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Narcissists and Nepotists
 ISSUE  8.4 FALL 1998 

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Wanna tell me what's going on with your life? Well, you can, if you want your band and/or musical endeavors written about here. There are three easy ways to get in contact with me:

Pat Dull / 3935 Farm Brook Lane / Columbus OH 43204-5003 / (614) 272-9008 / [email protected]

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Moviola, the only local band with possibly more releases on different labels than the New Bomb Turks, has a new 7-inch coming out soon on the Kim Will Kill Me label from Boston. In addition, a full-length album (their fourth) will be out in March on the Spirit of Orr label, also from Boston. The album is called The Durable Dream. For those too afraid to leave the house, you can download a CD-quality MP3 file of the A-side ("Kitchen Waltz Preamble") and MP3 player from the web site: Check out the web site for all sorts of goodies, including a full discography. The band will also be playing a local show in February to celebrate all this activity.

What's a wallflower to do this New Year's Eve? Well, there's no excuse for staying at home on Thursday, December 31, 1998, given the diverse musical offerings around the town. Into punk rock? Well, how about Bernie's New Year's Bash with Bob City, The Staggers, Billy Jack, Lem Darro, and Spider Frendz? Or maybe you're looking for a more soulful New Year? Then try Chelsie's with The Johnson Brothers and Hoodoo Soul Band. Wanna swing? Then check out Little Brother's with Wolfgang Parker and Ishkabibble. Feel a need to display your brand new holiday hemp outfit? The Newport's gig with Ekoostik Hookah just might be your "bag." Does the New Year look rather bleak? How about getting the year off to a gothic start at Outland with Martyr Colony? Wanna just have a good old-fashioned rock show? Then there's no better place to be than Ruby Tuesday's annual bash with Watershed. Have fun!

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, December 29 (tonight!), it's Bliss and Sister Flow. Wednesday, December 30 you'll find Blatant Finger and (maybe) Pop Quiz. Friday, January 1, 1999, has Bassholes and A Planet For Texas. On Saturday, January 2 it's the big big Mohio and the Sean Woosley Band. Sunday, December 27 is DJ Bob Safaro. Tuesday, January 5, 1999, features Salthorse and Lauren Hospital.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Tuesday, December 29 it's Big Ass Yard Sale and The Staggers. Wednesday, December 30 there's Superstar Rookie. Friday, January 1, 1999, has Bliss, The Sweetbreads, and Pat Dull and his Media Whores. Saturday, January 2 features the New Duncan Imperials and the Mulchmen.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

The deadline for the next online and hardcopy compilation issue of Cringe is January 1, 1999. Any local (OSU/Short North area of Columbus) music related reviews, notes, news, contact info, stories, features, recordings, etc. are accepted and generally all submissions are published in the online issues. Both the next online issue and a hardcopy compilation of the last several online issues of Cringe should be out in January ... err, maybe February.

Get things to us anyway ya can:

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 421-7589
[email protected]

And if ya miss that deadline, there's always the next issue or ...

Melvin B. Strange (of Mr. Tornado Head) is starting a Central Ohio music fanzine called Out of Order. It will be widely distributed with the focus being to spread the word about good original music in this area. OoO will be accepting tape and CD submissions of original music for review until January 30, 1999 for the Spring edition. Melvin writes, "The more info about your band the better. We will review ALL submissions, and all submissions will receive a write up." Send recordings with bio's to:

Out of Order
2664 Columbus Avenue
Columbus, OH 43209

- Joel


Tuesday, December 22, 1998

On Wednesday, December 23, 1998, NUdE is hosting a record release party at Little Brothers for their new CD. The show will also feature Our Flesh Party and Gait. But that's not all you get! Not only is this a record release show, but it's also a benefit for the Dance Stage at the Community Festival, and the In Situ Dancers will be sharing the stage during the night! Sounds like an interesting night is in store! If you've got the next day off work, this might be the perfect way to kick off the holidays!

A bunch of new singles have been recently released by bunch local Columbus labels. Seldom Scene Records (in conjunction with Bluehouse Records) has unleashed the sorta-rootsy, sorta-noisey Bigfoot single. Retribution Records has put out the first in what may be a series of Anti-Racist Action compilation 7-inchers, featuring The Creeps (chugging grind-rawk), The Specter (skittish upbeat ska), Burlap Sun (sorta progressive funk with rock leads) Knee Jerk Reaction (chugging grind-core). Anyway Records has recently put out a limited supply of the rocking New Bomb Turks/Hellacopters split single. Finally, Break-Up! Records has put out a single by New York City garage popsters Dirt Bike Annie. Check 'em out!

