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 ISSUE  9.1 WINTER 1999 

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Welcome to the Cringe Classified Ads page. This page is meant for music/musician related ads. Also, keep in mind it was originally intended to be Columbus, Ohio based, but has grown and attracted people outside this area. This is a FREE service of Cringe.

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Generally we do not remove ads, though older ads are moved to an archive every 3-4 months. If you have trouble with submitting or really need an ad removed, contact us. Cringe claims no liability, responsibility or guarantee fer any interactions made through these ads. Well, except that we will remove inappropriate (usually meaning non-music related) ads.

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Musicians Available

Diva and Groove Machine (Columbus, OH)
Female Vocalist and Bass Player desired for band with penchant for: Portishead, PJ Harvey, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Love Spirals Downwards, Switchblade Symphony, Geraldine Fibbers, Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, Medicine, Mazzy Star, Siouxie and the Banshees, Bjork, Miranda Sex Garden, Throwing Muses, Golden Palominos, An April March, Velocity Girl, you get the idea...

Contact: Troy Michael Casa / 209 Arcadia Apt 1 / Columbus, OH 43202 / Phone: 784-8491 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Troy Michael Casa ([email protected]) (Mar 29, 1999)

Delaware (Ohio)
Guitarist available to join/form a band. Have 11 yrs experience with 4 different bands that have played locally over the last few years. Rhythm is my strength though I do possess lead skills. Looking to join a metal/hard rock/hardcore band. Anything that�s freakin heavy and has a serious groove! Call or email and let kick some ass! You can also page me @ 888-617-1908.

Contact: JD / Phone: 818-1294 / [email protected]
Submitted by: JD ([email protected]) (Mar 26, 1999)

guitarist seeking band (Kent, WA)
Also checkout My musicians referral list page!

Contact: Kurt Keener / Kent, WA 98031 / Phone: 253-813-6605 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Kurt Keener ([email protected]) (Mar 24, 1999)

Guitarist Looking to Form Band (col, oh)
I'm a 22 year old guitarist looking to get a band together.I'm influenced by groups like TOOL,THE CULT,PORTISHEAD,THE DOORS,FLOYD,ect.. If your interested in getting a(hopefully)new sound together give me a call or shoot me an e-mail

Contact: matt / Phone: (614)870-9504 / [email protected]
Submitted by: matt ([email protected]) (Mar 22, 1999)


Submitted by: (Mar 22, 1999)

band looking for creative lead guitarist (Columbus, oh)
Band looking for guitarist to play original music and covers. We're looking for a guitarist into Southern and roots rock, folk and blues. Covers will include ZZ Top, Black Crows, Allman Brothers, Chris Isaak, old Aerosmith, Stevie Ray, just to name a few. We have originals, some need to be reworked and fine tuned. We are at the start-up stage, but members are experienced players.

Contact: John / Fax: 740/869-1144 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Mar 19, 1999)

bassist available (bucyrus, oh)
i'm open to alot of music. e-mail with description of available positiion. have my own gear and seem to be pretty easy to get along with. dedicated.

Contact: ode / Phone: 419-562-8097 / [email protected]
Submitted by: ode ([email protected]) (Mar 18, 1999)

STOP!!STOP!!STOP!! this should be refreshing (Flemington, NJ)
i am an unaccomplished musician... i would just like to tell everyone that this business sucks... and if any one has any really cool advice that could spark my undistinguished career that would be good. don't take this serioulsy i have just played one too many venues this last year... anyone playing in NYC...or New Jersey .. let me know i loved to see the new acts... email me a info... [email protected]

Contact: mike l. / flemington, NJ / [email protected]
Submitted by: mike l. ([email protected]) (Mar 14, 1999)

Guitar Player Available (Columbus, OH)
I play guitar and sing and need band badly. Have many songs and Ideas. Need to find at least a bassist and drummer. Would love another guitarist. Own equipment a must, Loud? yes. Good songs? Id hope. give me an email w/phone number and ill give you a call back. Prefer folks who live here in Columbus.

Contact: Chris / [email protected]
Submitted by: Chris ([email protected]) (Mar 08, 1999)

Experienced bass player ready for work (Columbus, OH)
I have about 8 year performance experience. I've been close to being signed but things didn't fall through. I've played bass over 10 years and am ready to get out and make some money. I have a professional attitude so if we rehears we rehears fun is put aside untill rehearsal is over. I'm I've played variouse styles of music but more into rock/funk/blues

Contact: Dionta worrell / Phone: pag. 233-1007 / Fax: cell 571-5739 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Sloe-moe-dee ([email protected]) (Mar 08, 1999)

Submitted by: (Mar 08, 1999)

Female Vocalist/Keyboardist in search of fun band (Columbus, OH)
I'm a music student at OSU who is looking for the chance to do a little singing on the side with a band. I love all types of music, but I'm looking particularly for a fun, lighter band that has a great sense of humor (think WNCI -- I've tried to sound like Steve Tyler, but I just can't *chuckle*). I do some composition and would be interested in writing for the band as well. Though I haven't ever sung with a band, hey, everyone's gotta have a first for everything!!!

Submitted by: Melissa John ([email protected]) (Mar 07, 1999)

Wanted: space for recording studio (Columbus, OH)
I am looking for space for a hard-disk-based recording studio, for the months of June through August. It would need to be acoustically isolated from the outside, with a clean power supply, preferably with a closet or small room attached. Also, any musicians interested in performing/recording music a la Nick Drake or Radiohead's "OK Computer," please contact me.

