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 ISSUE  7.1 WINTER 1997 

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Note and Letters

Services Explorer
Gig Swap
Mr. tORNaDo heAd, after several (surprisingly) successful gigs around town, is looking to hook up with other bands and/or whomever in order to get a few more gigs added to our roster. Other bands - we almost always have something going on if you wanted to do a "gig exchange" deal, or if you need a goofy, psychotic opening band...

John Kimple
[email protected]

Cringe is considering establishing some sort of Gig Swap board using a set up similar to the Cringe Classified Ads section and forms. Any feedback on this is welcome. - Ed.

Space and More
... I am also a beginning audio engineer. I ... would like to record as many bands as possible ... I am interested in a few Cols. rock bands (Johnson Bros., Peach Melba, Falopium, to name a few), and would like to hear many more recordings... Also, I am interested in getting a web page for my band. I have some of the basic work done, but it's still far from finished. Do you know of a free server that I can use?

[email protected]

You have the best ezine in the world. I have been surfing by your page ever since I got to Ohio State. I think the classified section is one of the best ideas around. I would like to know how I could get some space, like Bernie's, to promote some of the bands that I represent.

Eric Fader
[email protected]
614 421 1395

... I was also wondering if you still were offering space to put up web sites for local bands. I'm taking a course in web page design this semester at CCAD, and I was thinking up setting up a web page.

Bill Heingartner
[email protected]

Cringe is still offering web space to interested parties. I've been able to pace myself perty slow here: it takes about a month to get together each Cringe, another month to play with site design and modifications, then finally, a month to do a new site. So I try to do a new site every 2-3 months. I also direct people to for Geocities free email and web space. (Note: you will need separate dial-in SLIP/PPP access and a non-geocities email address to take advantage of these freebies. Most school email accounts should do fine.) - Ed.

Stache's Site?
I was finally updating some of my own links, and ended up browsing the Cringe site for a while. It's grown a bit since I was last there... I like the fact that the Bernie's schedule for the month is online -- ya think we could get Stache's to do the same?

Rob Funk
[email protected]

Rob serves as a casual technical consultant to me and Cringe. That means when I see him I bug him about UNIX, PERL and CGI type stuff. As for adding Stache's ... maybe next month. I'll have ta talk to Dan; and I think he's avoiding me. - Ed.

Datapanik Panic
I tried to automatically post an ad today and it got cut off. I removed all the character-returns hoping to fix the problem, but only succeeded in posting it wrong a second time. The preview looked great, but the actual ad came out all wrong.

Sorry for the hassle, and thanks - your site is great.

And after fixing the ad and making a few suggestions ...

Hey, thanks a lot for fixing the ad. I appreciate your suggestions, but am not sure if they'll amount to much. I wrote Chad (Van Wagner - Datapanik kingpin) email once ... I used to talk to Eric after all of his NYC shows and I've got his phone number around here somewhere but would feel funny calling. I'm familiar with Used Kids, but would be very surprised if they had any of specific records I'm looking for in stock.

I've checked out the NBT site a few times. I compiled the original NBT on-line discography on the now dead SonikD site. Actually, my outdated discography can still be accessed through an AltaVista search even though the SonikD main page is down. I just emailed a bunch of corrections for the discography they're using now. If I ever get my own page together, I'd like to put this Datapanik discography on it. I think Eric was going to resurrect the Datapanik label with this compilation he's putting out. But according to my friends' band who are going to be on it, he chose a different name for the label and the project is very delayed.

Well, I think I'm babbling now. Congratulations on a great site, now the biggest Columbus, OH music fan in New York City (me) will have a decent source for news and reviews. And its great to see a Burnt Sienna page, I've been a supporter of Tony Painter and his label since the first time I played Pet UFO's "Page 354" on my old radio show.

Justin Frohwirth
[email protected]
33 Third Ave., Apt. 11C2
New York, NY 10003

Other Musings
Gladly Pay You Tuesday
Thanks for the review (by Nathan) of the Break-Up! Records record... It was nice, and the graphics were GREAT! I hope you print up a hard copy ... I would gladly pay the dollar (or whatever) I donated for a copy last time ... I've got all the previous hardcopies at home for reference!

Patrick M. Dull
[email protected]

Living Up to the Name
... By the way, I just wanted to mention that I was very impressed with the Cringe website. It's great to see someone in this town who is interested and supportive of the local music scene.

As far as Chaos Theory goes, I joined the band in October '94, we got our new singer in July of 1995, and our other guitar player quit/was asked to leave/whatever in January '96. Since then the 4 of us have been writing like idiots. We've pretty much changed everything except the name ...

We don't have much in the way of press at this point, but I'll get a promo pack and CD out to you ASAP. Thanks again for your time, and I'll be in touch soon.

Jeff Zezech
Chaos Theory
[email protected]

Red Rig Rock
Just in case you didn't know, Ed from Ugly Stick has been playing bass with the Sovines (or Those Damn Sovines! as the girls call us ...) for over a year now; he started playing when still with BLAS (Bush League All-Stars). We always figured we'd lose him soon enough to the "big time" but since he was playing with Dan Spurgeon, we should have known that wouldn't last. Anyway, now he's quite happily a full time Sovine. I've known Ed for years, back in them Ugly Stick days when an old band of mine played with them occasionally. Also, Bill Clark from Bigfoot is gonna start stepping out with us to add pedal steel and banjo ... Well, we don't have much in the way of shows set up right now, but we survived our first Petric review pretty much intact; So we'll drink a great big something to that ...

Matthew Benz
[email protected]

Now, I hope you ain't getting me into more trouble for printing this. Dan Spurgeon will never let me live down that Greenhorn-REO comparison from years ago ... or are those the other way around. - Ed.

Over Saxed
I like the new colors you got going - so trippy man. Keep up the good work on the local thang; and remember hep scenesters: SUPPORT STACHE'S, the move is complete and Dan will be throwin' plenty o' benefits ... because the move ain't cheap! There will be a heapin' load of tomfoolery and debauchery at these gatherings and you're hard earn dough will be for a legitimate cause. And just to keep up on on the Melrose thing ... Matty, our lovable tenor sax lad, will be leaving. Me thinks we have a replacement, but if their are any horn players (barie, tenor, whatever ...) contact us.

and a bit later ...

We have a sax player already. It's scary man, we couldn't find one two years ago and now their's a plethora of great horn players in town. I'll definitely use your classifieds if anything erupts in the future ...

Thanks for the help.

[email protected]
"the annoying guy from H.S."
of Triggahappy & Stache's

"Vinnie - maybe it's supposed to sound like that..."
That, sir, is a quote from your own lips. And yes sometimes it is supposed to sound like "that" and other times, to be quite honest, we just make the whole damn thing up as we go along... Free flow of human spirit - all the anger - all the fucked up feelings that people are told not to feel - all the hatred and twisted love broken onto the killing floor of humanity ... No walls, no lies, just pure fucking emotion no matter how strange it may seem... Yeah, whatever...

See you in Cow Town partner.

Rodney Riffle
[email protected]

Tanya Anonymous
I would also like to submit an article, but I am kinda shy ... can I do it under my pen name ... Tanya Urban Guerrilla?

Tanya Urban Guerrilla

I think I guessed who "Tanya" really was and scared "her" away. Anonymous names are allowed here, though, in some cases, I may need to know who ya really are. - Ed.