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 ISSUE  6.4 FALL 1996 

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Notes and Letters

Elvis Postcard Elvis Postcard

(This was a postcard sent to Nathan Weaver via Cringe. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Why? Because, to be honest, I've gotten really bored with most punk and rock. Anymore, I'm about 10 times more likely to listen to or buy jazz or classical music. - Ed.)

In Search of ...
... the Yips, I
Since a recent trip to the US, I've been trying to find a group I heard on a school station in New Orleans. I think they're called the Yips... Got any contact info, or any idea where I can find it?


[email protected]

... the Yips, II
Your speedy response to my initial Yips e-mail took me completely by surprise, so apologies for the lengthy delay in my coming back to you.

I would be eternally grateful if you could pass on the following to them:

I am a UK-based band manager (until last year managing Siouxsie & the Banshees). I heard the Yips “Peep” song (?) on a New Orleans station at the beginning of May and have been trying to get a copy ever since. In the meantime I mention them to any American label I talk to, generally in the hope that somebody will say “oh yeah, those guys are cool, here's their record.” When I found you Joel, I was bizarrely doing a Yips search via Info-seek. This turned up a site about golf, and you so at that point I didn't even know the Yips were a Columbus band.

My interest is initially based on the song I heard; if I can do anything else later, great. Please pass on to them my interest and best wishes, and ask them to send me a copy of whatever they've got; and if necessary, I'll pay!!!

Our address is:
MIM, #2 (Second Floor), Enterprise Point, Melbourne Street, Brighton, England, BN2 3LH

When I found your site, I must have come from a funny direction, because going back to the address you gave me, opened up the full enormity of what you've got there. Hey, well done. When my site is up and running, you're definitely a link.

And should I ever get to Columbus again (I was there with the Cult about 11 years ago ??!!), you're on the map for a visit.

Thanks for your help.

Tim Collins
[email protected]
mission impossible management
phone 44 1273 677476
Fax 44 1273 677071

... Ben Pridgeon?
... the Squids! What ever happened to Ben Pridgeon the bass player for that band? Does he play with anybody these days?

Bob Bellas
[email protected]

(Bueller ... Bueller ... Anyone? - Ed.)

[Hogscraper CD] ... Hogscraper, I
I’m trying to get in touch with Hogscraper to play some shows in the Southeast. I came across your review and thought you might have a number for them. The only number I have (513) 677-7389 does not seem to be working.

Thanks for the possible help,

Sean O'Keefe
[email protected]

(I sent Sean a few other numbers I had for Hogscraper, and updated the Contacts Directory with them. - Ed.)

... Hogscraper, II
Thanks ... I appreciate it. If you need any help for any of your projects in the Southeast, drop me a line. I have a small artist management company and also work at the 40 Watt, here in Athens, GA.

[email protected]

... Tenderfoot, I
I recently read your review of a band called “Tenderfoot” along with your reviews of a few other bands. What led me to your page was an internet search for the word “Tenderfoot.” Why? My band is currently searching for a new name and “Tenderfoot” was one of the leading candidates. Our former name “Sweetback,” as it turns out, is taken by an eminently popular rap band, and rather than deal with that, we've chosen to change our name. I was hoping you could tell me what you know about “Tenderfoot” -- are they legit, are they still together, are they big, have they put out music, are they signed, etc.

This band name thing is hell -- the last four names we've chosen have turned out to be taken already. It's maddening.

Anyway, if you get time, tell me what “Tenderfoot” is all about, and whether you think we'd have a problem if we took that name.

Charlie Kehm
[email protected]

(I recalled Tenderfoot doing a show with Nude - and I think Nude’s drummer played with a Tenderfoot several years ago - so I forwarded Nude’s e-mail address/web page URL to Charlie. Oh, I mentioned it to Nude too. - Ed.)

... Tenderfoot, II
... thanks for the info. Let me know if you find out anything else. I may go ahead and try asking Nude if everybody starts liking the name as much as I do. Anyway...