Contact: Lars Mahler / [email protected]
Submitted by: Lars Mahler ([email protected]) (Mar 03, 1999)

catch 22 metal band looking for drummer (marietta, oh)
catch 22 are a very diverse metal band looking for a drummer.GO TO to see how serious we are.OWN all our own equipment justneed dedicated drummer.We are willing to go to great lengths to find our fourth link.please e-mail asap.

Contact: T,J, Berry / rt.9 box575 / marietta, oh 45750 / Phone: 1-740-373-0685 / [email protected]
Submitted by: T,J, Berry ([email protected]) (Mar 01, 1999)

Female Vocalist Needs Band!!!! (Columbus, Oh)
Here's my ad again searching for other musicians. I'm 26 and looking for an established band or for someone who wants to join forces with me in organizing one. I'm willing to do any covers, but want to concentrate on original material. I'm open to all opportunities as well. If you're someone who just wants to do some open-mics, that's fine too. I'm getting pretty sick of this placing an ad shit. So, if you e-mail me, be ready to actually get together to discuss ideas and hear each other's material. I'm not playing around here.!@*&^@!* I have a wide range of influences, the biggest being 4-Non Blondes, Concrete Blonde, ha ha, and Alice n Chains. These are just to name a few. Have a nice day!

Contact: Jackie D. / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jackie D. ([email protected]) (Feb 27, 1999)

guitarist wanted (columbus, oh)
columbus GUITARIST wanted recently formed psycadelic blues sound experiment,seeks son of jimi page+chuck berry+hendrix+garcia+.must be confident about free jamming infront of crowds. .place to jam is set influences= blues,rock,funk,bluegrass,ROOTS, influences are ELVIS,zep,canned heat,black crowes,BEATLES, blind melon,c.s.n.y,buddy holly,c.c.r,jethro tull,santana,steely dan,doors,floyd,Oz we are children of the seventies so please no fifty year old david crosby lookin dudes. accoustik jammin is happening here must be a serious player,8 days a week,cool riffs appreciated,no stereo,digital,rack mounted gear heads please.

Contact: rudy bugershoes / col, oh / Phone: 1-800-lick-me / [email protected]
Submitted by: rudy bugershoes ([email protected]) (Feb 24, 1999)

Novice Church Organist (Hilliard, Ohio) (Columbus, OH)
Looking to expand my personal ministry by playing the organ for church services, and hoping that my talents will improve as I do so. I need a couple of weeks to master new music, but can play already learned music as needed.

Contact: Terry Lofthouse / Phone: 777-5867 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Terry Lofthouse ([email protected]) (Feb 21, 1999)

Bassist Looking For Seroius Younger Band In Area (Whitehall, Oh)
Bassist w/ own Bass + equiptment. I have experiance and training in all parts to a band ( except horns) and am more than completely serious about working with a local project and building INDIVIDUAL style.

Contact: J. Mays / [email protected]
Submitted by: J. Mays ([email protected]) (Feb 19, 1999)

Musician Looking for a band (Whitehall, oh)
I am 18 yrs old . I have played guitar and bass for 5 years . I have also been playing drums for about 5 months . I Own all of my own equiptment including Guitar , amp , bass , bass amp , drums , and a pa. All Of my equiptment is top of the line . My musical style is of a very wide variety .The Only style's that I dont like are country and punk. I am pretty much Willing to play anything though. I am also willing to play any insturment , but I really want to play drums.

Contact: Duane Williams / [email protected]
Submitted by: Duane Williams ([email protected]) (Feb 18, 1999)

Submitted by: (Feb 18, 1999)

Submitted by: (Feb 17, 1999)

Front Man Wanted ASAP! (Columbus, oh)
We've been playing the scene together for years, but we can't seem to find the perfect voice for us. We have experience, (stage and studio), good gear and practice space. We know we have the talent. What we don't have isa lead vocalist. We're tired of auditioning singer after singer and getting nowhere fast. We are FED UP. If you feel that this town is tapped of good bands and are interested in putting together an ORIGINAL band, then you just might be our man. We are looking for instrumental and composing talents. Our innfluences: Jimi Hendrix, Zep, Beatles, Al Green, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Buddy Guy, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and most other blues, jazz, and classic rock stylings. We're always open to other influences, and we welcome new ideas. If you are confident, creative, driven, open and passionate, then get in touch so we can quit wasting time in this damn town.

Contact: Deke / Phone: 614-262-6783 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Deke ([email protected]) (Feb 16, 1999)

Drummer - 25 year old drummer seeking serious musicians (Grove City, OH)
Here is a list of some of my bands of influence:

Kings X Fates Warning Thought Industry dierightmind Incubus Anacrusis Primus Live Tool blah blah blah...

I am a serious drummer. Currently I have a 5 piece kit and have intergrated some electronics. I like to mix analog and digital sounds whenever I can. I do have my own PA and place to practice.

