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The Compost Issue
 ISSUE  7.1 WINTER 1997 

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Loser Showcase
2040 N. High St.
(614) 299-6010

About every month or so, local music guru Mike Rep hosts a showcase of local street urchins, providing them with a relatively warm forum to display their musical/poetic wares. Held at Larry's Bar (2040 N. High St.), usually starting very early (7:30-ish), the intimate setting is perfect for most of the performers, allowing for the quiet appreciation of subtleties that are often missed in the louder local venues (e.g. Bernie's, Stache's). This holds especially true for such performers as Jerry DeCicca, whose songs are given the opportunity to bask in the glow of a (finally) fully attentive audience, and Julie Ott, whose spoken-word stories toe the pithy/degenerate line with often striking results. Usually about seven performers per Showcase, with no one playing longer than 20 minutes, it's a great way to catch several acts without being bludgeoned/bored for too long by something you can't stand. Heck, I think we can all take about 20 minutes of anything. Plus, Mike Rep usually plays a set, too, and that's not to be missed.

- Patrick M. Dull

Moonspinners Cafe
2659 N. High St.
(614) 262-3133

Due to a friends caffeine addiction Moonspinners became a bit of a regular stop for me. Like the more recent local coffee shops, it has a bit of a homey/thrift store decor. The majority of the seating is along a long wall lined with pews and tables with a few scattered chairs and tables in the back and front of the cafe. The back room is commonly used for group meetings. Of course there are plenty of drinks (coffees, teas, juices, etc.), some snacks and pastries and a few more substantial food items from which to choose. So ya know where I'm coming from - I usually get the hot apple cider or maybe something in an Earl Grey or hazelnut.

But for the real reason we're here, Moonspinners offers live music nearly every night of the week - well in a good week at least. Most of what I've seen falls into the folk, neo-folk, hippie, acoustic and/or covers realm. Now not many places near campus are doing this folk thing, so this is a needed outlet. What I did like was the atmosphere for the Sunday afternoon open stages. It's a fairly polite, intimate and attentive audience. That has to be lot more comfortable for most nervous, new players than, say, BW3 during trivia, football and drinking games.

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