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 ISSUE  6.4 FALL 1996 

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Classified Ads

Musicians Available | Equipment Available | Miscellaneous Available
Musicians Wanted | Equipment Wanted | Miscellaneous Wanted

Welcome to the Cringe Classified Ads page. This page is meant for music/musician related ads. Also, keep in mind it was originally intended to be Columbus, Ohio based, but has grown and attracted people outside this area. This is a FREE service of Cringe.

Ads can also be emailed to [email protected] with ADS in the SUBJECT header.

Musicians Available

AVAILABLE: Vocalist (Columbus, OH)
Vocalist looking to join band in Columbus area. Lots of stage experience. Influences: The Who, Soundgarden, STP, Alice in Chains, Zep - the usual. If you don't mind having an Irish frontman - broad accent, minor drink problem, trauma from Catholic upbringing etc. - then send an email to [email protected] - Eric ([email protected])

AVAILABLE: Bassist (Columbus)
Bass player looking for musicians/band to join. Alternativepoprockheavykindaliketoopuremediceneetc. Please reply to [email protected]; we'll do lunch. - Oren ([email protected])

AVAILABLE: Guitarist (Cleveland)
14 y/o guitarist looking for other musicians to start a Cleveland-based doom/dark metal band. I'm looking for a bass player, a synth or keyboard player, drummer, possibly a second guitarist and vocalist. I have written lyrics to 75+ songs. Influences include: Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, and Ancient Ceremonies.
Email: [email protected] / Phone: 216-521-9519 *or* 216-521-9538
- Mike Wilkinson ([email protected])

Musicians Wanted

WANTED: Keyboardist and Vocalist (Columbus)
We are currently looking for a Keyboard/Synth player and a voc. for our band Second Theory. The band is a Hard Rock/Blues/Funk band based in Columbus. Influences include: Dream Theater, SRV, Rush, Chili Peppers Steve Vai, etc. ALL ORIGINAL, except for 1 or 2 covers. IF you are interested, email me a [email protected] and we'll work out a meeting. - Trevor Connor ([email protected])

WANTED: Best Pop Drummer in the World (NYC)
Influences: Jellyfish, Blur, Beatles, XTC. Established/Original with Studio, CD, Gigs, Movie Deal, Label Interest. No Drugs/Beginners. NYC Based. 917/641-8618 ~ [email protected] - Cheryl E. Compton (Adrenaline Productions / 126 East 4th Street #20 / New York, NY 10003 / 917-641-8618 voicemail / [email protected])

WANTED: Bass Guitarist (Portsmouth)
15 year olds looking for bass guitarist to play in a band influenced by the Beatles, classic rock, and Alternative.
E-mail: [email protected] / Phone at (614)354-1855 or (614)353-1316 - Ryan Jewell ([email protected]) (July 13, 1996)

WANTED: Nirvana-like Bands (Columbus?)
I'm lookng for some local bands that sound like Nirvana. If you know of any email me at [email protected] - [email protected]

WANTED: Bassist/Vocalist (Boston)
Original Boston-based alternative rock band w/mgt. seeks bass player w/ vocals. Gigs actively in New England and more. Not in need of another songwriter, but do need a serious musician w/long term commitment and ability to work around day job. Have top notch equiptment and private studio. Contact management e-mail: [email protected]. Send bio/tape/photo to Band Management, PO Box 15542, Boston, MA 02215-0010 - CB Levine Management ([email protected])

WANTED: Country Musicians (Akron/Canton)
Northeast Ohio (Akron/Canton area). Sit down job, 5 nights a week. - Craig A. Miller ([email protected])

WANTED: Bassist & Drummer (Ontario)
Were looking for a bassist and a drummer for a Southern Ontario (Oakville area) based alternative rock (grunge) band. Influences: Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. - Ian Turnbull ([email protected])

Equipment Available


Equipment Wanted


Miscellaneous Available

AVAILABLE: John Arpin Tour Dates
John Arpin, well known pianist, composer and recording artist has a few dates available on his tour for 1996. A brilliant and versatile performer, Mr Arpin usually draws rave reviews for his concerts which take his audiences on a tour of American music from Ragtime to Lloyd Weber. For available dates, please contact: [email protected] attention Hal Morgan. - Hal ([email protected])

Miscellaneous Wanted

WANTED: Practice Spaces (Columbus)
I know several bands who are looking for practice space. If you have any leads, please send them in to me or CRINGE CLASSIFIED ADS. - Joel (Feb 12, 1996)