Contact: Larry S. McDonald / [email protected]
Submitted by: Larry S. McDonald ([email protected]) (Feb 13, 1999)

FREE sunbelly CD's feb 15 @ little brothers (col, oh)
the first 25 people thru the door Monday Feb. 15 @ little brothers get a FREE sunbelly CD. What a reason to get out on a monday

Contact: billy w / [email protected]
Submitted by: billy w ([email protected]) (Feb 10, 1999)

percussionist/ drummer looking for band (Cols, OH)

Contact: F.AL / Phone: 740-681-9362 / Fax: 740-681-9362 / [email protected]
Submitted by: F.AL ([email protected]) (Feb 10, 1999)

Submitted by: (Feb 08, 1999)


Contact: ADAM THORNBURGH / 1568 HARVESTER LN. / COLUMBUS, OH 43229 / Phone: 614-523-0594 / Fax: 614-6160727 / [email protected]
Submitted by: ADAM THORNBURGH ([email protected]) (Feb 01, 1999)

I have been playing for ten years.I have been influenced by all music,but mostly influeced by phish,floyd,dead santana,rush,zep,c.s.n.y,.So if your band is in need ,and this kind of stuff ring a bell, shoot me a e-mail

Contact: col., oh / [email protected]
Submitted by: (Jan 23, 1999)

Seeking Industrial/Rap/Metal Musicians (Columbus, OH)
I am a 21 year old guitar player with a lot of riffs and high quality equipment; I am seeking a sound similar to Rob Zombie, Ministry, Fear Factory, Incubus, etc. NO KORN WANNABES. Pure industrial/goth, 100%. Anyone who calls will receive a check for $5000.00

(checks are non-negotiable, void where prohibited)

Contact: Adrian "The Obsessor" Spillman / Columbus, Oh 43213 / Phone: (614) 231-6899 / Fax: (614) 665-6061
Submitted by: Adrian "The Obsessor" Spillman (Jan 23, 1999)

Vocalist, songwriter looking for folk, country band (Columbus, OH)
Male vocalist, 29, looking for band or even just a guitarist to join with. I sing mostly folk or country but can do other types. My influences are James Taylor, Jim Croce, Woody Guthrie, Nancy Griffith and various country singers. Like coffee houses and small bars but have done a few larger gigs. Let me know.


Contact: john / 6500 Blickling Rd / Dublin, Oh 43017 / Fax: 614-793-2950 / [email protected]
Submitted by: john ([email protected]) (Jan 21, 1999)

Drummer Available (Columbus, OH)
Experienced professional drummer available for sessions, subbing,etc.... have professional attitude and pro gear. Most contemporary styles:rock,pop, country, funk, blues, jingles etc.. I read well and have no problem with click track if needed.

Contact: Brian Archer / Columbus, OH / Fax: 614-326-0682 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian Archer ([email protected]) (Jan 19, 1999)

Drummer Available (Columbus, OH)
Experienced professional drummer available for sessions, subbing,etc.... have professional attitude and pro gear. Most contemporary styles:rock,pop, country, funk, blues, jingles etc.. I read well and have no problem with click track if needed.

Contact: Brian Archer / Columbus, OH / Fax: 614-326-0682 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian Archer ([email protected]) (Jan 19, 1999)

Submitted by: (Jan 18, 1999)

Tascam 424mkII, Used once, Best Offer! (Columbus, OH)

Contact: Stephan Lavertu / COlumbus, Oh / Phone: (614)486-3083 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Stephan Lavertu ([email protected]) (Jan 13, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Musicians Wanted

Drumer wanted for pop cover band (Columbus, Oh)
Party / variety band seeking mature drummer. We play corporate, weddings, festivals, parties & sometimes even in clubs! We are looking for a dependable musician to fit into our 4-piece band. We have male & female vocals, guitar, bass & keyboards and all the PA gear. We play a variety of music from 60's to the 90's, rock to country, ballads to boogie, all popular cover music. We all have fulltime jobs, and the band is a serious hobby. We rehearse once a week.

Contact: Phil / Columbus, Oh 43004 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Phil ([email protected]) (Mar 30, 1999)

musicians wanted for power-pop band (columbus, oh)
Looking for musicians who can sing(2nd guitar, bass and drummer), to form power-pop band with heavy vocal harmonies. Influences include Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, Big Star, Raspberries, XTC, Jellyfish, Tommy Keene and Crowded House(to name a few!). Have many originals and looking to write and co-write more. I play guitar/mandolin and sing. Email me if you are interested.

Contact: John Estep / [email protected]
Submitted by: John Estep ([email protected]) (Mar 23, 1999)

I'm a 22 year old guitarist looking to form band.I'm looking for a new dark sound.Influenced by bands like TOOL,THE CULT,THE DOORS,FLOYD,etc.. If interested call or e-mail

Contact: matt / Phone: (614)870-9504 / [email protected]
Submitted by: matt ([email protected]) (Mar 22, 1999)

Electro-Metal Drummer and other interest. (Columbus, Oh)
We are a very motivated group of three looking to complete a band for doing electronic-metal. We do not want to stay purely industrial, nor purely metal, allowing for an intense amount of variety in our music. Influences are Front Line Assembly, Numb, Fear Factory, Thought Industry, Acid Bath, White Zombie, Mushroomhead, etc. THE KEY IS TO USE ELEMENTS FROM ALL THESE BANDS TO CREATE AN NEW, HONEST, INTENSE SOUND. We want to create AND PERFORM. Please respond if interested! Thanks!

Contact: Lawrence Zalewski / Phone: 614-652-5257 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Lawrence Zalewski ([email protected]) (Mar 19, 1999)

Singer (Columbus, OH)
Sugar Pill seeks motivated, dedicated, talented singer.