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, December 22 (tonight!), it's Bulk, with others to-be-announced. Wednesday, December 23 you'll find Moody Jackson's Sweaty Pat fronting a new outfit called Loose Cannons, with Bliss. There are no bands on Christmas Eve or Day, but the bar will be open ... better call first for the hours, though. On Saturday, December 26 it's the big big Flipping Hades. Sunday, December 27 is DJ Bob Safaro.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! On Wednesday, December 23 it's Comfest Dance Stage Benefit mentioned above. Incredibly, Friday, December 25 seems to have Free Willy Three scheduled. I dunno. Saturday, December 26 is The Blue Moon Boys with Danny and the Cheatin' Dogs.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull


Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Frank Lazar from the Ohio Union Advisory Board is setting up the winter calendar for shows at the Ohio Union. Right now the shows scheduled are:

January 15 @ 9PMFree Willy 3 (in Woody's)
January 28 @ 9:30PMTim Easton (in Woody's)
February 6 @ 9PMAstera Ad Astra/Tiara (in Woody's)
March 12 @ 7PMBabe The Blue Ox/Trinket/The Interpreters (in ballrooms)

Anyone interested in booking @ Woody's should contact the radio station or OUAB at 292-3117.

This Saturday, December 19, 1998, The North Berg (a.k.a. Donatos Downstairs, 2084 N. High Street, across from OSU campus) once again hosts the Columbus POPfest. The POPfest is a monthly happening designed to showcase a rotating lineup of catchy pop bands from the tri-state area. This month features The Sweetbreads, Pop Quiz, and Pat Dull and his Media Whores. Check out the action before taking off for the holidays!

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Wednesday, December 16 you'll find the Original Onions and The Vultures. Thursday, December 17 it's a Bernie's Benefit Bash featuring Bulk, The Missing Ones, A Planet For Texas, and Kill The Hippies. Friday, December 18 gives us a Derailleur Records Show with Bigfoot(with a new 7" single available), Velveteens, and Pretty Mighty Mighty. On Saturday, December 19 it's the big big Wolfgang Parker, with 2nd 5th and The Figment. Sunday, December 20 is Bernie's Annual Christmas Party.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! On Wednesday, December 16 it's Martin Sexton. Thursday, December 17 gives us the Welfare Gypsies. Friday, December 18 showcases Gaunt and Them Wranch. Saturday, December 19 is the annual Xmas Trashfest. Sunday, December 19 is the Willie Pooch Band.

- pat dull


Tuesday, December 8, 1998

KBUX, Ohio State University's radio station, is offering their services to help book shows on OSU's campus. They are willing to book all genres, so remember to look their way as you're planning your tours for '99. Contact Mike Finch at 614-688-3780. As for their diverse playlist, the top six records being spun are Talvin Singh, Franklin, Melt Banana, Jets To Brazil, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Ben Lee. Local Tim Easton is at #9 with his excellent Special 20 CD, on Heathen Records. The Insect jumps to #13 with their Detroit Sessions LP on 360 Twist Records.

It's a big sloppy week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Thursday, December 10 you'll find the Sean Woosley Band and Orchestraville, with Dan Spurgeon & The Rub. Friday, December 11 it's Hemline (features Carrie of Lazy), with Templeton and Koo Stark. On Saturday, December 12 it's the big big Cheater Slicks and Dead Lazlo's Place (from CA on New Red Archives). Sunday, December 13 looks like a new music idea with DJ Bob Safaro (formerly at Maxwells on Wednesday - call 297-6334 for info). Monday, December 14 features Jerk Water Jive.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! Tonight (Tuesday, December 8) features the Gaza Strippers (former Didjits) with Planet for Texas. On Wednesday, December 9 it's Silo the Huskie and The Vague. Thursday, December 10 is Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors with the Wahoos. Friday, December 11 showcases the fabulous Johnson Brothers. Saturday, December 12 is industrial night with Martyr Colony and the scary Cramps-like swamp-a-billy of Cult of the Psychic Fetus.

Welp, that's all for this week. See you later!

- pat dull

I finally got ambitious and implemented a few ideas that have been laying around Cringe for a few months. First, we now offer links to CD NOW on nearly every page. Why? It's a relatively easy way for us to make a little money. Ya see, Cringe will get a small percentage of every CD NOW order made through a link on Cringe. So if yer planning on ordering and wanna help us out a bit, click on one of the CD NOW links on Cringe to get there.

Secondly, we've finally added a way for bands to add and update their contact info interactively through a browser. It's not quite as sophisticated as I'd like, but it works. Plus, we wanted to get it up because ...

