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 ISSUE  9.1 WINTER 1999 

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- moondance (Mar 28, 1999)

Jeff Beck
At the Palace Theater 3/27/99
Saturday March 27th The Palace Theater Columbus, Ohio

Jeff Beck Concert:

A great show featuring one of the music world's most under-appreciated guitar hero/fathers of modern rock and roll. Jeff had a solid and exciting band backing him tonight, Jennifer Batten doing duty as second guitarist with an extremely talented performance, commanding synth programs part of the time from her midi-equipped guitar,doubling leads with Jeff and holding down the chords. The bass player was quite nifty doing a bit of popping and slapping. The drummer doubled on keyboards during one tune, and was showcased in the middle of the set with a big rock and roll drum solo. But the meat and potatoes of the show was Jeff. Driving confidently through familiar and new rock/fusion type compositions featuring his signature sound. Jeff Beck is one of the handful of visionaries who continue to push the boundaries of rock guitar further, using a Fender Stratocaster as his tool. Jeff's sound is an amazing combination of legato laced violin-saxophone like organic tones, that you could swear were not coming from a regular old guitar and amp, just like that kid on your block owns. Even more unbelievable from a technical perspective is that Jeff does not use a guitar pick and constantly uses the vibrato arm- yet does not go out of tune!

Over an hour and a half of great instrumental music(including the Beatles "A Day in the Life") and one could not possibly want for vocals.

- (Mar 28, 1999)

New Creeps full length out this week
cd (retribution records)
The Creeps have finally put out their first full length cd, which will be available this week. The release is on the new Fronltine Records label, whom the Creeps signed to earlier this year. However, word has it that the Creeps will return to their original Retribution label to release a following series of "7's later this year (possibly due out by early summer). To add to the good news, the Creeps have gotten a new drummer and plan to start playing out again very soon. Check em out!

- m.j.thompson (Mar 24, 1999)

Stingers Nite Club
President (owner)
My name is Joe Wagner. I own a nite club on the east side called STINGERS. We are currently on the way to making Stingers the premier live music scene for both cover and new bands. We are currently looking for established as well as new acts. Stingers is located at 2492 Scarborough Blvd (Svarbowough Sq.) Columbus, Ohio 614-866-4497

We are located by Penny's Outlet on the eastside.

Joe Wagner

- Joe Wagner (Mar 23, 1999)

Live show review.
Platypus steals the show??
I ventured to Little Brothers on the night of Fenster's CD release party, Friday the 12th of March, in hopes of catching the opening band Platypus. I had been driving home through the drizzel and ice a few nights before and happened to catch a song by Platypus on Frontstage 101. My curiosity was raised like the ears on a.... well, enough bad analogies, here is the scoop. Platypus was opening for Fenster and Triggahappy, but their music was not really of the same beast. The only thing that the two ska bands and Platypus have in common is their ability and willingness to groove and move. Platypus consisted of a bassist that played both the traditional four string electric and and up right bass as well. He also rapped a few songs and did back up vocals. The lead singer- the guy that sang the most, played trumpet and keyboard. That left the trombone player, who added vocals, the bongo player, who added spoken word and vocals, and the guitar player, who added occasional backing vocals. The music of Platypus reminded me of a nineties version of Frank Zappa casually molested by Rage Against the Machine and The Beastie Boys. The majority of their songs were humorous, and by the end of their set, the crowd was roaring with approval. Look for these guys releasing a CD in May or June. Platypus rocks!

- Melvin B. Strange (Mar 15, 1999)

Tin Star
show review
Tin Star: four dudes from London, England rolled into Mekka thursday March 11. You may have heard their hit "head" on the radio. Anyway, they reminded me of radio head or even howlin maggie plus some modern sounding synthesized electronic disco background sounds. To the point: they were good at what they were doing.

To me their music is very modern, in fact I am reminded of a statement I read in a Perry Ferell interview regarding the future of rock n roll. Perry felt that electronic music is where rock is heading, maybe, maybe not. The small crowd present that night seemed to be into Tin Star, but I do not think Tin Star was into the crowd. My guess is that they were expecting a larger crowd and were a bit disappointed. Give em a few more months of Columbus radio jamming "head" down the masses throught and they will probably sell out the Newport.