Get in touch: [email protected] or 614.451.9865

Ask for Mike or Brian

Contact: Brian or Mike / Columbus, OH / Phone: 614.451.9865 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian or Mike ([email protected]) (Mar 18, 1999)

female vocalist needed now!! 80's new wave top $$$ (cincinnati, oh)
80's new wave dance band is in need of a female vocalist to complete line up.gigs are waiting!! $1000 to 1500 a night!! call (513) 528-4834 eric 24 hrs or contact THE NOTE WORTHY GROUP, cincinnati , ohio

Contact: eric turner / cincinnati, oh 45244 / Phone: 513 528 4834 / [email protected]
Submitted by: eric turner ([email protected]) (Mar 16, 1999)

Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, lead singer needed for punkband (Columbus, OH)

Submitted by: (Mar 14, 1999)

Shuffle Drummer and Bass player wanted (Columbus, OH)
Three bluesmen looking for a hardcore rythm section. Harp player and Guitar players, interested in Chicago\Delta\Texas Blues. Looking to put together a foursome to fill the blues need in this town. Stand up bass fiddle prefered!

Contact: Howard / [email protected]
Submitted by: Howard ([email protected]) (Mar 03, 1999)

Award-winning Folk artist seeking upright or fretless bass (Cincinnati, Oh)
Cincinnati-based group Uncle Daddy and the Family Secret seeking dedicated and professional bass player. The act has recorded two independent releases, critical acclaim including nomination for Best Album of the Year at this years Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. 1997 and 1998 Folk Artist of the Year Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

The act is currently preparing to record their third release and will be doing some limited touring in the Summer. Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Louisville and other markets. Seeking professional performer that could rehearse in Middletown,Ohio once a week.

Contact: Rhona Fine / 2368 Norwood Avenue / Cincinnati / Fax: 513/351-2620 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Rhona Fine ([email protected]) (Mar 03, 1999)

bassist and drummer looking to join or start band (bucyrus, oh)
bassist and drummer looking to find a project to focus on. looking to write and record album then support it. originality is a must, looking for new sound. i feel there is no need for a sound description due to the fact that it will depend on the members of the band. however not looking for country or death metal. good attitude and a sense of(sometimes strange) humor a plus. vocals, keys/synth, and guitar, all wanted. would prefer to be within 30-40 minute drive from bucyrus. thanks.

Contact: ode / bucyrus, oh 44820 / Phone: 419-562-8097 / [email protected]
Submitted by: ode ([email protected]) (Feb 27, 1999)

Casino Windsor FULL TIME Singer Needed! (Windsor, Ontario Canada,across from Detroit Mich.)
I am in a Midi Based Trio working a Casino Job and one of our singers has to quit to do the 'baby thing'. You will be working 4-6 times a week and will make $600-$900 a week. No lie! Here's the catch... The job is in Windsor, Ontario Canada(Just across the Bridge from Detroit!) Casino Windsor. We have been working for one year there and are considered one of the top groups in the venue we play there. We play everything from Shania Twain to Bobby Darin to Amy Grant! Main (and I mena MAIN) stream pop/New Country stuff and oldies/motown mostly. The name of our group is 'Illusions'. [email protected]

Contact: gerard st. pierre / Windsor, On --- / Phone: --- / Fax: --- / [email protected]
Submitted by: gerard st. pierre ([email protected]) (Feb 27, 1999)

KEY IN TO THIS (Columbus, OH)
Are you a keyboard player looking for a few good people to make music with? This collective would be nothing more than the occassional open mic night or party. We just want someone who in their spare time likes to play. Must have a love for cheesy covers and classic standards. Were you a choir boy? Come on in. We have four kickass vocalists (a tenor, two altos and a soprano) as well as a bass player and guitarist and frankly we just want to have a good time playing around. If interested call me at 299-6749 or email at [email protected]

Contact: Margi / Phone: 299-6749 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Not my real name. ([email protected]) (Feb 26, 1999)

original band looking for drummer (Columbus, Oh)
mr. tORNaDo heAd is looking to acquire a full time drummer for upcoming summer and fall regional tour. Anyone interested may visit our website at and sample some of our tunes. We are looking for someone that likes to have fun, and likes to jam.

Contact: Melvin B. Strange / 2664 Columbus Avenue / Columbus, OH 43209 / Phone: 251-1844 / [email protected] / //
Submitted by: Melvin B. Strange ([email protected]) (Feb 22, 1999)

Pilot Dogs are looking for a bass player or guitarist (Columbus area, oh)
We are an all original band recently reformed. We have played Little Brothers, Ruby Tuesdays, and The Distillery. We are looking for a serious minded musician who is creative and a team player. We have two guitarist, both of which could play bass if needed. Our music has been compared to Pink Floyd and even Alice and Chains. Our originals come from a wide variety of influences. You must be able to practice twice a week, and occasionally on a weekend.

Contact: John Joseff / 255 Rosewood Avenue / Mount Sterling, oh 43143 / Fax: 740/869-1144 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John Joseff ([email protected]) (Feb 22, 1999)

Female lead guitarist needed (Toledo, OH)
NW OH/SE MI band in need of female lead guitarist. Heavy alternative type music, alterna-punk. Have bassist, drummer and singer. Mix of Cleveland and Michigan people. Former members of Bitchcraft/bass and Broadzilla/drummer. Singer is from Cleveland. Please answer A.S.A.P. if interested.

Contact: Jenny / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jenny ([email protected]) (Feb 18, 1999)

Rhythm/ lead player needed for band. Focus on originals/ covers. Backing vocals a plus. Band has cd almost complete and looking to add 4th member. Someone interested in playing out on regular basis and able to do so. If interested contact FELIX @ 740-681-9362 or [email protected]

Contact: Felix D Kat / COLS, OH 43105 / Phone: 740-681-9362 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Felix D Kat ([email protected]) (Feb 17, 1999)

Attn: Low Brass and Sax Players (Columbus, OH)
Need one low brass (trombone/baritone) and saxes (alto, tenor, and or bari) Have sheet music written, but improvisation is gleefully tolerated. Sorry rude boys and girls, this is more Mr. Bungle/Fishbone than Bosstones but if you can skank, pogo, headbang, do the robot, and do the twist in under 3 minutes, you'll fit in fine.