It's that time of year. We're somewhat actively updating the Cringe Contact Directories. Some of you may have already been contacted by phone and may also be emailed concerning this. Any info concerning local (OSU/Short North area) bands, venues, media, stores, labels, sites, studios, sound, etc. is being sought. If you have any such info, please get it to us any way ya can.

Just a little warning ... I'll be in Austin, Texas December 12-20. Cringe staffers should be handling the site while I'm off in the live music capitol of the world.

- Joel


Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Tim Easton's excellently folky Special 20 CD (on Heathen Records) has dropped to #3 (down from #2) on OSU's KBUX radio station, with the white soul of Cincinnati's Afghan Whigs' 1965 dropping to #21 (down from #4). New to the playlist is the garage-rock of the Insect's The Detroit Sessions (360 Twist), the #4 add this week.

As the New Bomb Turks gear up for their mini-tour with The Helicopters, be on the lookout for the tour-only split single on Anyway Records. Word on the street is that it's a limited-edition rush-release, with the first hundred being pressed without labels to get them out quicker. Check out Used Kids Records for up-to-the-minute info. The Helicopters fly into Cleveland on Wednesday, December 9, 1998, at the Euclid Tavern.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! Tonight (Tuesday, December 1) you'll find the high energy wackiness of The Proms (on Mutant Pop Records), with locals The Marbles and Midway opening. Wednesday. December 2 sounds interesting with Roundhead Wranglers, The Wahoos, and Broken Circle Gospel Deluxe. Thursday, December 3 features Dionysus Recording artist Jonny Chan And The New Dynasty 6 and Rob The Bank (from Dayton). Friday, December 4 is a Derailleur Records showcase with Pretty Mighty Mighty, the Velveteens and Tim Easton. Saturday, December 5 gives the world Bugatti Type 35 (from Madison, WI) and Superstar Rookie. Sunday, December 6 has Varnaline (Zero Hour Records) with Dan Spurgeon & The Rub.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! Tonight (Tuesday, December 1) features Boss Wood. On Wednesday, December 2 it's Paul Brown's Science Gravy Orchestra and Java Men. Thursday, December 3 is Karma to Burn. Friday, December 4 showcases Triggahappy, Sugar Pill, and Leeward Terrace. Saturday, December 5 is the annual Pet Therapy Benefit featuring Watershed and Scrawl.

Welp, that's all for this week!

- pat dull

Word is Used Kids is now selling a video compilation with a bunch of Jim Sheppard, Don Howland, Ron House, Great Plains and Mike Rep footage.

Cringe ([email protected]) just picked up Tom Cline (vocals) and Kevin Lee (guitarist) from Level. They are currently making an album at John Schwab Recording Studio hopefully to come out in Spring of 1999. For now, Cringe's first demo song " I'm Yours" is being played on the Blitz quite often. Their first show with the new line-up is at the White Horse Sports Club, formally known as Decarlos, on Dec. 12. Many big bands are playing this three day event, including Victim, Counting Casualties, Brian's Fault, Degenerate Gods, Stitch and more. There's also a compilation CD featuring "I'm Yours" along with tunes by all these bands.

Aside from working on a new site at, Orchestraville is trying to organize their "library" of live tapes and there's a lot they don't have. If ya have any live recordings of Orchestraville, Norton's Orchestraville or even Hector, contact Keith via [email protected]. Keith mentioned something about "(Don't Fear) the Reaper" being of "utmost importance."

There's a Hasidic New Wave concert at Hillel on Wednesday, December 2 at 7:30pm. Call 294-4797 for tickets: $5 students, $10 adults. Oh, I'm guessing something kinda Klezmer ... ya know "Jewish jazz." But don't take my word for it ... Go to the page and check out all the RealAudio clips.

With Kiss coming to the Schottenstein Center this week, I thought it might be time to unveil a few things that have been or still are in the works at Cringe.

At least partially open for public consumption are sites for Derailleur Records, Templeton, Workbook Studio, Outland and the Velveteens.

A couple new automated interactive additions are in their final stages of testing: A Gigboard and Band Contact Directory Submission.

- Joel


Tuesday, November 17, 1998

A Cringe reader recently posted a message requesting that The Lowdown report on the alleged New Bomb Turks/Helicopters/Quadrajets upcoming tour. Yes, Virginia, there is such a tour, but it ain't coming to Columbus, dabnabbit. It starts December 2, 1998, and cruises on through December 13, 1998, and hits such cultural hotspots as Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, New York City, Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Toronto. The only exact date I know for sure is the Cleveland gig, which will be on Wednesday, December 9, 1998, at the Euclid Tavern. Eric Davidson (Turks' vox) tells me that the upcoming New Bomb Turks split single with The Helicopters (on local label Anyway Records) will arrive just in the nick of time before the tour. Keep your fingers crossed!