[email protected]

... Columbus Records
I was wondering how I could find out more about bands like the Haynes Boys, Greenhorn, Bush League All-Stars, Big Back Forty, and the Gibson Bros. Basically, I would like to know what music is available on CD by these bands. Also, let me know which record stores in Columbus would have their music in stock.


Jim Markel
[email protected]

(Well, you can try searching through Cringe for catalog/release info. - the label contact directory may be the best starting point. As for finding the releases, most OSU campus area stores carry local releases. I’d recommend trying Used Kids first. - Ed.)

... Columbus Scene
How do I find out more about the Cols. scene and its happenings?

[email protected]

(The easy, obvious answer for me - check the Cringe site: Whaddya expect me ta say? - Ed.)

... Valuable, er, Trivial Prizes
Knumskull and the Econothugs share a drummer. What do I win?

[email protected]

(Well, ya get the satisfaction of having answered the Trivia question correctly. But seriously, Cringe is not giving out prizes for this ... yet. We may in the future - if we don’t run out of Trivia questions. - Ed.)

... Cringe
I know you probably have simply scads of messages about this but ...WHERE'S CRINGE???????!!!!!!! (The Live Shows calendar. - Ed.) Please don't make me keep using Alivewired, that would be too, too cruel.

Beth Witkowski
[email protected]

(A few months ago Cringe’s Internet Service Provider, Internet Concourse, did some shuffling around of servers (where the Cringe pages are stored). For several weeks one of the new Servers did not have the correct “address” for Cringe. So depending on which server you (randomly) got routed through, you either got to Cringe or my Service Provider’s top page. This confused and frustrated all of us for awhile. We owe a big special thanks to the OSU Physics Department computer support staff for tracing down the problem for us! - Ed.)

Pages of Praises of Pages
Gingley Joh
I've been checking out CRINGE, and what not; and I must say it's very cool. In case you're looking for additional bands to add to your listing, here's some info on my band ... The name's Gingley JoH, although we've been known around Columbus by other names in the past.

Thanks for listening.

[email protected]

I did not realize that you were so very well educated on the computer. I am very impressed. I use Netscape as my browser but I do understand where you are coming from. I write everything for it exclusively, but realize that people using a text browser get everything in a mess. Sorry to assume that you didn't know what you are doing. It seems that there are a lot out there who don't. I hear that you have your own stool at Bernie's. I will check around in the future for you. I usually hang around the Monster Zero's and Lizard and some of the LFM folks so I will see you around.

Matthew Metzger
[email protected]

Phoenix Fan
Oh, thank you so much! Tell Willie (Phoenix), I still have his guitar pick, when he played in Springfield, back in '88.

[email protected]

(Lori was searching for an old friend that worked with Willie Phoenix years ago. Cringe and Willie helped her track him down and stepped in to help them exchange contact info. - Ed.)

The Phuture is Here
Phuture Inc. is an Ohio based technology company specializing in Software Development & World Wide Web applications. We have included a link to your site on both our PHUTURESITE & The Columbus Home Page. I would appreciate it if you would reciprocate. I can be reached via phone @ (614) 237-6163.

I thank you in advance ...

Curtis N. Taft
Phuture Inc.
[email protected]

(Thanks! Here’s your first link - others may follow. - Ed.)

Turned On
A friend just turned us on to your e-zine - looks pretty cool. Please set us up to receive it regularly.

Mike & Steph

4 Year Veteran
... BTW, thanks for the "Live music" updates. I've been getting them for about 4 years, and I think they are great. Keep up the good work!

Josh Hochman
[email protected]

San Diego to Columbus
I am a former OSU student now living in San Diego. It is great to see all the best bands are still around.

[email protected]

Here Hear
Your terrific, thanks for the info. A note of thanks :) and keep them (the Live Shows Calendar) coming!

I would like you to hear the bands I represent. In addition, I would like to hear some of the bands passing though your side of town.

[email protected]

[Mom Thug 7] Looks Great
Cool idea having the (My White Bread Mom/Econothugs) split gif flip like that ...

Embarassed - definitely not. It looks great. I will say that I am surprised though. I figured you would be sticking to the old format that allowed lynx to see everything. I am surprised (pleasantly) to see animated gifs and the like.