Contact: Tyler / Phone: 291-2147 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tyler ([email protected]) (Feb 16, 1999)

Rockin' Singer Needed (Columbus, Oh)
Seeking serious singer/songwriter to join three guys who sit around playing previous bands'songs dreaming of becoming rock stars. We have auditioned several vocalists,yet we are still posting ads. influences include but are not limited to: The beatles,Hendrix,Zeppelin, Floyd,Cream,Gabriel,James Brown,Al Greene,that seattle thing,Parliament, Coltrain,Davis,Buddy Guy,BB.King,etc. We don't want to come across as being arrogant but we are truly better than most bands in this town.

Contact: PJ / [email protected]
Submitted by: PJ ([email protected]) (Feb 15, 1999)

Female vocalist desired (Columbus, OH)
Female singer needed for project with penchant for: Portishead, Mazzy Star, Golden Palominos, Geraldine Fibbers, Shallow, My Bloody Valentine, Swans, Dead Can Dance, An April March, PJ Harvey, Velocity Girl, Spiritualized, Swervedriver, Stereolab, Luscious Jackson and Miranda Sex Garden.

Contact: Troy Michael Casa / Phone: 784-8491 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Troy Michael Casa ([email protected]) (Feb 15, 1999)

Need keyboardist or second guitarist to finish lineup (Columbus, OH)
Have extremely talented and experienced lead guitarist, bass player, drummer, and female lead vocals. Need keyboardist or second guitarist. Wide variety of covers - From Steely Dan to Hole. Ready to get out of the practice room and hit the stage soon. If interested in playing with quality musicians, call today!

Contact: Teresa Harlow / Phone: 740-548-7399 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Teresa Harlow ([email protected]) (Feb 13, 1999)

drummer looking for a heavy band (columbus, oh)
Does'nt anyone listen to thrash anymore??? So what if it may be "out" it still has energy. That's what I'm looking! I've been jamming close to 10 years now and heavily influenced by bands like TESTAMENT,PANTERA,SEPULTURA,SLAYER,OLD METALLICA,and so on. Still in to all that and KORN,STOMPBOX,anything heavy and groove oriented.So whats up??? Where is everyone??? Does anyone want to jam??? Looking for exp. musicians that are looking for a serious,exp.drummer with quick,strong double bass and great meter. e-mail me!!!!

Contact: Jeff / oh 43235 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jeff ([email protected]) (Feb 13, 1999)

Vocalist needed ASAP (Columbus, oh)
We are looking for a vocalist. Our music covers many different moods, vocalist must be versatile,from hard to mellow to funky, we do a little of it all, please give us a call if you like to create good quality music. We have an awesome studio set up and we can record when we want and as much as we want. Contact Andy at 834-1741 or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

Contact: Andy / Phone: 834-1741
Submitted by: ([email protected]) (Feb 08, 1999)

Keyboardist Needed (Columbus, OH)
Keyboardist with expertise in sequencing needed to complete band.

Contact: R. Joseph / [email protected]
Submitted by: R. Joseph ([email protected]) (Feb 07, 1999)


Contact: MATT / COLS / COLS, OH 43220
Submitted by: MATT (Feb 06, 1999)

Looking for new bandmates: a new drummer, bassist, and eventually a second guitarist. We did an album in 1996 and began to develop a small fan base until things fell apart. I'd like to pick things up where they left off and build things back up. I have several songs ready to go. If you write, bring your songs to the table and we'll write new material too. My goal is to record a new cd by this summer and then start playing out as soon as possible. My personal influences are mainly in the classic rock genre. My favorites are King's X, Extreme, Queen, Van Halen, Boston, The Beatles, REO Speedwagon, etc... I'm open to pretty much all styles. I like to be diverse. For more on me (and a little on the band) check out my web site :

Contact: Jason Melick / PO Box 362 / Brice, OH 43109 / Phone: 614-267-3909 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Jason Melick ([email protected]) (Jan 30, 1999)

Guitar player/lead singer wanted ASAFP (Columbus, Oh)
What we're looking for is someone withe a serious attitude so we can get the job done quick fast and in a hurry. We will play a wide varriety of music so you have to be on your toes. We don't want to be your average garage do nouthing band so if that's what your looking for that need not to bother. We want to get out as soon as possible and make some money. That's right no more playing for free we've done that shit too much already. If you think you can handle it the give me a call

Contact: Dion Worrell / Columbus, OH 43223 / Phone: 233-1007 / Fax: cell 571-5739 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Sloe-moe Dee ([email protected]) (Jan 27, 1999)

blakten-columbus' newest addition to the almost non-existent Columbus, Ohio "industrial" scene is looking for a bass player! Our influences for this project include Fear Factory, SWANS, Young Gods,Front Line Assembly, Pitch Shifter, Strapping Young Lad, and GODFLESH. We have shows lined up and will continue playing as a two piece, but we would like some one to balance out the low end. We are very serious, professional, and tuned down to b! Serious inquiries only-so if yr. mom has to give you a ride to practice forget it!