Dan Strohl, frequent Cringe contributor and occasional Ohio Wesleyan show promoter, has a new webzine called Myopia. It is for unestablished musicians, artists, and writers, among other types of artistic expressionists (i.e., web designers), to show their works. He invites you to visit it and contribute.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! Tonight (Tuesday, November 24) you'll find the high energy wackiness of the Original Onions, Ashtray (roots from St. Louis) Billy Jack, plus the welcome return of Dan Spurgeon (formerly of Greenhorn and Bush League All Stars) with his new combo The Rub. On Wednesday November 25, 1998, it's the annual Thanksgiving Eve with Hard Black Thing and Sturgeon General (Reckless Records). Thursday, November 26 is Thanksgiving, no shows. Friday, November 27 showcases 88 Fingers Louie, Fury 66, Elephant Ear, and Kicked Out. Saturday, November 28 gives the world Funk Master, Foley, and Lucwarm. Sunday, November 29 has The Peasants (from Boston) with The Lilybandits and The Sovines. Monday, November 30 is a Benefit For Jess And Skully, with a reunion of The Econothugs along with Bob City, Whiteouts, and Spider Frendz. Finally, Tuesday, Dec 1, 1998, gives us The Proms (Mutant Pop Records) with Midway and The Marbles.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! Tonight (Tuesday, November 24) features I Have Mass, while Wednesday November 25 kicks it with Jerkwater Jive. Thursday, November 26 is Thanksgiving, no shows. Friday, November 27 showcases Cleopatra Grip and Vena Cava. Saturday, November 28 gives Them Wranch a much-deserved weekend shot.

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

It's been a month or two since the Legion of Doom (1579 Indianola - 421-1269 - [email protected]) has had a show. Evidently one of the main organizers is a bit busy with school, graduating or something frivolous like that. But maybe the following bodes well on Doom ... Friday, November 27 (the day after Thanksgiving) the house will host Karate from Boston and Days Gone By from Cincinnati. It's a 7:00pm show.

On Tuesday, November 24 at 7:30pm Cringe will be holding an informal meeting at Donatos on campus:

Tuesday, November 24 at 7:30pm
Donatos/North Berg Tavern
2084 North High Street
(Corner of Frambes & High)
(614) 294-5371
If you're on staff or would like to be and missed the November 18 meeting, please try to attend this one. We'll be preparing for the next hardcopy and web issue, assigning a few special projects, passing out a few recordings for review, eating free pizza and whatever else comes up ...

- Joel


Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Local band Sugar Pill have parted ways with member Aaron Dawson, and will be updating their website address and contact information as soon as they know what they're going to use!

Tim Easton's excellent Special 20 CD (on Heathen Records) is at #2 on OSU's KBUX radio station, with Cincinnati's Afghan Whigs (1965) dropping to #4.

Sponic 3 (, a Dayton-based zine, is up on the net. Issue 3 includes an interview with Ron House, and also features articles on Nightwalker, Modest Mouse, Eric Bachmann, Dismemberment Plan, Helium, Spoon and Ask Allen along with the Flavas of the Month review section.

60's garage-rock legend's ? and the Mysterians are supposedly playing this Saturday, November 21, at the Grog Shop in Cleveland.

The month's popFEST (Saturday, November 21) at the North berg (a.k.a. Donatos Downstairs) features The Vague (Jellyfish-esque), The Marbles (now-wave), and The Cusacks (garage pop).

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! Tonight (Tuesday, November 17) you'll find the high energy pop of The Hi-Fives (Lookout Records!) and Chixdiggit (Honest Don), with Pop Quiz & Grieving Eucalyptus opening up. On Wednesday November 18, 1998, it's Roadrunner Recording artist The Sheila Divine, with Broadcaster and I Have Mass. Thursday, November 19 is Epitaph Recording artists US Bombs, with locals Superstar Rookie and Blatant Finger. Friday, November 20 has Watershed, fresh from the re-emergence of their latest CD Star Vehicle. Saturday, November 21 is Bernie's OSU Rocks-Michigan Sucks party with The Nerves (from Chicago), and locals Bob City and Spider Frendz. Sunday, November 22 has punks from Portland The Weaklings, with Mondo Topless (from New York City).

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! On Wednesday November 18, 1998, it's the lesbian punk/metal of the oft-shirtless Tribe 8. Thursday, November 19 are the Steve Earle-esque V-Roys with The Lilybandits. Friday, November 20, the Godmothers of grrrl rock are back when Scrawl hits the stage.

