking Hind Tit LP/CS/CD
33014 Hank McCoy & The Dead Ringers: Lately My Luck LP/CD
33015 Ricky Barnes & The Hootowls: You Finally Said Something Good LP/CD
33016 Fellow Travelers: Just A Visitor CD
33017 The Schramms: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dynamite LP/CD
sp001 Sample Some OKra (Various artist, 5 unreleased songs) CD
33018 Ass Ponys: Grim CD
33019 Cordelia's Dad: How Can I Sleep? CD
33020 Fellow Travelers: Things and Time CD
33021 OKra All-Stars CD
- Joel/OKra

Pencil Boy
This label was basically the outlet fer the Karma Farmers and their friends, the Hangboxers. It got its name from the guy who gave pencils to those interested in the Farmers' mailing list. I believe it dissolved when the Farmers did. - Joel

Pencil Boy Catalog:
Karma Farmers: Loofa CD/CS??
HANG1C Hangboxers: Down to Earth CD/CS??
- Joel

Whatever Records / PO Box 82341 / Columbus, Ohio 43202 / (614) 299-6629
Whatever, as I just found out recently, is basically the Haynes Boys' label. Tim E. tells me the name is in response to or in honor of Anyway. - Joel

Whatever Records Catalog:
WR001 The Haynes Boys "Last Heathen"/"Happy" 7"
WR002 The Haynes Boys "Maryhaven Family"/"Out of this World" 7"
WCA01 The Haynes Boys: Drive CS
WCA02 The Haynes Boys: Your Driving Leaves a Lot to Be Desired/Released in U.K. Only (not really) CS
WCA03 The Haynes Boys: Pre-Game Dump CS
- Joel

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