And as far as helping goes- I am here in front of this machine all day, everyday. I have the time and resources to help. Let me know if you have something specific in mind. If you'd rather I look around and make some suggestions I could do that too.

Joseph F. Mismas
Ohio Department of Public Safety
[[email protected]]
(614) 466-7517

(Joe helped a bit with the original Burnt Sienna pages on Cringe. He also helps point out problems with pages, links, scripts and [especially] graphics. He and Rob Funk - gotta mention him too - are kinda unofficial consultants for the more technical aspects [HTML, CGI, PERL, etc.) of the Cringe web pages. - Ed.)

Looks Great, II
Nice job with the Pretty Mighty Mighty page. The whole CRINGE site looks great these days. I'm going to read all the reviews now.

[email protected]

Being part of AOL has kept me in fear of using my browser except on rare occasions, but I must say that your site for Cringe is quite nice. It is, most certainly, THE contemporary music site in Columbus. I like the fact that it's not a lot of graphics that take forever to download-good bandwidth usage.

I ran through and copied a lot of it so I could check it out off-line. There is a wealth of information for the Columbus area. I would enjoy being able to use, at least, the venue directory, but the band directory would be great if I could get the bands on it to send some photos and recordings to spot review. It would make a great Columbus feature article.

Take care.

Jeff Yost
[email protected]

(Ok bands, get those band pictures in! - Ed.)

By Hand
Soo cool, Joel.
Do you do this all by hand yourself? Now that's time-consuming! Thanks again ... and see ya at Bernie's.

[email protected]

(Yep. And it sure can be. Yer welcome. Bernie’s? Who’s that? - Ed.)

Hard Times
Hi, I've booked a few shows w/those guys (Gaunt) in Louisville... Don't tell me their gear got ripped off. If you see them, please pass on that Elaine-from-Louisville says hello and sends her regrets.

[email protected]

Hard Times Hard Times II
Thanks fer putting me on your list ... Columbus is my favorite town in Ohio, and I like keeping up on what's happening there - even though I don't get up there much.

Anyway, I book shows in Louisville and write for Hard Times magazine. We just sent 600 copies up to Columbus, so if you see one @ Stache's or somewhere, lemme know what you think. Also would like to know if you DON'T see any.


[email protected]

(I think I actually picked up a copy of Hard Times the day before I got this message. Look for a review soon. - Ed.)

Hairy On
Hello Joel. It was easier than I suspected; and now I am a veteran of your online madness. Mucho fun!

[email protected]

(JD? Jason Drenik? Hairy Patt? On the web? Naw, couldn’t be. - Ed.)

It’s Academic
My friend JR ... is in this really stupid class about Generation X and he has to look up things on the web. So he's over here using my system and looking around at all kinds of stuff and came across CRINGE and I got so excited because I forgot it was on the net and I miss your smiling face and even Bernie's (sometimes). So when he said do you wanna MAIL JOEL I said, “Hell ya. Give me that keyboard.”

So anyways this message really has no point except YEAH IT’S JOEL AND CRINGE AND THAT OH SO THRILLING COLUMBUS MUSIC SCENE, which although it was getting a little old is still a better and a whole lot more diverse than that in Athens. And oh yeah, you're going to be in JR's paper, well your site but he should mention you cause you're the ginchiest. So hugs and kisses, LOVE.

[email protected]

Does Not Play Well with Others
Would it have been that hard to say Tera from Miss May '66 or Underworn? Really, are you just trying to not play along?!!!?!!?!!!?!!

... Try it sometime, you might like it. Believe it or not we really are trying to do something.

[email protected]

(This concerns a band of aliens that are in reality doppelgangers of some musical locals. As for their mission, I’m sworn to secrecy. It also involves a Trivia question asked in a Live Shows post. The Trivia questions always concern something in the current posting, so that sometimes limits them - doppelganger or not. - Ed.)

A WWW Nothing
Joel, awww nothing.


(Bela, wwwell anyway. - Ed.)