- John Rarey (Mar 13, 1999)

World Gone Wrong
show review
I caught this band in Dayton at a strip mall type bar Saturday Feb. 27. They were competing w/ Motley Crue that night in Dayton. Anyway, it was enjoyable. WGW are heavy, at times fast, and groove oriented a la Black Sabbath. For a special treat, they have a violinst play. This created a whole new dimension to their sound which came across to this listener as very original. Look for them soon in Columbus as we (50 Watt Alarm Clock) will be hosting WGW at one of our Columbus shows in the near future.

- John Rarey (Mar 13, 1999)

Columbus Blues Alliance Presents
"Happy Hour VII" Blues Show
The Columbus Blues Alliance announces our Happy Hours VII annual Benefit show for your dancing and listening pleasure.

March 20, 1999 at Chelsies (980 N. High St. 297-1682) from 8:30 PM until 1:30 AM.. Admission $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Tickets may be purchased online thru Ticketmaster. Doors open at 8:00. Food will be provided by Schmidt's.

Five of Columbus's top blues bands will perform beginning at 8:30. Special guest Willie Pooch and the Upsetters kick off at 8:30. The Chicago blues style of the Primetime Blues Band takes the stage at 9:30. Up and comers Winterstreet take off at 10:30. Perennial blues/swing favorite Sean Carney and the Nite Owls at 11:30 (their final performance forever). Black Cat Zone howls with their own unique style of Delta, Chicago and Texas blues and wraps up the festivities at 12:30.

The Columbus Blues Alliance, a non-profit organization, was formed to promote all forms of Blues music throughout central Ohio. Please check our website at .

- Steve Woods (Mar 12, 1999)

Columbus Music Review e-zine finished.
Out of Order
Melvin B. Strange of the band mr. tORNaDo heAd has created a web site that reviews local music. "We don't give bad reviews, it serves no purpose to the Columbus music scene." Check out some of Central Ohio's finest bands reviewed in the Spring issue of Out of Order.

- Dan Spitez (Mar 08, 1999)

(Mar 08, 1999)

The Velveteens
CD (Derailleur)
The inaugural Derailleur records release by the Velveteens, a 28 minute and some change collection of acoustic outakes and driving blues numbers certainly will receive the complete spectrum of reviews. Those who follow the band and have watched the Alwood sisters and Amy in particular grow as a songwriter should be proud of their constant evolution and ongoing maturation.

And that's where this band is, fluxus. Three member changes in less than six months, a handful of so-so live performances, and high expectations should assist the listener in understanding why the band sounds so sophmorish. The lofty hopes are local lore. Simply, the band has not been able to find themselves due to the sporadic and unsettling, somewhat nonchalance that surrounds them. And yes, they are to blame. But not unlike pointing out pre-adulthood errors in logic, the record makes it clear that the songs are worthy of our attention.

Others have noted that the unique blend of Amy and Meagan's voices is the trademark of the group. Quite true, however the peripheral instrumentation on Marveline often falls very short of being equally complimentary. Tempo fluctuations due to poor drumming and missed accents, a strange blend of wimpy guitar sounds with what sounds like no overdubs or corrections to the clipped notes are the major things that stand out. Josh's playing on Rolled Over and Antiguard reminds me of the liaison between Gillian Welch and her guitarist David Rawlings or David Roback's role in Mazzy Star; yet on the electric tracks I'm not certain of his role, nor is he barely audible due to the fact that he primary doubles Amy's guitar parts. Clearly, he didn't have alot of time to work out parts being a new addition to the lineup just weeks before the recording. Bass player Joe Maple's playing was a pleasant surprise for me. The rogue actually fit nicely, and his lines, like that in the Dog Song are very charming. The lo-fi nature of Fishbreath and Rolled Over works; it highlights the voices and sweet simpleness of Amy's craft. Sadly, as well as one can usually make out the words, and with the words being paramount, why were they not included in the packaging, odd. I can decipher snippets about various animals, especially dogs, lots about dogs. For whatever reason, leaving the drums out on a few tracks that I had grown accustomed to hearing in full regalia is a nice surprise. Romeo's strange word, 'acceptions', its great chorus, tension building progression and hummable staccato monosyllable hook is infectious. This and Antiguard, if the DJ's can get pass labeling them a barroom blues band, are the likely radio friendly airplay tracks. Rolled Over, more dog stuffage, and Fishbreath should appease the WCBE crowd and the like. I cannot say I find tinkering at the organ/farfisa on the tune Alliteration much of an addition to the song simply because one is available in the room during the session; but this type of experimentation is what a band at this stage should be attempting. And Amy's almost-tragic-blues delivery and colorful vocal palette could broaden with some creative noodling.