Contact: blakten / Columbus, OH 43214 / Phone: 614-846-0383 / [email protected]
Submitted by: blakten ([email protected]) (Jan 25, 1999)

Looking for soulfull singer for blues/rock/funk band. (Columbus, Oh)
We need a serious, talented, "singer" to join a great thing and make it even greater. Our band is dedicated, experienced, full of desire, and we are looking for the same. Our musical influences include: Beatles, Blind Melon, Stevie Wonder, Phish, Robert Johnson, Curtis Mayfield, Miles Davis, Cream, Zep, Jimmie, Nirvana, Allman Bros., Brad, old GnR, Pearl Jam, Santana. Singers who move us include: Marvin Gaye, Al Greene, Rober Plant, James Brown, Eddie Vedder, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Shannon Hoon, Jeff Buckley, Ben Harper, Taj Mahal, Peter Gabriel. Looking to start something great, and take it all the way. Enjoyable band enviornment. Music comes first.

Contact: G-Man / [email protected]
Submitted by: G-Man ([email protected]) (Jan 23, 1999)

Seeking Industrial/Rap/Metal Musicians (Columbus, OH)
I am a 21 year old guitar player with a lot of riffs and high quality equipment; I am seeking a sound similar to Rob Zombie, Ministry, Fear Factory, Incubus, etc. NO KORN WANNABES. Pure industrial/goth, 100%. Anyone who calls will receive a check for $5000.00

(checks are non-negotiable, void where prohibited)

Contact: Adrian "The Obsessor" Spillman / Columbus, Oh 43213 / Phone: (614) 231-6899 / Fax: (614) 665-6061
Submitted by: Adrian "The Obsessor" Spillman (Jan 23, 1999)

Guitar Player South Chicago Suburbs Seeking local musicians (Chicago Heights, Il)
I am a guitar player in the South Chicagosuburbs looking for local musicians to form an original group. I am looking for talent and creativeness: a jazz style drummer (Mitch Mitchell?) and a good improv. bassist. Pro equipped and pro attitudes along with a willingness to work with original concepts and to expand on those. Weekend jamming a must. If you feel you are ready to blaze some original musical trails, send email to [email protected] have demo tape entitled JamaicaJeff.Thank You

Contact: Jeff Martin / Chicago Heights, Il / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jeff Martin ([email protected]) (Jan 22, 1999)

Submitted by: (Jan 22, 1999)

Punk Drummer Wanted (Tacoma, WA)
drummer wanted for Christian punk band,

Submitted by: PointBlank ([email protected]) (Jan 16, 1999)

Bass, Soundscapist, second Guitarist (Columbus, OH)
New project needs bass player, experimental sampler-percussive-scratchmaster-farfisa type and second guitar player with a penchant for Stereolab, Portishead, Morcheeba, Stockhausen, Varese, Cage, Schnittke, Lou Harrison, MBV, Lush, Swervedriver, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Geraldine Fibbers, Nick Drake, the Swans, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, the Damnbuilders, An April March, Love Spirals Downwards, Cibo Matto, Skinny Puppy, Yusef Lateef, Monk and Big Hat, whatever...just don't call and tell me you spent the entire afternoon learning YYZ or Stairway.

Contact: Troy Michael Casa / Phone: 614-784-8491 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Troy Michael Casa ([email protected]) (Jan 15, 1999)

experienced bass player needed (cols, oh)
well established rock/alt/pop band looking for a talented bass player with live and recording experience. serious inquires only please. call for more info.

Contact: caleb bandy / 1208 bryden / cols, oh 43205 / Phone: 258-9258 / [email protected]
Submitted by: caleb bandy ([email protected]) (Jan 07, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Equipment Available

RP12 Guitar Processor (Columbus, OH)
Digitech RP12 multi EFX. Delays, reverbs, distortions etc. 128 factory and 128 user patches. Includes AC. Very good condition with original box and manual. $295. Call Kevin @ 614-847-1536 10am-7pm.

Contact: Kevin Davison / columbus, oh 43229 / Fax: 614-847-1536 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Kevin Davison ([email protected]) (Mar 31, 1999)

FOSTEX XR-7 !!! (whitehall, oh)
IN MINT CONDITION!!! I only used it once, for lack of creativity and time... $400 obo!!


Contact: Adrian Spillman / Phone: 665-6061 voice
Submitted by: Adrian Spillman (Mar 23, 1999)

Peavey Minx Bass Amplifier, for sale (Lakefield, ON)
Peavey Minx Bass Amp for sale, excellent condition, $200 CDN

Contact: James MacDonald / P.O. Box 36 / Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 / Phone: 705 652 6889 / [email protected]
Submitted by: James MacDonald ([email protected]) (Mar 23, 1999)

Fender Jazz Bass, Made in USA, 1982, For Sale (Lakefield, ON)
This instrument is in excellent condition. Never abused and rarely used. All original. Plays beautifully. Red, with black pick-guard. Hardshell case and accessories included. $650 (USA).