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

After seeing a few seemingly odd or wrong band website addresses sent to Cringe with as the root address I decided to check it out. I discovered they weren't so wrong after all and decided to take advantage of the service myself. You can even find Cringe conveniently at This is a "free" service bands and such should definitely look into. Hmm, maybe we can even do something like this on Cringe.

On Wednesday, November 18 and Tuesday, November 24 at 7:30pm Cringe will be holding informal meetings at Donatos on campus. If you're already on staff or would like to be, please try to attend at least one. We'll be preparing for the next hardcopy and web issue, assigning a few special projects, passing out a few recordings for review, eating free pizza and whatever else comes up ...

- Joel


Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Chip Midnight, former writer for the hardcopy Moo, the Independent, and probably many others, has gone Internet on us with Swizzlestick. The debut issue features interviews with Crumb, Gloritone, Grant Lee Buffalo, Hayden, and Pedro the Lion, with reviews of Jawbox, Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate and UNKLE. Also featured is a chance to win CDs by Everlast, Samiam, and Anthrax. Find yer Swizzlestick at, or write 'em at [email protected].

Brian Archer of the band Leeward Terrace just wrote in about a gig they got at Shooters on Bethel Road this Wednesday, November 11. As Shooters normally has cover bands play (The Menus, Reganomics, etc.), this might be an attempt for the venue to expand their horizons. Word is that the average draw (with no band) for a Wednesday is anywhere from 250-500 people, so it could be some excellent exposure for bands. Check it out.

Local label Community Projects (headed by Brian of the band Midway) has released several recordings of local bands in the recent past, and is in the planning stages for an upcoming compilation CD featuring both local and national acts.

Rival local label Anyway Records will soon be unleashing a split single featuring the gonzo rock of the Hellacopters, along with the blistering yowl of Columbus' own New Bomb Turks. Word is that members of the Hellacopters play a solo or two on the Turks tracks!

Break-Up! Records will be releasing two singles in the near future, one being a four-song e.p. from Columbus pop trio Pop Quiz, and the other being a four song e.p. from New York garage popsters Dirt Bike Annie.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! Tonight (Tuesday November 10, 1998), you'll find the wild-assed greaser sounds of New York's Jack Black (Cacophone Records), with A Planet For Texas. On Wednesday November 11, 1998, it's Almo Recording artist Vigilantes Of Love, with Monk (featuring members from Over The Rhine), The Pristeens, and Sean Woosley Band. Thursday, November 12 is local night with Templeton, The Deal and, after a long absence, the Gunshy Ministers. Friday, November 13 has Sub Pop Records' Murder City Devils, K Records' The Bangs, and maybe Gaunt (not confirmed as of Nov 8). Saturday, November 14 features the happy, happy ska sounds of Triggahappy with Fenster. Sunday, November 15 has the hilariously named ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, with Big Soap and Betaroric. Monday, November 16 has New York's Poem Rocket with Retsin. Tuesday, November 17 you'll find the high pop energy of The Hi-Fives (Lookout Records!) and Chixdiggit (Honest Don), with Pop Quiz & Grieving Eucalyptus.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! Tonight (Tuesday November 10, 1998), you'll find the swing and jump blues of Hipster Daddy O and the Hand Grenades with the Swingin' Kings of Vegas. On Wednesday November 11, 1998, it's roots and rockabilly hero Deke Dickerson with the Roundhead Ranglers. Thursday, November 12 is ex-Story songstress Jonatha Brooke with Lori Geltman. This Saturday, November 14, there's an early (8 pm) show with the legendary Jonathan Richman, who has lately seen a resurgence in his popularity thanks to being featured as the traveling troubadour in the film There's Something About Mary. (If this show starts on time, afterwards you can head on down to the Newport for some pop electronica with Garbage!!) Sunday, November 15 has the swinging Duke Robillard with Sean Carney and the Night Owlz.

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

Thanks to a message from Ian of AUTOreverse, I found an old review of Cringe on MTV's site. The extremely positive review is in the Local, Columbus, Archives section ... or just click here.

The Jerome Schottenstein Center (aka Value City Arena) celebrated its grand opening on Wednesday, November 4, 1998. The center hosted Neil Diamond Sunday, November 8, 1998. See for a more complete schedule and chances to win free tickets to any of the shows. Here's a few shows ta give ya an idea:

Billy Joel on Tues. Nov. 10
Bill Cosby on Sat. Nov. 14
Alan Jackson on Sat. Nov. 21
KISS on Sat. Dec. 5
Amy Grant's Christmas Show on Thur. Dec. 10

- Joel


Tuesday, November 3, 1998

KBUX, Ohio State University's student-run radio station, has Ohio band Afghan Whigs' latest album (1965) currently in the #1 playlist slot. In addition, Columbus' own Orchestraville is at #17 with their self-titled debut CD on the Mossy label. KBUX is located at 91.1 on your FM dial, and local bands can deliver their recordings to The Ohio Union (1739 N. High Street), Suite 15-S, Columbus, OH 43210.

