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Well, if yer not into the 'net, this section will probably be useless to you. If it sparks your interest, go read the last part of the Q & A section. Web pages are like personal outlines you create with text, graphics and/or sounds. So what, right? Well, each page usually references several other pages, and so on. You can jump to these other pages just by selecting them. For example, it could be set up so that when you select any Web page heading below, it would take you to that page ... Ain't the World Wide Web grand? - Joel

*Web site includes info on Moviola/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Bela Koe-Krompecher/Anyway Records, the ACLU gopher site, and ever changing links to sites that interest me or I think would interest or help people who access the site ... Yes, I am a geek.

I am trying to get an image map of the new Jenny Mae Leffel LP/CD up and running with information about everyone who played on the album. It has been slow going ... - Ted Hattemer

*This is Rob Funk's quarterly homepage. I say quarterly 'cause the CIS people at OSU kill accounts between quarters. But Rob saves it and reloads it each quarter. He's a bit of a computer geek, but also has a strong personal interest in local media and music (He used to be the Events/Calen dar editor fer The Independent a few years ago.) There are some nice links & references to other local music/media online resources in town. - Joel

*This is a media oriented web page. It's home to Buzzard radio in Cleveland. And I can't forget that they carry the Live Shows list for me. Concourse is kinda a break off of the old COIL group, and they also provide internet services fer the individual. - Joel

*This is James R. Hagans, Jr's page. He's attempting to put together a web directory of local bands. So far only Vinyl, Pounce Intl., Evolution Con- trol Committee, One Riot One Ranger and ACTV's In Your Ear are listed. Come on bands! It's free and fairly easy. Oh, there're links to other more nationally oriented music pages, some computer/web stuff and a few of his other personal interests. - Joel

*This is Kevin's (the guitarist fer Moody Jackson) page. It covers just what it needs to in all things MJ: short description, recordings and upcoming shows. It also mentions COLUG (the Central Ohio Linux User Group) which he's also a part of. I was kinda hoping ta find some vegetarian/vegan recipes though. :-/ - Joel

*Mr. Joe Pospisil put this page together. It serves host to Moo - Joe is the main Moo graphics guy now. Anyway Records, Eardrop Productions, the New Bomb Turks and Joe's band Frog-a-mungus are also at home on this page. It's got a good amount of graphics, so you'll miss a lot with a plain text browser. The newest NetScape is highly recommended here. - Joel

*This is the Lizard Family Music web page - when it's up. It's run by Lizard McGee's brother out in Seattle, though the label and its bands are all right here in and around Columbus. It includes info on Earwig, Preston Furman, Ugly Stick and some confused info about Monster Zero and Bigfoot. The LFM catalog (recordings & t-shirts) are also online here ... not to mention a few music samples of Bigfoot, I believe. - Joel

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