In the end, we walk away with the sense that, "dangit, they almost got it right", the hope that, "yeah, I think they got a new drummer" and golly, I don't care "they're still cute." This band is not everything we want them to be, not yet, but I recommend you give the CD a chance and determine for yourself if you may like them as much as I think many will when they are seniors.

- Casa (Mar 08, 1999)

"Say Your Prayers"
CD (Dogbowl Records)
The latest release, from sonic terrorist, CRELM, "Say Your Prayers" released\unleashed on April 6th. Look and listen at local venues. Don't let small children or pets listen!

- Mark Zinn (Mar 06, 1999)

Local Music Guide
Columbus Alive and CD101 are combining to create a local music guide which will list all the bands in the area. Look for a full page ad this week (3/4) in Columbus Alive. It will be free to list your name and all pertinent info and the guide will appear in Cols Alive and on the CD101 website. Call Brian Lindamood @221-2449 for more info and please, try to rock on.

- Margi Petersen (Feb 26, 1999)


- ZARATHUSTRA (Feb 23, 1999)

- [email protected] (Feb 22, 1999)

quarkspace playing in DC
Phantasmagoria Sat. 3/13/99 Wheaton MD (outside of DC)
(Eternity's Jest)
Columbus' own travelling spacerockelectronica freakshow quarkspace, is travelling out east to help the Dark Aether Project celebrate the release of their new CD, Feed the Silence. The show is Saturday 3/13/99 at the Phantasmagoria in Wheaton MD, just outside of DC. We'd love to play more often in Columbus, but find it much easier to get weekend shows outside of town. Strange.

- Paul Williams (Feb 16, 1999)

Leeward terrace @the HighBeck Tavern
Friday Feb 12th
Leeward Terrace will be perfoming this Friday Feb. 12th at the HighBeck Tavern in the brewery district. Escape campus for one night and come and hear some of Columbus's best original music. Leeward Terrace will be sharing the stage with Sugar Pill. Show starts at 10pm.

(Feb 10, 1999)

Pat Dull and his Media Whores
"All Torn Up"
7" (Break-Up! Records)
Dear Whores--

I want to apologize for the review I gave of your 7-inch ( , not just because I booked y'all for the 13. Feb Ohio Wesleyan show, but because I really gave no consideration to the music once I heard it was pop, which I normally discard upon first listen.

After a few extra spins, though, my mind has changed. There's genuine-sounding feeling behind busted-up love songs like "Robyn" and especially "Goodbye and Goodluck" despite the fact that Pat seems to be happily married now. Faked genuine feeling?

Add to that the energy of "LOVEnROCKnROLLnHOWTHEYRELATE," snippets of punk and rockabilly (to make people like me happy) and the interesting situations of the heroes of your songs find themselves in and you've got a pretty good 7-inch.

Then, as if I needed any more proof you guys deserved a second hearing, you send six songsfrom your upcoming CD for me to listen to.

It could be the fact you sent me a rough cut, but the songs seem to rock a little more, as evidenced by the power chords in "Hollycentric" and the punk-style screaming near the end of the new version of "Goodbye and Goodluck." You've still got a way with lyrics, such as the line in "17 Pieces" about the love-hate relationship: "We both love you/ And we both hate me" and the "Declaration" of dependence. Great stuff.