Contact: James MacDonald / P.O. box 36 / Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 / Phone: 705 652 6889 / [email protected]
Submitted by: James MacDonald ([email protected]) (Mar 23, 1999)

Powered Stereo Mixer w/ Digital EFX (Columbus, Oh)
12 CHANNEL POWERED MIXER W/DIGITAL EFFECTS Soundtech PC1250T Powered stereo mixer board, 500 watt...MINT condition..12 ch, 4 band input channel eq, 3 sends(1 post, 2 pre), built in digital effects processor, phantom power, 2-9 band eq, flexible power amp configuring for stereo mains, mono mains, power mains and monitors simultaneously, LED vu meters with assignable signal display. Many more features. If interested, call or email for more information.$975.00

Contact: Pete Shapter / Columbus, Oh / Phone: 614-794-3459 / Fax: N/A / [email protected]
Submitted by: Pete Shapter ([email protected]) (Mar 21, 1999)

Roland GR-30/Fender Strat (Marengo, Oh)
Roland GR-30/Fender Strat for sale:

GR-30 guitar synth(excellent condition, 6 mos. old, 386 sounds, sax,b-3, piano and many more.) Fender Strat (1985 approx. Has synth driver installed, but can be easily removed. I'll take $800.00 for both, or would trade for Bass equipment.E-mail, or call if interested.

Contact: Jeff Allen / marengo, oh / Phone: (419) 253-8013 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jeff Allen ([email protected]) (Mar 16, 1999)

Crate PA-8 Powered Mixer 150 Watts (Hilliard, OH)
Less than 1 year old. Excellent condition. Band expanded and mixer needs grew quickly; now I'm trying to pay off the new one. Perfect for small bands or acoustic groups. Originally $399, asking $250 or best offer.

Contact: Don Catlett / 5400 Gillette Ave. / Hilliard, OH 43026 / Phone: 614-876-5135 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Don Catlett ([email protected]) (Mar 11, 1999)

Tube Stack For Sale (Columbus, OH)
1. Peavy Classic 50 all tube head. 2 Channel w/real spring reverb. $250

2. Marshall 1926 2x12 Cabinet 150W Stereo-ready. $250

Both Like New.

Will sell together for $450

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614)447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Mar 08, 1999)

Baritone Horn-Jupiter/good condition (Columbus, OH)
Baritone Horn w/case and mouthpiece. Very good condition, hardly played. Asking $500.

Contact: Amy Ketchum / 154 East Oakland Ave / Columbus, OH 43201 / Fax: 268-1918 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Amy Ketchum ([email protected]) (Mar 02, 1999)

BRAND NEW Yamaha Alto Sax (Westerville, OH)
BRAND NEW Yamaha YAS52 Alto Sax in excellent condition. Bought 11/29/98, played for only 5 weeks. No scratches or dents. Comes with Yamaha softshell gig bag and 8 Van Doren reeds. Will probably want new mouthpiece. Asking $1200.

Contact: Angie Miller / Westerville, OH 43081 / Phone: (614) 844-5601 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Angie Miller ([email protected]) (Mar 02, 1999)

Crate PA-8 Powered Mixer 150 watts (Hilliard, OH)

Contact: Don Catlett / 5400 Gillette Ave / Hilliard, OH 43026 / Phone: 614-876-5135 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Don Catlett ([email protected]) (Feb 27, 1999)

Submitted by: (Feb 26, 1999)

Player Piano (New Albany, OH)
Player piano Smith Nixon, very good condition with bench & 42 rolls $1200. Moving must sell!! (614) 855-9065

Contact: Kim Dupler / 6117 Johnstown Road / New Albany, OH 43054 / Phone: 614-855-9065 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Kim Dupler ([email protected]) (Feb 24, 1999)

ASAT JR. (Raleigh, NC)
FS: G&L ASAT Jr., Custom Creation. Very Limited Production Model Retail $1,950. Call or email for discounted price. Call Eddie Berman or Max Acker at 919/954-0758; email: [email protected],homepage: -- .jpegs available

Contact: Max Acker / 2101 New Hope Church Road / Raleigh, NC 27604 / Phone: 919/954-0758 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Max Acker ([email protected]) (Feb 16, 1999)

OVer 100 G&L guitars in Stock or On Order at Indoor Storm (Raleigh, NC)
Indoor Storm now has over 100 new G&Ls either in stock or on order. Check out the inventory at These include a substantial portion of the G&L 1999 Winter NAMM Exhibit

Contact: Doug Abrams / 2101 New Hope Church Road / Raleigh, NC 27604 / Phone: 919/954-0758 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Doug Abrams ([email protected]) (Feb 14, 1999)


Contact: IAN / LANCASTER, OH 43130 / [email protected]
Submitted by: IAN ([email protected]) (Feb 07, 1999)

LANEY Heads for Sale (Delaware, Oh)
I have '94 & '95 models of Laney's GH100L guitar heads. Both are in fine condition and have been cared for quite extensively! As indicated they're 100Watt all Tube heads and have guts galore. If your interested let me know. These heads list for around $800.00 and will let them go for $600 (slightly negotiable)

Contact: JD Maurer / Delaware, OH / Phone: 614-818-1294 / [email protected]
Submitted by: JD Maurer ([email protected]) (Jan 21, 1999)

GRETSCH - Country Gentleman Guitar - $2,200 obo (Harwood, MO)
GRETSCH - "Chet Atkins Country Gentleman" 1968, VERY GOOD condition w/original case, strap & papers. Asking $2,200

Contact: Bob Carpenter / [email protected]
Submitted by: Bob Carpenter ([email protected]) (Jan 20, 1999)

[email protected] (columbus, oh)
ROLAND TD7 COMPLETE ELECTRONIC DRUMKIT 3 of the pads are the larger pd 9 also included the TD 7 instructional video an AT 4 acoustic triggering interface 985.00 FIRM

Contact: DAVE / columbus, oh / Phone: 875-3270 / [email protected] / [email protected]
Submitted by: DAVE ([email protected]) (Jan 18, 1999)

Roland XP50 workstation (columbus, oO)
Roland XP50 workstation Synth, keyboard, sequencer, disc drive, ect... BEST OFFER!