Speaking of local music on the radio, CD-101 has a local music segment every week night at 9:00 PM called Frontstage. Each night a local or regional band gets 10-minutes to showcase their recorded talents, and recently the station has spotlighted the ska stylings of Fenster, the pile-driving rock of Salthorse, and the smooth croonings of Jenny Mae. Before and after each two-song segment, the DJ gives a brief rundown on the band, with some facts and upcoming show dates. The whole deal is sponsored by Little Brothers.

The Evolution Control Committee, Columbus' prolific constructors of intelligent sampled recordings (most notably the recent Rocked by Rape 7-inch single), has informed Cringe that they are almost done with construction of their new studio. There will be a dedication party to celebrate the event, so stay tuned! The ECC can be reached at [email protected]

Speaking of studios, Pat Dull and his Media Whores have been ferreted away at Diamond Mine Recording Studio for the past two weekends, recording several tracks for an upcoming CD release. To date, 14 big hits have been recorded, but more work is needed to be done in the mixing department. Plans are for the CD (tentatively titled You're Dumping Me, Right?) to be out sometime next spring.

Tonight (Tuesday November 3, 1998) at The Palace Theater, you'll find the Brian Setzer Orchestra rocking the house with their latest hit, Jump, Jive, and Wail.

This weekend, Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery has a coup of sorts happening, with a rare appearance from Johnny Legend on Friday, November 6. Johnny Legend is the cat responsible for the proliferation of those crazy video releases of nutty 50's and 60's movies that you'll find at any self-respecting alternative video store. Mr. Legend will hopefully be showing clips from his vast collection of oddities. Also on the bill are the bands 30 Amp Fuse and Blatant Finger. On Saturday, November 7, MOO e-zine presents the legendary Wolverton Brothers (from Cincinnati), with Downside Special (from Cleveland) and Fuzzhead (from Kent). Get down!!

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

It's a great weekend of shows at Little Brother's. On Friday there is The Upper Crust w/ T.J.S.A. & Lollipop Factory and on Saturday it's Guided By Voices w/ Apples in Stereo.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Bob Kastler, from the band Koo Stark, and the man behind Guava Studios (which provides photography for local musicians) has announced that his studio is moving to a new (and bigger) location. In the past 2 years since opening, the studio has worked with a lot of bands, and has had images published in Rolling Stone, Spin and Alternative Press. As of November 1, 1998, Guava Studios will be located at 57 East Gay St., 5th floor, Columbus OH 43215. They also will have a new phone number, which is (614) 224-9778. A web site is being created, and should be launched soon after the move. For more info, you can reach Bob at [email protected].

Looking for a Halloween party with all the trimmings? Well, local goth and glam nightclub Outland will be hosting an evil bash which will celebrate the true meaning of All Hallows Eve. Starting at 10:00 PM on October 31, 1998, the festivities kick off with menacing munchies, spooky spirits, and loud DJ-driven rock. Later in the evening, Pat Dull and his Media Whores, The Abductors (Craig Dunson's new band), and Martyr Colony will be raising the dead with their musical tricks and treats. Expect something special when the witching hour arrives. Outland can be a little difficult to find, with all the twists and turns in the local streets, but it's located at 1034 Perry St. Call (614) 421-2789 for more info.

Tonight (Tuesday October 27, 1998) at The Newport, you'll find Judas Priest (but sans the acetylene torch vocals of the recently de-closeted Rob Halford) kicking out the jams. On Wednesday, October 28, swingsters Cherry Poppin' Daddies are comin' at ya, while Thursday, October 29 features the skariffic sounds of Less Than Jake and the punk pop of All.

Also on Tuesday, October 27, (but at Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery) you'll find not one but two bands from Slovenia. Dicky B. Hardy and Hic Et Nunc (along with Pat Dull and his Media Whores) will bring foreign rock to our shores. Dicky B. Hardy (apparently a scatological pun of some sort) sound a little like The New Bomb Turks first single ("Tailcrush"/"Out of my Mind"), while Hic Et Nunc sound a little like, well, Hic Et Nunc. On Wednesday, October 28, check out Flipping Hades, Preston Furman, and maybe Swivelarm Battlegrip (although word on the street is that they've broken up) doing their thing. Friday, October 30 starts off a big weekend of shows with Haynes Boys, Bonfire Madigan, and Gaunt hitting the boards, while Saturday, October 31 has Them Ranch's Annual Halloween Party with Them Ranch, The Vultures, and Guinea Worms. Check 'em all out!

