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ISSUE 5.3            ... on the label, label, label issue           SUMMER 1995




So here I am on the third issue of CRINGE. It started as an annual end of the year poll in late 1994 but quickly became a quarterly zine. Ya see, many people expected/wanted it to be more frequent than once a year once they saw it. This issue attempts to cover something that was somehow brushed over in the first two issues: Local labels and releases. The popular band review section is still here, but this time it focuses on recorded material. There's also a section of local label catalogs and info. While not many of the bands are all that active internet wise, I did find a few local labels were repre- sented online - some even with Web pages. This coupled with the popularity and ease of use of World Wide Web stuff led me to focus a section on Web sites with local music subject material. Besides, CRINGE is still supposed to be mainly an online e-zine, not reams of costly print outs. Which reminds me, donations are accepted - especially if ya take a hardcopy version.

Have fun, Joel Treadway                  133 W. 6th Ave.
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Terence Concannon for the name CRINGE.
John Lennon, Nathan Weaver and Julia Aeling for editing.
Pretty Mighty Mighty, Crazy Jane, Ditch Croaker, Kaela, Swivel-Arm Battle Grip,
  Kid Dynamo, Jason Drenik, Wilfoster, Jacques Noir, Jerry DeCicca, Creeper, 
  Sweaty Pat, Mark Gunderson, Lucwarm, Earwig/LFM, Bernie's & Stache's for 
  helping with shows.
Eric Davidson for writing about CRINGE.
John Petric for not writing about CRINGE.
Kinkos, Jerri & Mike Shafer and Columbus State for (re)production help. 
Students for College Radio/Active Radio for hopefully slacking.
OSU Undergraduate Student Government for renewing my lack of faith and trust 
  by filling the airwaves with empty promises.
Internet Concourse (http://www.concourse.com) for carrying Live Shows. 

*CRINGE 5.3 ("... on the label, label, label issue") is the third quarterly poll taken of Live Shows list (LS) subscribers and related local (OSU/Columbus area) Newsgroups readers. LS is an e-mail based calendar of music related shows and events, started in 1990 to promote the SEC Experimental Series (some alternative music shows at the Ohio Union). LS now includes most of the mainstay OSU/Short North area venues. The list currently has over 150 direct subscribers and an indeterminable number of newsgroups and redistribution readers. LS is published twice a week and is available via osu.general, osu.music, osu.events, cmh.general, gcfreenet.arts.music, and direct e-mail subscription. To subscribe to LS, send e-mail with the Subject SUBSCRIBE to: [email protected]

Q & A

"HOW/WHERE DO I GET A COPY?" Send e-mail to [email protected] with the Subject SEND for the current CRINGE. It will also be posted to LS*, osu.music, cmh.general, and gcfreenet.arts.music. For those of you not online, ya may find it at select OSU area music stores, or just ask me for one. (NOTE: hardcopies may be very limited � this is an Internet-based thing.)

"HOW DO I SUBMIT SOMETHING?" Send it to [email protected]

"WHEN'S THE NEXT CRINGE?" The next issue should be out in October, 1995. The DEADLINE for submissions is Saturday, September 30, 1995.

"WHAT'S THE THEME OF THE NEXT ONE?" The next one will focus on booking shows. I hope to include a band and club phone/contact directory. Hints on how to book shows around OSU may be included too. All you bands out there, get yer contact info to me anyway ya can.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU INCLUDE ... ?" If ya wanna see something added, let me know. Better yet, send it in for the next issue.

"BUT I'M NOT ON THE INTERNET." The cheapest, most universal way to get an account is to go to your local branch of the Columbus Public Library and request info on Greater Columbus Free-net accounts. It's free, and I believe some of the libraries have computers you can use for free to access your account. If you're an OSU affiliate, the best place to go for getting your "obligatory" free OSU account established is the 5th floor of Baker Systems. Most of the other Public Labs at OSU can help ya too. OSU has hundreds, if not thousands, of computers you can then use for free to access your account. Confused? Ask a friend who knows (or even me) to get ya started.


Yes Joel, I do remember who you are. (I'm) not sure how much of any major big time falling out we had ... Actually, I just let off some steam in response to what was conveyed to me as kind of a nasty remark made in my direction ... which doesn't matter now :). That is LONG ago. I do think the new music Ois better. I'm glad you seemed to agree there. I and the former Martyr boys _have_ had a falling out, though, so I'm pretty anxious to get that history out of the frame of reference and just let the new music stand on its own. The newer songs are getting even better ... in the same direction as those on the tape. Mostly with female vocals now - new band member ya know. We haven't played in Cols yet. Probably start out of town anyway. Lastly, thanks for the reference list (CRINGE). It's cool to have it show up in my mailbox. - Paul W. Campbell ([email protected])

I really enjoy your CRINGE electronic newspaper. Especially the bands section in which you give a brief description of the bands in Columbus. I play bass with Rymocerous and was a bit saddened by our absence in your compilation of bands. First I thought maybe you were only including bands that were left out in the previous issue, but I thought I saw quite a few repeats, including the awe-inspiring Bumble Flea! Rymo's guitarist Scott is in that band! I think you are doing a great job, by the way! - Charlie ([email protected])

Joel's comments: The second CRINGE was all new reviews - essentially nothing was repeated from the first issue. However, different reviews (by different reviewers) of the same band were included. I was hopin' ta get a Rymo tape from Phil fer this issue ... Oh well.  

Thanks for giving me a hardcopy of CRINGE at Bernie's. I read it and really liked it. Keep me on the mailing list. Thanks. - Babar Ali ([email protected]) Your zines are really informative. I am sure MRR will review it!!! E-mail me when you start the next one. I will provide you with an updated new release listing of bsrv stuff and any other news I have from various sources, etc. etc.

Also, I would like to contribute in terms of reviews of bands, etc. Let me know if I can be of help. - Tony Painter/Burnt Sienna Records ([email protected])

What the hell, Joel, please send me the first copy of CRINGE. I'd be interested in seeing it anyway. Even if you aren't Ciampa's fondest fan (I don't even think I am, although you might not believe that after my first post : ) ), I'd like - I think - to see what attention they did get.

About those cute bass players ... I agree with you that Derek DiCenzo is a very talented musician, but I think he would also fall in the cute category. So whether you intended to or not, you had a cute cover boy for your cute bass player edition.

Thanks for CRINGE and for being such a good sport about my abuse ... - the cosmo vixen ([email protected])

Thanks for sending me all the cool listings through e-mail. I read the CRINGE you gave to Chris ... at Bernie's. It's good. I haven't subscribed because I don't spend too much time at school on the computer if I don't have to! Keep up the good work and thanks. Maybe I'll see you at the Distillery again sometime. - Gwen Christiansen ([email protected])

Joel's comments: Shhh. People are gonna start thinkin' I really do live at Bernie's or something.  

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