About the only thing I'm still disappointed about is the booklet included with the 7-inch decrying jazz as the enemy. Sorry, fellas, but I still like jazz. May not be all that appreciative of the people who listen to it, as are you, but just because the girl is ugly doesn't mean she's not bad in bed.

- Daniel Strohl (Feb 10, 1999)

the band called cringe.
have you seen the local band called "cringe" yet? This band is awesome!! I saw them at the AL rosa last week when I went to see Victim. Their new singer is the old singer from "Level" These guys are worth checking out. You should put a article about them in The Cringe magazine.

- brett wilder (Feb 06, 1999) open for your perusal
(Eternity's Jest)
it's finally open.... come check it out.... you will find MP3s and RealMedia files... we've got an unreleased studio recording of quarkspace's "Prince" taking you to the spacefreaklounge... we've got the unreleased very very trippy National Steam version of Paul Kantner's "Your Mind Has Left Your Body" (paul... please contact us!) featuring Joee Conroy of Ut Gret... MP3s and RealMedia/Audio samples from all of quarkspace and National Steam releases... thanks for the bandwidth....

- Paul Williams (Feb 03, 1999)

Show this Friday
Six Pages comes to Columbus
This Friday at the High Five Tavern Six Pages will be making its first appearence in Columbus since November 16th of last year when they played at Little Brothers. Also on hand to play that evening will be Something Said and the Water Buffalos. The show promises to end on a very jamworthy night with Six Pages taking the stage to end the evening.

- Matt Ward (Jan 30, 1999)

(Jan 29, 1999)

The Fabulous Johnson Brothers
"Universal Tongue"
CD (Great Big Spanking Records)
Thanks Columbus! Our new CD, released a few months ago, is selling great! Your "limp funk heros"** really appreciate the support! Stop by sometime:

**Joel Treadway/Cringe "Notes&News" 4-3-98

- Matt Fielding (Jan 26, 1999)



18 January, 1999

The Northberg Tavern (2084 N.High St)is proud to announce their one-year anniversary. For decades the Northberg Tavern was one of the OSU campus area hotspots for both students and alumni. Tragically in the early 1990's, a fire literally destroyed the Northberg. For much of this decade, the Northberg Tavern has laid dormant below the Campus Donato's Pizza at the corner of Frambes and N. High St. Finally, after many months of restoration, the Northberg reopened it's doors to the campus area on January 22, 1998. One of the main goals of the Northberg is to support the Columbus music scene. Since reopening, the Northberg has featured dozens of great local bands as well as regional acts from Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Indianapolis. This Friday, January 22, 1999, the Northberg Tavern will be hosting their one-year anniversary party. Friday's events will include QFM-96's one and only Joe Show as emcee, live entertainment from three of the Columbus area's hottest bands; the Peoples Popular Music Front, Leeward Terrace, and Switch. The Northberg would like to thank the community for helping their first year back in business become a great success by offering tons of great drink specials throughout the evening. 16oz Miller Lite Fat Boys for $1.50, Long Island pints for $2.75, $1.00 shot specials, $1.75 Firewater test tubes. Additionally, the first 96 people through the door will receive a FREE 7" single topping pizza courtesy of QFM-96 and Donato's Pizza. Sponsored by QFM-96, Miller Lite, the Central Beverage Group and Donato's Pizza.

For more information contact:

Tony Federer or Russ Crane 614-294-5371


(Jan 19, 1999)

Jason Melick
Without You Here
CD (Shockwave Records)
Without You Here is the new cd by Innuendo frontman and Columbus, Ohio native Jason Melick. The album was produced by Jason and he performs most of the instruments by himself. The album also includes performances by special guest Jamey Jackson on bass. Eight songs make up this diverse musical collection of pop rock, acousic ballads and guitar instrumentals. Songs include: Shattered Dreams (co-written with Raqul Baldwin), Italian Eyes, and Without You Here.

Check out the Official Jason Melick Web Site at for more details.

(Jan 17, 1999)