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ISSUE 6.2             Lust, Dust & Pollen Issue             SPRING 1996

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Super Plastic Pet Machine
Super group alert: Guitarist Gitch (Plastic Factory, Syrup, etc), bassist Bill (Plastic Factory, Nude, etc.), Drummer Tony (Pet UFO, Bernie's, etc.) and vocalist Andy (Girly Machine) are working together as a band now. No word on a name or show yet ... - Joel (April 12, 1996)

Viva Estrada's?
I've heard a rumor that Estrada's is at least strongly considering having live shows as early as this month with Swivel Arm Battle Grip possibly the band to kick it all off. - Joel (April 12, 1996)

Jumpin' the Gun
Gunshy Ministers are still well and together. I guess the rumor of their break was some combination of bad sound and hopeful thinking. - Joel (April 10, 1996)

Stingray Revisited
With more time on their hands, the guys from Codename Stingray are back together again. I think they have a show later this month. - Joel (April 8, 1996)

What to do
Here are a few calendar-related sites I've been meaning to pass on to everyone: Old friend David Ralley maintains the OSU Department of Dance site. ColumbusPages has a perty cool local shows search engine based on what looks like Columbus Alive's on-line calendar. Speaking of Alive, they've moved to their own domain now: http://www.alivewired.com/. The Greater Columbus Freenet gopher server has a lot of arty links. Both CAPA and Wexner have web sites; and Stick-it, er TicketMaster is� everywhere now. - Joel (April 1, 1996)

April Fools
As has become the norm, the deadline for submissions to the next Cringe has been extended to ARPIL 15, 1996. Send submissions to [email protected]. I ain't too picky: Any submission related to the local music scene (reviews, pictures, news, info, etc.) is game. - Joel (April 1, 1996)

Excuses, Excuses
I haven't written here much since the end of February - until today. Here are some of my excuses: Cringe and I helped put together a few shows (see below for more info), I bought a new computer and accessories that should help make running this site a bit easier once the bugs are eliminated, and I've been given the go ahead to provide limited www space, maintenance and design to "deserving" bands, labels, etc. (more on that when I've figured out the best way to proceed.) - Joel (March 14, 1996)

Cringe Shows in March
Jettison Charlie, a Rollins influenced trio from Richmond, Va., play with Chicago's melodic quirk poppers, New Rob Robbies and Columbus' own noise mongerers, frog a mungus, on March 14, at the Distillery.

Also at the Distillery, but on St. Paddy's Day (March 17) is Combine from Texas and on Caroline records. Their Caroline labelmates and the parents of Burnt Sienna Records, Pet UFO, join them with some goth punkore. I (Burnt Sienna artist in waiting) get to open with my worst and best Celt impersonations.

Finally, a local internetizen asked fer a bit of help in getting "Empire Records" sountrack artist PLEASE a show in Columbus. The Bush/7 Mary 3 -like band will be at Oldfield's on High with the deadish blues jam Joint Rockers on March 20. - Joel (March 14, 1996)

Guns and Rockets
It seems the Dogrocket boys said bye to Dogrocket girl - so she ain't the cute bassist in the band anymore. I also heard that Gunshy Minister broke-up. I'd guess two of the 3 (at one time 4) were busy enough with the Bush League All- Stars. - Joel (March 14, 1996)

Bestest Betters
The Bestest Band In The Land Contest 1996 has reduced the entry fee for participation from $50 per band to $10 per band. (See CRINGE 6.1 News & Rumors for more details.) - Yostie (Feb 27, 1996)

Five Cylinder
Gut Piston just came back on the scene a few weeks ago. Now they've added a second guitarist, making 'em a 5 piece. - Joel (Feb 26, 1996)

Ruby Twosday?
Out in the Reynoldsburg area there’s a new restaurant called Ruby Tuesday that was waiting to open. The trouble seemed to have something to do with there already being a Ruby Tuesday in Columbus. I had heard stories that the new one couldn't open until the old one closed ... Be those stories true or false, both establishments are now up and running. - Joel (updated April 25, 1996)

Mighty Dog
While Pretty Mighty Mighty is still one singer shy of its previous self, they are recording some new material - and not just their own. Some of the PMM guys are also recording Dogrocket at Thornapple Studio. - Joel (Feb 26, 1996)

Announcement for Songwriters
USA Songwriting Competition closes on March 1st, 96. This is an excellentopportunity for all songwriters, as it is judged by music industry membersof the National Recording Acacdemy Of Arts and Sciences (Grammy Awards).

The categories of the competition are: POP, COUNTRY, ROCK/ALTERNATIVE/METAL and R&B/JAZZ.

For more information and entry forms please e-mail: [email protected]. - [email protected] (Feb 23, 1996)

Mailing Adam 12
Just a quick note to let you all know... Mary Adam 12 has an e-mailing list ofits own. Send a message to [email protected] for further informationon the e-newsletter. - Joel (Feb 22, 1996)

Not Outta Gas (... or Beer) Yet?
Perhaps I spoke to soon (see Knum-and-a ...  below). Matt, bassist for Gasohol, tells me he and the other G-men may be back in one form or another. - Joel (Feb 12, 1996)

Knum-and-a 2-and-a Thud
Knumskull seems to have developed the Spinal Tap  drummer syndrome, only with their bassists. They just moved on to what I believe is their third bassist: Matt, ex of Gasohol and Throat. - Joel (Feb 12, 1996)

Bumble Cube
Carlos, drummer for the now separated (by many miles) Bumble Flea, is working with Bob, bassist for the now defunct Ouchcube. I forget who else is in on the endeavor, but I believe it may include a few other Fleas and 'cubes. Oh, anyone gotta a practice space for 'em? - Joel (Feb 10, 1996)

Bernie's ... Accepted Here
So I was talking to Tony Painter about doing sound for an upcoming show and he let it slip out ... Soon Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery will accept VISA, Master Card and Discover. He promises me it ain't gonna turn into a yuppie bar. I figure it means a lot more people will get a lot more drunk. - Joel (Feb 9, 1996)

My White Out Bread Bassists
There's been a My White Bread Mom shake up. The boys are moving away from the punk rantings to what they're refering to as "space rock." I think they're aiming for a Hawkwind thing. With this comes a change of bassists: Andrew is out. Any punkore bands in need of a bassist should track him down; he's available. The last I heard, the new MWBM bassist is Donovan of the White Outs. Some of you may remember Donovan from the acid trip punk/techno (huh?!) Mystic Liquid Axis ... or was that Liquid Mystic Axis. Ah, now that 7" Darth Vader art work is beginning to make sense. - Joel (Feb 2, 1996)

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