Contact: Stephan Lavertu / columbus, oh / Phone: (614)486-3083 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Stephan Lavertu ([email protected]) (Jan 13, 1999)

ROLAND ELECTRONIC DRUMS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Columbus, Oh)

Since there are no provisions to delete ads on Cringe I am posting this to inform readers: My ROLAND ELECTRONIC DRUMS ARE SOLD! IGNORE POSTED AD FOR ROLAND KIT!! THANKS! AND THANKS CRINGE FOR COOL SITE!!

Submitted by: Pete Shapter (Jan 08, 1999)

Handmade violins from Cremona, Italy $4000 each. (Boston, MA)
New Stradivari violins ready to send with their own certificate of authenticity. Photos available.

Contact: Sandro Scoccia / 122 Calumet street / Boston, MA 02120 / Phone: (617)-989-0786 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Marco Annesi ([email protected]) (Jan 03, 1999)

Handmade violins from Cremona, Italy $4000 each. (Boston, MA)

Contact: Sandro Scoccia / 122 Calumet street / Boston, MA 02120 / Phone: (617)-989-0786 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Marco Annesi ([email protected]) (Jan 03, 1999)

Ibanez George Benson GB-10
Ibanez GB-10, sunburst, all original, ohsc, excellent condition Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted. Will ship. $1100.00

Contact: [email protected]
Submitted by: ([email protected]) (Jan 01, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Equipment Wanted

Selmer (Paris) S80 Series II Alto Saxophone (Ironton, Oh)
Looking for a used instrument suitable for a college music education major.

Contact: DeNeil Hartley / 419 Washington St / Coal Grove, OH 45638 / Phone: 740-532-8126 / [email protected]
Submitted by: DeNeil Hartley ([email protected]) (Feb 07, 1999)

20" Zildjan ride cymbal (Houston, Tx)
I am looking for a high quality used ride cymbal, that will give a great sound for rock and alt. rock music. I will pay shipping costs.

Contact: Jonathan Windham / 126 Rusk St. #19 / Nacogdoches, Tx 75961 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jonathan Windham ([email protected]) (Jan 19, 1999)

I want A ROLAND DJ-70 II, good condition (Miami, FL)
I'm looking for RolanD DJ-70 MKII.

Contact: COOPER / Miami, FL 33133 / [email protected]
Submitted by: COOPER ([email protected]) (Jan 01, 1999)

Wanted RCA 44BX or 44DX Microphone (Irving, TX)
Want to Buy - RCA 44BX or 44DX Microphone

Contact: Danny / 103 East Pioneer Dr. / Irving, TX 75061 / Phone: Boyer / [email protected]
Submitted by: Danny ([email protected]) (Jan 01, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Miscellaneous Available

Auditory Piano Training (Columbus, OH)
Do you want to be able to go to jam sessions and improvise on keyboard?

I teach theory, chords and chord progressions, improvisation, and/or specific songs. If you know where middle C is on the piano, that's all you need to begin.

Cost: $20 for one hour. Call Tiffany at 784-0924.

Contact: Tiffany M. Hutira / Clintonville area / Phone: 784-0924 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tiffany M. Hutira ([email protected]) (Mar 31, 1999)


Contact: EDWARD SASH / COLUMBUS, OH / Fax: 614-491-2894 / [email protected]
Submitted by: EDWARD SASH ([email protected]) (Mar 11, 1999)

Digital studio for heavy music $20.00 per hour (columbus, oh)
that rite kiddies. a pro recording mastered rite to CD for $20.00 per hour pro gear and pro engineer. i have recorded Sunbelly, abbey church, the gnats, hilljack and many many more.

Contact: steve / Gahanna / Phone: 478-0799 / [email protected]
Submitted by: steve ([email protected]) (Feb 10, 1999)

DemonstraMan: Mail Order Song Demos (ME)
Songwriters: Have your material demoed by a #1 ASCAP award-winning songwriter and publisher.

Contact: [email protected] /
Submitted by: DemonstraMan ([email protected]) (Feb 06, 1999)

Stradivari violins for sale $4000 each (Boston, MA)
Two new Stradivari violins handmade in Cremona, Italy. They are ready to send from Boston, MA. Each one comes with its own certificate of authenticity and pics. Please email to Marco [email protected] or to Sandro [email protected] for details.

Contact: [email protected]
Submitted by: ([email protected]) (Jan 31, 1999)

Full Service Recording Studio Available (Columbus, OH)
Workbook Studio is a full service recording studio located in central Columbus, OH. Both analog and digital multitrack formats available. Great results. Just ask Tiara, Our Flesh Party, Delicious, Lem Darro, Betaroric and others. Check out the website for more information. Email [email protected] for the February internet only special available. Thanks

Contact: Workbook Studio / Fax: 613-4124 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Workbook Studio ([email protected]) (Jan 20, 1999)

Jason Melick: "Without You Here"
Innuendo frontman Jason Melick has just released his first solo cd called "Without You Here"!!

Check out Jason's web site at for details!!

Contact: Shockwave Records / PO Box 362 / Brice, OH 43109 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Shockwave Records ([email protected]) (Jan 16, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Miscellaneous Wanted

guitar teacher wanted (cols., oh)
i am looking 4 an exp. guitar teacher. primary intrest is in blues and r&b

Contact: charles smith / 784 kerr st / cols, oh 43215 / [email protected]
Submitted by: charles smith ([email protected]) (Mar 14, 1999)

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted