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 ISSUE  7.1 WINTER 1997 

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Well, it's been awhile - 9 months to be exact - since a hardcopy version of Cringe has seen the light of day. But that doesn't mean nothing's been done. In that time there have been two World Wide Web issues and numerous ongoing updates and additions at the Cringe web site. The main purpose of this issue is to compile those web-only versions along with some new information. (Ya gettin' the Compost subtitle yet?). Future hardcopy versions of Cringe will be limited to once a year compilations much like this one - probably near the end or beginning of the year.

If you don't like these changes, feel free to let me know, but also be prepared to contribute your own writings, time or other form of aid. Remember, Cringe was actually started as a poll of and for OSU/Short North area music fans - NOT as my own forum! And just to keep in line with that I have limited my own submissions. (OK, so I slacked a bit, but I do not want this to turn into "Joel's Opinions" which seems to be the direction it was heading and the perception people were getting. It would actually be great if I got enough submissions from other people that I wouldn't have to write anything myself - the hack that I am.

That being said, let's catch up on a few things ...

First, the whole Cringe web site was moved to a bigger and better server several months ago. This caused a few problems at first, but everything seems to have settled into place now. Again, special thanks goes to Internet Concourse for hosting the Cringe site.

One of the major and most popular additions to the web site is the Classified Ads section. Web surfers can now place music-related ads on the page immediately and free of charge through this combination of HTML forms and PERL CGIs. Though the page was originally intended for local (Columbus area) use, it has grown well outside those boundaries. Cringe is now considering similar CGI forms for other submissions and a Gig Swap program. On the administrative side I am working on other CGI scripts that will allow for easy, in browser site editing and management.

The web site has gone through many cosmetic changes also. Most notably, there is now a Frames version with Shockwave audio clips. This means you can listen to a loop of short local music samples while you browse Cringe and its links. In case it's not obvious, you'll need a Frames compatible browser and the Shockwave plug-in for this to work. In addition to the frames layout option, the headers and last updated lines were redesigned to be more accessible and appealing. And let's not forget the color scheme has been changed to good ol' black on white with red and blue text for links on most newer pages.

The web site hosting and design project is proceeding nicely. Currently Cringe hosts Burnt Sienna Companies (including Burnt Sienna Records, Bernie's Bagels and Deli and the Distillery), Pretty Mighty Mighty, the Hairy Patt Band and Joel Treadway (ahem, me). There are plans to host Break-Up! Records and possibly several other music entities. Cringe may soon start a site aliasing program, allowing to be a pointer to your site. This could be especially helpful to those of you with complicated URLs or to people taking a stab at finding your page through Cringe.

Finally, the Contact Directories are always in need of updates. If you have any contact info, please get it to Cringe any way ya can.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, additions or submissions, please contact Cringe.

Have fun, Joel Treadway

133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 421-7589
[email protected]


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