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

Rumor has it High 5 is getting a new sound system through the same people who just installed the Bernie's Distillery system recently.

This may be kinda old news, but the Newport has been sold. The new owners? Campus Partners. They plan to keep it running as a music theatre.

Anthony "Tony" Barnett is bowing out of his PR/Calendar association of the last few months with Bernie's/the Distillery. Never fear, he's got a good excuse ... He's going to start concentrating on Moo again. Look for the new Moo website next month.

- Joel


Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Well after an absence of three weeks or so (I was off getting married), I returned to my computer only to be greeted with an avalanche of e-mails. One out of the 87 e-mails waiting from me was from Joe Atzberger, of KBUX The Underground (91.1-FM). In the recent Lowdown columns prior to my vacation, I had taken to chastising KBUX for not playing enough local music. Well, after explaining that many local artists simply don't provide the station with a copy of their tunes, even after asking for a copy (shame on the local artists), Joe mentioned that, contrary to my previous insinuation, they have a weekly show that spins local tunes for two hours, starting at 9:00 PM on Thursdays (shame on me). That's in addition to the local slot in rotation every hour of every day. Further, #1 on the playlist that very week (10/5/98) was the I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records compilation from Anyway Records. This week, in fact, the #1 record on the playlist is Cincinnati's Afghan Whigs, with their 1965, on Columbia. The Anyway comp has dropped down to #11, but Columbus locals Orchestraville have moved up to #27 with their self-titled CD on the Mossy label. The bottom line is this: local artists, get your records to KBUX, and Pat, get your facts straight!

Another of the e-mails I received was from Mark Slack, who works in the PR department of Shadowbox Cabaret. The Cabaret is a combination theater/nightclub/comedy club with Saturday Night Live-style sketch comedy and short theater pieces mixed with original and cover tunes from the house band, Bill Who? They apparently play every weekend to sellout crowds. You can contact Mark at home (294-7019) or work (224-3374), or via e-mail at [email protected].

Tonight (Tuesday October 19, 1998) at Little Brother's, you might find Mike Watt (from legendary band The Minutemen, as well as fIREHOSE) hitting the boards, with Caustic Resin. On Thursday, indie-rock heroes Built To Spill hit the Little Brother stage.

Hey, have you caught Salthorse in the act lately? Well, I've seen 'em a few times in the past couple months, and they really have their act together! Before I had ever seen them, I had heard that they had a quirky kinda Zappa thing going, and while there may be some traces, they really have an incredibly tight rhythm section going, and it seems to get more ferocious each time I see 'em...gotta pick up their CD (released last year) to check it out. You can check them out at Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery with The Blacks (from Chicago) and Dynamite High (from Athens, Ga.) this Wednesday, October 21, 1998.

Also at Bernie's this weekend is the e-zine Annual Halloween Weekend! On Friday, October 23, you've got The Revelers (from Cleveland), The Greenhornes (from Cincinnati), Quazi Modo (from Cleveland), and Pat Dull & His Media Whores (from Columbus). Saturday, October 24, brings you the legendary Cobra Verde (from Cleveland), Cash Money (from Chicago, featuring John Humphrey from God In Texas), and other acts to be named.

Finally, this Saturday, October 24, The North berg (downstairs from Donatos Pizza) is hosting the second Columbus International Pop Fest, featuring pop music maestros Pop Quiz, The Marbles, and Pat Dull and his Media Whores. If you like pop music, check it out!

Welp, that's it for now! See ya next week!

- pat dull

Shinola is playing their last show October 23rd, at the High Beck tavern with Cleopatra Grip ... as Shinola that is. The band has elected to change its name to Go Robot, Go! Hmm, wonder if it has anything ta do with all them electronically processed vocals?

I took the last week or two to rewrite the Cringe Search engine a bit. It may possibly be a bit slower than the old one, but ya should find most of the results much more useful and informative.

Also, I want to mention that it looks like I'll be in NYC Oct 31- Nov 8. Besides travelling and visiting with friends, I plan on taking in a bit of the CMJ Music Fest Nov 4-7 -- call it research. Some of the Cringe staff will be taking up the slack while I'm gone. Try to go easy on us that week.

Anthony Barnett of Moo passed on the following messages over the last few days ...

Unfortunately, I have some very disturbing news to report. This evening when I returned home from work I received a call informing me that Jim Shepard had died. I have been told that Jim, the founder and driving force behind Vertical Slit and V3, had hung himself and that is all the information I have at this time ...

Jim Shepard will be missed.

Viewings will be held at the Unity Church of Christianity, located at 4211 Maize Road, Columbus OH 43224, from 2PM until 5PM on Thursday, October 22. A gathering to remember Jim will follow at Bernie's/The Distillery, 1896 N. High St., at 7PM. This meeting of family, friends, and fans will continue throughout the evening and donations will be accepted.

As a reflection of his influence and the respect shown for him, word of Jim's passing on Friday, October 16 reached both one time touring mates Guided by Voices at a show in Detroit and friends in New York City by Saturday.

Expect a story on Jim in this week's Columbus Alive and (maybe) later this week in Cringe.

- Joel


Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Wolfgang Parker and the Jumpin' Terrors have the beginnings of a web site up at They're "still banging away at the site so you will have to bear with [it] until the end of the week."

It's not quite open or official yet, but Workbook Studio is the newest resident of Cringe. It's run by Jon and Neal of Pretty Mighty Mighty. In exchange for hosting the site, Cringe is looking in to putting together a local compilation CD ... just ta get ya thinking ...

My roomie came home Saturday night drunk and rambling on about A&E (yes, the Arts and Entertainment TV station) being at Bernie's Distillery interviewing Gaunt for one of their biography specials. I hear this may stem from the Gaunt poster in the background of that Urban Legends movie.

Friday night we made our way to the Union in Athens to catch what was supposedly Heifer's last show. Stage members insisted this would be the last time we'd hear this song or that -- I guess they don't count their CD. Besides, I have this little premonition that we haven't really heard the last of 'em. I mean it was one of their most energetic and fun shows (um, yet?) -- and possibly one of their most satisfying shows for me, audience and them.

Before Heifer, Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience took the stage. An odd bill? Not really. Heifer's drummer Bill is doing some recording/studio work with Mitch and Co. The experience was not quite as Terrifyingly loud, noisy or monotonous as rumored at their recent infamous show at Bernie's or the time I saw 'em months ago. I actually heard evidence of Mitch's Guided by Voices days along with a lot of tunes in the Fluid and Rocket from the Crypt vein -- heavy hoarse pop with sometimes melodic hooks. I also noted a member change from months ago. Mark (Monster Truck 005, Medicine Wheel, Vibralux, Creature, Pica Huss, etc.) is the new drummer. I should probably mention the other pedigrees I'm aware of too ... Bassist Jeff was a Mudflap Girl, an Econothug and a Flapjak while guitarist Dwayne was in the Method, Switch and Pica Huss. Kinda an Ohio supergroup, eh?

Behind the scenes, Cringe was selected as a "Cool Site" at Newhoo. Now I'm not really sure if and or how this is related to Yahoo or who is involved in it, but here it is:

- Joel


Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Well, just as Pat is gone it looks like his local music rotation campaign directed at KBUX will have to be reassessed. The number one release at KBUX this week is (ta da ...) Anyway Records' I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records -- a compilation of big name locals doing the solo thing. On top of that, 2 of the top 5 adds fer this week are also local (Orchestraville and Burlap Sun) -- 3 of 5 if ya count Afghan Whigs as local (Ohio at least). Looking in between these spots, I see several who have been to our fair cownty recently -- or are coming soon. Lordy be, there's local music on them thar charts.

Speaking of Orchestraville, they've added lots-o Real Audio clips to their site, including demos, outtakes, and an entire live show (September 24 at the Distillery in Columbus, Ohio - 41 minutes of music).

Cringe had a staff meeting last Tuesday. Here's a few notes on what was covered. First, the most prevalent and unanimous comments had to do with making the site a bit more appealing visually. I listened. I heard. I Photoshopped. I coded. I tested. I uploaded. I got a redesign up two days later. The basic color scheme is meant to be so obnoxious that it might actually look good.

With help from Breakthrough Connections and others we also have plans for adding more photos, larger scans and maybe even photo-based features.

Thanks to a recent transplant from Central Illinois to OSU, we also have a more in advance "big/ticketed" show calendar in the works. The same ex-Illini is also updating his list of musical mailing lists which will become a new resident site of Cringe. Resident sites for Templeton, Derailleur (a new label), Workbook Studios and the Velveteens are also lurking around at one stage or another.

We also have a few more people volunteering to take on maintenance and organization type roles, including further redesign work, hardcopy planning, advertising, PR, and who knows.

And as for some statistics, over the last week Cringe broke an average of over 800 pages served per day. School must be back in session.

- Joel


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